This says a lot….does this really work? I think so…

new way of life

SO……….can we change THIS around?   How?   YIKES.


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9 Responses to This says a lot….does this really work? I think so…

  1. Snopes analyzed this article last year. It has been posted widely & appears to be a hypothetical listing of all the various benefits available – if the stars aligned & this couple managed to jump through all the hoops required. The amounts listed for Pell grants & food stamps are overstated.

    Having said all that, there are far too many people working the system. The remedy is a thriving economy with an abundance of good paying job opportunities. Hopefully we’re about to get rolling again. I think we’re all fed up with socialism.


  2. Kid says:

    How? Not possible.


  3. Sparky says:

    I think the genie is out of the bottle on this one. Or maybe, more apropos is it’s a Pandora’s Box. I feel great sadness to know this is true except the part where it’s half. I think they said it’s now more than half of the population are living this way. And we can ‘thank’ Lyndon Bird Johnson, and all in Congress who went along with The Great Society, the voters of the current PotUS DingleBarry and other political scum bags, for this new way of life.
    Sorry to be sour. I just can’t see anyway out of it except those of us who pay taxes MUST SHRUG. Stop buying anything new. Buy used or trade. Break the monster’s back by keeping all your money. Starve it (the government) to death.


  4. bocopro says:

    Paraphrasing slightly some obscure, dusty old remarks from one of those revolutionary, mouldy old documents penned by rich white men wearing powdered wigs and writing with quill pens, when the gubmint loses sight of the purpose designed for it by its founders and becomes counterproductive to the goals for which the original setup was ratified, the peeps need to do whatever is necessary to either fix it or deep-six it.

    And THAT’s why, ladeez an’ gennamuns, a gummint cannot be allowed to have weaponry which the people cannot match when the time comes for Revolution Deux.

    Viva El Segundo (whichever one you prefer).


  5. geeez2014 says:

    FW, never trust Snopes….they’re a leftwing couple from here in L A and even when a situation is absolutely wrong but goes against leftwing ideology or what they want AMericans to realize, they’ll put “MIXED!” Cracks me up.
    Having said that, every single point might not be valid, but it’s posted here to show just what so many people ARE doing…it’s astonishing. One can get a LOT of money for NOTHING.
    What hurts me for America is these users have NO SHAME…No AMERICAN SPIRIT which wouldn’t have allowed them to take such advantage.


  6. Mal says:

    Hypothetical perhaps, but still a viable possibility. Hey! If they’re smart enough to work the system, more power to ’em! We are being ripped off in so many ways, it makes me dizzy. I’d rather see these two AMERICANS get the benefit than some Muslims half way around the world by our so-called President. They are using Trump-style tactics…..use someone else’s money!



  7. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, remember when our ancestors came in the very early 1900’s and wouldn’t take any help from this country because of sheer pride and resilience? I don’t know your story like I know my own, but it’s got to be rather close!? I think your family was here earlier..?


  8. Imp says:

    This too is indicative of just how sick we really are….a cancer is upon the nation…and the cure? More Cancer?

    Nearly three out of four Democratic voters think that Hillary Clinton should continue to run for president even if she is indicted, according to a recent Rasmussen poll.

    Even more astounding is that 100 percent of Democratic elected officials refuse to even mentions the topic. Not one – not even one – has raised the question of whether it is appropriate for a presidential candidate who is undergoing a major FBI criminal investigation, who is accused of breaking the rules of a major cabinet office, and who blatantly and publicly lied about it, to continue as the probably Democratic nominee.

    Interestingly, the same percentage of Congressional Democrats – 100 percent – support sentencing reform legislation that would release thousands of violent offenders from prison.


  9. Mal says:

    Yes, Z, but folks were a lot different 100 years ago. Words like pride, respect and honor were commonplace not only for immigrants but all Americans at that time, and continued up till the 1960’s, when the “me” generation came into being along with the hippie movement, draft dodging and burning of draft cards, moving to Canada, etc. and things progressively got worse. Yes, my father came here via Ellis Island in 1915 with his father. His mother, 3 younger brothers and 2 year old sister were all massacred by Radical Muslim Turks. My mom, however, was born in Providence, R.I. to immigrants from Armenia.


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