Obama’s People….as unprepared as he was

THIS is an article our friend/reader Imp brought to my attention yesterday.

Please take a look….make sure you see what backgrounds these Obama people had before put in the highly important, even classified, positions they were able to somehow obtain.  Mostly from sheer stupidity on this Administration’s part, in my humble opinion.

Looking forward to hearing your very righteous indignation;  there is information you probably don’t know…give it a quick read!

Thanks, Imp!

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36 Responses to Obama’s People….as unprepared as he was

  1. Adrienne says:

    Odumbo is a sock puppet and his handlers hand picked all those losers. They keep him doped up with plenty of time to watch the sport’s channel and golf. Somehow I can’t see Trump allowing such a thing.


  2. Sparky says:

    No offense, but the man who calls himself Obama is not stupid. This is all a deliberate attempt at destroying our American culture by appointing inept and/or criminal types to high offices. He hates America and he hates everything that is good.


  3. “Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton said such scandal is the natural result of Barack Obama’s staffing choices. This “is what happens when you put van drivers and campaign flaks and failed novelists in charge of foreign policy and national security,” he declared.”
    I heard Cotton say that on air on the Hewitt show and immediately thought of it when I saw your post.
    Cotton Audio


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…when a comment comes to me as the Blog Admin that says ‘Caution, you’re about to allow this comment,” I’ve decided not to do it. Not sure why it did that, you’ve done larger ones before…but sorry!
    If you’d like to contribute the text in two comments…I think we all know what Devil Woman sounds like….Word Press often doesn’t allow very long comments OR music links but I’ve never had “Caution” before.

    Ed, thanks…LOVE Tom Cotton….he has a few more guts than some of the wimpier Reps do. Van drivers..imagine? But Rhodes’ background takes the cake when we consider how important what he was put in charge of… and then to hear Josh Earnest champion him and obfuscate for him….sickening.

    Sparky, very true! Yes, I know it was a STUPID move for our country, but it’s “stupid like a fox”

    Adrienne, I don’t think Trump’s ego would allow too many people chiming in on any subject.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC and I find the kind of comment I’m about to make sometimes revolting BUT…I’m doing it in order to ask your opinions:
    Yesterday on talk radio, some man called in who knew well a kind of intern for Hillary Clinton…she told him none of the young women like to be alone with her for any reason because “She hits on them”….I KNOW you’ve all heard rumors of this , but if it WERE TRUE, don’t you think SOMEBODY’d have come out (so to speak!) and said what’s happening? Don’t you?
    With all the Bill sex scandal, all the “Trump’s a sexist” stuff? Yes, there’s supposed to be a relationships with her righthand woman, Huma Abedin, and her, but assistants are always right next to the candidate…and Abedin’s married to Anthony Weiner. Also, I’ve thought it’s weird when Republicans bring out Abedin’s Muslim background (her family is very devout), suggesting she’s pro muslim to our detriment, when she’s MARRIED TO A JEW. How Muslim-loving could she BE?

    what do you think?


  6. “Abedin’s married to Anthony Weiner”. Beard. Political arrangement.
    Abedin has lived in Hillary’s house not Wiener’s.
    Bill and Hill have always accommodated each other. She just didn’t want him to embarrass her.
    Bill would not be threatened by Hillary being with another woman (as opposed to another man) and if it weren’t for Hillary, would probably hope for a threesome.


  7. I’m not sure if Abedin is so much a muslim plant as an Iranian one.
    Like Jarrett.


  8. Baysider says:

    I’m with Sparky. It’s deliberate. He’d have been better off with the late Tom Clancy than Ben Rhodes in such a delicate position. But I doubt ‘better off’ was his intent. Who could not possibly know the complete lack of competency of Eric Holder or John Kerry? Nope. Deliberate.

    Is Abedin devout enough to practice (and live) taqiya?


  9. Imp says:

    “Choose just one of these under a Republican administration…just one…and we’d see the impeachment proceedings being pushed by 100% of the demorats and 24/7 news coverage by the alphabet dupes and crazies. Not only that but massive firings, resignations, prosecutions and congressional committees demanding an end to such practices and the people who owned them.

    They left out that worm Kosiken, the current smarmy, arrogant, snottier than Lois Lerner as the IRS head & lowlife that Chavez wants to have impeached or fired.”

    And I’ve always been convinced that Hillary is a Huma-sexual. As far as Weiner…..why do you think he waved around his…weener? I’d say Huma wasn’t interested.

    @ED…”Bill would not be threatened by Hillary being with another woman”…

    More proof that Bill always chose someone other than Hillary his whole life…..why shouldn’t we?


  10. Mal says:

    I’m with Sparky too, Baysider. My sentiments exactly. I also believe he was a plant from the git-go by someone……….I’ve heard rumors of a Saudi King, perhaps? Who knows for sure. He had no money, so who paid for his university tuition and living expenses? Plus all his records sealed.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, do you know she lives with Hillary all the time, or only when they’re on the road, as any assistant would? I’m not so sure. And no muslim would marry a Jew for love OR money OR for porno shot selfies from her husband 🙂
    Of course, this could be the reason Huma stuck with such a HUGE jerk in all that public nightmare …sort of like Bill Clinton, she says “I don’t care, I’ve got Hillary”…for Bill it’s “I don’t care who Hillary does, I’ve got Jane, Sue, Billie-Joe, Marilyn, Phoebe, ….etc etc ” 🙂

    Baysider….It’s her family which is extremely devout and I I think marrying a Jew is pretty far fetched even with taqiya..
    I disagree on Kerry or Holder…not that I AGREE with them on ANYTHING, but at least they had SOME cache in their respective businesses…..but Rhodes knows NOTHING about international affairs or Iran and HE brokers the nuke deal? Or hiring a VAN DRIVER for HLS?
    I don’t believe Kerry or HOlder are incompetent, just as un American as one can get….and deceitful….talk about taqiya! 🙂

    Imp; ya, if anything, Bill would be RELIEVED that HIllary liked girls!

    MY POINT WAS: I SIMPLY CANNOT BELIEVE ANYBODY COULD KEEP A SECRET THIS BIG….and this juicy if it IS true.. Imagine what the National Enquirer would pay for stories on THIS? And those who’d come forward? It’d make the Cosby case or the Catholic pedophile scandals pale in comparison.
    Or that awful rag FREE REPUBLIC or what that jerk Farah would pay at WND? (and yes, I HOPE he’s reading this like he did last time and comes and reads me the riot act for telling the truth on him…disappearing when he knew I had him!!)


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I will NEVER forget the video I saw years ago, which I have discussed here recently: a wizened old Arab, very elegant, dressed in a suit, not traditional Muslim clothing, talking about all he did for Obama, paying for Occi, paying for Harvard, etc, when he recognized the potential he had.
    That is THE ONLY video I have actually seen disappear…unlike the far rightwingers always attaching “WATCH THIS NOW!! IT”LL DISAPPEAR SOON!” (and the vid’s 3 years old…!)


  13. Mal says:

    Things really DO disappear with this administration, don’t they, Z? All Obama’s records, including his ORIGINAL birth certificate, college records, or even old class mates, then all Hillary’s e-mails, and anything that might prove embarrassing, so why not this video you mention? Do we see a pattern here?


  14. Hillary loves to emulate Eleanor Roosevelt, who is widely believed to have had an affair with Lorena Hickock who was as indispensable to Roosevelt as Abedin is to Clinton.
    It was believed that their affair cooled, but that their friendship remained warm til their death.
    That may be true with Clinton also.
    Huma has lived with Hillary in her Chappaqua Mansion.
    She did share an apartment with Weiner who watches their child.

    The press protects the Clintons.


  15. Bob says:

    I agree with the original premise that Obama installed incompetent people. We are all used to rolling our eyes, and thinking that Obama could not do worse right before he does something even more stupid, no doubt as advised by his dazzlingly inept staff.

    It pains me that denizens of this blog are accusing the former Secretary of State, Senator of New York, and former First Lady of possible homosexual behavior. Why not come out and accuse of being a dyke in the first place? We are all adults, here. As somebody said, Bill would probably be happy with this arrangement, too. That explains fat girls under desks in the oval office, air flights for sex, Paula Jones, and other Clinton abused women.

    Clinton associates and critics have disappeared. Perhaps Obama critics disappear, too. These people are amoral, and once you have walked that road, anything goes.

    Have a great weekend.


  16. Baysider says:

    Yes, there’s a better adjective for Eric Holder. Unworthy of the public trust because of his antics prior to his nomination and he anti-constitutional views. Before the guns-to-Mexico scheme. His prior and resumed association with Covington & Burling bears witness to that. http://www.salon.com/2015/07/07/why_eric_holders_new_job_is_an_insult_to_the_american_public/

    As for John Forbes Kerry, he was the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (4 yrs), and a member for something like 20. Yet he was stupifyingly ignorant of major political realities in several South American countries. This came out in – I think – his run for president. I wish I could link to a source now, but it was burned into my mind how ignorant he was on something that was his supposed area of strength. It wasn’t an area of disagreement, but just outright stupid ignorance. So, yes, I really cringed when he was made Sec State.

    It’s interesting about the van driver. I once worked with a guy who often referred to his time and involvement ‘in presidential politics’ as a driver. And he certainly was full of himself and his ‘politics’ knowledge, was a dedicated leftist, emotionally charged, and dismissed things he didn’t agree with [including reasonable, non-political things like saving for your retirement for goodness sakes] as “Republican bull s***.” I can’t but help overlay his story onto Vietors and cringe some more.

    Huma is tough to figure out.


  17. Imp says:

    @Bay…Everytime I see lurchs face or listen to him…I’m reminded of a Louis Prima tune:

    I’m just a gigolo and everywhere I go
    People know the part, I’m playin’
    Paid for every dance, sellin’ each romance
    Ooh, what they’re sayin’

    There will come a day, and youth will pass away
    What’ll they say about me?
    When the end comes I know they’ll say just a gigolo
    And life goes on without me


  18. Kid says:

    I knew about most of these people. They had to have been put in place to pay back some favor or to send up the middle finger to America, likely both.


  19. Kid says:

    Z, First off I understand why uma didn’t take her husbands name. She’d have been Uma Weiner – har dee har har.
    I believe that is a marriage of political expediency, just like the clintons were. Arranged by subversive forces. Take your pick. Commies, moslems, whatever. I choose the commies for getting hilrod and billy to pair up as a fake marriage.

    I do believe hilrod is a lez. She’s far to ignorant and unattractive inside and out to appeal to any male, even a masochist.



  20. Kid says:

    PS, as far as all this staying secret so long, just google “Clinton Body Count”..


  21. Kid says:

    Baysider, IMP, did you notice when recently, Benjamin Netanyahu said j kerry has the intellect of a 12 year old. Ah Yep. lol. Enjoyed reading that one.


  22. Baysider says:

    Kid, I can only imagine what it’s like for Netanyahu – who lives in reality – to talk to such an ignoramus. Worse, to have his life be subject to said ignoramus’ recommendations. As I wrote to a friend recently, “no one should be allowed into the State Department until they read this stuff (reality check stuff – I listed some history books). It’s the stuff of how people actually behave, not how they might behave if you sprinkle diplomatic fairy dust on them.” I wonder if Kerry still has his tooth under his pillow.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, but not the videos the far rightwingers always send …I get so sick of “WATCH THIS NOW, YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE, IT”LL BE GONE TOMORROW” and the person doesn’t realize that it was a 3 year old video… 🙂
    His birth certificate says AFRICAN AMERICAN, a term not used then, and there are other things on it that just aren’t right. Nobody cares, apparently.

    Ed, yes, the talk is that Eleanor had a lesbian relationship with that woman…and they remained friends. As far as the press protecting Hillary? Not so much if any woman stepped up and said what the guy on Talk Radio said the other day “she hits on everyone she gets near…everybody’s afraid to be alone in an office or conference room with her”….I will never believe that, if that were true, somebody wouldn’t ask for 10 Million for the story. Of course, they MIGHT have and the CLintons might have paid 🙂
    I’m not suggesting there is no relationship with Huma…never have…I’m just not quite so into believing some of the stories I hear…
    And the “HUMA IS A RADICAL MUSLIM AND INFLUENCING HILLARY” stuff melts away when we realize she bore a half Jewish child…

    BOB!! Tell us how you REALLY feel 🙂 HA!! (you’re probably right)!!

    Baysider, in comparison with the others, at least Holder has an education, etc. They’re irresponsible, they’re not on our side, they’re disgusting human beings, but at least they have a modicum of experience…that they didn’t use that experience to the country’s benefit is something else.
    Every time I hear Bush blamed for Fast and Furious, I cringe….his CIA started it and it worked…Holder came in and destroyed it…..the articles I’ve read on the difference in Holder is heart breaking…our people with such good intentions were decimated…”go HOME? We just supplied them guns like we did under Bush and we could trace those guns and kept a watch on them …you’re telling us to go home now that we’ve given these cartels GUNS now?” What a humiliation.

    Kid, Hillary went to Wellesley…it’s known for lesbianism, sadly. Most colleges are getting that way. I’ve seen the clinton body count…nobody cares….they even discuss it in Joe Klein’s PRIMARY COLORS….and nobody said A THING…that was a not-so-fictional account of Clinton’s early days in politics….two people on his campaign were killed…and it was hinted that HIS WIFE had it arranged….and Klein’s a LIBERAL 😉

    Kerry is DESPICABLE….I feel for Netanyahu altogether…he’s stuck between IRAQ and a HARD PLACE (you may quote me!)


  24. Kid says:

    Basysider, Exactly. Then when the spokewoman for the state dept came on and said the ISIS people just need jobs and all this would just go away…. It seduces my thoughts to areas of great violence indeed. Talk about having a bead on reality.

    Z, well I actually don’t want to know anything more, or need to, about the beast. 🙂 And Primary Colors was probably a 1 on a scale of 10 for displaying the goinigs on of the clinton clan, even in those days. I did think it was pretty light actually.


  25. Imp says:

    @KID..”It seduces my thoughts to areas of great violence indeed…”

    That usually follows failed diplomacy.

    I like this place…yet I feel like Chauncy Gardner from “Being There” most times. Everyone here is so damn smart, informed, great cooks and snappy dressers….except for Kid.
    So…I liked to watch. / grin.


  26. Kid says:

    @IMP. There will be new growth in the spring. As long as the roots have not been damaged. Chin up my friends.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that a LIBERAL writer would expose truth in that book was pretty stunning…I never saw the movie; there was plenty of Clinton shadiness going on in the book….and NOBODY even mentioned it.

    Imp! I like this place, too! Glad you’re part of it!!
    (just humor Kid…you know…………so sad)


  28. Kid says:

    Z, I did see the movie and thought it was kind of lame. fwiw.
    Imp? This place? Huh? I’m verklempt now. Time for more Chianti….


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s why I mentioned the book; it was terrific…you know how far a book and movie can be…and I’m SURE the left didn’t want all that was exposed in the book (tho fictional, it was pretty transparent!) on SCREEN!


  30. Kid says:

    Z, i haven’t read the book, but yes that is almost always the case.

    For example, “The Da Cinci Code” by Dan Brown in print was much more than the movie. The Moivie was a 6 oz hamburger with nothing on it.


  31. Kid says:

    Z, I can take humor in stride. I can also take someone’s OPINION that I might disagree with or even be offended by – without the threat of physical violence on my part. If ya know what I mean.


  32. Kid says:

    Da Vinci COde of course. Sign.


  33. Imp,
    Bill always chose someone other than Hillary his whole life…..why shouldn’t we?



  34. Mal says:

    Forget about Hillary. Terrorism is running rampant at the same time our military is being decimated, yet Congress lets it happen unabated. Where is the outcry? I can only hope there is a covert operation ready to cover our butts, otherwise more is likely to happen before a new administration (hopefully) takes over and rebuilds. Talk about exposure in the interim!


  35. Yes, Mal. I blame the voters, not the pols.
    We chose poorly.


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