Could you do THIS? Or WOULD you?

Ride the U.S. Bank Tower's glass Skyslide with 70 floors of nothingness below you

HERE is the article about a glass slide outside a VERY VERY tall building in Los Angeles.  The slide is outside the 70th floor of the building!

So, would you do it?  The link has a video that makes it seem so short that you’d only be scared to death for a few seconds, but…!

Z  (and, if you’re outside L.A., and you actually DO this, you’re invited to my house for dinner!)

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16 Responses to Could you do THIS? Or WOULD you?

  1. bocopro says:

    Nah. As a young technician, I had no problems climbing 60′ poles to do maintenance on UHF/VHF radio antennas or go up to the top of the ship’s mast to work on the navigation radar antenna, even while underway in windy conditions with the ship rolling and pitching, if necessary.

    And I could sleep anywhere . . . behind an equipment rack at GQ where there was only like 20″ clearance, or in any bunk on a tier of 4 in a berthing compartment where the rack or overhead above you was only 22 inches or so away from your face.

    Today, tho, I get up 25 feet in a magnolia tree to take the top out of it, and I hold on ’til I get a nice hunk of rope around my trunk to attach me to the magnolia trunk. Not that I’m afeard of heights, just more abundantly cautious. No longer bulletproof.

    I’ve ridden the banka boats down the rapids at Pagsangjan Falls (in the P.I.) and climbed shale cliffs and ridden in logistics and attack helos and landed on and been catted from aircraft carriers several times . . . and like many guys, highlined from one ship to another underway a couple times.

    Today, tho, I won’t set foot in a copter, or a banka boat (although I would love to ride the Colorado in a raft). And I get antsy as soon as my head clears the hatch goin onto one of those old WWII-era subs. Don’t even like goin into my wife’s closet to get stuff out for her . . . feel trapped somehow, especially if the door swings shut.

    Nope. No longer a daredevil or a risktaker. Twenty feet up in a white oak is plenty high for me these days, and the smallest enclosure I wanna find myself in is my bathroom.

    Severe case of “Been there; done that” I think. Lost my immortality somewhere along the line.


  2. Kid says:

    I was thinking it went all the way to the ground, but apparently doesn’t go very far. Yea, I’d do it but I wouldn’t be the first.


  3. Kid says:

    PS – I noticed some buildings have installed tube slides inside that corkscrew from the top to the bottom which would have come in real handy in the Trade Center buildings. That’s probably not their purpose since there was only one slide, but it’s a good idea I think for speedy evacuation.


  4. I’m a maintenance manager.
    My livelihood is based on the expected failure of equipment.
    I won’t ride an amusement park ride.
    I damaged a knee on a kiddie coaster with my son 30 yrs ago when it locked up.


  5. The CN Tower in Toronto has a glass floor and an opportunity to harness and hang out over space.


  6. Sparky says:

    Uh, no. Terrified of heights. I don’t want to leave a yellow stain where I’ve been. *giggle* 😉


  7. geeez2014 says:

    I’m kind of surprised…I figured I was the only one who wouldn’t.
    Tho, as Kid says, it’s SO SHORT a ride that I MIGHT….(for a LOT of money :-))
    Ed, I’m a worrier so I totally get your point…you never know! (sorry about your knee)

    Kid…that would have been handy…. every time I think of those people who jumped….I can’t think about it.

    Bocopro, so as a younger person, you MIGHT have done this, right?

    There’s another ‘ride’ in Vegas where the very top floor juts out over the city and I think it’s a roller coaster type thing…NEVER , FOR NO MONEY, would I DO THAT!!

    I’m a chicken, like Sparky!!!!


  8. Baysider says:

    Looks kinda fun. Not quite as scary as the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Mr. B would – but he’s jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. If the LA Times link doesn’t work, here’s another view:


  9. Baysider says:

    Z, as for that ride in Vegas, NEVER. I got more inside story on that from the structural engineer who worked on another part of the project. He saw the engineering, the approved plans and how it was built. He said he would NEVER get on it. Let’s just say they cut corners. We all assumed some $$$ changed hands under the table.


  10. bocopro says:

    Yeah, back when I was immortal and bulletproof . . . AND somebody else footed the bill. Ack shoe ally I had opportunities to go do or see lotsa things that I turned down in favor of doin somethin else at the time.

    To me, por ejemplo, a nice poker game with good refreshments was more interesting than a freebie baseball game on the ground level at Candlestick, and in those days I’d rather play golf with friends than go to a pro football game, even with free tickets.

    But somewhere along the way, somebody sneaked some kryptonite into my Fruit of the Looms and unraveled my kevlar. These days a really good sunrise through the pines with those tall thunderclangers in the neighborhood is excitement enuf for me. Man-made thrills designed to stimulate adrenaline flow are no match for my imagination.

    I spent 20 minutes this mornin watchin my two dogs lyin side by side ears up under a magnolia tree with the mockingbirds and jays and squirrels doin their thing along the fence line. I’ll watch an afternoon Gulf Coast squall line come thru the neighborhood with more interest than I will 99% of what passes for entertainment on TV.


  11. Mal says:

    My first thought was, why only 1 floor and not all the way down? I mean, if your gonna be stupid, be REAL stupid. No. I wouldn’t do it. And Kid, your idea about The Trade Center was good, if it wasn’t damaged by the planes crashing into them. People will pay good bucks to ride these type things. Heck, I’d pay NOT go on, if necessary!


  12. Mal says:

    And Z. Remember, a chicken ain’t nothin’ but a bird!


  13. I have a good friend who did that Vegas thing. Zip line?


  14. cube says:

    I’ve been up the Statue of Liberty once, up the top of the Empire State Building too many times to count, and I’m one of those people that will ride a roller coaster seven times in a row if the line is slow. Would I do this now? Maybe once, but I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as when I was younger and less wise.


  15. Bob says:

    “if you’re outside L.A., and you actually DO this, you’re invited to my house for dinner”

    You first.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    BOB! NO WAY…but you ARE invited if YOU do it!

    Cube…everything seemed more fun when we were younger, right!?

    Ed..hint; your friend is INSANE 🙂


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