Dahli Lama; DID YOU HEAR THIS???

The DAHLI LAMA is saying THIS?   Are you KIDDING ME?

ANYTHING the Dahli Lama says is lionized by the American media…Jesus is noninclusive, horrible and shouldn’t be forced on anyone, but OH, THE DAHLI LAMA is LOVED by the media, right?

But not on an issue the leftwing media doesn’t like!  The Dahli Lama apparently isn’t allowed to say Europe’s taking too many refugees to remain Europe!   About the only site which carried this is some blog called the ‘whitegenocideproject’ which I found when I googled this subject after having heard a very worthwhile interview of Trump by Michael Savage on Adrienne’s excellent blog.

So typical.  Please do read the link above;  yes, it’s depressing that our media’s SO dishonest it’s not publicizing this but it IS nice to hear the truth from someone we wouldn’t expect it from.


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27 Responses to Dahli Lama; DID YOU HEAR THIS???

  1. Anything not decidedly Islamphilic will not be covered by the Orwellian media.

    Control the message, control the people.


  2. From the latest issue of Time Magazine (copied and pasted in full because the following requires a subscription, which I have):

    How Islam Is Different from Other Religions by Shadi Hamdi

    We want to believe we’re all basically the same and want the same things, but what if we’re not?

    Islam, in both theory and practice, is exceptional in how it relates to politics. Because of its outsize role in law and governance, Islam has been–and will continue to be–resistant to secularization.

    I am a bit uncomfortable making this claim, especially now, with anti-Muslim bigotry on the rise. But Islamic exceptionalism is neither good nor bad. It just is, and we need to understand and respect that.

    Two factors are worth emphasizing: First, the founding moment of Islam looms large. Unlike Jesus Christ, the Prophet Muhammad was a theologian, a preacher, a warrior and a politician, all at once. He was also the leader and builder of a new state, capturing, holding and governing new territory. Religious and political functions, at least for the believer, were no accident. They were meant to be intertwined in the leadership of one man.

    Second, for Muslims the Quran is God’s direct and literal speech, more than merely the word of God. It is difficult to overstate the centrality of divine authorship. This does not mean Muslims are literalists; most are not. But it does mean the text cannot easily be dismissed as irrelevant.

    What does this mean for everyone else? Western observers will need to do something uncomfortable and difficult. They will need to accept Islam’s vital and varied role in politics and formulate policies with that in mind, rather than hope for secularizing outcomes that are unlikely anytime soon, if ever.

    Hamid, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, is the author of Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islam Is Reshaping the World

    This appears in the June 13, 2016 issue of TIME.


  3. As for the interview, two huge egos, so much fluff so little content.
    I hope it got better after the second half but I couldn’t bear to listen to anymore.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, this is an important point most Americans just won’t understand “This does not mean Muslims are literalists; most are not” I won’t argue the importance of that because I don’t believe most Americans believe it. Thanks.

    Oh, Ed…I got a lot from the interview but that’s not what I wanted to focus on. I think it’s so important to see how the media will keep from Americans anybody who doesn’t agree with them, anybody (even the Dahli Lama whom they usually LIONIZE) who tells a truth they disdain.


  5. Mal says:

    I believe one of the key lines was when someone had said they like Trump but not his gruffness, and the response was “look what being nice has gotten us.” That should be the key message for this election and possibly justify his BEING gruff. Its like not caring you have to stare at the “plumbers crack” because he will repair the leak. So long as we feel Trump is the best chance to save our country, we can put up with his ego. Unfortunately, it comes as a package deal, but we brought it on ourselves by continually electing self-serving wimps and this was needed to get our attention.


  6. FB says:

    People don’t understand Islam is a political and legal system as well. One that is in total opposition of our Western democracies. I’m sick of the leftist being so ignorant about it.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    FB…Wouldn’t you think Americans would realize that Islam’s political/legal system is NOT conducive to ours and do all they could do STOP IT? But they don’t. Even Muslims (and I don’t care to argue this anymore, so please know I know this is a minority viewpoint) who love this country and speak out against radical islam don’t speak out loudly enough. I, alone, have personally heard two muslims speak on the subject of how dangerous radical islam is and how these two muslims want nothing else but to live here in OUR system….but we don’t hear much more about it. And we’re not fighting.

    And THAT is why I posted this. ANYTHING consequential that the Dahli Lama says is ALWAYS big news because it’s usually PRO LEFTWING IDEALS….but THIS, warning about taking in refugees, was COMPLETELY IGNORED.
    I’m fighting, at least, hoping people see this and somehow react….write to the newspapers? I don’t know.

    Look how few comments on this post…I think it’s because people don’t care about the Dahli Lama anymore than we do, BUT the point was THE MEDIA’S IGNORING IT when they LIONIZE all he says that suits THEM

    Mal….I’m not sure we CAN survive Trump’s ego, and I mean ‘survive” quite literally…I hate to see what he might do to a N. Korea or Russia or even some small country which dared insult him. And our presidents DO get insulted.


  8. Sparky says:

    Europe has gone insane. They are wiling participants in their own ethnic cleansing. It’s so sad.


  9. Imp says:

    “and how these two muslims want nothing else but to live here in OUR system….”

    Then they’re apostates and subject to death in Islam too.


  10. FB says:

    Very a propos


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, they’ve been speaking on the lecture circuit for at least 10 years….alive.

    I’m going to have to stay off the subject of Islam here, sadly.

    I can’t believe anyone on this planet truly feels that every Muslim, even born here, wants America changed and all non believers dead.


  12. Kid says:

    Z, I’m going to take one more shot at explaining where we are coming from. It jsut seems you don’t understand our concerns. Anyone feel free to be excluded from my line of thinking.

    islam’s middle name is deceit. Do you think I believe there are moslems all over the place telling “islam is a beautiful religion” and that they are totally against radical islam? Absolutely. And they could very well be supported by the radicals. Lying to the infidels is one of their core strategies. These are facts but it’s up to you to guage how that fits into your analysis.

    Further to this there is no denying the following.

    So, 19 moslems living here that raise no visible flags and kill 3000 people in NYC 9-11-2001.

    A young man who was described as a very nice hard working man and his wife known to be a party girl one day decide to put their real faces on and go kill 20 people at his place of work, (which had a no gun policy to keep those poor people from defending themselves, but that’s another matter) in San Bernardino, after having a baby 6 months prior and where most of the people at the site of this massacre gave them a baby shower and associated gifts and suspected nothing. They were around him every working day.

    Based on this alone, tell me who of them I’m supposed to trust and why or how. Because I don’t have a clue how to.

    Furthermore, they say only 10% are radical. That’s 110 million people. No where near that many people on all sides were killed or died in WWI and WWII combined. Add in a bunch more wars.

    Further to that, their main streategy is not to kill us. It is to breed us out at the ballot boxes, and when they do the powerful among them will instill sharia law. We’ve got 4 on the supreme court now who totally disregard the Constitution in favor of their political views. Imagine a 5 moslem to 4 other SC.

    That some of them are peaceful if they are is irrelevant and I don’t care at all. Too bad for them becuase they will suffer the same fate.

    None of that is acceptable. On this basis I want them all gone.

    What happens in the UK when the whole parliament is moslem ? This was 2010.


  13. FB says:

    I met a French guy who worked in Iraq and he was told by a Muslim the European welfare state was a way for them to take over Europe. People are just deluded. Like Kid says, the minorities is a huge number. And they are more radical than they were 30 years ago in the Western world. Should they take over parliaments and power they have the nukes too. A scary thought.


  14. Kid says:

    FB, I believe what is happening now was planned out by or at least in the osamma bin laden days. In a nutshell: Major attack on America ((-11), America responds and destabilizes the ME, IS is created. The ME heads off (asylum seekers, migrants, translated to Invaders) into the rest of the world like a vase full of cockroaches hitting the floor and busting open. Voila.

    Worldwide Caliphate.

    I see obama urging the EU to take every single one of the ‘migrants’. just the other day


  15. Kid says:

    PS, meaning obama and clinton (and pals) have been majorly complicit in all of this. What do they care, they have the best in personal security and are making unbelievable amounts of money off of it all.


  16. FB says:

    We have people in power that are either stupid or they know and it’s part of a greater plot. Maybe I’m crazy. Return to serfdom using another religion.


  17. Kid says:

    FB, Not stupid. Personal enrichment.

    In the case of the EU countries, I can waffle on the stupid part.


  18. FB says:

    When I see how Sarkozy love people from Qatar, I think it’s enrichment as well.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I just deleted the long comment I made in response to you. There’s no point. Just know there is NOTHING you wrote in your comment I’m not very well acquainted with…zip.
    I want them gone, too….and my heart bleeds for those of muslim 3 generation-back families who want neither to out populate us or kill us. That’s all.
    I am also about the first blogger, 10 years ago, who asked at least three times a week “where are the muslims who should be marching in crowds against radical islam?”
    Ya, there’s nothing I don’t know….and I still feel slightly different.



  20. Kid says:

    Z, “Let me just say one more time there is no way every person of Muslim extraction wants you dead”.

    As I said, I don’t care. You seem to take optimistic license in the fact that there may be some there who will never pick up a weapon against us. Ok, I don’t care. It’s irrelevant. I get nothing from that. If anything it is a negative. It alows them to live among me, and that someday one of those ‘nice’ moslems will decide to put his other mask on and now I have to defend myself. Or avoid being blown to bits by a person in a burka in Sam’s club with a suicide belt.

    I don’t care about any person who calls themself islam who is purely peaceful. They chose their path. It is their problem. If Christians were out blowing themselves up in the midst of crowds of people, I would not call myself a Christian or be a Christian. That part is very simple to me.

    I can’t imagine what else I’d say about it.

    Peace be with you.


  21. Kid says:

    Z, just saw your last comment. Ok. That’s fine, I’m only putting down what I feel. Each of us has the right to do that.
    Here’s an abstract. – We are all the same person on various issues, just at different points in time. Maybe I adopt your view, maybe you mine as time goes on. Who knows. It is a fluid situation that frankly none of us have any control over, Again, Peace be with you – and all of the rest of you too.


  22. Kid says:

    FB, Sarkozy yes, and even more so Chirac. Totally in it for it.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it sounds like you think I’m forbidding you to voice your opinion.All I’ve ever said on islam is that ALL MUSLIMS AREN’T VIOLENT OR ANTI AMERICAN. That’s just truth..
    That’s okay, too, on my end, right?

    Of course we’re peaceful here at my blog….
    Don’t adopt my view… And I don’t have to adopt yours because I agree with most of what you said. And I’d have thought that’s perfectly clear from most of what I post on re islam.
    The problem is it seems I’m more realistic than a lot of conservatives because as much as we’d like to have never heard the word ISLAM, I know they’re never going away. So I know we have to work hard and do all we can, ALL we can, to stop the swine from coming here.


  24. Kid says:

    Z, Ok, so how do we stop the swine from coming here, and moreso, how do we identify the swine that are already here ? There is no method to do so.

    Again, I have to just continue to harp on my point. The idea that there are ‘peaceful moslems’ that we can accept here in great numbers is actually a negative. You can’t weed them out,,and it’s clear that a few who get here can do great damage. Killing one person – one American is great damage by my definiton. And again, even if None of them kill anyone, when they get to critical mass, they will all be obiedient voters as instructed by their mosques and vote in the people who will transform America and rob it of it’s culture by replacing it with sharia. SO we lose to the peaceful moslems.


  25. As one who witnessed my “moderate” Muslim neighbor move into “radicalization,” I’m very cynical about peaceful Muslims. I thought that my neighbor Marwan was one — until that day came, the day when he was no longer moderate. Looking back, I observe that his embracing of fundamental Islam occurred shortly after the birth of his son (third child); after the birth of that child, Marwan starting attending the Dar al-Hijrah mosque.

    Oh, Marwan is not carrying a bomb (as far as I know). But he is a UAE sheikh and actively funding jihad (as far as I can tell from his Facebook page. Never mind that Marwan was born here in the United States and lived here at least part of the year until July, 2001. He has an American wife, who moved with him to the UAE.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, and do you see, realistically, our country telling every Muslim to leave? Just curious.
    Thanks for that example. How do you see a mass exodus?


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