Hillary Speech Friday and TRUMP’s

I guess none of us can be too surprised that Hillary’s speaking to Planned Parenthood as I type and has very carefully and deliberately suggested it’s “what zip code” you live in which gives you your rights (rights meaning “freebies” these days) or doesn’t.

Translation:  the poor and minorities aren’t as taken care of as other demographic areas.  (wrong…because upper middle class, probably Whiter communities, don’t rely on PP as much as poor areas, do they).

SO, today she was all about doubling down of the Obama race baiting used through his administration (Beer Summit, etc., Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.)

And Trump gave her ammunition as she quotes his having called women pigs and dogs…fair criticism, I have to admit.

Unfair and a lie, I believe, is that Trump wants to shut down Planned Parenthood altogether.  I have never heard that.

“Trump likes to say I’m dealing the women’s card….if he thinks what I’m saying today is dealing the women’s card, DEAL ME IN!”  (HUGE applause and cheering, of course!)   (Z; she got cleverly around that problem, didn’t she)

She continued….(I paraphrase)  ‘Trump echoes other leaders (inferring the Republican party)  who have another view of women… the late great Maya Angelou said ‘when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time’!.…She mentioned his mocking the reporter with disabilities ( which was HORRID, of course, she’s right) and saying a judge can’t do his job because he’s of Mexican heritage ( also too upsetting to too many people, unless you don’t want the Hispanic vote, of course)…

“Together we are taking on the attacks, and together we’re going to unify our country, stop Donald Trump, and break down all the barriers because we’re stronger when every family knows they’re not alone….and we’re going to make history together in November”

The cheers went on f o r e v e r.  Of course, that IS a biased bunch at this Planned Parenthood event but the way Hillary’s attacking Trump on what he actually HAS SAID is pretty darned powerful…And will probably win her the election….Unless he can tone it down, NEVER EVER stopping making his points, but TONE DOWN THE CHILDISH THIN SKINNED INSULTS.

He needs to be JUST AS TOUGH on the judge, or JUST AS TOUGH on anybody, but DO not use the ridiculous, ugly, nasty words and names he uses…it’s giving Hillary such great ammunition. …..and then……..

Hillary WILL WIN.

I can’t tell you how many Republicans I know are saying they simply can’t vote for a man with a mouth like that;  they agree with much of what he says but it’s not in them to cast a vote for this awful name calling, thin skinned repulsive mouth….that speaks very badly for the election.

Oh, gad…Now FOX is covering a speech of Trump to a faith-based group at this moment, who just said “I happen to be a Presbyterian..” The man of such strong faith that he says ‘TWO’ Corinthians (hilarious…someone shoved a paper in front of him and said ‘tell them that’s your fave verse’ without warning him it’s ‘second’ Corinthians!) .  He’s really got the Evangelicals blinded…it’s astonishing.

Trump got this right: “We want to uphold and sanctify the dignity of life”…right after Hillary’s “kill while they’re in the womb”  PP speech….He continued “The happiest people are those with THAT GREAT RELIGIOUS FEEL” (what the…?)”  “Hillary can’t even say RADICAL ISLAM, that in itself should keep her from being President”   I agree with that.  His speech was on Teleprompter so it stayed more dignified than his usual blustering but, at the end, he talked about protecting the Christian way in America and I believe ANY advisor might have suggested he would have better said “protect the Judeo Christian values of this country.”   Much more inclusive, much more true. Unless you want to lose the few Jewish Republicans there are, anyway?

WHEN will everyone realize that it’s only the terms Trump uses which are turning so many voters away from him?  WHEN?   Why can’t people realize that nobody doesn’t want him to be HIS TOUGH SELF…just be very TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH without talking about blood coming out of Megyn Kelly, or so many other really horrific terms he’s used?  WHEN??   We actually could win …………  I myself think that matters!

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25 Responses to Hillary Speech Friday and TRUMP’s

  1. Mal says:

    He has announced he will be giving a speech this coming Monday evening. I’m thinking he plans on naming people he proposes to have on board if elected, including perhaps a VP. But you’re right, of course, Z. He certainly has given her plenty of ammo to use against him. It has really put Paul Ryan in a difficult situation, too. All this has continued to roll off his back by saying he is not a politician, but this excuse can eventually get stale and lose his supporters.


  2. Unfair and a lie, I believe, is that Trump wants to shut down Planned Parenthood altogether. I have never heard that.

    I’ve never heard him say that, either — although I must say that I haven’t heard many of his speeches. I have heard him say defund the abortion branch of Planned Parenthood.

    Now, about Trump’s mouth….Yes, he is crude and sometimes worse than crude. But that crassness and crudeness would not do as much damage to the foundations of our republic as a Hillary administration would certainly do.

    I don’t like his reference to THAT GREAT RELIGIOUS FEEL. But when I go to the polls, I’m not choosing a pastor or a faith-based counselor. I’m choosing a political leader. The two do not equate — although I often wish that they did.

    Furthermore, in the past few decades, crudeness and crassness are characteristic of our popular culture. Long gone are the days of the elegance of the Reagans!

    Bottom line for me….Progressives dress up their subversion is pretty platitudes and rhinestones. But their ideology is rotten to the core — and will continue to keep us on the road to serfdom. I don’t see that Trump would do that.


  3. Ain’t this charming?

    Obama Endorses Hillary, Immediately Meets With Attorney General Loretta Lynch

    The Banana Republic of the United States!

    If Hillary is elected POTUS, Obama will still be a major influence on our governance. Disbelieve that at your own peril.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    AOW….Uhoh! You’re not saying you think any criticism of Trump is a vote for Hillary from me, right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in that implication if you are saying that!!

    I think it’s about 10 years now that I’ve said “I’d vote for a ham sandwich against Hillary” and I meant it. Funny, it just dawned on me, we are certainly voting for a HAM if we vote for Trump. I guess I was prophetic!
    Yes, Trump has been against (lately) the abortion part of PP… that’s all I’ve heard. Many Cons have been upset he doesn’t want to close them down altogether so I think we’re right on that.

    I know crudeness and crassness are characteristic of our culture; but other politicians still don’t do it…it’s WHAT they say, not how they say it, which should get attention. There are very elegant and excellent ways of SLAMMING HILLARY! And he’d KEEP CONS. VOTERS! I’m SO upset at my friends who are strong Cons but saying they couldn’t ever vote for this personality…I heard yesterday one of my friends said her kids are voting Hillary although they’re supposed Republicans, too…They re registered! It’s disheartening. All Trump had to do is say what he says with some decorum; TOUGH AS HELL but not talking about blood coming out of women, for example…

    Loretta Lynch…choice for VP?

    Mal…he’s going down in the polls…and I have so many strong Cons. friends who’d never vote for a Dem but they voted for Cruz in the primaries…and “will NEVER vote for Trump….he’s hateful, he’s crass,”

    And the thin skinned-ness is positively dangerous for this position.
    Elizabeth Warren is harping on the THIN SKINNED thing and that is wise….it makes people wonder about his personality ….not a good thing for Trump.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    AOW! Oh GAD! I somehow read that HILLARY was meeting with LYnch!

    Oh, yes….this is QUITE something a CLOSED MTG TO THE PRESS with Lynch….after having endorsed the monster. “Let’s make sure the monster’s let go….do all you can, I don’t care WHAT….don’t let her get indicted.”

    We can BET on that….how hideous these people are. And where’s the mainstream press on this? (smile)


  6. geeez2014 says:


    I believe this is probably true….then what? It just makes sense.
    Although a downright lie in this piece suggests he hasn’t been out doing what he has to …and I’d say that man’s been pretty darned busy campaigning…..not as suggested here.
    That’s the only thing I think is 100% wrong.


  7. Z,
    You’re not saying you think any criticism of Trump is a vote for Hillary from me, right?

    Absolutely, I don’t think that criticizing Trump means that you would vote for Hillary! I criticize Trump, too.


  8. Mal says:

    Bottom line is this fact; The negatives on Trump are mostly all verbal. Things he has SAID, while the negatives on Hillary are all things she has DONE, including murder (Benghazi), traitor (unsecured email server, and selling out our country via the Clinton “Foundation”). We could go on, but you get the idea. We don’t know for sure how Trump would fare as our POTUS. At least he is SAYING what the people want to hear, and he might just do it and become one of the best in American history. On the other hand, we already have seen what the H has done and it ain’t pretty, folks! Given these two options, its an easy choice.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Thanks, AOW!

    Mal, you have a point there, but Trump is more troubling than that…he hasn’t a record of listening to experts, according to friends and business associates….he speaks without knowing enough, etc etc. I also don’t believe ANYBODY can talk on all the subjects without having been trained on them and I’m hoping he spends less time blustering and more time LEARNING!!


  10. Trump is 70 yrs old and a success (it seems).
    He has gotten where he is by being who he his.
    He has no motivation to change.
    The local radio station is such a rabid Trumpite, he brooks no comments on his FB critical of Trump and erases them. I have unfriended him. I know his wife. I feel sorry for her.
    Today, he booted the Hugh Hewitt Show off of his station because Hewitt was critical of Trump.
    Hewitt has said unequivocally that he will vote for Trump.
    This is the kind of mentality that Trump himself has.
    No criticism.
    Why would he listen to anyone suggesting he turns the plane away from the mountain?
    And he’s taking the rest of us with him.


  11. Should have read radio station owner.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    There’s a personality which likes Trump very much. I am avoiding comments on that.

    Thanks for the input, Ed….something very odd about this whole thing.


  13. Imp says:

    “Trump’s rebellion is not only against the Republican elite but against the establishment’s claim to define what is right and wrong, true and false, acceptable and unacceptable, in this republic.
    He is declaring: “I reject your moral authority. You have no right to sit in judgment of me. I will defy any moral sanction you impose, and get away with it. And my people will stand by me.”

    The nationalist resistance to the invasion across our Southern border and the will to preserve the unique character of America are surging, and they have their counterparts all across Europe. People sense that the fate and future of the West are in the balance.
    While Trump defies political correctness here, in Europe one can scarcely keep track of the anti-EU and anti-immigrant nationalist and separatist parties sprouting up from the Atlantic to the Urals.”


  14. Kid says:

    Well, in balance, realize the democrats had and have ignored obama’s cocain dealing days, his photshopped birth cirtificate, his Conneticu SS # belonging to a dead person, his total lack of release of anything related to his college years, his book even tells us, his last 2 years of high school were a durg and alcohol induced haze.

    If democrats can ignore all that – And much more – we can surely ignore Trump calling out pigs and dogs like rosie odonnel. I sure can. I don’t even care about his plumbers crack showing. While I find some of it distasteful, I’m too fond of his hate for the life destroying PC and multiculturalism acceptance to care about the rest.

    This is really about whether America is still America. Does the majority accept you as a Mexican coming here, waving the Mexican flag, refusing to learn America’s culture and language while demanding we pay all your expenses? Does the majority accept you as a moslem who might be ISIS and no one in government can even tell us yea or nay, and we more often than not pay all your expenses too?

    This November will tell us whether this country is still America or not, and Trump has laid down the card. Believe me, No sweet talking, trying to please everyone repubblekin would stand a chance of a snowball in hell. That’s just the way it is. I know it’s disturbing for many but it is where we are at.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    You both have a lot of confidence in Trump….
    I’m not sure anybody’s ever believed ANY candidate will please all the people in any party, Kid, are you? Imp…that’s the problem…most of us aren’t “his” people. I shudder.

    I don’t believe for a second Trump will improve things, go against the grain of this society today, but he’s sure promising to. I’m excited about hearing HOW.

    Particularly eager to hear how he’ll make MX pay for the wall, create great jobs, bring companies back, keep muslims in check…

    By the way, I was watched five minutes of the Ali muslim funeral this morning…Turned it off when the chanting began by some Imam…. and couldn’t help emailing a friend who knew him this:

    “Mohammed Ali missed the biggest chance ever to pull Muslims together against jihadists in this country and remind Americans that it’s ridiculous to think all Muslims want America ruined …he got the Iranian born American journalists out of Iran by writing a letter so don’t tell me how ill he was and he just couldn’t manage anything…he had HUGE pull and HUGE adoration by the public….he blew it BIG TIME on probably the most important thing he could have done.:”

    And I believe that 100%.


  16. Imp says:

    We, Like George Custer are facing our very last stand. Will we survive? Not under a warmed over Obama – Clinton / Warren hostile takeover.

    Asia for Asians
    Africa for Africans
    Western nations for everyone. Why?

    Dear multiculti lovers: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Multiculturalism is biological terrorism.

    Want to know who rules over you? Find out who you can’t criticize!


  17. Kid says:

    Z, “I’m not sure anybody’s ever believed ANY candidate will please all the people in any party, Kid, are you? Imp…that’s the problem…most of us aren’t “his” people. I shudder.”

    Good God no. Wil he (fill in the blank)? Damn if I kinow. I’m just verbalizing what his appeal is.

    We are not in the age of elections where we believe anyone will do anyhing. We don’t get to vote for someone ‘good’ anymore. That’s long gone. All I’m saying is if a majority of people/voters can get past all of those things that make you shudder, then it is an indication that they still want the America as the country we define it as. This has Nothing to do with whether Trump will actaully make any of it happen. But it is step one.

    On the other hand, if the majority votes for PC, Multi-culturalism, Need to have a female in the white house over all else like they had to have a ‘black man’ then America is gone. It will never come back. That will be the new reality.


  18. Kid says:

    Put another way – Focusing on what Trump or Clinton say they will or won’t do is an exercise in futility and completely out of focus.

    A vote for hilrod means a vote for PC, Multi-culturalism, Libtard Supreme Court, Elevation of a mobster, acceptance of her husband destroying America’s economy by sending all the jhobbs to China and Meixico (while most seem to think bubba clinton was “good” for the economy), the decimation of the military, the decimation of the Intelligence communities….. I could go on to write a novel here about how bad the clintons were for American

    A vote for Trump is a vote for “something else”.

    If the country votes for clinton, then we have our answer. If they vote for Trump, then at least we know they reject the evil. Will Trump go on, if elected to do good things for America? Who Knows ! Certainly not me. But it will at least illustrate that “America” is not yet willing to roll over and die for the vermin on all sides of these issues. That’s be a start. Like at least pulling the throttle back to idle on this 20 trillion ton freighter, hopefully to actually turn the rudder to starboad at some point in the near future.


  19. “Something else” is right.


  20. geeez2014 says:



    I’m totally on that. Maybe, believe it or not, I just plain forget HOW very bad things are in AMerica today and keep hoping for some Knight in SHining Armor to come out from all the really wonderful men or women we all know in this country.
    You can stop laughing now 🙂
    Yours Sincerely, Pollyana

    And I STILL hate Trump. Less than Hillary…which is a start. Right?!!


  21. Kid says:

    Z, I will be your knight in shining armor next election. Mustang is grooming me. I’m confident he can get me into election shape by 2018. He says he can. Apparently I need some new golf clubs though. I wonder if folks can help me with the cost…


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Listening to Trump’s son (not sure which one but I think it’s Eric) on TV as I type (Friday night)….if only Trump could sound like him.


  23. cube says:

    I like the idea that Trump is giving the MSM a deserved kick in the butt. Can we pleae bring up that the Indiana-born judge isn’t being called out about being of Mexican heritage, but that he’s a member of La Raza. [Look it up]. Given that membership, anyone that might infer that he might be a little biased regarding Trump is like concluding that a judge with KKK membership might be a little biased against a black person. The MSM isn’t giving the complete story so it’s up to us to ferret out the truth.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    cube, I used the Klan comparison just the other day; you’re right.
    There are still better ways of saying it than Trump did if he wanted to make this point….he just never gets anything to the point that people actually consider his point because he delivers it so wrong; sort of like Ann Coulter. the MSM gets mired in the presentation and it’s then very easy for them to obfuscate to most of America….’hide the point, emphasize the way it was delivered”. stupid, but HIGHLY effective…

    he’s actually NOT a member of La Raza (or at least that’s not been reported), he’s a member of the La Raza Lawyers Association, which supposedly doesn’t have connections to the violent La Raza. That’s the Left’s point, and they’re probably right. MY point is “really? then don’t name it anything to do with LA RAZA…we don’t do race baiting in this country…or at least we shouldn’t”


  25. Kid says:

    I say La Raza, You say La Raaza..

    Well, I don’t know Z, and I don’t even think I could find out with any certainty, but this whole La Raza thing with this obama appointed judge, reaminds me very much about how bubba clinton always told the story that Robert Byrd had to be a Klan higher up in order to get elected and do “good” for the blacks bla bla bla friggin bla. What a lod of… Losers and evil doers Always have a story/excuse.

    And yes, why use the same name…


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