John Oliver on DRUMPF…I mean TRUMP, sorry…

If this wasn’t so darned true, I’d find this maybe one of THE funniest videos I’ve seen in a very long time.  It will convince you to run as fast as you can from Trump but you’ll laugh at the humor even if you actually are a real fan of Trump’s.  I almost wish I hadn’t seen this because I’m trying so hard to justify my probable vote for this horrid person:

Gad, I WISH I didn’t have to vote for him.  I have to especially now that the Libertarians are polling about 10% instead of their usual 1%….they’re handing it to Hillary…GAD!!


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61 Responses to John Oliver on DRUMPF…I mean TRUMP, sorry…

  1. they’re handing it to Hillary

    One commenter at another blog opined about that as follows:

    More than anything, this shows how scared of losing their grip on DC power the RINO’s truly are. They know a 3rd candidate would ensure Hillary but they make more money if she’s POTUS. They don’t give a crap about the country, just themselves.

    Accurate or inaccurate?


  2. Do we really want Hillary Clinton to gain control of appointments to the SCOTUS?


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    AOW: Spot-on accurate.It’s a uni-party scam.


  4. FB says:

    Even the LP has its problems. The VP that was elected is far from being a Libertarian. He’s another power hungry fraud. I do not like Gary Johnson personally. But yes, the SCOTUS is at stakes.

    I don’t like John Oliver at all for whatever he does so I skipped the video.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    Ross gave us Bill; will Gary, now, give us Hill? If so I hope that the Libertarians will enjoy the HELL that they contributed to for a, possible, lifetime to come!


  6. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, of COURSE I’m concerned about SCOTUS; I say that 10 times a day here and to people I know personally.
    I said I wish I didn’t have to vote for him, not that I won’t. But, every day, he says something (to quote him) more DISGUSTING and shows me a character we might very well suffer greatly under.
    Do I want to risk HILLARY? Absolutely not.

    Sanders is polling something like 52% to 39% over Trump; almost makes us hope Hillary is NOT indicted and Sanders is the candidate. GOD FORBID.

    FB, the humor was WELL worth the Oliver video, believe me…

    JMB…I think that’s exactly right.

    SF….which is why we have to hold our noses as hard as possible and vote for THIS STINKER.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Am listening to Trump on the Vet money….they apparently got the money but didn’t want to say so? This could get VERY interesting. He’s naming names of vet groups….it’s so odd that they didn’t admit they had money when the controversy came up. Just plain ODD.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    “this is all money raised during the debate I missed….it’s the least watched debate that happened…but I WON’T SAY THAT”…
    typical. He says things, but then says “I won’t say that..” I’ve heard that many times.


  9. Silverlady says:

    He’s not my choice, but I will hold my nose & vote for him because of potential Supreme Court vacancies. I only have not voted on one election, the one between EDWIN EDWARDS & DAVID DUKE for Gov.! My hand would have fallen off!


  10. John M. Berger says:

    ” I do not like Gary Johnson personally. But yes, the SCOTUS is at stakes.”

    If he really cares for us would he be doing this? I think not! The only up-side I can possibly see is a chance of keeping some of Sanders’ votes away from the witch but probably not that many.


  11. FB says:

    if this is Sanders vs Trump, Sanders wins. And it’s America Game Over. Very depressing to me. He’s actually worse than a French socialist. He’s a commie.


  12. John M. Berger says:

    I’m not sure how you took my comment but right or wrong it assumes that, at some point, Sanders is no longer in the game some of the votes he would have garnered would go to Johnson instead of to her. I do, however, agree that a Sanders win would, indeed, mean “Game Over”!


  13. Mal says:

    One question I have is, what makes everyone think the 10% that will vote for a 3rd party are all Republicans? There are probably more unhappy Dems about Hillary than there are Republicans about The Donald. SO RELAX, FOLKS!


  14. FB says:

    I think some votes from Sanders will definitely go to Sanders based on a conversation I had a few weeks ago with a vet and his wife who both like Johnson and Sanders. That’s where a lot of libertarians are confused to me or vote for convenience vs principles.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    FB and JMB: I’d love to know what ideology anybody thinks Sanders and Johnson share. Big government? no. Taxing people to death? no.
    I think it’s only CHANGE…REAL CHANGE…and, even then, if someone’s thinking and understands this country, socialism is NOT the change we need or want.

    I recently heard Gary Johnson speak….and again this morning on TV….wow. He has the Ted Cruz appeal factor=ZERO. Positively creepy. But, that’s just my woman’s intuition…very weird guy…I think he’s on top because nobody really knows other libertarian names to bandy about, including the libertarians in the party.

    Mal, not sure that AS many Dems are unhappy about Hillary as Reps are unhappy about Donald, but…we’ll see.

    Silverlady…both hands! You mean the David Duke Donald says he never heard of…but OH, he HAD called him a racist pig (or something like that)….!!??

    Man, does Trump EVER stay consistent, elegant, articulate, ..dare I say Presidential?


  16. FB says:

    He’s socially liberal and his big stick is post so that appeals to socialist idiots who do drugs and think the world is a fantasy land. I think the antiwar people may also cross over. It’s all about what one prioritizes.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    “his big stick is POST?” what is that? OH, a typo…you mean POT?


  18. geeez2014 says:

    He’s very creepy….yes, very lib on social stuff, which is fine…lives with his female (which surprised me after seeing him speak) partner since 2009…they’re “engaged” 🙂 Like little kids, apparently..
    Ya, he’s got the appeal of Ted Cruz….he won’t do well.

    And, as many Conservatives are asking “Really? if he cares about this country and making sure a socialist or socialist-lite aren’t elected, would he be tearing Republicans apart?” because we all know it’s mostly Reps who’ll jump to Johnson from Trump, not enough Dems to matter.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Did ANYBODY actually watch the hilarious video? Doesn’t sound like it! So sorry…it’s really VERY VERY clever.


  20. John M. Berger says:


    “I recently heard Gary Johnson speak….and again this morning on TV….wow. He has the Ted Cruz appeal factor=ZERO. Positively creepy.” But, that’s just my “woman’s intuition…”

    Well unless I’ve just awakened from a “gender reassignment” operation, that I wasn’t aware of, believe me, it’s NOT just “woman’s intuition”. If you ask me he has all of the charisma of a fruit bat!


    Thanks for the encouragement, my friend!


  21. Kid says:

    I watched most of it Z, as I’ve never seen this guy (or maybe I wouldn’t have either) I wonder what a similar roast of hilrod would look like, since he focused on honesty and success 🙂


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’d LOVE to see a roast of Hillary, too….I have to leave the house for a few hours so I can’t Google it now but I’m hoping something’s there!

    JMB….thanks…glad you agree….I think he’s even CREEPIER than Cruz in his speaking and outward appeal. Yes, I KNOW that shouldn’t be important, but it is!

    Then I look at that golden helmet of Trump’s….oh, my GOSH.
    What kind of adult uses the types of terminology he used this morning?
    But I must say the media was TOTALLY off, and still is on CNN as they continue to pile it on, when they say they were JUST DOING THEIR JOBS. No, they were NOT. They were trying to do a GOTCHA! on him and couldn’t. scum

    see y’all later!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Just got an email that TRUMP has PICKED TREY GOWDY FOR AG!!! Not CHristie…HOOORAH!!


  24. Kid says:

    I like that pick.


  25. Silverlady says:

    Yes, THAT David Duke. I was a delegate to that Rep. Gov’s. Convention the year he ran, and he was standing near me. Talk about having had ‘some work done’!! He looked like a wax dummy (emphasis on ‘dummy’) at Mme. Toussaud’s.


  26. FB says:

    I meant pot. I still won’t watch. I want to slap the guy each time I run across his sticks.


  27. FB says:

    schticks. Bad day for spelling.


  28. Sparky says:

    As AOW said, “More than anything, this shows how scared of losing their grip on DC power the RINO’s truly are. They know a 3rd candidate would ensure Hillary but they make more money if she’s POTUS. They don’t give a crap about the country, just themselves.

    ACCURATE! My husband also figured that out month’s ago. If the Libtard’s can keep the Hildabeast in office, the gravy train keeps on keeping on. If Trump wins, it appears he will take away all that.


  29. Well. I finally got to watch this video.
    The funny thing is, that on the way home tonight, I listened to the Hugh Hewitt interview of McConnell (which I enjoyed) and Mitch made a great case for supporting Trump!
    Most Drumpf supporters want to get rid of McConnell who they consider a sellout or the elite. “Crash the system!”
    And Mitch is supporting Drumpf.
    And as I said made a good case for supporting him.
    Now I listen to this and remember exactly why I have such disdain for Drumpf.
    I did not hear one falsehood in this video, something I can’t say about Drumpf speeches.


  30. If Z will allow me….Let me assure folks that speaking on behalf of at least a generality of Libertarians, we have no desire to see Clinton as POTUS, but our vote is not for ourselves, but for our Republic. You may disagree, believing the mere opposition to the Democratic candidate is enough to earn your vote, but many Libertarians don’t sell it cheaply. We’re in it for the long game, to one day soon get an actual choice….rather than simply an alleged “lesser of two evils”. The GOP has long acted as if it were entitled to Libertarian votes, but when the reverse question is raised, with such a divisive and un-Conservative nominee….where is the reciprocity?

    Recent political analysis shows that a Johnson/Weld ticket cold actually siphon more votes from Clinton than fromTrump. Reducing the size and scope of the federal government is the goal of the LP platform….a goal not shared by Trump, based on his very words. Trump could try well be the very catalyst many Americans have been waiting for, you break out of the political duopoly and its media allies. Your mileage may vary.


  31. Apologies Z, for the spelling and syntax mistakes.


  32. Imp says:

    You do know that David Duke was a registered Democrat while he was in the KK, don’t you? He quit later and switched to Republican.


  33. Baysider says:

    Maybe more republicans are twisted about trump than dems about Hillary. The R’s are more likely to hold to some kind of standards/rectitude than the D’s. The D’s have less conscious.


  34. Baysider says:

    Johnson is a bit dull. But then so was Coolidge. He says the Dems are about civil liberties. Not in the traditional sense! It’s the $$$$.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, dull isn’t even close….he’s positively creepy …I was VERY disappointed when I heard him these last two times….while I know a third party is suicide for us, I did think that if the guy was terrific, there could be some hope…bbut..nnnaaa

    Ed…absolutely NO FALSEHOODS in that video…right.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    CI, thanks for coming by; I just CANNOT imagine Libertarians siphoning more votes from Dems than Reps since Reps are so much more akin to Libertarian…How the heck do Libertarians see Dems working for smaller government? that’s insane!

    I’m so sorry you went into MODERATION today and I only just got home at 9pm PST time…midnight East Coast….
    would have liked to have heard some comments to yours.

    Let’s hope we still get some….or I’ll blog it “Who do you think will give up more votes to Libertarians…Cons or Libs!?” 🙂


  37. Baysider says:

    Yes. If the Libertarians want to reduce the size of government, I just don’t see how they’ll pull many Democrat votes. Expanding size with ‘free’ money is what keeps the Dems afloat. I agree with CI, Trump is NOT a small government candidate. Other than unchecked immigration I see little daylight between him and Obama – auto bailouts, bank bailouts, e.g.. At least I think Trump likes his country. While I like the idea of ‘voting for our republic’ this is not the place. Because I like Trump? NOoooo. But it may be a more manageable situation with a Republican house/senate to keep him in line. That will certainly never happen with Clinton.

    We have political Alzheimers, and no hope of going back to ‘normal.’ Washington, Lincoln, Taft, Coolidge and Reagan are all dead. And I’m not sure one of them could be elected to office today.


  38. Baysider: My fear is that a repub congress would NOT try to “keep him in line”, something Mitch McConnell suggested would happen.
    He would be the leader of the party with no opposition.
    And none of his supporters would demand them to.
    They’d have to admit they were wrong.


  39. If only Trump’s GOP opponents would have opposed Obama and would oppose Hillary as much as they are now opposing Trump!


  40. Sparky,
    I started having the realization last September. By October 12, I my eyes were completely wide open.


  41. Z,
    I know that you have mentioned your concerns about the SCOTUS.

    The other day, I had a long chat with a young Republican, one of my former students who graduated from Hillsdale in 2015. We talked a lot about ideology, of course. But in the end we both agreed that concern about the SCOTUS will be our overriding factor as to how we vote in November. SCOTUS isn’t “forever,” but does, with impunity, control the helm for decades.


  42. Kid says:

    AOW – “If only Trump’s GOP opponents would have opposed Obama and would oppose Hillary as much as they are now opposing Trump!”

    There it is. Please take something from the top shelf.


  43. John M. Berger says:

    DITTO !


  44. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider….you well explain why we have to vote for the horrible man. !!! That’s how I feel!
    Trump has spoken of getting rid of the Fed Education bunch….that’s cutting gov’t, at least.

    Ed, I believe they’re all afraid of him…..I believe he’d threaten with finding dirt on any Republican not going along with with HIS PLANS for us. That really scares me.

    AOW…I think you should take something from the top shelf, too 🙂


  45. Z – Just from my viewpoint as a Libertarian, there are certainly those among the party who lean left, but they’re usually more of the Sanders variety. Unlike the quasi-Socialist bent of Leftism in general, some Libertarians who might cast for a Sanders ticket, do actually want less government regulation, fighting against issues like the federal crackdown on selling unpasteurized milk, for one instance. They’re what’s left of the hippie class of yesteryear. It’s akin to see on the right who really have no desire to see a decrease in the size and scope of the federal government, as it would reduce the ability to enforce their goals, whether they be social or financial in nature.

    Libertarians took slightly more votes from McAullife than Cuccinelli here in Virginia, during the last Governors race, primarily due to social policies.

    Why any Libertarian might vote for Clinton [if any really would] is beyond my comprehension.


  46. Trump has spoken of getting rid of the Fed Education bunch….that’s cutting gov’t, at least.

    Just seeing this after I hit post….I would perhaps disagree, or call into question what he really believes. He has quite clearly stated that he believe one of the “top three functions of the Federal government”…is education. Along with security, healthcare (?) and “good neighborhoods” (??).


  47. Kid,
    Thank you! I’ll now take something from the top shelf. 🙂


  48. geeez2014 says:

    CI, you don’t consider Sanders as “leftist”? yes, why any would vote for CLinton is odd.

    I have heard, more than once, Trump talk about getting rid of Dept of Education.
    “Good neighborhoods?” GAD…we’d all like them, but LEGISLATED? Sounds like Obama’s ridiculous idea of bringing in homeless into Beverly Hills to live, etc. Of course, not at HIS grand new house in Georgetown! 🙂


  49. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, there are parts of French’s hypothesis that I agree with.. I wish I wasn’t leaving so I could delve into it…I will, later, at Bunkerville’s.
    Oh DARN! I was typing thru the UCLA Police update presser….darn!
    I’m hearing helicopters all over, and ambulances, etc.

    Man, about 1000 law enforcement for two shootings. Lawyer-driven, anyone?
    AND one of the killings is probably the shooter, who left a suicide note (duh, ya think one victim could be the SUICIDE NOTE WRITER?)

    Also, let me just say I can’t STAND Shepard Smith….OY!!!

    Honestly, it seems to me, watching ALL THE NONSTOP NEWS (WHY?!!), everyone knows more than the LAPD experts know……..seriously.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, Gretchen Carlson is now agreeing with me “All THAT for a victim and a suicide victim?” Okay..have a LOT, but HUNDREDS? BOMB SQUAD? FBI (yes, they’re literally across the St from UCLA on Wilshire Blvd…) but…REALLY? Campus cops, LAPD..
    elementary school nearby locked down! WHAT?

    I live almost 10 minutes from UCLA….by the way.


  51. CI, you don’t consider Sanders as “leftist”?

    Of course I do.


  52. Mal says:

    John, maybe my optimism.was premature, given all the testimony from Trump Univ. students who are saying it was all a scam. I can only hope it will be proven they are all plants from the Left, otherwise he could be in deep poo-poo. One has to wonder why, before he threw his hat into the ring, he didn’t settle with all of them. He certainly has the ability to do so from just the change in his packets, so why have this hanging over his head for his rivals to use against him?
    Like I keep sayin’ folks, there’s still a lot of time left till November and anything can happen.


  53. John M. Berger says:

    I don’t know much about “Trump Univ.”, per se but I do know that many people who sign-up for these types of programs imagine that they will start getting rich quickly but fail to put forth the effort required to do so and consequently feel ripped-off. I guess, though, it doesn’t matter even if that’s the case here, just as long as his detractors can create the perception of fraud. Did we hear much, if anything, about this issue before he decided to run; I know that I didn’t. Well, let’s see if he can get passed this and the 3rd party $#!t; a test of mettle, perhaps. Keep the faith, my friend!


  54. geeez2014 says:

    CI “Just from my viewpoint as a Libertarian, there are certainly those among the party who lean left, but they’re usually more of the Sanders variety”
    So you mean some Libertarians lean REALLY leftist…which surprises me….??

    Mal, imagine Trump being in deep doodoo for THIS when What hillary did cost LIVES? isn’t that the most perfect example of media bias?
    By the way, I do think Trump’s a self promoting fraud…
    John, no, we didn’t hear much before he decided to run.
    Also, there are apparently people who say they did well by his course.

    I can’t STAND the man, and each day proves me right…..I wish I was SO WRONG.


  55. Kid says:

    Trump Loves you Z. This I must tell you.

    Yes, there are many satisfied customers of Trump U, and a few who are complaining because they are losers. This is what I’ve been able to ascertain thus far. May not be true. And that ABC reporter that was at my, er I mean Trump’s press conference Is a sleaze. A Major Sleaze. Most of them are btw.

    And while I’.. er I mean Trump has given many press conferencess, huge press conferences, and with hostile media asking him anything and everything that clinton hasn’t done a single press conference yet. Not even with a media that will get permission for what questions to ask. Trump? No such treatment. This is whay we are going to win. And we’re going to win huge. More than any president in history. Eh, what else can I tell you?


  56. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s funny…when friends say things like they hate some guy who’s done something really awful and we don’t know him, I often say “he thinks the world of YOU!” 🙂

    I TOTALLY think the media’s SLEAZE…the whole presser was a joke…..’they called the vet groups and nobody told them how much they got, etc.”


  57. Kid says:

    The media Pounds on the non-democrat. It’s that simple. They pound on the non-democrat. They’re idiots. The media people et al donate 95% ++ of all their politicial donations to democrats. How much more ignorant can a person get. They’re fully invested in suicide by democrat.


  58. John M. Berger says:


    “suicide by democrat”
    Sad but true and those morons have no clue.


  59. Kid says:

    JMB. None at all sir.

    Then, is there a flattering picture of Trump to be found on the internet? Is there an unflattering picture of clinton on the internet? They pull out all the stops.


  60. Mal says:

    John, you and Kid have a point about some of the students praising, while others (losers) complain about Trump U. You can graduate with a diploma from any institution in the world but it won’t guarantee you being a success. That is up to each individual, and those that carp and want their money back are probably the losers, plain and simple. Now, all The Donald has to do is
    to prove that point.


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