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  1. bocopro says:

    I usedta teach writing . . . all types . . . including technical and creative. Learned very early not to give young people complete freedom of choice over topic, treatment, diction, length, and so on. Gotta give ’em some structure, some limits, some guidance.

    Surprisingly, the APs and the IBs were the worst in terms of self-discipline, grammar, and clarity. Couldn’t fault their creativity, but they seemed to expect me to read their minds, not their words. One young lady’s treatment of Sophocles inspired me to update Byron’s “She Walks In Beauty”:

    ByRonic Irony Ron Metzger
    She writes in drivel, like a blight
    Of childish thoughts and silly dreams;
    And all that’s worst in black and white
    Meet in her essays and her themes;
    Thus rambling to that oversight
    Which logic at the grammar screams.

    One word the more, one draft the less
    Had half revised the senseless flaws
    Which shows in every mindless mess,
    Or grimly mangles sentence laws,
    Where errors blithely clear undress
    Half-baked ideas, en gran faux pas.

    And on that mind, and o’er that brain,
    So vacant, empty, negligent,
    The grins that beckon, eyes that strain,
    But tell of nights in mischief spent,
    A source of English language pain,
    A teacher’s disillusionment.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    I enjoyed that so much, I took a selfie of me and the poem screenshot.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Well, y’all…just lookie here:

    bocopro, well done and fun to read! Some great lines in there, truly.
    I have to admit at our school the AP kids are pretty great writers………they have BAD Senioritis at the end of the year, but they CAN write…we have astonishing, dedicated English teachers…
    But I know for certain they have the same frustration you do with some students!


  4. cube says:

    bocopro: I’ll make my comment short… loved it.


  5. Bocopro,
    I just shared that with some of my students!


  6. bocopro says:

    Merci, mes amis.

    Gotta say, teachin dual-enrollment English to AP-level students was about as much fun as one can have, legally, with his clothes on.

    When you go into that classroom in the high-school environment, a well-developed group personality already exists. The kids are bright, eager, skilled, and confident they are on the track to success. They don’t let you get away with half truths or tricks; you gotta come to each class prepared for more than the time allotted, and you gotta be able to say honestly, “I don’t know” when that’s the situation.

    But . . . the energy is there, ready to be tapped, focused, directed, and all that’s necessary is to go with the flow and recognize those precious “teachable moments.” Not the same in a college comp classroom: the kids are basically strangers to each other and the energy is often negative since they don’t see ENC 1101 as much more than some kind of odious impediment to their working on their social skills (read: Party Hearty) or degree-completion plans.

    Then by the time they get to know each other and the nebulous energy coalesces, the semester is over and they’re gone. With dual-enrollment, you got the same kids for the follow-on semester, in the same classroom.

    Loved it. Especially when those faces lit up with that flash of recognition at a fundamental absorbed or a general truth revealed. Trick is to allow them to make the discoveries themselves, not demonstrate how smart YOU are. Makes all the bad times bearable.

    In a way, I regretted accepting the faculty position at the university, which took me out of the dual-enrollment milieux. ‘Course the money WAS much better, as were the hours, AND the retirement, so . . . . . .


  7. Mal says:

    Bocopro, the subject of your poem coulda been ’bout me at dat time! ;o) Loved it, though.
    Today, I read a letter to the editor in our liberal paper from someone who still supports Obama and the entire party. One would believe that at this point even THEY would remain silent, but no, they continue to twist and say half-truths to justify their failing belief in this administration. I mean, what the heck is it going to take to wake them all up?

    And that concludes my two cents worth of “subject” for today.


  8. Bob says:

    Right now, at this very moment, I am watching our dear leader President Barack Obama brag on how he has been defeating ISIL (ISIS). We have heard it all before, and the results he claims are not real. ISIS isn’t bringing Islam to the world, he says.

    My question is exactly what is ISIS’ motivation, and what is this fundamental Islamic movement doing other than bringing Islam to the world, almost exactly the way Mohammed propagated Islam? It was at the point of the sword that millions were converted to Islam, and that’s the proposition ISIS offers the world no.

    Obama says that we have to keep weapons out of the hands of the terrorists. However, his vacuous thoughts on this subject include taking weapons from legal citizens.

    He moans that some say that he cannot use the words, Radical Islam. He says this is pure politics. He says he knows who we are fighting. He still hasn’t used the words, Racical Islamic terrorism.

    I can’t say more. I will turn the TV off because I have not equipped our den furniture with barf bags.



  9. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, AOW and I will confirm this “come to each class with more than the time allotted, and you gotta be able to say honestly, “I don’t know” when that’s the situation.” Absolutely!

    Bob….he is defeating ISIS? Sort of like he’s fixed the jobs situation, right?


  10. Silverlady says:

    To see what ‘moderate’ Muzzies really think just look at their Tweeties in Arabic shown on BNI
    ( yesterday, with translations from the Arabic. Kinda goes along with all their YUUUGE protest demonstrations against their terrorist brethren. Also, the killings of 2 French cops & the wife of one of them was on BNI yesterday before it made the news today. Thank you, Bonni, for an important service covering these dangerous threats & attacks. You might just say that ‘moderate Muslim’ is an oxymoron. Sharia, which is what they want to impose on this country, is as rigid as it gets. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    So, what are ‘moderate’ Muslims saying in Arabic about the Orlando massacre which the media will never show you?

    Thanks to the good work of Twitter user @ahmedaa1k, you are able to see what was being said in Arabic by many Muslims in response to the Orlando shooting. Please keep in mind, Ahmed is the individual translating these tweets, not the individual making these abhorrent comments.

    h/t GodlessSpell


  11. Silverlady says:

    Some Dems Walk Out During Moment Of Silence For…

    Some Dems Walk Out During Moment Of Silence For … Where’s the bill?” after Speaker Paul Ryan led a moment of silence to honor the … Calls On Obama To Resign …


  12. geeez2014 says:

    what will happen quite soon now is some gays will say they’d had sex with the killer….it’s now said he frequented gay clubs for 3 years, that wasn’t only surveillance, that’s for sure. Already, some are coming forward saying they had texts with him for the last year….and he was on some gay websites/apps. You can’t kill people there, so this wasn’t only about murdering anybody.

    Then Obama can say “See? I told all you Republican Christian idiots that this isn’t about ISLAM!” wait for it.

    Of course it’s about Islam….if all this is true, and it’s not just rumor at this point, he may have killed in hate for his own male oriented leanings…shame, humiliation because of what the koran tells him


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Silverlady…Democrats think guns have brains.
    They do…as many brains as Democrats, apparently.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Obama “there’s no MAGIC to the phrase RADICAL ISLAM”.
    He really doesn’t get it, does he. ‘Groups like ISIL and AQ want to make this about a war between Islam and America, or the West..”


  15. cube says:

    Obama gets it. He gets it more than we know. We’re the ones who don’t get him… well, at least half of us.


  16. Silverlady says:

    Right, Geeez. Dem-rats have a bunch of empty shells rattling around in their heads just making noise as the wind whistles through one ear & out the other.. They will use any excuse, no matter how stupid it shows them to be, to propound their propaganda.

    If i am not wrong, Fla. is a concealed carry state, and it’s too bad there weren’t a couple doing that, even though Pulse was a gun-free, I’m your target tonight, zone. Sadly, everything was ideal for the attacker.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    WELL, I CALLED THAT RIGHT! CNN is already saying “This really changes the picture of a radical islamist killing for his RELIGIOUS BELIEFS”

    Islam got a free pass…………….again. Congratulations, Mr. Obama.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    We have an “LGBT NETWORK” internationally at our embassies? WHAT?


  19. Mal says:

    Why not a “LGBT NETWORK”, Z? I mean, nothing makes sense anymore.


  20. FB says:

    CNN is total garbage. Thank god for great people on Youtube these days.


  21. Imp says:

    Today I swung my front door wide open and placed my Remington 30.06 right in the doorway.

    I left 6 shells beside it, then left it alone and went about my business.

    While I was gone, the mailman delivered my mail, the neighbor boy across the street mowed the yard, a
    girl walked her dog down the street, and quite a few cars stopped at the stop sign near the front of our house.

    After about an hour, I checked on the gun. It was still sitting there, right where I had left
    it. It hadn’t moved itself outside. It certainly hadn’t killed anyone, even with the numerous opportunities it had been presented to do so.

    In fact, it hadn’t even loaded itself. Well you can imagine my surprise, with all the media hype about
    how dangerous guns are and how they kill people.

    Either the media is wrong or I’m in possession of the laziest gun in the world.

    Well, I’m off to check on my forks and spoons. I hear they’re making people fat.

    The United States is 3rd in Murders throughout the World. But if you take out Chicago, Detroit,
    Washington DC and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom for murders.

    These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the United States.

    All 4 are controlled by Democrats.

    It would be absurd to draw any conclusions from this data – right?

    Conclusion: Best way to protect the Nation is to outlaw democrats.


  22. Silverlady says:

    Spot on, Imp! Years ago in Memphis, Tn. I had driven up from NE La. to meet a college classmate at an ABA Council law convention where her husband was retiring head honcho. On the last day, Sunday, I drove them & another couple, the other husband also was a lawyer, to Oxford, Ms. to see Faulkner’s house. Don’t waste your time, unless you want to smell mold & see writing on the walls. Her husband & the other couple were wacko Liberal Dems. That night we were going to to dine at highly touted restaurant in a converted house in a not so nice part of Memphis. As I was getting out of my car I said, ‘Let me make sure somebody can;t see my pistol if they look through the window’. The other man said in a very loud voice, ‘Oh, my God! She’s got a gun!’ I replied, ‘Yes, Leo, I have a gun. It’s been there all day, & it hasn’t jumped up & shot anybody yet.’. End of discussion, & no more was said.

    Oh, and just a tip. Don’t eat VEAL CHEEKS, the main course in a 5 course prix fixe dinner. Nobody else ate much of theirs either, unless you are fond of meat with a gelatinous fatty texture not unlike chuck roast, YUCK, which is why I don’t like chuck unless I’m going to trim it thoroughly & grind it for meatloaf, meat sauce, or meat balls.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, from the format of that comment, you got this somewhere and reposted it here…which is great because I HOPE A LOT OF PEOPLE are seeing that.

    FB…I’m realizing CNN might disagree with us more than FOX does but it’s no more garbage than FOX is………maybe it’s worse at times like these when something happens and their take is so different, and so wrong…but I need that break after the screaming of FOX.
    The YouTube thing doesn’t work for me…………I want to know what’s happening fresh and new…right now, LIVE. I’m glad you enjoy the YouTube people so much; you’ve certainly posted some good ones here.


  24. Imp says:

    @Z..Yup. I get lazy having to write…I’m not very gifted in that genre. But I do see things I like and wish I wrote!


  25. Imp says:

    Yup… It’s “religion of peace” all right. Kills more people in a single year than the Mafia ever did…so far…28,000 attacks….countless killings….thousands of bodies. Yet…Killary and company are all OK with a few hundred thousand more here. Worse yet….what do we hear from “mooslem leaders”? They’re worried about….”backlash”. We should be as fortunate as they are….protected pets of demrats.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, me, too…but it’s good if we acknowledge it’s from somewhere else…I have to do that because I run the blog and never want anybody thinking I wrote something I didn’t….
    Glad you posted it here…thanks.

    I am happy to turn OFF TV tonight, particularly after having seen some of Obama’s disgust and fake outrage at Trump’s statements…as if we need yet ANOTHER lecture from HIM?
    By the way, he’s SO disdainful when he says “On CABLE NEWS SHOWS”…does he not know CNN and MSNBC are CABLE NEWS SHOWS, as well? He’s been using CABLE nEWS SHOW so he doesn’t have to say FOX for a few years now. Someone needs to remind him CNN and MSNBC are not on the networks.


  27. Mustang says:

    Democrats do not care about the faggots any more than they care about the children killed at Sandy Hook. They only care about their communist agenda. Seriously, only a Moslem president could enable Islamist murder and mayhem … the fact that most Americans still don’t get this tells us volumes about the future of this country: squandered.


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