Iran’s Threats….and Trump; ugh

I wonder how much countries around the world will try to threaten and bluster their ways around our election this year, scaring Democrats into compliance voting?  “I’m scared of Iran, so I’m voting for Hillary!”   Wait for it.  Trump’s talk is tough, not always wise, but it’s clearly not playing in Teheran very well!  (a good thing)

With Trump threatening a ban on all Muslims coming into America, at least for now, and Republican leadership running away from that, we’re doing a truly dandy thing to prevent votes against Hillary, let’s face it.   It’s one thing to deny any one group, which is unprecedented and unconstitutional, but I totally understand and even sympathize with Trump on this;  it almost seems a no-brainer.

If it was the Klan, or Hell’s Angels shooting up people, I’m thinking our government would clamp down VERY, VERY, VERY HARD.   Why not NOW, with Islam?

I had to laugh at Trump yesterday when he so seriously told Greta that “I’ve actually made quite a study of the fact that 2nd generation Muslims are making trouble more than their parents.”  Which is wonderful except he and I watched the same five minute report on that Tuesday on FOX….someone ELSE did a study and talked about it.  Think Trump did a study??  (smile)    By the way, who ARE these people “you wouldn’t believe are supporting me…BIG LEAGUE”  What’s supporting “big league” mean if we don’t even know who they are?    UGH….get me off this subject , please…back to the post:

So, what do you think of Iran’s warnings….and/or….the Muslim immigration situation after having read my thoughts?


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30 Responses to Iran’s Threats….and Trump; ugh

  1. Adrienne says:

    It is not unprecedented and unconstitutional to stop immigration of certain people. FDR set severe quotas during his administration. As far as the constitution goes I don’t think it covers non-citizens. Trump is actually starting to say that we should not allow immigration from countries that promote terrorism. The fact that it covers mostly Muslim countries is secondary.


  2. bunkerville says:

    Bill Clinton sent back the Haitian refugees. First took them to Gitmo than back to Haiti. I wish someone would ask the beast about it.


  3. Mustang says:

    First of all, the reason Iran is blustering is because they recognize what a weak-willy we have in the oval office. Remember that diplomacy is a 4,000 year old tradition in Iran (formerly Persia). Obama is nothing if not a joke (as are the people who elected him on two separate occasions). I can’t blame Iran, actually. We should anticipate that our distractors will seek an advantage. I do agree with Adrienne. Trump’s position is that we should means-test immigrants. Why on earth should we admit anyone whose skills are limited to sexual intercourse with animals and bomb making poorly done? Trump keeps this up, I may have to vote for him. I hate the fact that Iran is laughing at us, but you know … elections do have consequences.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Adrienne and Mustang; had Trump started by saying that, we’d have been far better off…..he came out shooting with ‘all muslims should be banned” ….once that’s said, in his way of saying things he shouldn’t, the media runs with it and nothing he says afterwards to clarify matters to most of the public.
    The man needs advice, coaching, and he needs to start thinking before he speaks.
    I’m beginning to think the rumors of his not wanting this position after all might be true…
    He’s even claimed that his “great Muslims friends” want him to ban all Muslims… gad. no names given.

    Since we will never keep all of ANY one group out, we need to so something we WOULD do and focus hard on that…making it as nearly “no Muslims” as possible somehow!

    Bunkerville, let’s hope her final opponent asks Clinton that. And let’s pray to God it’s someone better than Trump!!!!


  5. Mal says:

    What I’m seeing, Z, is you are finally getting why I and others on this blog are in favor of Trump. Like it or not, he is the only one that gets it. The other 16 candidates weren’t blunt enough to get the message out to the voters. I’m still not convinced he has, they are that brain-dead. “Don’t bother me with facts” seems to be their mantra.


  6. FB says:

    I understand the Iran deal now. GE and Boeing got contracts, mostly paid via the money transfer that occurred. We have a corrupt government working for big corporations that don’t care about our nation.

    Now I understand why people would say corporations are ruling this country. It’s true. And it doesn’t matter if it goes against our own national security and values. Traitors in my book.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Mal!! Did you read my post about how Trump stooped to saying HE did a STUDY when I know he’d seen the same 3 minute clip I did on 2nd generation immigrants?
    Or how badly I think he speaks on so many issues?

    He might look like he comes close to conservatism but I have stopped thinking he’ll stick to any one thing he’s said…. I see why you and others can’t vote for liberals…I can’t either….
    But I don’t think Trump’s bothering with facts, either….he needs to learn them first.
    Oh, Mal….I had conservative friends here last night and they are finally deciding there is no way they can vote for Trump…They were quite depressed about this election…..of course they won’t vote liberal, either, but they all said what I keep saying “Every time I THINK I can get behind Trump, he says something SO awful that I can’t anymore”
    I was very discouraged as we talked last night….he’s losing very decent Conservatives who can’t stand his awful style and can’t anymore trust that this supposed ideology is real. Hard times.


  8. Mal says:

    AND……..Trump was right in saying Obama supports the Taliban and/or ISIS. All one needs to do is look at all his speeches, decisions, and actions since taking office to come to that conclusion.
    How else can we believe? HE IS THE TROJAN HORSE. PERIOD!


  9. geeez2014 says:

    FB…I don’t know that for sure. But I will say GE and Boeing hire a LOT of Americans….and sometimes getting contracts for American companies isn’t a bad thing.
    Don’t get me wrong; dealing with Iran is ALWAYS a bad thing, but…..and THIS deal STANK and NO deals can be done with Iran in any hopes they’ll remain honest and truthful, but I don’t think it’s always bad to get good contracts which create a lot of jobs.


  10. Mal says:

    Yes. I did read that, Z, and you are correct. He probably didn’t “study” it, but read it. It still doesn’t change the facts. To be honest, I keep saying maybe the GOP will come up with someone EVERYBODY can get behind, but believe that is wishful thinking. I would be hard pressed making a decision if they did run someone else. I will vote for whoever can beat Hillary.
    Therein lies the problem. Its a conundrum. Meanwhile, Hillary and the left are laughing and biding time…… is the rest of the world.


  11. FB says:

    Jobs to help enemies. Not sure I want to look at it this way.


  12. Mal says:

    Also, you are right because every time Trump opens his mouth, his foot is in it. But at this point, we have little choice but to support him. At times he DOES seem to be having second thoughts about running by his actions, even though he has been tirelessly doing it for over a year.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    FB…as I said NOT WITH IRAN!!

    Mal, Hillary’s change in demeanor is going to go a long way for her…Obama’s endorsement, too, is..particularly in the witheringly insulting, demeaning way he has toward anything Republican. We’re going to see such insult to anything Conservative in the next five months it’ll even surprise US.
    But, Trump’s pretty much losing the election by now for us anyway…he’s loved by the die-hards and always will be…they’re not enough in numbers, not even close but that’s where he gets his oxygen and thinks he’s doing SO WELLL….and I do believe some indies go for the blustering promises…and believe him, but, in general? He’s doing himself no favor and he’s destroying our brand.

    I thought a new person coming into the convention would be disastrous; I don’t anymore. But I think Trump will be so horrid at that point, fighting that, that we’ll have lost everything………


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Here’s how illiterate FOX people are…the caption under Obama’s arrival in Orlando says:


    Was he supposed to meet with them BEFORE arriving in Orlando? 🙂 GeeeeeZ


  15. Kid says:

    I see the foreign countries the same way I do democrat supporters in America. Specifically Losers on a Feeding Frenzy. obama has given them so much they’d be fools not to keep asking for/demanding more.

    I agree with all the comments.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Good news; Bernie Sanders is saying he will not vote for Hillary. Do you REALIZE HOW MANY YOUNG STUPID VOTERS WON’T EITHER because their GURU SAYS NOT TO!?
    Finally, some good news.


  17. John M. Berger says:

    “Bernie Sanders is saying he will not vote for Hillary……………………………………………………”

    Perhaps that senile, old curmudgeon commie is good for something after all.


  18. Mal says:

    I hadn’t heard that, Z. Yes. That is good news. Now it all hinges on whether conditions (and Trump} cooperate between now and November to bring Trumps numbers back above Hillary’s.
    That would also help to convince Bernie’s supporters to follow suit.


  19. FB says:

    Another interesting video on Hillary and some connections.


  20. FB says:

    Bernie is a parasite anyway. The guy is an independent then uses the Democratic party to run then basically tells them to piss off. Not any different than a squatter sibling who doesn’t want to work then comes to your house and criticizes you for making money and working too hard. Same mindset.


  21. Imp says:

    Anyone pay attention to what Brennan of the CIA said today?


  22. geeez2014 says:

    FB..sorry, Roger Stone repulses me, always has…the conversation with him and Stefan about Monica were as disgusting, or more, than anything Trump’s said. No class.
    I listened to10 minutes and couldn’t do more. Does he ever mention how this devoted muslim married a Jew and had his child?
    If Mr.Cool Panama Hat is so certain, let him take this to someone who can DO something about it…not just get rich writing books..

    I agree about Bernie…total parasite.


  23. FB says:

    Well that’s true but that husband is so power hungry and sex crazed that I don’t think that matters. It just reinforces that people in DC are ready to sell us to Middle Eastern countries for the big bucks.


  24. Mal says:

    But I’m glad Bernie IS a parasite, aren’t you folks? I mean, do we really want him to ask his followers to vote for Hillary instead? That’s the ONLY thing I like about the guy.


  25. FB says:

    I guess, Mal. But I couldn’t find anything in Google news about that.


  26. Z,
    I had to laugh at Trump yesterday when he so seriously told Greta that “I’ve actually made quite a study of the fact that 2nd generation Muslims are making trouble more than their parents.” Which is wonderful except he and I watched the same five minute report on that Tuesday on FOX….someone ELSE did a study and talked about it. Think Trump did a study?? (smile)

    His advisor Dr. Walid Phares probably has done such a study.


  27. Mustang,
    Why on earth should we admit anyone whose skills are limited to sexual intercourse with animals and bomb making poorly done?

    And people say that I am blunt. 🙂


  28. We should not be importing possible jihadists into our nation. Period.


  29. John M. Berger says:

    “We should not be importing possible jihadists into our nation. Period.”
    AMEN! What part of this is so hard for some (all too many) to understand?


  30. Mal says:

    AOW & JOHN………..I AGREE!


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