Mery, Mercy Me

Yes, that’s a Marvin Gaye title………In it are the words “Where did all the blue skies go….?”   I thought that line described our America today….

He was a prophet.  So was I:

On September 11, 2001, Mr. Z and I were blissfully living in Paris, France, my mother had left from her yearly 2 week trip just the day before and we’d walked up to the large grocery store to shop.  They deliver so you can get a lot of things and not have to drive there.  We were strolling along the Avenue Victor Hugo (between the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower) when we passed a shop called Au Nom De La Rose (here it is):

au nom de la rose

This is a store that sells nothing but roses.   We walked through the beautiful many colored petals they throw out onto the sidewalk every morning and I looked into the beautiful window and said “Honey, imagine a world without roses?”

avenue victor hugo

30 minutes later, I was calling him into our den from his office to see that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center Tower……. A few weeks later, I remembered having said that about worlds without roses and I feel like I’ve lived in that since.

Do you have a song line that captures our society today?  It needn’t be negative, it can be a happy one…that’d be a great encourager!

Let us know!  Come write in a line from a song, or link the lyrics….tell us why!

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43 Responses to Mery, Mercy Me

  1. fredd says:

    Yes, Marvin was harping on the environment early on. We’ve come a long way since Marvin feared all of that mercury in our tuna sandwiches, but it’s never going to be far enough for the greenies, no siree Bob.


  2. craigx says:

    Good morning Mz Z. I know you won’t publish my comment but, even though we disagree on politics, I admire your taste in music. Marvin is my 2nd favorite singer, right behind Al Green. It seems Donald J. Trump is channeling Marvin for his immigration/ national security policy, What’s Goin’ on, What the hell is going on? Cheer up, Z. Things really aren’t as bad as you want to believe. Despite our problems (we’ve had worse), the U.S. is still a Top 5 country to live in. Hillary won’t change that. So, here’s my lyric for today:
    “History repeats the old conceits
    The glib replies the same defeats
    Keep your finger on important issues
    With crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues
    I’m just the oily slick
    On the windup world of the nervous tick”
    Elvis Costello, “Beyond Belief”


  3. Joe says:

    I think the current administration gets its policies from Ten Years After’s “I’d love to change the world”.


  4. bocopro says:

    One of my pastimes is reworking lyrics from successful songs and poems. Kinda like this:

    Haunting melody, self-recriminating lyric . . .
    Made me think of what’s happened with the country I once knew . . .
    Just BEGGING to be reworked in a political motif

    “You’ve pushed us down deep into debt for too long”

    We can’t see the point voting here any more
    Let’s have a reset, a trash dump, and restore
    Give back the powers, where they belong
    We trusted you guys with our fate for too long.

    We fell through the cracks of your two-faced platforms
    We’re tired of your lies and your high-priced “new norms”
    Bring back the prestige that once was so strong
    We trusted you guys with our nation too long.

    Put back the faith we had so deep and strong
    We trusted you guys with our Congress too long
    Bring back the ideas that you thought were wrong
    We let you get by with your tricks for too long.

    We don’t have the time to look into the cup
    To check for half empty or halfway filled up
    Islam is coming and China is strong
    We’ve squandered our treasure on food stamps too long.

    Let’s restart the system and get back to work
    And not vote in one more socialist jerk
    Get out of Congress, you got it wrong
    We gave you too much for too little too long

    Bring back the glory, re-sing the song
    We set you on pedestals for far too long
    Give back the powers, where they belong
    We trusted you guys with the keys for too long.


  5. Sept 11, not 22?

    A world w/o roses could never smell as sweet.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, Vrag…September 11…Ed pointed out my typo and it’s changed. Thanks.
    This iS a world w/o roses…it’s never smelled as sweet as before 9/11…not for me, anyway. NEVER.

    Bocopro..that’s excellent…Trusting Congress; there’s a switch.

    We can’t EVEN TRUST THE POST OFFICE IN LOS ANGELES ANYMORE. I PUT A $5 bill in a dark colored envelope, with a paper wrapped around it, to pay a friend back for something and it’s never got to her house…I’d put it in my bldgs’ LOCKED mail box that only the post office has a key to. My mother put a check in a US Post Office box and it was washed and, thankfully, caught….My friend put a check in the same box I did, the check’s been washed….
    THIS CAN ONLY BE THE POST OFFICE PEOPLE…. I keep thinking “The ONE THING we really DID think we could trust was OUR MAIL”
    Not anymore.

    Ed…Ball of Confusion; Perfect.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Joe….good choice, sadly
    “Everywhere is freaks and hairies
    Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity
    Tax the rich, feed the poor
    Till there are no rich no more?”

    Yes, till there are no rich anymore, who buy products, create business which employ, pay for our health insurance, …. that’s what the Left wants to stop.

    Craig…Al Green is one of my VERY favorites, too. I never stopped publishing liberal comments for their content, just their nasty attitudes….just for the record.
    And yes, they ARE as bad as most of us believe and I just wrote a huge long comment here on why but decided I’m not in the mood for that discussion.
    Let’s keep it to music. You are welcome here when you do. Thanks, Craig. I wish you well, and I DO wish you were aware of how bad things ARE getting on the level of honesty, patriotism, and putting our country and its people first in every way.

    fredd, Marvin also spoke on war…..I don’t knee=jerkedly fault anybody bemoaning war or the environment….


  8. fredd says:

    Z: yes, war is a terrible thing. So is unhealthy high levels of pollution. My knee jerks considerably, though, when extremists of any kind bad mouth anything. Not that ol’ Marvin was an extremist.

    War – terrible, but often necessary. It really isn’t human nature to grab ukeleles and sit around arm in arm singing kumbaya. Just the opposite. And war is part of human nature, you can’t make war obsolete just by not liking it and making a song about how awful it is.

    Pollution – zero pollution is a bad thing. Productivity in general always creates undesirable by products such as noise (jets), and hydrocarbons (cars). We could achieve zero pollution, but we would have to move back into caves, and there are not enough caves to go around, so the rest of us would have to live in the open, rain or shine. Or die. Either way, I will put up with a little pollution to avoid the alternative..


  9. geeez2014 says:
    WOW, anybody got a song for yet ANOTHER CLinton scandal?

    fredd….I’m all for healing the planet as long as they do it CAREFULLY and with the fact that people are LIVING ON IT NOW and making livings and need to continue to do so. We need to do HELPFUL things that don’t destroy our economies.
    On War, I’m not sure even Marvin believed what you wrote..I sure don’t. As you know, I’m no ukelele-singing kumbaya dope. Fredd, I’d bome the S*** out of Raqqa, the ISIS stronghold/home office, today if we could. but thanks for the advice 🙂


  10. geeez2014 says:
    Just how many MORE whole sectors of society is Trump going to turn off on his “I can’t do me enough to lose” campaign?


  11. John M. Berger says:



  12. 1. Trump had support in the open primaries from enough democrats to thwart republicans.
    2. Every day he gives credence to his campaign being being a false flag operation, meant to loose the election to Clinton.
    3. it’s continually claimed that he is marginally better enough than Clinton so that we must vote for him.
    4. There is no evidence but his constantly changing words to support that.
    5. There is still time to change the rules at the convention.
    6. Then we’ll see how Trump supporters fall in to line behind a different not-Clinton candidate as they require of us.


  13. Mal says:

    There are many songs that have inspired me throughout my life but one in particular stands out. It was written during WW ll when men went off to war. It was called “We’ll be together again”. The words I remember started from the bridge…
    “Times when I know you’ll be lonely. Times when I know you’ll be sad.
    Don’t let temptation surround you. Don’t let the blues make you bad.
    Some day. Some way. We both have a lifetime before us.
    So parting is not goodbye. We’ll be together again.”

    I particularly like it because the last two lines can also relate to when you lose a spouse or loved one, giving hope in an afterlife.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    JMB…good one!

    Ed…could you explain this?
    1. Trump had support in the open primaries from enough democrats to thwart republicans

    And I’d like to know your main premise; Is it that you think Trump is only a kind of shill or poseur to get Hillary elected?
    And, can you imagine the HELL Trump will display if the rules DO change? I believe the Rep convention is going to be almost as bad a riot as the Dem was in 1968…unless the rules get changed…then Trump supporters (many White Supremes and blue collar workers) will be MORE violent)
    My Aunt still hasn’t decided to go as the guest of a known political pundit; I’m trying to keep her safe by advising her NOT TO GO.

    Mal, that MELODY is so brilliant..I LOVE IT:

    thanks for the reminder of that lovely song…and your interpretation is so you…so optimistic, AS USUAL!
    I think that’s how you’ve lived so healthily and happily these, what, 87 years, I think it is?
    You’re a great inspiration!


  15. geeez2014 says:

    and yes, Sinatra and Fitzgerald did record this (2 faves of mine), but I ran across Stewart and liked his rendition….!!


  16. Kid says:

    Ed stole my thunder. Ball of Confusion – 1971. Nothing has changed and it’s all gotten worse.

    Lyrics if you want to read them instead –


  17. Mal says:

    Thanks, Z. I can’t remember the gal that originally sang it, like Jo Stafford, maybe? Anyway, she did a real number on it at the time. Again, thanks for digging it up.


  18. Baysider says:

    Nemico pella patria – Gerard’s aria from Andrea Chenier in which he bemoans how the French revolution with its wondrous idealism, promises and starry-eyed followers has eaten its children.

    They followed their heart. They wanted to turn the world into a Pantheon and men into gods (fare del mondo un Pantheon, gli uomini in dii mutare). They have become giants, elevated above the chains of the past, thrown off the masters of tradition (and God) … only to find they have merely changed masters and are now subject to the stern master of violent passions (Gigante mi credea …
    Son sempre un servo! Ho mutato padrone. Un servo obbediente di violenta passione!) Truly a song for our times. I’ve thought so for 44 years since I first learned this aria.


  19. Baysider says:

    PS. They wanted to love all humanity in one embrace — until they found they needed to chop off heads to do it. Sounds like college campuses today.


  20. bunkerville says:

    Pink Floyd. Dark side of the moon album. Any of the tunes. Does it for me.


  21. Kid says:

    Bunkerville, Pink Floyd played that album live in Pittsburgh when I was knee high to a guitar player – at the Civic Arena, which had a roof that opened in pie slice by slice fashion until only one slice was left. When they played Breathe, they opened the roof, and a huge ball of maryjane smoke drifted out. Main point being that it was the best live concert I ever went to. They played the album start to finish and you couldn’t tell their playing from the studio recording. They did have a couple tapes play for some of the effects.

    Aside from that, that was some majic stuff to listen to on those summer evenings crusing around in the sports cars.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I wonder what that smoke did to space aliens? 🙂
    Bunkerville…great stuff, Pink Floyd.

    Baysider, nice! Strong aria…BARITONE….

    EVERYBODY: Why is FOX very suddenly the last day or two calling the Clinton/Lynch meeting a “SPONTANEOUS” meeting? They weren’t earlier; I find it odd, since we can’t really know if this WAS Spontaneous, truly, or not. I found that sudden ‘renaming’ of the situation odd.


  23. Imp says:


    “If I had a million dollars
    If I had a million dollars
    Well, I’d buy you a house
    I would buy you a house

    And if I had a million dollars
    If I had a million dollars
    I’d buy you furniture for your house
    Maybe a nice Chesterfield or an ottoman

    And if I had a million dollars
    If I had a million dollars
    Well, I’d buy you a K-Car
    A nice Reliant automobile
    And if I had a million dollars, I’d buy your love”….


    Nice feel good generous sounding tune…to me anyway.
    Those guys made a zillion bucks on that one tune too….


  24. Kid says:

    Z, I recently found out that lynch and clinton met in yet a 3rd aircraft on the Phoenix tarmaca t 108 degrees air temp. That thing would have needed significant prep time to make the inside temp suitable for humans. This 100% cancels the spontaneous BS story.

    Mad was watching TV yestereday. 4+ hours of “news”, pur torture for me, and part of that was FOX, the female host kept interrupting the black guy whoi was the only one making any sensical statements about the clinto lynch meetup. ie. At the very least it was incredibly improper given the AG and a possile indictment in the wings for the female clinton unit. You could tell, she didn’t want him to make that point. Fox is not your friend unless you’re a libtard.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s not being broadcast; where did you hear this?

    I have to admit anything I’ve seen on FOX lately, which is a lot, has been into exposing this meeting, but I was surprised at SPONTANEOUS…other than that, it’s my experience they’re really questioning what happened pretty strongly.

    Spontaneous is also thrown out the window with the two plane info most of us have…they say he left his plane and boarded hers “after others had left the plane”….

    Where’d you hear about a third plane, Kid? Fascinating…

    Imp: If they made that much money, I wish they were singing that to ME 🙂 It IS a nice tune..relaxed, nice-ish voice!


  26. geeez2014 says:
    Lynch is saying it’s PERFECTLY REASONABLE to question the Clinton/Lynch meeting…see the “best defense” strategy!? HOW MAGNANIMOUS of her!
    Oh, this thing STINKS TO HELL.


  27. Kid says:

    Z, read it over at Adrienne’s place. probably still top of the page post there.


  28. Kid says:

    Just to toss it out there – the clintons have been playing hard ball a long time and it could be that they’ve gotten lazy, having gotten away with everything up til now.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, BELIEVE ME, I don’t k now about the third plane (will see what A’s got) but the Clintons ALWAYS WIN, even if they have to ‘off’ someone…in one way or the other..THAT is absolutely the truth..
    Talk about the expression “There’s too much smoke for there not to be a fire”>
    that’s their WHOLE SINKIN’ LYIN” CAREERS…


  30. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t see mention of that situation much over there…but I’m sure it is.
    no worries…I Googled but couldn’t find anything, either….


  31. geeez2014 says:

    A homepage says Hillary’s mansion looks like she “lives like a Boss” And it occurred to me that this Clinton bunch is SO much like the mob…Hillary really IS THE BOSS….I have NO doubt about that. How awful


  32. Kid says:

    Z, My Apologies. So they find a vacant plane on the tarmac, and Loretta Lynch goes there, Clinton, after having been told Loretta Lynch has just arrived or soon arriving, goes to this tarmac, no doubt at general aviation, gets on board the plane. Loretta Lynch says their conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social, about their travels….. It is in the linked Rushbo article. hard to find. I thought it was more obvious.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, thanks…I just don’t know if it’s 100% correct because nobody else is carrying that version at all….man, would THAT have looked obvious! I keep reading people got off Lynch’s private plane and then Clinton got on…..and stayed THIRTY MINUTES to chew the fat?

    AS IF!!!


  34. Mal says:

    Then there is the one called “If my nose was runnin’ money, I’d blow it all on you”. Ever hear it? OH! And another line is “If my nose was runnin’ money, but itsnot!”


  35. Kid says:

    Mal, remember this one?


  36. I’ve wondered how people on different aircraft across the runway recognize each other’s NC numbers. It’s not like they have personalized license plates on aircraft.
    “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?”


  37. Z: at 11:48 you asked me to explain “Ed…could you explain this?
    1. Trump had support in the open primaries from enough democrats to thwart republicans”
    In the Closed primaries where only registered Republican could vote for the Republican nominee, Trump lost. In the open primaries, it was a democratic strategy for democratic voters to vote in the Republican ballots for Trump, the weakest candidate Clinton could face.
    I posted this a while back:

    As for the rest of your question,
    I answered it on air today.


  38. Hey! Unmoderate me!


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, nobody’s moderated…sometimes, with certain links, it’ll ask for my approval. Happens fairly frequently and always involves a link or two. I approved it now.

    I haven’t seen any news about the Republican vote and Trump’s loss…odd , since I hear almost TOO much news. I think they’re fooling themselves if they think Trump’s the weakest candidate Clinton could face. Our private planes here don’t have NC….at least the one I traveled 25 years ago was N102ME.

    There can be no doubt this was a planned meeting…”no cameras! No pictures! No audio!”
    It gets me that whoever traveled with Lynch was ushered off the plane before Clinton got on…when if I were Lynch, I’d be thrilled to introduce a past president to my friends or acquaintances. This STINKS, but the Dems always win.


  40. Mal says:

    Kid, no. I had never heard that one, but do remember a similar one called “Sweet Violets”. You know, “One night while serenading my girlfriend, I thought I was making a hit. But when I looked up to her window, I was hit with a bucket of SWEET VIOLETS. SWEETER THAN ALL THE ROSES.
    Different song, same idea.


  41. My first thought: “I see a bad moon risin’.” Admittedly, it’s the Ramadan 2016 jihad spree that brings this CCR line first to my mind.”


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