Trump’s Speech Today

After lambasting Hillary on the following, he finally got down to what HE (says he) WILL DO.    Here’s an overview of this morning’s talk.  (Please, someone, tell the man politicians don’t say ‘thank you’ for every applause they get in a political’s not a comedy routine..gad).    He brought up:

-Hillary’s lie about being shot at in Bosnia…he MUST keep talking about this!

-“Secret speeches” made by Hillary and paid well for

-Benghazi lies to the families of the victims

-ISIS’s rise being due partly to her political policies under Obama

-Iraq War…Hillary was for it


-Refusal to admit the huge Islamist threat in our country and the hopes for MORE refugees (I don’t believe Trump’s guess at the number Hillary wants isn’t greatly inflated)

-“Most corrupt politician to ever run”  Hurrah!

-Clinton Foundation donor who got on a confidential committee for having given a donation

-Hillary’s support of Arab countries with horrific view on gays and women

-Server improprieties

-How we could ‘rebuilt every inner city with what Hillary wants to give immigrants’ (again, not sure about that)

-Hurting low wage earners with illegals coming in and grabbing those jobs

And more.

I thought this was  fairly smart speech because, while Hillary IS scheduled to rebuke it in a few hours, it’d be difficult for her to bring some of these specifics up because they’re TRUE, but she will hit HIM, in my opinion, hoping to ignore his excellent points above against her by making him look far worse.

I liked that Trump said “her message is an old, tired message” because IT IS.  And I like when he said we have to START THINKING BIG…BEING BIG…..SUPPORTING LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE MILITARY……etc etc.



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29 Responses to Trump’s Speech Today

  1. Kid says:

    I didn’t see the speech but the content sounds pretty good. I’d like to see him get more specific about how the clinton foundation(s) are their personal treasure trove with 91% admin fee, which of course is used for personal clinton spending. Big donations/bribes from Arab countries while she is secy of state. Gee I wonder what they got for their money. And largely or 100% – there were no speeches. He should just keep turning up the volume and getting more specific.


  2. Kid says:

    IMP, and that doesn’t even include the media people plastering the internet with pictures of an angry Trump screaming and pics of a smiling hilrod. back when she was 45 or so 😉


  3. Shevtsova251 says:

    The whole speech was excellent, including the end. I view it on Right Side Broadcasting and a record number of +35,000 persons were watching livestreaming.

    “..Parents are going to start dreaming big for their children again – including parents in our inner cities. Americans are going to start believing in the future or our country…. We are going to make America rich again. We are going to make America safe again. We are going to make America Great Again – and Great Again For EVERYONE.”
    Read more:

    Parents and grandparents are worry for their children especially. Globalism is not a children friendly.


  4. Adrienne says:

    I thought his speech was delivered quite well. My favorite was when he was talking about Benghazi and his final line was, “She left them there to die.” Very powerful.


  5. Imp says:

    How about the speech of the now bonafide asshat silly minstrel clown Lynch….not only was she proved a fool yesterday with her redaction of the Orlando tapes expunging the words allah , jihad and ISIS…today this bantu moron now says we defeat the terrorists with…get ready…sit down children and we’ll all hold hands and sing kumbaya …” WITH COMPASSION, UNITY AND LOVE” got it now?…hug a thug and love a mooslem satanic terrorist.


  6. Kid says:

    She’s a much more itiotic sock puppet than holder was and he was 11 brain cells short of a dozen.
    Can these idiots get any more insulting.

    All the countries of he world will have to fight these savages through civil wars with no help, and maybe opposition even, from their governments, including our country.


  7. Imp says:

    @Kid…bbbbbbbuuuuuuuttttttt….”we can’t condemn an entire people and one of the world’s greatest “religions” now…can we?”

    Do you think that if Hitler declared Nazism a state religion…that we wouldn’t have hit the beaches in Normandy? Or flattened Dresden Hamburg and Berlin?


  8. Kid says:

    @IMP, In hindsight, it looks like that was a big mistake on hitler’s part – and he didn’t have the patience for that strategy anyway. Of course today’s threat is not going at the world militarily. They’d never win. So they do it through invading, then breeding out cultures while a percentage of them commit terror to take the attention off of all the others. Radical islam – like there are 2 kinds of islam. And if some truly have no intention to do violence or install sharia law, they are irrelevant to the conversation and frankly indistinguishable from the other peaceful ones who decided to go do some mass murder one day.


  9. Imp says:

    Islam is worse than a toenail fungus. Crush it and stomp it out…we’ll have to sooner than later. Because later is too late.


  10. Mal says:

    We watched his entire speech and thought he did much better when utilizing a teleprompter. Contrary to what Kid said, I believe he hit Hillary pretty good on her money-grabbing “foundation” but perhaps yes, he could’ve stated percentages distributed from the foundation, if he knows.
    What we wondered is, how many on the left were actually watching? Probably very few. However, what he needs to do is convince the “never Trump” crowd as well as the “indies” and the “Bernie’s Brood” because he isn’t that far below her in the polls. Hang on, because this will be going back and forth till November. UGH!


  11. Kid says:

    Mal, Thanks.

    I was just going by the bullet list and also meant to say that he should get specific about all of hilrod’s failures and crimes and turn up the volume as it gets close to November when the ‘geniuses’ decide to do some due diligence by listening to a debate or two to get ‘the facts’.

    No reason he can’t reach into the past either and bring up rose law firm, whitewater, etc. and tell people to google it if they doubt it.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, no we can’t condemn a whole people and we should never have bombed Dresden. EVER. Most people think that STANK.

    “WITH COMPASSION, UNITY AND LOVE” It’s almost TOO MUCH TO TAKE….I never thought anybody’d be more evil than Holder; I just think she’s not as open about her evil.

    Kid, Trump really does need to REACH INTO THE PAST, I totally agree with you…facts, dates, details…how her former bosses when she was young fired her, etc etc. Her Alinsky paper, etc etc.

    When Lynch said she and Obama’d never spoken about the indictment situation WE LEARNED WHAT A STINKIN’ LIAR SHE IS…TOTALLY …then that ridiculous revealing of what they’d tried to keep from the public? ARE THEY KIDDING??

    I thought it was a pretty good speech, too…I think he’s finally having his son-in-law either write them or supply him with the right information. THANK GOD.


  13. geeez2014 says:


    REALLY? As if THAT was the most heinous thing he mentioned she’s done?
    So, wait…ALL THE REST IS TRUE?!!! That’s what WE THOUGHT!!

    For those of you who know commenter Ducky, this is EXACTLY what he does…he’ll read a truthful comment or post, find ONE TINY THING that’s not 100% true and slam it!
    It’s a typical LEFTWING PLOY and it really is SO FUNNY!!


  14. geeez2014 says:
    BOY, I have heard of some REALLY expensive bags and had a few pricey ones, but THIS MUCH for HILLARY!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    Hey, Ms. Liberal Democrat Bleeding Heart Wonder….do you know how many starving children $3500 will FEED?


  15. Mal says:

    Agreed, Kid. There is still plenty of time and I’m sure those are all being considered by his speech writers, and no one can deliver like The Donald. He’ll wipe that smirk off her face!


  16. When I can rid myself of this post-op fuzziness of the brain, I’ll listen to the entire speech that Trump gave today. The news shows clips, but I need to hear the entire context.


  17. Z,

    Loretta Lynch. I’m out of the fog well enough to have heard that swill she spouted.

    And about her assertion that we’ll never know the motive behind the Orlando massacre, a friend of mine over on Facebook said: If only he had said something to give us clue! Like called 911! Now we will never know…


  18. Kid says:

    MAL, If he really gets INTO it. The hilrod stuff. It will be darned interesting how she will respond eh? Could be fun to watch. Remember, CBS put out that vid of her and chealscheals landing in Bosnia and standing on the tarmac with the flower girls all smiles. And I think the beast actually quadroupled down on that sniper story today.

    Otherwise it will be fun to see the beast trying to associate all of her crimes and failures to the ‘right wing attack machine’. I didn’t think I’d enjoy any of this but I’m now more optimistic lol.


  19. Kid says:

    AOW, and hell everyone. Is it not breathtakingly stunning the lengths the obama administration goes to protect the moslem cancerous vermin savages?

    It took YEARS for the families of the Ft Hood victims to be recognized as victims of combat with hasan running around yelling kahlua snackbar. Unbelievably disgraceful. Words do not exist to describe what a disgusting action this was not only on the victims families but on America itself.
    I don’t even have a fricken video reference.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Even O’Reilly is saying that there isn’t a ‘scintilla of proof’ that Hillary got rich in any of her positions…..ARE YOU KIDDING MEEE? So, Trump’s people are going to have to DIG and FIND IT for us.

    I just LOVE that they’re bitching about the Brunai jewelry “SHE DIDN”T TAKE JEWELRY” Oh, really?…of ALL THOSE ACCUSATIONS, THIS is the one the media’s so huffy over it?


  21. Kid says:

    Ah, Here ya go. Apply this to lynch to the power of 8 since 10 is too good a number for that sock puppet moron.


  22. Kid says:

    O’Reilly is but a shred of evidence of the corruption that sells every American down the river to hell. Who is oging to pay these people when the middle class (those with any balls) look like John Connor defending freedom from money addicted cyborgs like the democrats? Because in the end game, there ain’t going to be any money after the middle class who pays for everything gets destroyed.

    I’ll Be Back !


  23. Kid says:

    Can any of you imagine any of the other 15 repubblekin contenders taking the hildebeast to task like this? I can’t. Again, I’m enjoying it while it lasts.


  24. Imp says:

    “Ms. Liberal Democrat Bleeding Heart Wonder….do you know how many starving children $3500 will FEED?”:

    Geez..lighten up…she needs to look like she has as a safe place to carry some of that 140 millions she’s raked in while she was sec of state. I mean….their “admin” fees are 91% right? I hope she has to spend every illicit corrupt tainted dime she’s stolen on her doctors to care for her. Or maybe her lawyers if we ever see justice in this plucked up country.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, O’Reilly’s CORRUPT? 🙂 WOW!
    Yes, I can imagine most of the others taking Hillary to task…with less nasty names and more truthful facts! frankly 🙂

    I just had some friends over and one’s husband is an executive chef for celebs; he cooked for the CLintons while Hillary was writing some book in Malibu….I was stunned to hear he came home every day for weeks saying how lovely they were! I have heard people like Hillary very much when it’s a personal relationship, but was kind of surprised to hear she was there WITH BILL and Chelsea and how polite, kind and fun they all were.
    Gad….”maybe, but she’s EVIL!” was my addition! (2 of the friends are conservatives, one is a lib!)

    As the wife of the chef said “in this whole country and THESE are the two best to run for president?” Ya…imagine.


  26. Kid,
    Is it not breathtakingly stunning the lengths the obama administration goes to protect the moslem cancerous vermin savages?

    It is something to behold! Surely, surely, the majority of Americans see through all this.

    Can any of you imagine any of the other 15 repubblekin contenders taking the hildebeast to task like this?

    Nope! They are too soft to take HRC to task.


  27. Mal says:

    Don’t forget her weekly (?) $600 hairdos. Also, my wife saw where she bought a casual jacket for (ready for this one?) $12,500! Not a fur or anything. Merely a casual jacket!


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