In HORRIBLE taste, I know


But I wouldn’t put it past him.



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28 Responses to In HORRIBLE taste, I know

  1. Mal says:

    That’s a Croc! ;o)


  2. geeez2014 says:

    there ya go, Mal! Good one!!


  3. Sparky says:

    It would be more believable to have him spewing that our country needs to allow more alligators in our homes so that they can kill more evil white, rich imperialist Americans.


  4. bocopro says:

    Well . . . I can think of several things that society would be a lot better off without, such as Rap “music,” federal deficit spending, marijuana, the NBA, pornography, ESPN, HBO, and Nancy Pelosi.

    But I’ve been around long enough to understand that as soon as something is “banned,” it suddenly acquires great popularity, which gives rise to a black market, which makes lawbreakers of otherwise decent people, and cheats the gummint out of tax revenue. I b’lieve that 18th amendment fiasco makes that abundantly clear.

    In all seriousness, though, I’d like to see us get completely rid of all forms of advertising for fast-food, including TV, radio, internet, and slick paper. Can there possibly be anyone in the country who doesn’t know how to find a McD’s or a BK or a Taco Smell? Betcha if all fast-food adverts went away, within 5 years we’d see marked drops in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and malnutrition.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro: THE NBA??? WHAT?? WHY?
    You must love the new law in Philly that taxes sodas!!

    Sparky, good point! I just loved the ‘humor’ of this…he really thinks GUNS KILL PEOPLE like they have minds of their own…this alligator in Florida who killed that poor child has a mind…so they have to go, too, right?


  6. Alec says:

    bocopro, you nailed it:

    But I’ve been around long enough to understand that as soon as something is “banned,” it suddenly acquires great popularity, which gives rise to a black market, which makes lawbreakers of otherwise decent people, and cheats the gummint out of tax revenue. I b’lieve that 18th amendment fiasco makes that abundantly clear.


  7. Kid says:

    Z, Yes, Perfect. obama thinks (or prohjects) just like an imbecile would. Someone gets killed by someone using a gun, and the gun is the problem. Unbelievable ignorance. Same with the Alligators. Gee, could it be the fault of the child’s guardian that allowed him to be in a situation at 9:15 at night (or any time really) where an alligator could snatch him up, even if daddy was 2 feet away? It’s FLORIDA…

    Sorry if this is long – So the teenage son of a guy at work (mom is also working there divorced from the dad) is playing tackle football on a cement area somewhere, gets tackled, head hits the ground, ends up in ICU. Turns out no permanent damage to the kid. Cutting to the chase – mom (idiot that she is) comes into our IT dept, proud of herself to the utmost and proclaims that ‘she accomplished her goal’ which was to have a sign put up that says No Football to be Played Here” or something to that effect. I said, well there ya go the chicks are turning our country into a freaking day care center. Hey why not put up signs that say No running. No handball, etc. An endless number of signs in fact that cover every possible thing that kids could do that would result in someone smashing their head against the cement? She doesn’t like me much.

    Let me say there are many very intelligent women out there too.

    Well, when obama or any president says something like ‘we need gun control’, they should receive 200 million posts to questioning his intelligence. Of course an idiot should not have been voted in – in the first place, let alone twice…


  8. Alec says:


    You said CHICKS!

    Isn’t that the kind of think that sent Ed to finishing school last year? Watch out!



  9. bocopro says:

    People who fail to recognize the irony in imposing a gun ban enforced by men with automatic weapons will never quite comprehend the purpose of the second Amendment.

    In the 20th century, governments caused the deaths of roughly 200 million people. Ruminate on that, Obamao.

    As for the NBA, it’s a dinosaur, a mortally wounded anachronism walking and squawking without the decency to go find a quiet corner to expire. Not much of a challenge for guys with 9-foot wingspans to stuff a round ball in a large hoop 10 feet off the floor.

    If you wanna see REAL basketball, watch some average-sized people play it, not pituitary freaks. Watch the girls play, or Filipinos, or high school, or even any non-televised college. There you’ll see passing, court awareness, defense, penetrating drives, layups, interceptions, thinking, not slam dunks and no 4-step traveling or palming or carrying the ball.

    The NBA usedta have some of the best athletes on the planet. Now it has overpaid, overhyped, overpampered egotistical crybabies who wasted tons of taxpayer and alum funds on one or two years of no-show classes which served as nothing more than a farm league for the NBA, which stands for Nothing But A——-.

    I’m not particularly thrilled with the NFL either. A game which takes 3 hours to play with roughly 20 minutes of game-related action is kinda dumb in my opinion, especially when the premier players get multi-million-dollar signing bonuses and wind up in debt 10 years later. The average play in the NFL lasts around 8 seconds, tops, and each team gets between 30 and 40 per game. The rest of the time is spent regrouping, talking, griping, debating, or waiting for some brainwashed bureaucrat to review a clip.

    The last NFL game I watched had Joe Montana as QB for the 49ers; the last NBA game I watched had Bill Russell and John Havlicek for the Celtics; the last MLB game I watched had Dale Murphy in CF for the Braves; and I just can’t quite see the purpose in watching a game in which use of the hands is forbidden, takes 3 hours of your time, and just might end up as a 0-0 tie.

    So there! Ptthhbbbblllttt.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Alec..’finishing school” 🙂

    Bocopro’s right AND the other angle is , for example, this tax on soft drinks in Philly now…they’re supposed to raise something like 90 million in taxes (the average six pack of Coke gets something like another $1.50 added to it, or something like that.
    Here’s the bummer…people stop buying the stuff because it’s expensive and where’d that 90 million go to “help free PreK and College,” which they’d hoped for? What a LAUGH. Stupid stupid stupid.

    Kid, I’ve got to say nobody I know outside Florida would ever think a child splashing in 6″ of water could get in trouble…the dad was very near…playing with the kid, apparently. Having said that, I have no trouble with DANGER ALLIGATORS signs at that hotel…

    But this sign on my post points out how ridiculous libs are in their restrictions on EVERYTHING…gad, you can’t bump your head or stub your toe without a law suit…and you’ll probably win even if it was your fault!

    Bocopro…I’ll watch pro NBA any day of the week….they haven’t lost their talent, watch those 3 pointers some time…AMAZING. Too highly paid? Yup. I used to tell my dad, when I was young, “they should put a limit on the salaries” and he’d say “Then what, the owners get all the huge amounts of money the teams bring in all by themselves?” Of course, they COULD lower the seat prices so the average Joe could get in.
    A ticket for tomorrow’s finals is $50,000 now…My nephew paid $400 for a ticket to the second game of these playoffs and that’s because a friend of ours has season tickets and practically gave it away…she could have got as much as $13K!!
    I loved the old Norm Nixon, Michael Cooper, Abdul Jabar team…
    BUT the greatest was
    Oh, be still my heart 🙂
    (we don’t say CELTICS in Los Angeles! :-))

    “irony in imposing a gun ban enforced by men with automatic weapons” Where’ve you seen that?


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Oh. I forgot: “Ptthhbbbblllttt” back at ya 🙂


  12. Kid says:

    Alec, well, there are 2 kinds of women, Chicks and intelligent women. As there are in most societal groups. Good-bad, etc. Though with society in general, there are Three Kinds of People. I can’t post it here, just can’t but if you want to know what I’m talking about – Youtube, “Team America three kinds of peopl ein the search box” — Lisa! Are you there? Lisa! hahhaa

    Bocopro. I hate pro sports. I love to play all kinds of sports, but I see sports at the pro and even collegiate level now as about as corrupt as an activity could get. I know so many like sports that I’ll just stop here, and I’ll be the one to change the channel. To each their own.

    As an aside, what is with the worldwide soccer stuff. Players killing referees. audience often motivated to massive violence over a freaking soccer match. Make me think humans require the violence. I think if we had sweater knitting contests people would be there ready to beat the crap out of the other side.


  13. bocopro says:

    Yeah, I played football, baseball, and golf in high school. I was a decent b-ball player, but too short. The team had two really, REALLY good point guards, and I woulda been just a benchwarmer, so I quit in my freshman year when it became apparent I’d never get that 3rd growth spurt all the other guys got.

    Loved football. Played blocking back on offense, rarely carried the ball, and linebacker on defense (everybody played both sides in those days). Again, tho, never got big enuf to play in college. My original scholarship was academic. Pretty good at tennis, ’cause I was quick, but always at a disadvantage to the taller guys with the longer reach and better serve.

    Got really good at golf for a while when I finally grew up enough to realize you don’t have to murdify the ball off the tee. Carried a 7 handicap while in Hawaii in the early 80s, but never could putt for beans. Won a few trophies now and then at it, but not many.

    Won several trophies in skeet shooting, and a whole crateful at bowling. Seems everything I tried, I got good at, but never good enough to be a superstar. Honestly think my best sport was double-deck pinochle. Or maybe acey-deucey. Or maybe bein a good Navyman for a quarter century and still stayin married to the same gal for over half a century.


  14. bocopro says:

    Oh, the “irony in imposing a gun ban enforced by men with automatic weapons”

    Read it somewhere. Not sure where. Liked the ring of truth in it, especially the main clause of the posted sentence once the chiasmus effect of the adjective clause sinks in.


  15. Kid says:

    Oh, meant to add. All drugs should be legal and cheap enough to put the dealers out of business. People who are going to do them are going to do them regardless. They’re gonna do them anyway.

    It’s a simple equation.

    Cheap Drugs minus Dealers = No Dealer Acossiated Crime, no court bottlenecks, no prison expenses, fewer cops required, and cops focused on real crime.

    Plus allowing evolution to do its job to remove defective humans from the breeding process. What’s not to love.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    MY GOSH! I was just looking at a few news pages of headlines and you can’t BELIEVE the number of shootings…a little 4 yr old in some small town was killed today with a shot to the head, a gun store class had a fatality during the class’s practice. They go on and ON and it’s every single day. SINCE WHEN has this been happening? EVERY DAY there’s a shooting.
    WHat the H?????????????


  17. Kid says:

    Shootings. The agenda. When was the last time you heard of someone saving their or a life with a gun? 🙂


  18. Off to sensitivity training for you Kid!

    But I think this is what you were last referring to:

    One employee responded to screams of “active shooter” at his workplace by running out to his car, retrieving his gun, tracking down the shooter and holding him at gunpoint until the authorities arrived. The incident occurred at a Jacksonville, Fla., landscaping company, when a disgruntled employee shot and killed his supervisor. Someone who heard the shots called 911, but it was the armed citizen’s quick action that prevented the malcontent from escaping the scene. The suspect was later arrested and charged with one count of murder. (CBS47 and FOX30, Jacksonville, FL, 3/10/16)


  19. Kid says:

    Ed, Yea, but who among those people who need to hear about these events will ever hear about them. Nada… Maybe if a homosexual saved themself. Naw.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it’s almost unbelievable that that Mateen was in the club about 3 HOURS, changing magazines, TEXTING HIS WIFE, and nobody did a THING! I know it was horrifying, but really? It’s absolutely odd.


  21. Kid says:

    Z, that’s very odd. Imagine 3 rooms, and he has to go from room to room. Well, once the shit started in room one, it would seem irrefutable that people in room 2 and 3 would have some clue that there was trouble. Even if they never had any training or thought about being in a situation like that, I find it incomprenhible that at least some of the folks in room 2 and 3 didn’t start shouting, Guys! Grab some beer bottles, glasses whatever you can find to defend us with !

    (We were 8 – 10 years old on the ohio river, next to 4 sets of train tracks. Played there all the time. Homos would come by in their speed boats trying to pick us up. There might be two or three of us, and we’d tell the sucker to jam off. If he didn’t get the message right away, we’d pick up some rocks from the tracks [endless supply of] and present our case mopre seriously. If he still wasn’t disuaded [none went beyond this point] we’d have pummelled him wtih our endless supply of rocks. He had a 12 foot embankment to come up to get from his boat to us and I don’t believe for a moment he’d have made it. We would have fought to the last.)

    And in a bar, you’ve got a lot of things you can toss at this guy, especially while he is reloading, and while 40 beer bottles are zooming in at his head and body, there would be 20-30 peole zeroing in on him to take him out. This is not an unreasonable scenario at all. In fact, three guys took out a gunman on a train heading for France last year. Remember? I’ll give a link of someone doesn’t remember.

    3 to one, and this was 300 to one. I find it incomprehensible there was not an effective resistence force put together. Unreal. I’ll be the guy that takes one of them out or dies trying. I’m not dying on my knees. No how no way. I’m still shaking my head over this one.


  22. Kid says:

    PS, and smash some of the bottle on the bar so that some of the stuff you’re throwing at this POS has a lot of sharp edges on it.

    At the 10000 foot level, maybe this is evolution. People who don’t defend themselves in these kinds of situations shouldn’t be breeding. Brutal? Evolution is brutal. We live in a very simple and easy time. Didn’t plan ahead? No problem, your smartphone will take you where you want to go. Makes for a very fragile existence.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, they’re NOT breeding!! Your point about planning ahead is SO right; gives me the creeps. We are lost…our kids can’t even play with toys that don’t do everything for them….no imagination, no planning ahead. Zip.

    And yes, I thought of a sharp edged broken booze bottle, too…….that’s all it would have taken while the monster was reloading or texting. TEXTING! I just don’t get why someone didn’t do SOMETHING.

    And I DO remember that train incident…they did ALL THEY COULD and THEY WON.


  24. Alec says:

    Here’s a link to that story. Those guys are heroes:

    The three Christian men who foiled the French train terror attack


  25. John M. Berger says:

    @Z & Kid,
    “Kid, it’s almost unbelievable that that Mateen was in the club about 3 HOURS, changing magazines, TEXTING HIS WIFE, and nobody did a THING! I know it was horrifying, but really? It’s absolutely odd.”

    “3 to one, and this was 300 to one. I find it incomprehensible there was not an effective resistence force put together”

    Yes, almost unbelievable! Did the deranged Moslem shooter just pick a group of victims least likely to offer resistance as opposed to say, a gathering of Navy SEALS?


  26. Mal says:

    Yeah, I wondered the same thing, John, even if it took 3 gay men to overwhelm the guy, why didn’t they? If just one guy went in to start, I believe others would’ve followed.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I believe others would have followed, too, and with a broken bottle in their hands they could have done some real damage to HIM , preventing the deaths of many innocents.
    Tomorrow, the FBI is releasing transcripts of phone/texting he did, I believe…….should be interesting.

    I’m REAL tired of the HUGE fixation on this on the news….Obviously, killing and injuring that many people is HUGE but this is amazing. And, of course, it’s ALL against Conservatives now. Apparently, the very powerful LGBT groups have now got the idea to REALLY push at the NRA and make it very uncomfortable for them in the public arena…

    Poor America….the evil is winning. Not saying LGBT is evil but I am saying this anti Constitutional politically correct ‘feeling’ types of BS surely is.


  28. Kid says:

    The vampire news people end up glorifying them. Which helps immensely to create/motivate more of them.

    Really pissed me off everytime there was a story about a back door into the iPhone, there were pictures of those two spider brained you know whats. Generally speaking I hate media people.


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