Republican Congress…can we keep it?

It looks like Hillary Clinton’s win is a done deal.  With the things Trump’s been doing and saying, how can he WIN?   Imagine sending emails to British MPs for money? Most in England have expressed their dismay at  his candidacy and he’s this tone deaf?   I’m hoping Americans don’t hear too much about this.

And don’t forget the mainstream media’s constant stream of anti-Trump headlines of things he’s said, done, his past…ANYTHING they can do to ruin the Republican candidate….Look at Hillary’s TERRIBLE scandals, even this latest Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton situation, and the PRESS SAYS LITTLE.   We have to fight HARDER to get through the mainstream media lies………so that’s going against Trump, too.

His numbers are going south, and he’s not really changing his ways because I think he believes those “huge crowds every day” mean he’s doing great!!   Sure, makes an ego feel fabulous to hear 5,000 cheering fans…. or even 1o,000 but he’s sagging woefully among women and his response is to “not change course on that” because “so many women are in our crowds!”   He thinks big crowds translate to the MILLIONS of votes needed to beat Hillary!???  That’s scary.  These are big bunches of big die-hard fans in each city…not millions of voters!  AND he’s been saying things like “Scotland was excited about Brexit!” at press conferences when the news was Scotland voted against it in very large numbers.   This is so problematic.

ANYWAY:  My question is this:    The HUGE worry is The Supreme Court ….  If Hillary wins, there will be probably 3 open seats in her presidency (boy, it’s hard to type “her presidency”…so upsetting!!), and this will tip this country over forever from the America we knew.    AND there are pundits, including Mitch McConnell and other politicians, saying WE WILL ALSO LOSE THE SENATE AND HOUSE….or there’s a good chance we will because people voting against Trump will vote for Dems.   I DON’T THINK SO.

I will DEFINITELY vote for whoever is running against Hillary.  And I BELIEVE many Republicans who can’t bring themselves to cast that vote for Trump WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE DEMS in their States.  I believe they might skip voting for president because Trump is SO repulsive to many Conservatives that they just can’t.  Believe me, I understand that.  BUT, I would NEVER think they’ll vote liberal for their senator or congressman.  WHY WOULD THEY?


Just saw THIS ARTICLE and thought it important to include it…“Republicans hope it won’t get that bad for them this year, but even admirers acknowledge that some things are beyond even McConnell’s control.  “He’s got a tough task,” said Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona. “A wave will wash us all away.”



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28 Responses to Republican Congress…can we keep it?

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Upsetting, indeed. That’s why I’ve been staying away from the whole political campaign for some time now. It physically hurts at times to see what has become of this land.

    As for conservatives who can’t hold their nose and vote for Trump, actually punching the ticket for Hillary? You’ll always find a handful of nuts in a box of cracker jacks, but that ain’t gonna happen at any measurable level. There are probably just as many #Feelthebernie voters who can’t vote for Hillary.

    I live in the very blue state of Michigan, so it doesn’t matter a hillary of beans what I do anyways. Karl Marx will get more write-in votes here than will trump.


  2. I completely get NOT voting for Trump; which it appears that a staggering number of Republicans are liable to do…..but even in that case, I absolutely DON’T get gifting one’s vote to Clinton. There seems to be an odd reflex in this nations politics, that one simply must vote for one of the two front runners, even if that person is an ideological opposite. Which in my case, include both Trump and Clinton.


  3. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t trust the polls. The Enemedia cannot be trusted!


  4. John M. Berger says:



  5. Adrienne says:

    AOW is right. Don’t trust the polls – most of which are run by libtards.


  6. bocopro says:

    Damn the Supreme Court! Full spite ahead!!


  7. FB says:

    If I was polled by a hispanic or an african american, I wouldn’t say the truth. The polls for Brexit were wrong too.


  8. FB says:

    The whole Bill – Loretta story also shows what this country has become. A south american democratic republic. Pretty sad to see this kind of behavior.


  9. FB says:

    About polls, an interesting thing to consider. When I was studying political science, we studied polls and the potential influence of poll results on the electorate. What I remember from the class is that the leftist political scientist thought polls could influence the electorate and therefore should be regulated. The more laissez-faire ones thought polls were a great way to have some kind of market transparency. So I can bet you that leftist pollsters will tweak polls so they can discourage people on the right.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    I just watched Loretta LYnch’s ‘reasoning’ with the liberal Wash Post interviewer regarding the airplane meeting. Neither mentioned how the FBI was telling everyone there “No cell phones, no cameras, no audio equipment….” Or how Bill waited tho his departure was already late. Or how everyone on Lynch’s plane was told to get off before Clinton boarded.
    Or how she swears when she talks to Obama they have never discussed the CLinton Email scandal. WHich, to me, is INSANELY stupid.

    Yup….she says this won’t persuade her one way or the other….I wonder what the message from Clinton to Lynch’s staff might have been…..I wonder if anybody’s been literally threatened….why not? Why stop NOW?

    I don’t think most of us believe polls are 100% but I do think some are accurate…I think they’re nothing to totally ignore, that’s for sure.

    MY BIG QUESTION IN MY POST WAS THIS: Why would any Cons. NOT VOTING FOR TRUMP suddenly NOT VOTE FOR THEIR REP choice in their State? And THAT is what the conjecture is, THAT is why I included the bit about McConnell, who’s doing his best to prevent this.

    I can almost imagine going into a voting booth thinking “I find Trump REVOLTING and as much as I know I SHOULD vote for him, I can’t bring myself to…..So I’m not voting for Pres and I think I’ll vote Democrat across the line for my senator and congressman”

    WHAT?? Someone help me here.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Lynch now says SHE WILL ACCEPT CLINTON RECOMMENDATIONS FROM HER STAFF…..umm..isn’t that her job? What do most AGs do, take the millions of dollars and hours their staffs spend and IGNORE THEM?


  12. bocopro says:

    My grandmother (who raised me and whom I admired and respected to the nth degree) decided she couldn’t vote for Adlai Stevenson because he was divorced, her logic being that a man who can’t run his own house can’t run the country. My grandfather said for as long as I can remember back, “Roosevelt was a sonofabitch” and always voted straight-ticket Republican.

    My mother and stepfather gleefully voted straight-party opposite parties for the sole purpose of cancelling each other out.

    My wife refuses to even register, saying that it’s all rigged and the vote counts are completely bogus, so why waste time deluding yourself.

    My children won’t vote because they say nobody worth voting for has been a candidate for the past 3 decades.

    My grandchildren who are eligible won’t vote because they believe it merely encourages the power-hunger, the corruption, and the waste, giving the elected officials a sense of privilege. They say it’s time we scrapped the fatally damaged paradigm and started over.

    I fully intend to use my vote to reject both major parties. What I want to happen is for no one to get the necessary 270 so that the decision is thrown into the House, clearly denying whoever it is the “mandate” while simultaneously saying “We’re watchin you, so behave yourself with that EO thingy.”


  13. Sparky says:

    I’m always amazed at how many people won’t vote. It’s essential that good people do so that evil can not prosper. If one doesn’t vote, then they’re siding with corruption.
    Anyway, first I don’t trust the Polls, especially this far out. Most people are so clueless that they probably don’t even know it’s an election year yet.
    Secondly, I don’t trust the Enemedia (thanks AOW, that’s a classic!). They are indeed Libtard’s and therefore very slanted.
    And thirdly, I pray. Often. All day if necessary. (I know most here do also.) It’s worse in Europe, you know. So, until hearts are changed, the whole world is sliding towards destruction.
    Love and appreciate you Z. You’re one of the Good Ones. Have a Happy 4th. 🙂


  14. FB says:

    Happy 4th of July to everyone!!! This day is more important than ever when I see all the statist and socialist-leaning lemmings.


  15. Imp says:

    Funny..yesterday Rassmusen(?) had Trump up by 5 over Killary. 44 to 39.


  16. It’s big news if Director Comey announces an indictment knowing Lynch won’t trounce it.
    Maybe Trump can beat Bernie.
    But he can be his own best enemy.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, I was going to say I can’t agree more with your comment then got to your lovely compliment..not SO sure about that, but I SURE appreciate it… THANK YOU.

    BOCOPRO….how can your family’s not voting NOT PUT HILLARY IN OFFICE?? They see no difference in HILLARY and Conservatives? (and trust me, it’ll be a REAL hard vote for me this year….one I’ll honestly have to shower after because it’ll make me feel filthy to vote for a man with a mouth like Trump’s hate and venom and insults and thin skinnedness…truly)

    Ed, Trump is definitely his own best enemy…..he’s doing ALL HE CAN to LOSE at this point.

    I don’t think Comey gives a rat’s poop what Lynch does….I believe in Comey from all I’ve heard and he’ll do what he feels the evidence his department’s amassed shows him…don’t you think?

    Imp; I heard that, too…I SO HOPE THAT KEEPS UP. The conventions aren’t even here yet…a LOT will happen and THEN we’ll see where the cards lay.

    FB…to you, too!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    BY THE WAY: If Trump really is considering Christie for VP, that MIGHT even convince me I’ve had enough and I WILL NOT VOTE.
    Honestly. That man has done NOTHING to impress me, is a suck up and this would ABSOLUTELY DO IT FOR ME. NO VOTE.
    After all I said above………
    there is NO SHOWER LONG ENOUGH for voting FOR Trump AND Chris Christie. Period.


  19. Boy, are you right about Christie.


  20. In retrospect I realize director Comey cannot issue an indictment but must wait for Lynch to do it.
    It’s just that she promised to follow his recommendation.


  21. Baysider says:

    One encouraging sign: my trainer, a youngish hip-ish guy who can think, has gradually grown more disenchanted with the Dem’s. Occasionally I tell him “you’re actually a Republican” but today he stated flat out there is NO WAY he can vote for Hillary. While he thinks Trump stinks, he’s better than HER.

    Trump needs to NOT add another prickly personality to the ticket. Ugh!


  22. bocopro says:

    They just don’t believe in the existing system, IOW the electoral college. My wife, who is much more intelligent than I, will not believe that the votes counted faithfully and accurately. And she believes that if by some fluke the right person IS elected, power players cause ballot recounts until the desired result is achieved.

    Four of my adult (voting age) grandsons believe it’s all a big farce, with rigged machines, false counts, false ballots, misplaced ballots, damaged ballots, and outright fraud. They believe the results are in nearly all cases (at the high offices) pre-determined by money and influence and “democracy” is just a sham in the same vein as late-nite informercials for “never sold in stores” junk.


  23. Baysider says:

    Bocopro – alas, all that is true. No Dems want a ‘faithful’ count, and most Reps are happy to retain their districts even with rampant cheating. I’ve seen it here on big and small scale.

    I think the Banksters hate Trump. That alone makes his chances small. Their forefather Banksters engineered the panic of 1907 and TR’s run in 1912 to lever Taft out of office because he wouldn’t play ball (and Wilson did). I doubt they’ve softened their stance as they’ve consolidated power.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s the law, yes…he recommends and she takes his recommendation. She’s promising to now, as if any AG shouldn’t? That’s what these reports are FOR; one would THINK that counts. Hopefully, it will with her in this case.

    Baysider…I love that trainer story…
    I can only add I wish TRUMP would stop adding HIS prickly hideous personality more and more to the ticket. STOP, DONALD!!! Be a NICE PERSON…DO NOT “nice” I do NOT mean “Weak”….just STATE FACTS, BE TOUGH but STOP calling people names…and stop using your 3 word vocabulary (disgrace, huge, and RICH)…THINK ,man, who took your tests at Wharton?


  25. FB says:

    Trump will pick Gingrich. I hope that happens so Gingrich can do another welfare reform. When I see the welfare numbers in the US, it’s the equivalent to European social democracies. Except les money goes to welfare recipients and a lot more money is wasted along the way.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    FB: THAT is my hope. And I was never a Gingrich fan. But I think he’d be good for this country and good for Trump.


  27. Gingrich is not as good a choice as Tom Cotton, but I can’t imagine a decent candidate who’d accept the nomination to be wingman to Trump.
    I’d probably think less of anyone who did. 🙂


  28. John M. Berger says:

    Gingrich may not be the best for PC and may not be the best to help Trump get elected but, as I see it, he would be the best choice if [we] are to pull out of the #E!! that we are headed for! That’s just my opinion. Please, someone tell me who is better.


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