Obama Entourage….did you hear this?

Did you ever hear about this huge entourage at the last G-20 Summit?  500 staffers when the president has access to every way to contact people there could possibly be even if they stay in Washington?   This was not on the news.   If anybody saw these figures, please let us know.   I believe this is a typical example of media freeze when it comes to protecting their ‘great one’.    Not that I don’t feel the American president needs a LOT of protection, but 500 staffers and HOW many teleprompters? Read below to find out:

obama entourage

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16 Responses to Obama Entourage….did you hear this?

  1. The Imperial Presidency.


  2. bocopro says:

    So . . . whadja expect from a pusillanimous, posturing, perfidious, pigment-pandering, pseudo-patriotic, paranoid, profligate, pompous popinjay?


  3. bunkerville says:

    It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to civilian life without his entourage. Once he loses his plane he is so in love with. The day can’t come soon enough.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, we knew he ‘traveled large,’ but this was shocking. And we all know security’s important but THIS MANY PEOPLE, etc??? With Skype available, etc??? WOW. What a party!

    bocopro; perfect picture of a pitifully pompous, punk of a PILL!
    Cute link!!

    Bunkerville….to be straight with you, if I got to fly around in that plane, I’D be “so in love with it”, too! 🙂 But, ya….while he’ll be REALLY rich when he’s out, and get richer and richer as he gives Hillary and Bill-style outlandishly well paid speeches,, he’ll probably miss having people bow and scrape to him. Oh, wait…they still do to Bill Clinton, so…


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Talking about AIRPLANES, it looks like Trump did the (for me, anyway) unforgivable…I’ve been chiding Obama for having reacted too quickly to the Harvard Professor/Beer Summit situation “Must have been racism!” …remember? When it clearly was not? So, how can I give Trump a pass now?

    Trump Tweeted, before the experts even suggested it, that it “sounds like terrorism!” That’s the kind of president we can’t have. And, if he was right or wrong makes NO MATTER: it’s the temperament, the too quick, uninformed outburst that we can’t have. A harmless Tweet? That’s all he probably meant…but to put it out there like that? I cringe because I was just starting to try to get on his side. This put me back a while…not sure this is a temperament we can afford in America. how sad.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    FROM Z :

    Leftwinger Craig reminds us of this:

    “The G20 London was in 2009 (fresh stuff) and part of an 8 day trip across Europe. If that pissed you off, you must have been totally outraged by this.
    When President Bush traveled to England in the fall of 2003 for a state visit, the Guardian
    reported that “Mr. Bush, his wife, Laura, and a 700-strong entourage worthy of a travelling medieval monarch, flew into Heathrow airport.” And the Telegraph broke it down further, reporting that “Mr. Bush will be accompanied by a retinue consisting of 250 members of the Secret Service, 150 advisers from the National Security Department, 200 representatives of other government departments and 50 political aides.” Also traveling with the president were “his personal chef, personal assistants, four cooks, medics and the presidential 15-strong sniffer dog team,” according to the report.”

    Craig says if Obama’s entourage bugged me, this must have, too…..
    Yes, Craig, Republicans don’t just chide the other side…if it’s ridiculous to have MOST of this entourage, it’s ridiculous no matter who it is.
    With Skype for getting input from staff back home, this shouldn’t happen anymore AT ALL.
    We understand the cooks and dogs…travel is a very dangerous thing for any president. I’d have hoped Obama could streamline it with the technology even available since Bush was out.

    Thanks. And I’m glad you’re still reading GeeeZ, I keep hoping the Left will at least start to understand there are two ways of looking at all things.


  7. Baysider says:

    “Imperial” is right, Ed. What a contrast to the much demonized MacArthur who eschewed a food taster at his first dinner in Japan, hosted and prepared by the Japanese at a hotel. The hotel manager himself had volunteered to test the food (poison), and MacArthur was deeply revered for this action. Ah, yes, you say, times have changed. Indeed.


  8. Michelle vacations as large.


  9. Imp says:

    Obama is our very own Idi Amin…pedantic and pitiful too.


  10. bocopro says:

    About Trump’s premature tweet re the Egyptian plane down in the Med . . . my guess is that he got some early info from somebody in the know that hadn’t been made available to the media.

    Only problem with that is it gives Hellary support for her “loose cannon” tag for him as a blabbermouth who spits out sensitive info before corroboration, which would translate to an itchy finger on the nuke trigger.


  11. bocopro says:

    Wrote this review about a year into DingleBarry’s first term:

    Obatello Descending takes place in a corrupt city built on an ancient swamp inhabited by parasites and deadbeats. Murder, double-dealing, equivocation, and theft from the public treasury occupy most of the primary inhabitants’ time and energies. Scattered around the city are luxury palaces, Dionysian retreats, and offices of scammers, flim-flammers, corrupt lawyers, lobbyists, and other of Satan’s spawn.

    When not actively engaged in stealing from the general public, most of the major players in the city (all of whom come from other cities and regions and pretend to be important lawmakers) improve their skills at drinking, copulating, finger-pointing, pontificating, and balderdashing. Obatello, the main character, is the half-breed offspring of a profligate African reprobate and a clueless Midwestern brain donor. He holds advanced degrees in Plagiarism, Circumlocution, and Pretension.

    Obatello is married to a failed Black Panther who graduated from Victimhood University with a master’s degree in Whining, a product of the Sekund-City slums, whose father was an orangutan and mother was a professional welfare dependent. The other main female character is a dangerous unindicted felon with tenuous but long-standing ties to a lying, cheating, randy, pasty-faced ex-politician. She is an aging, vicious, accomplished posturer smoldering with disappointment stemming from uppity blacks, transgressed class boundaries, infrequent and unfulfilling sex, betrayal, an ugly kid, and a serious case of cankles.

    For reasons unknown to virtually everyone, Obatello has ascended sans bona fides or credentials to the seat of central power in the land and surrounded himself with a group of henchmen whose experiences have focused on thuggery, deception, vacillation, fraud, and treachery. His front men are practiced carnival barkers skilled in duplicity and obfuscation who act as though they are descendants of classical Greek chorus. Obatello’s appearance in the national awareness was facilitated by a misplaced religious wingnut with visions of huge reparations for all descendants of African slaves and a gossip-mongering, self-appointed moral compass for drifty housewives.

    Brother Jeralmighty, a husky-voiced, anti-Caucasian, vitriol-spitting, black “conjure man” inculcated in the young Obatello a permanent mistrust for all white people, including his white mother’s parents, the people who raised him and tried to give him wholesome values. Mix in the beguiling influence of the witchy woman, Whorepa, and what results is a willing, if naïve, rock-star persona based loosely on the Black Orpheus myth, with echoes of spellbinding rhetoric, teflon birds that sleep on the wind, and snakes that leave their shed skins behind as manna for groupies to feast and fantasize on. Then add to all that a Marxist agenda and a bottomless pit of money to fund it from a billionaire whose goal is total eradication of justice, liberty, and freedom for the average citizen.

    That said, one would anticipate a three-act 3-hour play complete with intrigue, hypocrisy, suspicion, murder, sex, gunplay, arson, drug addiction, and mounting economic disaster. However, as soon as the audience receives, in classic Tennessee-Williams fashion, the full introduction of characters and background, Obatello strides onto the stage amidst his full complement of flunkies and yes-men, stands between matching teleprompters, and announces his plans for improving the lives of everyone in the entire country through pure fargin magic.

    At that moment, he is struck by the second stage booster of a Chinese rocket launching a death-ray satellite and transformed into a gray spot of grease on the basement floor of the theater. The standing ovation lasted for nearly an hour, and all in attendance agreed that Obatello Descending is the most uplifting, inspiring, and satisfying comedy of the century.

    I give it 5 stars and a resounding “Allllll-Righty, Then!”


  12. Trump is as fast to the tweet as Obama announcing Osama’s death.
    Learn some self control, dude.


  13. Mal says:

    Obama has done this since taking office, however I was surprised to read Bush also had such a large entourage because he didn’t appear to be that way. I also imagine the security will continue forever after they leave office….;;;;;..and at whose expense I wonder? Things sure have changed since Truman left office. I’ve mentioned previously when he left D.C. he & Bess hopped in their Chevy and drove back home to Missouri………..alone……no security…….and made it just fine!


  14. Sparky says:

    Yeah, I knew about that. I think it was reported on Fox News. Also, the Queen (Elizabeth II) has banned Dinglebarry’s helicopters from her garden. They tore up all her beautiful roses. Dinglebarry is such a horse’s … 🙂 I’m ashamed this thing represents our Country.
    BTW, after much study and prayerful thoughts, Hubby and I are voting for Trump. Just my opinion but I don’t think he’ll be so bad after all. We can NOT allow Shillery and the Rapist to be back in the WH.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro.. He Tweeted about 10 minutes after the news came out….I’d not give him this much credit were I you. He IS a LOOSE CANNON and that’s tough to have in a president. He’s shown that too many times, sadly.

    Ed, that’s how I feel…self control and INFORMATION. Remember the Harvard Prof and how Obama immediately blamed racism…and it wasn’t, but it SURE did rile people up. SO stupid.

    Mal, I think Security demands for our presidents to do things in bigger ways than they’d choose…I also think Craig’s wrong in that our technology has grown to where much of the consulting for various input could be done on Skype, etc….just silly to think anybody needs THIS MUCH with him when he travels. That is one HECK of a lot of people.
    Plus, I don’t look to Craig as the keeper of all facts. He was brutal to Bush..always.

    Sparky, it’s only prayer that’ll get me to vote for Trump, too “Lord, let me not make a mistake by voting Trump….let him not be as awful as he seems”
    He ALMOST had me after the Kelly interview…seemed more relaxed, nice real smile, okay guy…then this AWFUL too-early knee-jerk twitter….so much worse than some here think it is. Says soo much about him I dread.


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