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THIS BOOK is one I couldn’t put down and couldn’t read all at the same time.  Couldn’t put down because it’s fascinating and so touching, couldn’t keeping reading at times because it’s so shockingly painful.  I think it’s mostly because the story is about friends Katherine and Jay Wolf and the stroke she had at 26 years old which would forever change their lives.   I’ve told you about her, but this book needs to be read to truly understand their stunning strength throughout the long ordeal which still continues in many ways.  She will never be well.   She was very, very beautiful when the stroke hit and she is still beautiful, inside and out.  In fact, she might be even more beautiful inside today.

katherine 2

I highly recommend this book for mature Christians, for Christians on the fence, and for Christians seeking comfort in the midst of truly horrible challenges like that which faced the Wolfs, and still does.  For non believers, this is a shocking book of how two young, beautiful people could possibly make it through the astonishing amount of troubles they went through getting Katherine to the point she is now.  One nurse at the rehab Katherine stayed in for 18 months  said “90% of the marriages under thirty which experience medical catastrophes like this don’t make it.”

What’s interesting about the book is it includes Jay’s point of view.  I hadn’t heard his side from his lips so this probably hurts the most and elevates the most at the same time.  He is a Man among men.

Hope Heals…that’s the name of their book and the name of their mission efforts around the country in lectures, TV and radio ‘appearances.’  Recently, Katherine reminded us that:

“When God is all you have, you realize that God is all you ever needed.” 

God “works all things for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purposes.” – Romans 8:28

Shockingly to many of us who heard her latest talk last week, she takes the Romans verse she loves so much and adds that all these 8 years of struggle have prepared her for “her DREAM CAREER.”   Though she still can’t walk well and never will, can’t swallow well, can’t move one hand well, will never BE well, she is living her “Dream Career” in ministering to others in need, reminding them that HOPE DOES HEAL.

You won’t be sorry that you bought this book.

Oh! By the way, this might not sound like a MOTHER’S DAY POST, but while Katherine’s son James was six months old when she dropped to the floor in their apartment and was saved by Jay, who was otherwise NEVER home at that hour but happened to be the day of the stroke, she dreamed of another child even after this debilitating stroke….And she delivered a boy, John, almost a year ago…a miracle baby who came with no labor pains… they’d emailed us to pray that the delivery would be easy, not the C-Section the doctors had prescribed, and little John popped out even before they got her into the delivery room!  No pushing!  Talk about a miracle?  Happy Mother’s Day, Katherine.  And Mom!


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6 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. I trust your mom’s ribs are healed by now.
    Happy Mother’s Day to her.
    And to the other mothers here.


  2. Mal says:

    I DO remember you mentioning her, Z, and what a brave and courageous couple they are. The easy delivery of her second baby was probably aided by her stroke (numb & relaxed). I guess from every negative thing, something positive can happen, too.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…she’s almost 100%, thanks.
    I think this post is one of the best examples of womanhood and motherhood around.

    Mal, actually the doctors fully expected a C Section a week off from the baby’s birth because of her ongoing disabilities….this was a total miracle.


  4. Baysider says:

    Catherine’s story is beyond amazing. And for her to call it her dream career really brings my own grumblings about small things to task. What God brings out of tragedy makes us wonder at how he uses weak vessels.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, we’ve both heard her probably five times by now, but this last interview was sooo much more important, inspiring, etc., don’t you think?
    That ‘dream career’ statement lingered in a lot of our friends’ minds …I know that. Made a HUGE impression


  6. Mal says:

    Yeah, I caught that, Z. I guess they were expecting the worse given her condition.


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