Nurse Marisol

I met a great American success story last night at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California.   I’d gone to visit a friend who had a hip replacement when a nurse walked in and introduced herself as Marisol, who we came to learn had come from the Philippines.  We got to chatting with her and I asked her if she knew my friend Donna who is a retired Nurse Supervisor from St. John’s.  She said she did know her and raved about Donna as a supervisor, nurse and friend.

Marisol told us how much Donna had done for her family  when her husband was in the ICU some years back.  I asked her how her husband was now and she said he’d died of a heart attack 12 years ago..”I’m okay now,” she added.  She said she had two children and they were rather young and so she’d had to work at UCLA and St. John’s in order to make ends meet.  She added that she was so grateful for the work.

Both her children are now college graduates and are working engineers.   What a smile she got on her face when she said that!

I told her she was the kind of great immigrant success story we love in America.  She put her hand over her chest and said “Oh, I’m so grateful for these opportunities to work two jobs and earn a living and see my children as engineers now!”

I wanted to share her story.  We hear too many bad immigrant stories these days.

You’d have liked Marisol.  I sure did.


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10 Responses to Nurse Marisol

  1. bocopro says:

    Most immigrants tend to understand the American system, government, laws, and culture better than the average guy on the street whose family has been here for several generations.

    Milady is a naturalized citizen, and she knows more about the bicameral legislature, the electoral system, the fact that the US is not a democracy but a republic with representatives, the separation of powers, and all that stuff than any of our neighbors. She had to learn it to get her citizenship, whereas most kids today blow that stuff off in school as useless information.

    In general, immigrants realize that they often have to work twice as hard and be twice as careful as “native borns” to be considered half as good. The SEAsian boat people came here to the Gulf Coast and worked their butts off in the fishing, construction, service, and small business arenas to get on their feet and into the mainstream. Today the majority of them own fine houses, and that first generation of their children were the valedictorians and salutatorians of their graduating classes in high schools around here.

    But by the time that second generations’ kids grow up and get fully Murkanized, they’ll be just as bad as the rest, ignorant of the history, the law, the system, and eventually clamoring for their “rights.”

    I have no problem with legitimate immigrants. However — those here past their visa expiration dates or without authority of any kind to be here in the first place are criminals. They are breaking the law and a drain on legal citizens’ revenues and resources. Their ejection wouldn’t trouble me in the slightest degree. And I have NO faith in our gubmint’s ability to “vet” Muslim “refugees” from anywhere, including Europe.


  2. I heard Dr. Larry Arnn, yesterday, say that immigrants in the past had to struggle to get to America, so it was a natural selection process to get the most energetic, Innovative candidates as naturalized citizens. Now they just buy a ticket, hop on a plane and collect the benefits.


  3. bunkerville says:

    Bet she is Christian to boot. One of the many reasons she shares our values; Just saying.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro “In general, immigrants realize that they often have to work twice as hard and be twice as careful as “native borns” to be considered half as good.”
    I’m not sure about that…but I will say I feel that’s what Black Americans feel, and they shouldn’t have to. Substitute “immigrants” for Blacks and “native borns” for Whites….

    Coming from a family of immigrants, I know they had pride in what they accomplished and worked hard for it but they were lauded for their achievements BECAUSE they’d achieved so much in more trying circumstances, not “half as good”.
    Still, all our experiences are different.

    Of course, when we brought some more immigrant family members over 50 years later, we had to vouch for them, guaranteeing we could show support for them until they go on their feet. Imagine that today? And yes, while immigrant families are usually prouder of becoming American than many Americans are of their heritage, the newer generations go to the same America-hating schools, so they sink into the morass of our kids who don’t have a clue.
    One school, I heard today, wants to do away with teaching the Constitution because it was written by White men… etc….just heard that this morning. They’ve been shredding it for a while with leftwing teachers feeling NICE is better than LAWFUL but….this doing away with it should wake us all up.
    But it will not.

    Ed, Dr. Arnn’s terrific ALL the time with his information….I believe that’s largely true…except most don’t have to buy a ticket, they just swim the river or sneak over the border.

    Bunkerville, being Philippina, she might be Catholic…She sure did work hard and she sure is proud of how her kids turned out! How many Americans can say THAT today?


  5. Mal says:

    I’ve mentioned previously, my immigrant father always told us those born here don’t really appreciate what they have, that we have to be from another country to really appreciate the fantastic opportunities we enjoy. Immigrants will gladly work two jobs indefinitely to support their families where we might complain that we need to do it. Also, their work ethic usually is passed on if the children see how hard their parents worked and sacrificed for them.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    OUTRAGE ALERT!: I have to say something that might not be popular here today: I see a lot of Hispanic young people working very hard at my local large grocery store (and other shops), they’re friendly, kind, and efficient. They’re proud of their hard work because, yesterday, I was there when someone yelled something and they all cheered….I asked what was up because all I’d heard was “75!” and they told me their manager had just announced 75 good ratings just that day from customers who had gone home and inputted that! (the receipts have a phone number to call if you got good service). They were all beaming and cheering.
    I talk with my check out clerks who I know and they tell me how their college kids are doing in school, one tells me that her daughter’s very moral (with details) and how proud she is of that, etc etc…
    I’ve heard horror stories of Mexicans threatening death to contractors who don’t hire them, we know they’re killing our hospitals with free health care…I know all that TOO well….we all hear far too many stories like that, so I’m not saying all are perfect by a long shot…(what group is?)

    But I also hear only ENGLISH spoken between the Hispanic kids at the elementary school playground near me, and I see their parents walking them to school, clean and spit-polished hair….always walking with the parents, not alone, tho they don’t live far. (I live in a VERY unusual demographic of low-rent apartments and very high costing condos…and everything in between.)

    At a time we should be fighting Muslim jihadists, maybe it’s time to embrace others who come here and make them want to help in that fight….maybe it’s time we stop labeling all hispanics as fat and lazy and living off us?


  7. Baysider says:

    I work with a colleague in a client’s office who is the same story. Father gone, mother worked like that. 3 daughters who are happy to be Americans. I’m just trying to get her off that Yahoo news feed.

    Ed’s comments about self-selection are well taken. One of the reasons our immigrant ancestors worked so hard is because they HAD to. Lazy drifters need not have applied. And rarely didn’t. And if you had TB, for goodness sake, you weren’t let in. How hard is this?

    And Z, can I assume the school that wants to dump the constitution because of the sins of our fathers has already dumped any friendly attitude toward Islam for the same reason? Yeah, we know the answer.


  8. Kid says:

    Thank you for passing it on. Yes there are many good stories. People just need to be able to seperate then deal appropriately with the two different stories. The ICE letting illegal known murderers and rapists back onto American streets is about as far as I can imagine from that concept.


  9. Kid says:

    MAL, I often have the same thought when I see an immigrant business owner. American kids grow up yawning at American opportunity, and people from other countries look at having a shot at American opportunity as hitting the jackpot on the $5 slots at Ceasers.

    We should either require military service of all able bodied Americans for at least 2 years and/or foreign travel in a peace corps type environment. Imagine a country full of people who know what America “Still” has over what they’ll find out there. It would be worth the cost considering what we’re getting in return for our investment now with the uneducated and invading peoples.


  10. Teaching the Constitution should be a Federal mandate before tranny bathroom regs.


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