Question about VOTING:

The other day, I heard some leftwingers talking about how “political” it was that Republicans want the presentation of legitimate voter ID at the precincts.  According to the Left, that all about keeping down the Democrat vote… Does that mean Libs think (or are admitting!) that Republican voters are smart enough to get ID but Democrats don’t think their folks are?   (How can it not mean that?!!!)

I got to thinking about the leftwingers allowing felons to vote  and how they argue that that’s not political, but only allowing legal voters to vote IS.   We’ve all known about Leftwingers picking up people in rural communities or ghettos where the people can’t find a ride to the polls and I wonder if those people are checked for legitimacy? If you have the privilege, the right, to vote, shouldn’t you be prepared to back that up with foresight on how to get an ID?

How much can Republicans push on something as simple and something as so obviously necessary and crucial to a democracy as proving you are a legal voter at an election?

This is a perfect example, a kind of metaphor, for how the Left has swallowed sanity and regurgitated insanity just to get their way;  there is nothing evil, nothing unAmerican about wanting all voters to prove they’re American and of legal age to vote!

“They shouldn’t have to prove they can legally vote!!”   Wait…..WHAT???




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31 Responses to Question about VOTING:

  1. bocopro says:

    Oh, c’mon . . . using common-sense reasoning with die-hard liberals is like trying to explain ethics to a two-year-old. Or like treating corpses with physical therapy in a nautilus gym.

    I mean, some things just aren’t feasible; you can’t sneeze with your eyes open, no matter how hard you try. And even if you manage to fool Mother Nature, what have you really accomplished?

    You can lead a horse to water, but you might just wind up with a wet horse.

    Put simply, a liberal mind is a terrible thing to witness.


  2. Madness! Off the rails!

    Here in Virginia, it has long been the case that felons who committed nonviolent crimes or crimes not involving dealing drugs could get back their vote. A period of qualification was required, and those who met those qualifications were able to vote again. For some of these ex-felons, this ability to redeem themselves was a strong motivation.

    The Left wants to open the flood gates for voting — in our political elections. But would these same openers of the flood gates support the idea that students not a part of the student body of a particular school should be able to vote for class officers in their children’s schools? I think not!


  3. Bocopro,
    using common-sense reasoning with die-hard liberals is like treating corpses with physical therapy in a nautilus gym

    Love that simile!


  4. “Thoughts?”
    Thoughts have nothing to do with it.
    BTW. Ex-felon has served time, give him his rights back. Guns, vote, etc.
    That’s why we have sentencing. A finite term to pay back a debt to society.


  5. AOW: I was trying to figure out what smile you loved. Simile. Got it.


  6. I have been voting since 1976 and have lived in one place in South Carolina and two places in Indiana. In all three locations we were always required to have picture ID to vote. Why is this now becoming an issue? And are there that many places where it is not required already?


  7. Picture ID in Michigan. I live in a highly integrated community.
    Polling place 70% black, it seems. All had picture ID.
    Not discriminatory.


  8. Since DemocRATS are known to include dead people in their voting block it makes me wonder what those Photo IDs would look like even if they were obtainable.


  9. bunkerville says:

    Do we really think that all of these tattoo covered thugs are desperate to vote? They wile away their time in prison, thinking, if only I could vote.


  10. Kid says:

    If they can bus people around to vote at multiple polling place they can bus them to the place where you get your picture ID.


  11. woodsterman says:

    DUH! Where do I find an ID?


  12. Imp says:

    Just more rot from the “hoax and chains” crowd.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    AOW: WHY did the news make it look like Mcauliffe suddenly let felons vote …seemingly just to get Dems voting? This has been around for a while???

    Bunkerville…I’m with you…I don’t think they’re wiling away the hours wishing they could vote. 🙂 However, the intention of Democrats is surely that.;..and imagine being part of the party which figures felons will vote Democrat :-)??

    Kid, exactly.



    Dennis, we present NOTHING, as far as I remember, here in L.A….we point to our names on a list, and VOILA. Oh, SEVERAL TIMES in the last two elections (Obama), I saw young people saying “Can I vote HERE? I live far away and won’t get home in time to vote” or “I moved but you don’t have my updated address can I vote here?”
    ALL (this is just a sample) got to vote….if they sign the PROVISIONARY BOOK…which a friend who works downtown where all those books GO tells me NEVER GET OPENED. Imagine people yelling over the crowd “Bill Smith voted in Encino, anybody got him anywhere ELSE?” Impossible…
    I saw one pretty Black young girl running into a precinct with a cell phone announcing where she was voting and asking questions like “where’s the next place?” Seriously, I did.
    AND I saw a young volunteer pushing the wheel chair of a person (the precinct was at an old age home) who didn’t look capable of voting….who do we think voted for that elderly woman who couldn’t hold her head up?

    Ed, no it is NOT discriminatory…and it does seem Dems have little faith in their own.


  14. Imp says:

    Here’s some voting in the EU that’s terrifying for all of them. And one more Geert Wilders nails it.


  15. Imp says:

    “and imagine being part of the party which figures felons will vote Democrat :-)??”

    Sadly…they’re not even embarrassed or ashamed of the implication either. Look at the crook they have running for the job….There’s not one dem with any honor or integrity that has the guts to call for her to get out of the race or step down in the face of overwhelming evidence to their criminality. Never in my life would I ever have imagined I’d live to see … a potential candidate for potus under criminal investigation by the top cops…the FBI.


  16. Imp says:

    We want to look at this for 4 years? Or listen to it? Evil personified. Hold on to your lunch.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, I have been dreading Turkey becoming a member of the EU for years….Sadly, Wilders won’t get his way on this one…
    A really terrifying situation is Poland and other Eastern European countries saying they won’t take in one refugee (the threat of the EU is they’ll have to pay hundreds of thousands per every refugee they don’t take blackmail)
    Also, Austria elected a VERY hardcore Austrian national a week or so ago and the news has not covered that at all….interesting.

    And ya, they’re NOT EVEN EMBARRASSED or ashamed….it’s stunning;
    The obvious implication of Democrats is: Our people aren’t smart enough to get ID and all FELONS are Democrats…how flattering, huh??

    I’ve never for a second thought Meghan McCain was smart but this morning she said “there are nationalists in California (or some state, I can’t remember but I think it was here) who are supporting Trump; I could never vote for a person who nationalists are supporting” (nationalists being, apparently, people like white supremacists?)..
    I thought how dumb that was, when ALL kinds of creatures support ALL kinds of nominees….doesn’t she know that? WOW


  18. Baysider says:

    You’re being too nice. They want to cheat and try to create a wedge issue to rile up their non-thinking constituency to turn out.


  19. Imp says:

    “terrifying situation is Poland and other Eastern European countries”….The Poles are buying this crap either>>>

    Poland’s landslide-elected right-wing government has abolished the national Council Against Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.

    The Law and Justice (PiS) party this week scrapped a public body designed to fight racism and investigate “hate crimes”, citing its inefficiency. Government spokesman Rafal Bochenek told reporters the council’s responsibilities will be taken over by “more efficient” state institutions.


  20. Imp says:

    *aren’t buying….sorry


  21. Imp says:

    She is stupid…is this “bad”?

    na·tion·al·ism (năsh′ə-nə-lĭz′əm, năsh′nə-)
    1. Devotion, especially excessive or undiscriminating devotion, to the interests or culture of a particular nation-state.
    2. The belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals.
    3. The belief that a particular cultural or ethnic group constitutes a distinct people deserving of political self-determination.


  22. Mal says:

    They’ll keep on fooling us so long we let them get away with it unscathed. Like Charley Brown, with Lucy, holding the football.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, then we have this:
    Imagine fining Poland $250 K PER refugee they won’t take in. SHEER BLACKMAIL…let’s see how far it goes.

    Imp, I’ve never understood how NATIONALISM has been twisted to include WHITE SUPREMACISM…..I believe this started with the NAZIS…they took it SO far that nationalism became a kind of country sin…..
    of course nationalism shouldn’t be considered bad…

    Baysider; I believe it’s largely a wedge issue, too…..
    It piles on Republicans as evil and racist….it’s typical and tiring. and SO DAMNED WRONG.

    However, we almost have to hand it to a party that can make PRESENTING A LEGAL ID AT VOTING a bad thing!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, good analogy!


  25. Mustang says:

    I don’t know why Imp would post that picture. Only a sick mind would do such a thing at a conservative blog.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    I NEVER post pictures of people I detest and just swallowed it when Imp did that, Mustang.
    Just to be polite 🙂
    No MORE HILLARY, IMP!!! Pleeease!~


  27. Kid says:

    Yes IMP, a pic of Satan’s butthole would be much more pleasing.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Not HERE 🙂 But, yes…much!


  29. “John..GHOULISH!!”



  30. geeez2014 says:

    John! I meant the DEAD PHOTO IDS are GHOULISH! 🙂
    NOT YOU, my friend!


  31. Imp says:

    @Mustang…I’ll do Paul Ryan, Glenn Beck or Teddy Cruz instead.


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