Giving ORDERS to Obama and Lynch?

Did you hear or see THIS STORY?      This Judge ROCKS!

gavelTexas Federal Judge Humiliates Obama & Loretta Lynch, Demands Ethics Classes

WASHINGTON — A federal judge in Texas on Thursday excoriated the Justice Department, demanding ethics classes for the department’s lawyers and ordering other sanctions for those who argued the case involving President Obama’s immigration executive actions.   (Z: YAHOO!…)

He also ordered the government to produce a list of about 100,000 immigrants who entered illegally and who are participating in a government program that protects them from deportation.

In a blistering order, Judge Andrew S. Hanen of Federal District Court in Brownsville accused the Justice Department lawyers of lying to him during arguments in the case, and he barred them from appearing in his courtroom.  (Z, I did hear about the lying thing on the radio but nowhere else…have you?)

He also demanded that Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch provide a “comprehensive plan” within 60 days describing how she will prevent unethical conduct in the future, as well as making sure the department’s Office of Professional Responsibility effectively prevents misconduct among its lawyers.…………”

There’s more, just click on my link for the article and click on  its “Read more..”

SO…CLEARLY, Obama and Lynch will ignore this order from a Texas Judge.  I’m not sure a State Judge CAN order a President or Attorney General to do ANYTHING…can they?  

Thoughts on that?    But WHAT A GUY, huh?   Don’t you agree with the Judge?


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28 Responses to Giving ORDERS to Obama and Lynch?

  1. Judge Andrew S. Hanen of Federal District Court is not a state judge, and as such can issue such an order, which will be ignored as you said, if not challenged in a higher court.
    But it’s nice to see some attention paid to the situation.
    A lot more than Lynch needs to be cleaned out of DOJ.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks for that information….FEDERAL District…right. But still TEXAS Federal Judge….
    SO, one would THINK an issue such as this can be ordered!
    BUT, it’s O B A M A…..(and they thought Reagan was the TEFLON PRESIDENT? HA!)


  3. I’m wondering if the Koskinen impeachment will proceed, and if it does, will the Senate convict?
    At least we’re not talking about Trump.


  4. John M. Berger says:

    “ethics classes for the department’s lawyers”
    Oh really; what good would that do given that they operate under an administration completely void of ethics? If these lawyers are corrupt they should be punished by what ever authority they are licensed under. Why isn’t this issue in the news? That’s a darn good question!


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    The judge should have jailed those lying lawyers and order those 100,000 illegal immigrants deported.

    But, we all know how this turns out. The Obama Administration ignores the judge’s order and the carnival caravan moves on…


  6. Kid says:

    Something from the news category I enjoyed reading. Thanks


  7. Mal says:

    There is so much time left for even more damage to be done to our country! This judge will probably “disappear” like many that have fought against this administration. I sure hope not.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    I think this will all just ‘go away’ as everything else on Obama (or Hillary) has gone.

    FASCINATING to hear the results of Hillary’s situation, but I think this is as far and negative as it will go, then the DoJ will pull the State Dept and FBI in and say “Enough… blamed her, now figure out a way to get her off scott free”.

    Damn 😦


  9. Kid says:

    Z, I give you my triple guarantee that the beast will be in jail before November. 🙂


  10. Mal says:

    Is that a promise, Kid? I’m gonna hold ‘ya to it!


  11. Kid says:

    Mal, Triple Dog Dare Guarantee


  12. Imp says:

    “never even told her own IT Help Desk at the State Department that she was using a private server, keeping them in the dark about her activities….”

    Now think about that one…which is absolute horsesh!!t. The government IT guys never saw any email traffic on her…non existent government email account…because she didn’t have one. Didn’t it ever arouse their curiosity as to why Clinton had zero traffic on the State Servers? Didn’t anyone ever wonder how she was communicating and sending and receiving sensitive / secret government documents / memos for the entire length of her tenure?

    Didn’t anyone know or bother to care…..that she was using an unauthorized blackberry for 4 years, let alone an email account that they ignored or decided to be quiet about? ? No wonder Guccifer and the Russians and the Chinese kept their mouths shut. They had a field day reading her secrets and ours.

    Even that idiot Obama emailed her a dozen times at So did Jarrett….were they too that stupid or unconcerned? So did Mills, and Rice and Abedin…all of them knew. And all of them will lie….count on it. The crooked Klintons have 90% of a 500 million sludge fund to disperse as a business expense. God…I hate this woman. From a man who’s revered women all his life.


  13. FB says:

    That’s why Mrs FB and I are heading our way to TX. Their attitude against the Federal State is the best.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; not sure about that….yes, I think if that were entirely true, and nobody saw ANY emails from her during her business days, someone would have said something, so I’m not sure….

    FB…when do you leave? You selling your house?

    Kid, i have NEVER heard you say ANYTHING as unrealistic as that. I really don’t believe that’s the case, but FRIEND..I DO HOPE YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO RIGHT!!!!! Thanks for the encouragement!! :=)


  15. Kid says:

    Z, pretend it’s right. At least it’s better than dreading.

    In my opinion IMP is 100% correct in the email assessment. The feds are a rat’s nest in a feeding frenzy and like in the mob you don’t rat on anyone lest you get snuffed.

    I absolutely believe that. Who has gone to jail or even suffered any consequences in the last 2 decadees or more? I can only thing of two republicans – Scooter Libby and Randall “Duke” Conningham – Vietman F4 Ace.

    Not a single democrat has even apid a fine for their obvious corruption and criminal activity. Rangel. Lerner, Geithner, Geeexix the list is endless. IMP is exactly right.


  16. FB says:

    We’re thinking of putting it on the market in September. Then we’ll see what happens in terms of market/price but the goal is to move to Austin. Not an easy choice emotionally but rationally and economically it makes more sense than staying in CA.


  17. FB says:

    I should’ve said “Mrs FB and me are heading to TX.” 😀


  18. Kid says:

    Z, You’re free like all of us to have your opinion, but if You think there is anyone clean in this whole State Dept, email thiknkg or even anywhere in the federal government, Imagine what Democrats believe. 🙂 Not criticizing you, just making an observation that frankly is pretty scary.

    And I know some democrats that say unbelievable things, like a woman who is a retired exec of P&G who says “No president would ever lie” Wowsa…. No words.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I don’t believe all politicians are lying cheats…never have, never will.

    and Imp said “Didn’t it ever arouse their curiosity as to why Clinton had zero traffic on the State Servers?” which I took to mean nobody saw ANY emails and didn’t ask.
    I find that REALLY hard to believe….

    FB…you got the grammar right the first time (do you know how many Americans do not?) ! 🙂 I know you didn’t mean the grammar but I had to tease.
    And, watch HGTV’s “FIXER UPPER” and you’ll see REALLY wonderful homes in Waco (very near Baylor University and full of opportunities for your Mrs., too, considering what she does…she can do that ANYWHERE, right?)…and these homes sell for sometimes $100K!! I SWEAR…2000 ft , with a pool and land. And the city’s very nice.
    But it IS HOT 🙂


  20. Kid says:

    Z, fwiw, I didn’t say politicians are lying cheats. I’m saying people that could do harm to clinton by whistleblowing have been paid off and they aren’t going to say anything before or after. IMP
    s message was all about the email after.

    But I will say, there isn’t a democrat politicion who isn’t a lying cheating sob. In my opinion of course. I’ve never seen any evidence to the contrary.


  21. Kid says:

    email Matter.


  22. Imp says:

    Addendum..on the above realities of that photo….

    Notice how Hillary never stops hiding behind identity politics? When she’s not perpetually playing the woman card, she hides behind the race card–saying that Rice and Powell were just as techno-tarded as she. The Western Marxist venom never ends with this snake. So again she dares us to cast stones at diversity untouchables. Will this woman ever be able to stand on her own two feet without an identity politics crutch?

    Meanwhile…we’re long past the AOL dial up modem days with email being 2 decades or older now. Just how freaking retarded can the world’s “smartest woman” be. Or those who surround here that are of their baby boomer or Y generation and even Millennials now that are totally wired and hip to today’s communications. Are we to believe that the IT propellerheads at state and the NSA are all old guard WW2 CIA types….hell no…they’re computer geeks in every sense of the word. Nerds and guys who play video games all day. Jesus it’s so damn incredible how much our government sucks.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Kid and Imp….You both know how I DO NOT LIKE TRUMP (every SINGLE day I try and every SINGLE day he does something so obnoxious and STUPID…today he slammed Republican Gov of NM Suzanna Martinez …talk about DUMB…
    anyway, when I hear lefties slam him, I get my hackles up! And I ask myself “What the heck? why are you getting defensive?” Even when FAR rightwingers hate him and slam him I get that way (even more with them because I know they’re not going to vote!).
    I think it’s because some of what he says DOES make sense and people, deep down, have those same thoughts…they wouldn’t say them out loud because they’re SO unpolitically correct, but they are thinking it……..
    NOT THAT I WANT HIM FOR PRES, but ANYBODY is better than HILLARY….and I’m thinking some Dems (even the polls show this) will vote for him over the shrew. Or Bernie.

    The other day at the high school I was subbing and one of the kids said “Mrs. …aren’t you feeling the BERN?” I said “Oh, I’m feeling the bern alright…but it’s B U R N!” They really laughed.


  24. Imp says:

    “today he slammed Republican Gov of NM Suzanna Martinez”

    She deserved it…she had a major city out of control with anarchists and illegals torching the city and fighting the cops….she behaved like the jackass spineless wimp Nixon, the Governor of Missouri who let the savages looty, riot and burn the damn city down. She’s another AA die-versity meaningless to all…except for the Latino La Raza crowd, a coward…who it seems to me where all their loyalties lie when it comes down to it. Rubio, Cruz…all these people care about is amnesty, selling out citizenship which is why these punks are waving the flags of Mexico…a failed country they ran from. To come here, suck us dry and make demands that we assimilate for them. Jesus…I saw a flyer from Wendy’s the other day…and it had FREE…in Spanish. These cruds can’t even read FREE in English? It has to be translated for them My country makes me sick and I want to puke.


  25. FB says:

    We visited Waco but that’s too boring for us. Austin has amazing restaurants. I had the best charcuterie plate in Austin, better than France!!!


  26. FB says:

    And we did go to the Magnolia store and the silos by the way. The prices were L.A. like. They’re making a killing.


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