Trump, a first hand account; Think whatever you like…’s interesting

Most of you know I’m no Trump fan and I grasp at straws TRYING to like him.   Friends sent me this and I found it interesting.  I also know Trump’s children are apparently quite good people. Family is important to me, and good children indicate something to me, though I know some kids just turn out bad, or good, with no help from parents (I’ve seen bad and good in one family that’s hard to explain), but the Trump family seems to prosper not only financially but in many other ways.  So I grasp at this straw, trying to think more of the man behind them.  See what you think.


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31 Responses to Trump, a first hand account; Think whatever you like…’s interesting

  1. Good morning Z, I have been a supporter of Donald Trump from very early on after he announced his candidacy. I chose to look at what he’s accomplished, not to allow his personality & brash style to cloud my deliberatios. I want substance, not symbolism. I find much substance in Trump.

    We’ve stayed in his hotel in Vegas, eaten an amazing dinner there. The place is one of the finest hotels, if not THE finest, we’ve ever been to. We also stayed at Trump’s hotel in Atlantic City, which he has since divested. It was also top notch.

    Anyone who can put together a massive organization that is simply the best makes me hope for that expertise & high quality & standards running our country. When he says he wants to make America great again I think he’ll do it because that’s how he does everything. We know we’ll get more failure, corruption & repression from the alternative, Hillary Clinton. He sure couldn’t do any worse than the Democrats.


  2. I don’t care about Trump’s family, or his accomplishments.
    I want to see a cogent explanation of what he will do and how he will do it for this country.
    Without increasing the minimum wage, or supporting Planned Parenthood, or igniting a trade war with China, or proposing a tax plan that’s demonstrably unworkable.
    That is not unreasonable on my part to ask of him so that he might gain my support.
    Supreme Court picks?
    Tell me what they are.
    I have to reconcile my vote with my conscience.


  3. In many way, Trump is an enigma.

    I think that this video does matter.

    I also recommending Trump’s book Crippled America. All of us have a decision to make — probably the most important politically-related decision of our lives.

    I am not slamming the door on my decision-making process nearly 6 months before the election!


  4. Fair Witness,
    I started looking at Trump when he said, “We have a management problem.” I can’t disagree with that statement.

    And his recent statement of “Globalism is a failed doctrine” also got my attention.


  5. Forget relying on the TV to make the decision as to how to cast one’s ballot.

    Donald Trump’s positions on the issues

    Hillary Clinton’s positions on the issues

    Happy reading!


  6. John M. Berger says:

    I’m with Fairest Witness and AOW. Ed, I think as this continues your questions will be answered and, for that matter, he is already showing more specificity than the Democrat opposition. Support for the latter, either by direct vote or vicariously (by staying home) is a guarantee for complete disaster.


  7. AOW: Agreed, he says stuff that resonates.
    We have, as you say, 6 months.
    In the extreme, his answer to a “management problem” may be something few of us could agree with, for example.
    Globalism is a problem.
    So was Smoot-Hawley, I’ve heard.
    This is not an attack on you, or what you’ve said, just part of the conversation.


  8. Sorry JMB, I wasn’t ignoring you, had my reply open too long.


  9. Alec says:

    Yes, AOW, there is a management problem.
    And sometimes the ready-made solutions to artificially created (but very real) problems are terrible things.
    The Hegelian dialectic (“Problem-reaction-solution”) seems to apply in this case.


  10. bunkerville says:

    He has touched the third rail and they scream. We are suppose to accept that we can spend our way into trillions of dollars of more debt. He said there may be a haircut. What we all know to be true but it was one of the unmentionables. We must keep the party lies that all is well, Yes, our credit will go to hell, sooner or later. Pick your poison.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville, if Trump used the word ‘haircut,” that’s the irony of the election season (smile!)

    I agree with most of what’s been said above… hoping some of you watched the video as it does matter to me about someone’s character. I don’t want a president speaking like Trump does, here or anywhere overseas, I don’t want to feel nervous because so many who know him tell us he doesn’t listen to many people (experts), I don’t want to feel nervous about how he REALLY feels, as Ed reminds us above….”Yes, to minimum wage increas…NO, to minimum wage increase”.

    COuldn’t agree more with the GLOBALISM comment… but I can’t trust him yet…. I hope to.
    I will vote for the awful man, but I do NOT TRUST HIM. I just so badly SO BADLY don’t want Hillary to become president.

    AOW: the video DOES matter….

    And yes, we have SIX MONTHS to make our decisions. My biggest fear is how far left he’ll go once he’s the nominee….and he will. He doesn’t like criticism and the Left’s going to PILE IT ON if he doesn’t.


  12. geeez2014 says:



    Hey what’s the big deal? My [dogs] were never hobbled by such prudishness when using their unisex bathroom; AKA my backyard (LOL).


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Welcome back, John! Hurrah!
    Hey, your dogs walked around naked and peeing around each other every day of their lives! 🙂

    But honestly, this IS a good thing the Gov is doing…..if only more states would sue the DoJ and other departments in D.C…..IF ONLY.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    FW, it’s sure good to have you commenting from time to time.
    Miss you! XXX


  16. Imp says:

    I’d like to see someone deal with nonsense and division like this.


  17. Imp says:

    Notice too…that it’s in the 1st Division Barracks. Is this what we want to see in our Officer Corp? BLM antagonists. Who should be thanking God they’re getting an education at one of the finests institutions in the world? As a Vet…I want to puke. They have besmirched West point and the tradition of noninvolvement in politics while in uniform at any time. I hope they’re discharged and expelled before they get pregnant ands get lifetime benefits on our backs.


  18. Is this west Point’s version of the “Afrika Korps”?


  19. Mal says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to read an article on the front page of The Las Vegas Sun this morning that was written by Patrick Healy of the New York Times, entitled “President Trump? Here’s how he says it would look.” It went on in detail outlining his agenda and it was mostly all good things you’d think all Americans would want. I say I was surprised because The Sun is known as the Left wing paper (it was bought by the larger Review Journal, which is Right wing and are combined with subscription and delivery). The article used a lot of Trump’s quotes and answers to questions, including his planned agenda during his first days in office, all of which really made him more electable, IMO. He also said the White House may look like a high-powered board room.


  20. Honestly, to hear FOX, et al, one might think that the forthcoming General Election is the only issue in the entire world, not to mention the fact that it is >6 months away. I submit that a [lot] can happen in the mean time. Will Trump moderate? Will Shrillary’s criminal activities and general incompetence catch-up to her? Will Debbie Wasserman-Schultz dissolve after being exposed to water……………………………………………………………………………………………….


  21. JMB, you give me hope.


  22. Kid says:

    At the very least, Trump popularity says that a very large part of the “Intelligent” citizenry has committed to rejecting standard issue politicians. That can only be good.


  23. Kid says:

    ED, I think it’s possible we could still do some defaulting using the national security clause. If we print too much money we end up like Venuzwela for example and that would put the binders on our national security ability.


  24. Kid says:

    JMB, Why do you mis-spell debbie blabbermouth-putz’s name ?


  25. Kid says:

    Seriously, think about it. The republican candidate menu included the Governers or Florida, Texas, Ohio, and New Jersey and Large figures from Congress. I’m not going to mention the neurosurgeon as he shot himself in the foot very early on with homosexual and pyramid nonsense comments. Anyway, they were all very quickly eliminated becuase they were too much politician. This one fact alone gives me hope. Will Trump do anything useful even if he gets elected? I have no idea, but it now appears many voters have their eye on the ball. Now, potentially, we just need the right candidate if it isn’t Trump. I’m betting that based on recent events, non politician people who had not considered running are now considering it based on Trump popularity. Maybe one of them will be a ringer.


  26. Bob says:

    That’s quite a story, Z. I really liked the heartfelt words and loyalty expressed by the lady. However, Ed does have some points. I am a little different on those points.

    The way I see Trump is that he is the least of the evils facing this country. The advice I would give to him is to forget conservatism. Conservatism/Schmervatism. It’s not going to get us a Presidency.

    First: Keep hammering the immigration problem, showing how Obama’s policies work against the nation.
    Second: Forget the minimum wage idea. Get it off the table. We all know that everytime we increase the minimum wage, the new rate becomes the new economic wage floor. Plus, it is inflationary. However, we cannot afford to let a small issue like this keep us from the Presidency.
    Third: Screw Paul Ryan and any other sitting Representative or Senator. They are the problem, and not the solution.
    Fourth: Keep hammering on Bill, his attack on women, and Hillary’s support of her philandering man.
    Fifth: Say as little about wonky policies as possible. This got Obama in office.

    That said, I am personally afraid of what Trump would do after getting in office. Faced with what we KNOW Hillary would do, we have no choice.


  27. Bob, my point is that I don’t have to sell my soul yet.
    I’ve got 6 mos for another alternative.
    I may have to vote for Trump.
    I don’t have to root for him.
    Or even support him now.


  28. Bob says:

    Ed: I quite understand. I don’t think we have time for another alternative. Even if it shows, I don’t think it would be an alternative. But, that’s just me.

    BTW, I harbor great respect for your opinions. I am not necessarily disagreeing, just trying to look at things from another point of view.


  29. Baysider says:

    There is danger in trying re-make Trump into what we hope he will be. (A man who support single payer healthcare, e.g., isn’t going to dismantle Obamacare.) We’ve been down 8 years of that with the current occupant of the white house. But this video is refreshing, heartfelt, and strikes just the right tone. They should run with it.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I totally agree, except on Ryan but I know I have a different opinion than most conservatives do.

    Baysider, I think the video is refreshing and heartfelt, too.

    Everybody: This video being published here is not an endorsement for Trump (far from it)…this video DOES, however, show unequivocally that he is NO RACIST. Let’s face it, that is the truth. And I have become tired of news outlets suggesting he is.

    Bob, there is no time for an alternative and, if there IS an alternative, we’ll REALLY see the REAL TRUMP and that will be even uglier than he is now, which is going some….

    Imp…all those black women should be dismissed and all pension, all benefits, everything stripped from them …yesterday. HOW DARE THEY.

    EVERYBODY: We have six months to go.
    John is right….EVERY news channel is acting like the election is tomorrow and I AM BLOODY SICK OF IT.

    Kid, the news venues are inferring that only ‘the uneducated’ like Trump…that’s the new leftwing mantra….shaming folks out of Trump. disgusting


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