Benghazi Report Presser – My Coverage

I just watched quite a bit of the press conference on the Benghazi Report.

Trey Gowdy and associates all kept saying this isn’t about one person.  Obviously, that meant Clinton.  They kept saying that it seemed everyone wants it to be about that person but that was not their intent.  Their intent was to follow the requests of those who told them to do this report and get answers.

CNN’s response BREAKING NEWS HEADLINE  was “GOP led panel finds no wrongdoing by Clinton”    I think those breaking headlines were prepared last night in the news room because that’s an absolute LIE and they know that if they watched the press conference.  It’s such a lie it actually stunned me in its obvious misinterpretation.

They did NOT say she did no wrongdoing.  The report does list WHAT HAPPENED and the implication from the faces of the Republicans speaking and some of what they said, is there WAS wrongdoing.  Gowdy and his partners kept urging the press to READ THE REPORT and DRAW THEIR CONCLUSIONS.   Nobody on that panel ever even suggested there was NO WRONGDOING BY ANYONE.  They did discuss “the person who went on the Sunday morning talk shows and gave completely different information than what their report found to be true” (not mentioning Susan Rice by name).  Yet, there was the CNN headline as incorrect and blatantly misleading as possible.

I kept laughing at the journalist’s questions and the CNN take-away from what they heard, knowing that the LEAST TINIEST HINT of a Republican having done anything wrong, had this been a Republican administration who was in charge at the time, and the headlines would have been “DEMOCRAT led panel finds REPUBLICANS guilty of wrongdoing”

Here’s the problem: When Gowdy and others say “it’s NOT about ONE PERSON” that does not exonerate that ONE PERSON (that elephant in the room whose name didn’t even get mentioned) from any wrongdoing.  It means THE REPORT DOES NOT TO SINGLE OUT ONE PERSON, THE REPORT IS TO GET THE FACTS, AND WE HAVE.

“Read the report” does NOT mean “Mrs. Clinton or this administration did all they could to save these four Americans”    Trust me, it doesn’t.   Yet……..the liberal media’s outraged at the gall of ANYBODY having put together this report and is intent on telling the country MRS CLINTON DID NO WRONGDOING.

Even I, someone who understands the media today and thinks we’re living in a Third World country, and in horrific risk of losing what used to be an informed public,  because of their lack of honesty, found THIS astonishing.

I hope some of you saw some of this and can chime in.



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21 Responses to Benghazi Report Presser – My Coverage

  1. John M. Berger says:

    “GOP led panel finds no wrongdoing by Clinton”

    I’m afraid that those who might, otherwise, (Shrillary supporters) learn something about this horrible fraud will read that headline and continue to dismiss the truth as some sort of “Right Wing Conspiracy”. They don’t call CNN the “Clinton News Network” for nothing!


  2. bunkerville says:

    And what were you doing over at CNN?? 🙂 Good analysis and my take as well.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bunk! I MUST see what much of America’s seeing….also, we can be assured the networks will always cover much the same as CNN: It cuts my reporting time by a LOT 🙂
    Glad you agree…

    (Sort of like the very legitimate criticism I like to pose “If you want a really scandalous subject to go away, just have Darryl Issa do the senate hearing and POOF! It’s GONE FOREVER”)
    If you want Democrat GUILT exposed…..put Republicans in charge and YOU WILL GET NOTHING.

    I’ve been painting and listening at the same time….there’s A LOT MORE ON CLINTON than my blog post contains…..I urge you guys to read some of it. SHE DID NOTHING for POLITICS, then MISINFORMED THE PUBLIC (but NOT her daughter in an email WHICH YOU CAN READ!!!), and still DOES!!


  4. geeez2014 says:

    “In the email, Mrs. Clinton tells her daughter — who used the email pseudonym “Diane Reynolds” — that the attacks were undertaken by an “Al Queda-like group.””

    WAIT, we thought it was just a bunch of angry Libyans outside the embassy due to a video they hated! 🙂


  5. geeez2014 says:

    FOX just said “The Commission is SLAMMING the Obama administration for its response there….the military SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE PREPARED”

    Hmmm..FOX says they’re SLAMMING…CNN says “Clinton’s INNOCENT”

    You’ve got to love it……….stay tuned for Trump to act like HE wrote this “HUUUGE” report.
    Stay tuned for the Dems to completely disavow all that’s in it.



  6. geeez2014 says:

    Apparently, the MEME of the Left is now WE SPENT ALL THOSE MILLIONS ON THINGS WE ALREADY KNEW….yup.

    “I could have found out that information without spending 7 million dollars” is what I’m hearing everywhere this morning from the Left.


  7. Mal says:

    We watched most of the proceedings, also. It was very well conducted and articulated by the panel. But how can we sway H’s supporters if they didn’t watch this? They will keep hearing lies and twisted facts from the Left and believe it. One thing you gotta give them credit for is their complete control over their minions. Comparing the Democratic Machine to the GOP is like having the Lakers play a high school prep team.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    More and more I’m coming to the conclusion that [corruption] is an attribute completely inconsequential to the DemocRAT/Liberal mindset. The mere fact that Shillary, existing with impunity, as their choice for POTUS proves that George Orwell was, indeed, a profit! Why don’t we just rename the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the ANIMAL FARM REPUBLIC?


  9. bocopro says:

    Duck, dodge, hide, cover-up, lie, spin, repeat.

    I’m tellin ya, guys . . . we’ll NEVAH get the truth, the whole truth, and anything vaguely resembling the truth about a situation which might endanger the Entrenchment’s hold on power, regardless of the party symbol: behemoth or jackass.

    They’re convinced we can’t handle the truth so it’s best we be fed sterilized pablum fortified with valium, xanax, and librium.


  10. Sparky says:

    Good analysis of all the lies being covered up for Heil Clinton. As far as “they” are concerned, the HildaBeast is already in office. Well, it looks like there never will be any justice in this world for all the evildoers. Our Pastor sure was hopping mad about all this getting away with murder business, trying to ban guns, allowing Muslims to invade our country and such and he’s usually so calm. Perhaps there’s a Revolution in the works … ?


  11. As I read someone comment elsewhere:
    Are you telling me that departure for an evening’s engagement was held up by a woman’s indecision over what to wear?

    It’s a shame we didn’t have a commander with enough honor to say “let’s roll” and face the court-martial.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Mal “They will keep hearing lies and twisted facts from the Left and believe it. One thing you gotta give them credit for is their complete control over their minions.”
    I had the same exact thought…they’ll NEVER KNOW the truth. But they think that’s US and they slam FOX because it usually DOES have much of both sides.
    OCCASIONALLY, CNN will have a news person who SORT of straddles the line, but not often..
    And less today, regarding this situation, that is FOR SURE.

    JMB…agree 😦
    “TIME TO MOVE ON”….isn’t that just freakin’ TYPICAL of the BEAST, they lying, stinking , murdering, conniving, greedy B****? (Ya, I know..’tell us what you REALLY think of HRC, Z!”)

    bocopro; if only we COULD get the truth. Clearly, we’d see BOTH SIDES STINK but I’m thinking one’s stinkier than the other and the COLD HARD GRIP the Lefties have on American news is pre-Nazi, seriously, and I don’t throw that term around, as you all know here.

    Ed…they’ll NEVER do the HONORABLE thing.

    And , you know, some of it’s our fault; I was hearing people this morning saying “if only Hillary had said she should have been more aware, should have maybe sent help”…Yes, imagine if she’d said that, how HARD the Republicans would have come down on her?
    See what I mean?


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Lunched with 3 Conservative (very) friends today…all 3 say they can’t IMAGINE voting for a man like Trump. He’s counting on people saying that but voting for him anyway, and they ALL added “but vote for HILLARY? NO WAY”
    So, they might not vote….they’re aware of the SCOTUS situation and fearful but don’t trust that Trump will stay conservative as he strays a tad more left since the primaries finished…and I’ve said all along he’ll continue to do so.
    This is a troubling trend…He just MUST LISTEN.




  14. Silverlady says:

    Love, love, love trey Gowdy! Kudos to him & the rest of the Republicans on the committee who worked so diligently, & against the tide of wacko Dem party hacks, who tried every way possible to thwart them, Ol’ Elijah Cummings being one of the worst. Most of the ‘reporters’ (sarc!) embarrassed themselves with the blatantly biased questions they asked. Gowdy doesn’t suffer fools gladly, & good for him!


  15. Mal says:

    Sure, John, Hillary would LOVE to simply put it behind her and get on with the campaign, but hopefully, we ain’t gonna let her. She also would like to put the “email thing” behind her, too and I hope we don’t fall for that, either. Its hard to believe the Clinton’s have so much power they feel confident letting her run while under investigation by Government agencies including the FBI. And she is cock-sure she won’t be indicted! THAT REALLY gets me! Look how low the Left has stooped the past couple of decades.


  16. John M. Berger says:

    I remember well her serial rapist husband repeat, ad nauseam, “time to move on” while we had to endure the Lewinsky scandal. At least she could be a little more original but…………..

    I can’t for the life of me understand the “3 Conservative (very) friends”. Trump may not be as conservative as George Will but his record sure beats the #e!! out of hers. She is an absolute known quantity and it’s far from pretty! Look at it this way: Say you are in a life threatening situation and there were two doors to go through to escape that. One door was marked “MAN EATING LION INSIDE” the other “POSSIBLE MAN EATING LION INSIDE”; which one would you choose? It might be interesting to see how the “friends” feel as we go along and the threat of that monster grows while, perhaps, Trump levels out in moderation. I think that he made a completely cogent speech in the “Rust Belt” today.


  17. Silverlady says:

    You can tell your ‘very conservative’ friends that if they don’t vote in effect they are voting for Hit-lery. Period! The ONLY time I did not vote in an election was when it was David Duke vs. Edwin Edwards. I had voted in the Primary, but staunch Republican as I am there was absolutely NO way I would vote for David Duke!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Silverlady, I love Gowdy, too.

    As I’ve said above, EVERYONE…my friends will probably vote but it is going to be, like it will be for me, MISERABLE, to think I actually voted FOR a man as nasty, thin skinned, mean and temperamental….

    These women are some of the smartest we all know…they have class and elegance. They can’t stand Hillary. I misspoke when I wrote “They might not vote..” sorry. THEY WILL VOTE but SO terribly begrudgingly…

    I find it important to mention their disgust in having to vote for Trump because there are more people who won’t vote..PERIOD, who don’t understand the Supreme Court situation, who just can’t take Trump’s personality. And please, nobody tell me I’m too into personality. I’m tired of that and it’s silly; It’s IMPORTANT how someone speaks, important how one comes off to others….maybe more as a pres. candidate than for us as individuals..WE care how we’re perceived (or most of us do, and should), a presidential candidate should even care MORE.

    WE deserve a candidate to be proud of. This one, for MANY of us, is not it.



  19. John M. Berger says:

    “WE deserve a candidate to be proud of. This one, for MANY of us, is not it.”
    I couldn’t agree more but what we don’t deserve is the continuation of the destruction of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as we have known it! Shrillary will certainly take us beyond the point of no return!


  20. Mal says:

    Which door would I choose, John? It depends. If I was tired of it all and wanted to end it, like now, I’d probably choose “MAN EATING LION INSIDE”!


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