Kid found THIS ARTICLE and we both thought it was worth a look by all of you.  It won’t take a second to get the gist of it;  Well, here is the title, which tells you the whole story, basically:

80% of Brits want to move to Russia after Duma considers giving out free land*..per a poll taken

MY question is this:   If this situation were offered to AMERICANS, who would be your choice of:


russian farmers

Start your lists!

*Of course, the caveat is the land’s free to WORK and not OWN unless you become a citizen!

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10 Responses to FREE LAND! What a DEAL!

  1. “Of course, the caveat is the land’s free to WORK”.
    Well, there’s the deal killer for so many today.
    Dem politicians would top my top ten list of people to go, but it sounds voluntary.
    Now, if it was to be populated like Australia was….we’d send criminals and social undesirables:
    So many candidates for the next 6 slots.


  2. bunkerville says:

    I would make them go to Mexico. Ed’s list sounds good. The Obama’s could be added.


  3. bocopro says:

    Fully agree with Pelosi & Reid, two of the principal obstacles to progress in Congress over the last few decades.

    Augmenting that list, I’d go with Valerie Jarrett and George Soros, provided they are installed UNDER that free land, preferably several meters with the interment sites marked by 12′ X 12′ X 2′ rebarred slabs.

    Instead of Watsernameslutz, I’d go with Susan Rice. Debbie is too abysmally stupid to be taken seriously and thus poses no danger to the union or the Constitution.

    Then I’d like to go find Jay Carney-Barker and bury him under a few thousand kilos of radioactive rubble rewarding his constant justification and cheerleading for the Soetoro demolition crusade; his entire tenure as PressSec was the classic definition of sedition.

    Ditto for Josh Earnest.

    By all means, Moochelle, for her Marie Antoinettesque disregard for profligacy in pointlessly wasting hundreds of millions of valuable revenue on her personal gratification while claiming to be sympathetic to the millions of underprivileged and/or starving throughout the planet, beginning in the US.

    And finally, Chris Matthews, for being insufferably stupid, and Alan Colmes, for being intolerably annoying,


  4. So history repeats itself. While I can think of hundreds of people to get rid of, it’s difficult to pick the 10 most disgusting. Those identified in the above comments would surely be a good start.


  5. Baysider says:

    The Russians did this once before — and got the Volga deutsch.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…see John’s link.
    The N. Germans are, interestingly enough, called PRUSSIANS 🙂 My husband was a Prussian from near Hamburg…sort of.

    JMB…thanks for that information.

    Bocopro; “Watsernameslutz” that’s hilarious! And Susan Rice is an excellent choice…

    Actually, EVERYBODY’S choices are fantastic!

    Keep going!>>>. more?


  7. FB says:

    Maybe that explains it.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    FB, thanks…I listened to half… when I hear things like “they were going too far RIGHT, they were RACIST, right?” I turn off. As if the RIGHT is all racist.
    I am tired of hearing how THE RIGHT is all racist, white supremacist, etc.,…that automatically can only lead to “and the LEFT is not…they are loving and open”.. BS.
    So this Rubin is a liberal? I didn’t think so until I heard him say how hard it is to believe this guy, and then Rubin said “I’m a liberal”…and I thought “What’s it TAKE for you to believe this guy?”

    This Brit from Luton (I remember that being THE epicenter of islam radicals YEARS ago, he’s right), nails the question I’ve asked for a few years here at GeeeZ and have never had a real answer “Why the heck are people so hands-off to Muslims , even criminals?” ..he might be right when he said everybody’s just afraid of being called racist…

    Odd, because all anybody like Cameron or Hollande or Merkel needs to say “Look, we are not against ISLAM, we are against the RADICAL THREAT and we know many of these refugees can be radicals and we are more interested in saving OUR OWN than refugees who are threats…..we are NOT against all Muslims”.

    But no…they’re THAT afraid that they can’t even say THAT??


  9. Mal says:

    …………because the German’s still feel that way out of guilt from allowing Hitler to power.


  10. Kid says:

    I certainly agree with the choices above, but only 10? Impossible.

    I will only say to the prospect of choosing 10, I would pick people that the libtards so admire, they would follow them there like zombies and give up their citizenship before they knew what happened to them.

    So people like george clooney, robert deniro, baba striesand, pick 4 of the heavyweights from libtard media (not the rachael madcows, but the christiane amanpours and who is that silver haired guy that came out recently..), al gore for sure, and the obama’s.

    A promise that this land would forever be free from the threat of climate change, and we could rid this country of a huge number ignorant fascists between the age of 18 and 34. It would be like an exodus of bats from a cave that was about to suddeenly go volcano by electing Donald J Trump as it’s grounds master or conservator par exellence.


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