This would be funny….

give a man a fish

…..yes, it would be funny…..were it not true.   The Democrats still don’t understand the adage about fish….and still rely on promises our country can very ill afford…and the public still eats it up!

Do you think there is ANYTHING Republicans can do to overcome the fact that all Democrat candidates do pretty much nothing but promise unrealistic goodies to voters?

AND, as much as I dislike Trump, all we hear is HIS negative attributes but we don’t hear much about Hillary’s.  CAN we turn that around to where people remember Hillary lying about being shot at in, I think, Bosnia?   She apparently escaped judgment re Benghazi, right?  And I’d bet $100 nothing will come of the email situation……..How do we fix THAT?  How can we get Americans to WAKE UP about HILLARY?  I say “Americans” instead of liberals because I’m hearing Republicans say “I can’t vote for Trump, so I’ll vote Hillary!”…WHAT?  How does one make THAT leap?

How can we get Americans to understand and follow the fish adage….and how do we get Americans to realize the truth about Hillary Clinton?  …How? How? How?

Looking forward to your ideas!


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27 Responses to This would be funny….

  1. bocopro says:

    Well, we have too many ambiguous, restrictive, and ambiguous rules, regs, and laws. Ergo, I’d say let’s do some basic housecleaning and KIS,S it. Here’s a start (sorry the font and formatting don’t survive the hook and drag from my system to WordPress):

    The Ten Commandments for Making America Great Again.


    I am the God whom you trusted when you wrought forth your nation from the wilderness. You shall have no other gods before Me.


    You shall not worship things that glitter or any likeness of human beings or anything that is made of plastic; you shall not bow down to nor serve entertainers, athletes, criminals, or government officials.


    You shall not speak the name of the moon god of the people of the Arabian areas. Neither will you provide or afford special consideration for those who do.


    Remember the Constitution and protect it from those who would undermine its fundamentals. Bear in mind that it does not describe marriage as the union of one man with another man or of one woman with another woman. Speak to and deal with others as you would have them speak to and deal with you, but do not forget that being offended by someone’s actions or remarks does not automatically mean that the offending person is wrong and you are right.


    Honor your commitments, but make none that you cannot afford. You shall not spend beyond the capacity of your revenue base to maintain budget balance, both in your personal life and your government.


    You shall not murder; however, some people are in great need of killing. Do not be squeamish in fulfilling that need when it arises.


    You shall not elect junior senators or other inexperienced and unprepared popinjays as your commander-in-chief.


    You shall not permit a double standard to exist which exempts the makers of your laws from the laws which they make for you.


    You shall not tolerate print or broadcast media which selectively edit or otherwise alter the public information which it is their job to provide you merely to promote their own agenda.


    You shall not allow trespass into your lands by those who are not authorized entry. For those who enter your lands surreptitiously with intent to disrupt or defraud or merely to enjoy benefits without payment, the second part of VI (above) applies.


  2. fredd says:

    Boco: Part II of commandment XI has been ratified by infamous Old West outlaw John Weseley Hardin, said to have killed 26 men, when he said “I ain’t never killed nobody that didn’t need killin.’ Well said, Mr. Hardin.


  3. If I don’t vote for Trump, I’m accused of supporting Hillary.
    What if I don’t vote for Hillary? Is that enough support for Trump?


  4. Well said, Boco.


  5. bunkerville says:

    And no one questions when all of the good times must come to an end. And they must.


  6. Bob says:

    Apparently, somebody in the Democrat Party is paying attention to Hillary’s negatives. Even with that, Democrats are more than willing to hold their collective noses and vote for Hillary. That’s just the way things work.

    If Donald Trump has a message he better work on getting it out to the public. I have to hand it to him, Crooked Hillary has a nice ring to it, and Trump is very good at personal insults. Hillary is going to try to ignore Trump’s insults, but it will eventually get to her. Trump’s polling is improving in the battleground states, and we shall see if he can get a lead and keep it.

    Forget the fish. The Democrats will never get the idea.


  7. Mal says:

    Ed, my answer to your question “if I don’t vote for Hillary, is that enough support for Trump?” My reply would be a resounding “YES”. That way, at least you aren’t contributing to the damage she is bound to do, given her stated agenda. I’ll take my chances with the unknown factors of Trump over the KNOWN factors of his opponent.

    Ain’t this one hell-of-an election? Cripes!


  8. Baysider says:

    The promise of other peoples’ money is the hardest addiction to break.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, now Hillary’s promising that parents will only have to pay 10% for childcare…imagine what that will cost us??? She smiles wryly as she says “Childcare’s nearly as much as college, how can we not cover it, too” First, it is NOT unless they go to HARVARD CHILDCARE, but second…..when does this spending STOP?

    A lot of us started sensing Obama Care was meant to be the ruination of many of our health plans (it’s gone up for MANY people I know, and did for me, too) because they’d be more eager to take Single Payer if things got REALLY expensive….which they are.
    This is not unlike Ben Rhodes coming clean now that they lied to the media and to us because the media’s so basically dumb and young and doesn’t check anything and they were able to sell the Iran deal that HE put together with all its promises and destroying US , not Iran.

    They’ve all been playing us like jerks….WHEN will a liberal ask “We’re BROKE, how can we AFFORD these things?”

    Bob, this morning, the stats are AMAZING…Trump’s beating Hillary in a lot of states.;..I shudder….Trump has played us as well as the leftwingers. But, of course, it IS better than Hillary.
    And, of course, it’s “Miles to go before I sleep…”….six MONTHS till that day I may have to sleep through…

    Bocorpro; GREAT list…thanks, very creative and very smartly done!

    One thing many people haven’t learned from Scripture (or church, since this is a REAL hard sell) is that GOD GETS ANGRY….Even God’s patience has caveats and even an END.

    ’nuff said.


  10. “how do we get Americans to realize the truth about Hillary Clinton? …How? How? How?”
    I wish I knew. [She], with her glearing incompetence, criminal activity and affiliation with a party which thrives on empty promises should be enough but alas it isn’t. One thing for sure though, failure to vote for her opposition, benefits NO ONE BUT HER! That should be obvious to the most casual observer.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    A friend sent me this email….”Life’s a bitch .. don’t vote for one”
    It said “a picture of herself” but I think she meant “Herself…” as in HILLARY!

    Ya, John…but it’s NOT obvious….hopefully, all our pals who aren’t going to vote are being canceled out by Democrats I hear are disgusted enough with Hillary that THEY will not vote, too.??


  12. Bob says:

    “Life’s a bitch .. don’t vote for one”
    That’s rich.

    On the news tonight. Obama has cut the military so deeply that the number of soldiers in our army is lower than at any point since 1940. If you don’t get the date, that was before the USA entered WWII, and our armed forces were not adequate to defend the nation. The Japanese slapped us around all over the Pacific before we got our act together.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, imagine what Truman went through decided to drop over Japan? I guess he figured he’d rather have more Americans alive, and Allies, than the bad guys. That befuddles the brains of libs every time, doesn’t it.

    And, don’t worry, Ben Rhodes is already saying that just because Obama’s going to Hiroshima doesn’t mean he’s going to apologize. Am eager to see how that goes….. ironic that the info you relate here is correct..richly ironic just before this trip, huh.


  14. I knew a former U-Boat commander who married a Japanese woman while stationed there.
    They both agreed that we did the right thing or we’d have fought women and old men on the beaches.


  15. Kid says:

    On the How question. The answer is a big one. It starts with taking our schools back and educating critical thing Patriotic Americans, 3 generations of them suckers.

    Japan? if we hadn’t nuked them, as Ed says, we’d have had to kill every single one of them and their culture would not exist today. Not to mention the carnage our men would have gone through accomplishing that.

    For anyone who doesn’t like nukes – We have not had a world war the likes of the last two since it was invented. That’s a good thing imo.


  16. Kid says:

    critical thinking.


  17. “hopefully, all our pals who aren’t going to vote” will begin to understand the carnage (destroyed Supreme Court etc.) that will befall all of us, including them, should this monster, H[liar]ly, prevail and join our struggle to save what’s left of America.


  18. John: Hillary would be a disaster for us that we would unite against.
    Trump might be a disaster for us that we all fall behind.
    Why does everybody believe he is not a lying politician when he’s a guy caught lying repeatedly, running for the highest POLITICAL office in the land?


  19. Kid says:

    Ed, Just a little food for the canon.

    So, Trump spends a lage chunk of his money on the campaign (He said he wouldn’t take money but has recently said he will take some money [keeping it honest]). I think he’s burned his media, and TV show bridges. Why would he do this? “For the money?” That just doesn’t add up.

    Maybe I’m a dumbass but I cannot figure out what he would hope to gain in an un-American presidency that would outdo what he has invested in the campaign of his own money.

    Will he be Good for AMerica? Damn if I know, I just can’t see a hidden agenda here the likes of what standard issue politicians bring to fore in every election I’m familiar with. Like if he’s a socialist, why not just support the beast or Bernie? A lot easier, and a lot less personal outlay. I’m just not getting the potentially evil side of Trump. Sure he’s an ass but personally, I don’t care. See my latest post.


  20. Well, to me “would be” is a sure thing compared to “might be” and with “would be” we have no chance, whatsoever! So far, Trump has, at least, correctly identified the myriad of problems we face. She, on the other hand, just screeches about continuing the B.O. nightmare. I want it to end!


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, very VERY few of us “WANT” Trump….let’s see what these six months bring…hopefully something better, but that ‘better’ will be SO denounced and SO humiliatingly criticized by this playground bully Trump that it looks to me that we have to just vote AGAINST HILLARY. Doesn’t feel good, but what feels worse to ME is listening to people say “He’s not conservative enough! I can'[t vote for HIM!” when that’s exactly what brought Obama to us.
    I’m thinking we’d have a MUCH BETTER country had Romney taken office…no?

    Kid, “what he would hope to gain in an un-American presidency that would outdo what he has invested in the campaign of his own money.”..the answer is : FEEDING HIS HUUUGE EGO.
    CAN we ‘take our schools back’? HOW?
    And I totally agree with you on world wars….

    John, I’m with you. And, as I’ve said before, there are people who hate Trump, but nobody finds him MORE horrid than I do.


  22. Kid says:

    Z, No argument on Ego, but this is about more than Ego. Imo.


  23. Kid says:

    And I can’t see how we can take our schools back actaully. The unions have a death grip n them. Pure evil.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya, but you asked why Trump would do this….I think EGO is a LOT of it.
    I agree about the schools…unions AND the fact that so MANY teachers are leftwingers…teaching incorrect history, etc…bad stuff! “Learn to hate America” courses don’t help our future, do they!!


  25. Kid says:

    Z, I’d say we’re both right to a large extent.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Agreed! 🙂


  27. Mal says:

    Z, you might say ego is what got Trump where he is. ‘Ya think?


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