Happy Independence Day! (I hope you enjoy all that I shared here)

adams quote

What a lovely thought from Mr. Adams!  Wishing you all a happy holiday….happy memories of fireworks and hot dogs, family and friends all celebrating the independence of America.   I feel a little ‘raw’ about this holiday lately, I have to admit;  we are so besieged with lies and anti-patriotism and conniving politicians and an America allowing so much to happen to her with barely an argument.

I pray that we all stand up proudly and thank our veterans, and stand up for the truth, and encourage our friends and family to keep believing…this country has stood tall since its inception and remembering that helps!   Thank a veteran today for all he’s done for us!

vet america

Pray that God heals our country and our hope and great enthusiasm for all she has stood for is renewed… I wish you all a very happy, inspiring day!


My friend who worked directly for Ronald Reagan sent me this holiday greeting and I thought I should share it with you all. SHE NAILS IT.

Our free American Republic was founded on an idea – the idea of individual liberty.  Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The freedom to try.  The freedom to fail.  The freedom to learn from our mistakes. The freedom to prosper and to keep the fruits of our labors.  The freedom to exercise our conscience when it comes to charity and our religious beliefs.  It is nothing less than the fundamental principle of self-ownership – that your life belongs o you – not the state  -and that the goal is to live free.  

We Americans were the first in history of the world to claim freedom as our inalienable right granted to us by our Creator.  Let’s, as a country, celebrate that right and thank The Lord for it.

May we have many more Fourth of Julys celebrating our unique freedoms!

(Thank you, W!)

NOT FINISHED YET!   Check THIS OUT!…From that link comes the following in italics.  I’m SUCH a believer that God ‘founded’ our country that this all makes perfect sense to me.

But back in 1826, Daniel Webster’s eulogy for Adams and Jefferson spoke to a point that many people believed: that something other than coincidence was involved.

“The concurrence of their death on the anniversary of Independence has naturally awakened stronger emotions,” Webster said. “It cannot but seem striking and extraordinary, that these two should live to see the fiftieth year from the date of that act, that they should complete that year, and that then, on the day which had fast linked forever their own fame with their country’s glory, the heavens should open to receive them both at once.”

“As their lives themselves were the gifts of Providence, who is not willing to recognize in their happy termination, as well as in their long continuance, proofs that our country and its benefactors are objects of His care?”

All the best wishes to all of you and our country on this important day.



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29 Responses to Happy Independence Day! (I hope you enjoy all that I shared here)

  1. bunkerville says:

    Best wishes for a great day and to your family as well.


  2. John M. Berger says:

    Best wishes to all and let us never forget or give-up our struggle against tyranny that our founders so bravely sacrificed for to create this nation as we stand threatened, once again; this time from within!


  3. Yes, God had a plan for this nation.
    Our history makes that obvious to any who is willing to see.
    I pray He is not finished with that plan and that we are not finished with Him.

    “Thomas Jefferson still survives.”
    Wrong by five hours.


  4. Mal says:

    Yes. I believe God DID bless America and intended it to be a home for his believers. Our founding fathers recognized this and honored Him continually with constant prayers, reference to scripture and the Commandments. They are inscribed in monuments and federal buildings all over our nation’s capital. As we so acted, He continued to make us stronger and more prosperous. Therein lies the problem because more and more of its citizens are turning away from Him by outlawing reference to Him and the Bible in public schools while encouraging Islam and the Koran to be taught to “enlighten” our children. All this was brought on by the Muslim leader we so foolishly believed, so is it any wonder He no longer wants to bless us and is looking at our total destruction? We are at the tipping point, my friends, and I believe this election is more crucial than most folks even realize.


  5. A wonderful post, Z.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro..QUeen Hillary? Ya, on Independence Day, back to monarchs? 🙂

    JMB: I believe we’ll NEVER have people like this again. EVER …And we need them MORE THAN EVER NOW. This is a FANTASTIC overview of our founding fathers I hope all of you listen to..

    Ed…it’s a total miracle. Squantos’ story, too, enforces my belief in Godly intervention.

    Mal; I believe you are right….crucial.

    AOW, thanks..it kept growing as the days passed….I hope it’s uplifting.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    A little Off Topic; if I hear ONE MORE TIME about HIllary’s “VOLUNTARY INTERVIEW” with the FBI Saturday characterized like that, I’m going to KNOW we are NO LONGER INDEPENDENT.


  8. Baysider says:

    Great post with this takeaway: “the fundamental principle of self-ownership – that your life belongs to you – not the state.” Wow! or Wow!

    Ed + 1


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…I love that “Thomas Jefferson survives” …and to think MOnroe also died on July 4?
    Also, of course, you know the person who contributed that absolute best phrase amid all the good stuff on this post….Isn’t she SO RIGHT?


  10. Adrienne says:

    What I’ve noticed on this Independence Day, is how so many people are waking up to the fact that we’ve had so many of our freedoms ripped away from us while we were snoozing. So many posts, that many would call pessimistic, are really positive. If you don’t acknowledge what the problem is, it will never be solved.


  11. John M. Berger says:


    “If you don’t acknowledge what the problem is, it will never be solved.”



  12. Baysider says:

    Yes, I’ve always been taken with the thought that Jefferson and Adams died on same July 4, 50 years after the day. Forgotten about Monroe. One can’t help but see the imprint of the Almighty on this country, on imperfect men doing deeds unparalleled in history. (Remember, 3 died in duels, too though. (: )

    Lafayette had recently concluded a lengthy and exultant tour of the country that was energetic and growing, building canals, expanding commerce and wealth. The Banksters were starting to take notice. The Santa Fe trail opened. The Monroe Doctrine asserted the authority of a growing power. Wars were far behind, although as the frontier was rapidly pushing west more seeds of the next one were being germinated in the arguments over the Missouri Compromise. People were 2 generations past the event and in one moment were swept face to face with their founding principles. Page Smith has written of these so beautifully in his 8-vol set on the American nation.


  13. Bob says:

    July 4th has been a signal day in our history. Jefferson and Adams died that day; the Declaration of Independence was signed that day; the Confederate garrison at Vicksburg was surrendered to the Union forces under Grant that day; and the day before, Lee was defeated at Gettysburg and departed the battlefield on July 4th.

    This is all very noteworthy, but after watching Watters World last night, I am afraid that a significant number of our youth will never understand the meaning of history, or of the principles upon which our nation was founded. Sure, I know that maybe those kids Watters interviews may be a bad sample, but it is scary. I vote that we rid our schools of diversity and gender studies, or relegate them to non-academic status.

    On this Independence Day I am getting depressed with the results of Obama’s lack of guts in allowing Islamic terrorism run rampant all over the globe. George W Bush was right, If you are not with us, you are against us. Plus, he said the best way to fight terrorism is to take the fight to them wherever they are. I know that homegrown terrorists are difficult to control, but with the pressure on ISIS and Al Qada at their foreign HQ’s, the job would be a lot easier.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Bob…I had to STOP WATCHING Watters World last night…..SO MANY of our kids KNOW NOTHING. How can you ‘carry on the illustrious past’ if you don’t know it?

    When I allowed libs to comment here, I’d mention how wonderful our past was, and, invariably, Ducky or one of the other really goofy libs would say “YOU LIKED SLAVERY?”
    You see, that’s the way they SHUT DOWN the goodness….OBFUSCATE and run for cover….and leave us supposedly with egg on our faces when we DO know the truth?

    Make sure you watch the Paul Harvey video…I believe it’s only 8 minutes and well worth learning…
    Wish our kids were going to hear it…..they’re too busy getting high so Mom and Dad can support them; they’re going to be REALLY surprised when Mom and Dad’s tax hikes under Hillary won’t afford them buying their kids’ dope anymore, huh?


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I had THE MOST MARVELOUS chat last night with a Black girlfriend I’m just now getting to know more intimately….I learned her two very successful sons, in their thirties, are BOTH (gasp!) CONSERVATIVES who believe in self reliance, hate affirmative action because they really worked HARD to get their success, and believe Obama’s been a train wreck!


  16. I turned Watters World off also, as it turned me off.


  17. Conservative black kids?
    Like Juan Williams’ kids?


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, it’s so amazing to me…one of Juan’s kids even works for the Republican National Committee….cracks me UP.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    A friend of mine’s daughter now works for the RNC, too..for reince priebus…..we hadn’t been in touch in a few years and I heard my friend interviewed on the radio ( a Jewish Republican and STRONG Republican, by the way) so I emailed her and asked “I think I heard you on the radio, was it you?” (she’s fighting, among other things, for that drug that helps heroine addicts survive…)…anyway, she then emailed me that her daughter now works for Priebus and I emailed back something like “Man, it must be difficult with Trump doing so well….did she have anything GOOD to say about HIM?”
    never heard a thing back! 🙂 VERY SENSITIVE. (which is fine with me, by the way…)

    But I also had an old boyfriend from about 30 years ago email asking me how I could possibly not LOVE Trump “do you KNOW him? Have you worked for him? I have a friend who knows people who work for Trump and they’re great guys” blah blah………”You should read this NY Times article, open your mind, look how the EVangelicals love him!” Etc etc..
    All I had to do was not show I was THOROUGHLY enamored by Trump and I haven’t heard from Ron again and it’s been 2 weeks, very unusual. But getting more and more typical.

    DO NOT say you don’t LOOOVE TRUMP…never show the slightest worry about how we can’t win this election with him….and you are CUT OFF!.

    I’m surprised..I will VOTE for Trump and I TOTALLY understand the reasoning that we Conservatives must do ANYTHING TO STOP THE LEFT….but to vote for him is one thing, to ADMIRE or adore him is quite different in my opinion. I wish I COULD, frankly!


  20. I commented this on a radio station Saturday and got a message on FB (and I had unfriended him!) from the owner of the station: “You really need to get off the more than tepid Trump ‘support’ you call in to WAAM. Time to take it full throttle. Anyone not on the Trump train is on the wrong side of history.”.
    Why he bothered is beyond me. These guys are rabid.
    If you don’t agree with them 100% you are not validating, inn fact you are challenging their position, and they take it personally.
    I don’t go around calling people traitors or morons for supporting Trump full throat.


  21. Link is not too visible: Link


  22. geeez2014 says:

    “Father accidentally shoots teenage son at Florida gun range”
    Here’s the BIG TOP HEADLINE for Yahoo and other Homepages….as if this is THE BIGGEST NEWS in our country.

    And, is it ME or are there SO MANY MORE lately? Or is it that the media latches on to EVERY SINGLE GUN KILLING …………….for ITS PURPOSE? I think so.

    And, of course, pray for this adorable young man who needlessly lost his life AT a gun range, very accidentally and, more than ANYTHING, pray for that poor FATHER WHO KILLED HIS LITTLE BOY. I just can’t imagine the pain.

    ED; “I give up”…it’s WP, not you, not me. I had read about your exchange with that person.
    By the way, some of the other bloggers are WILDLY upset at conservatives who are supposedly rabid becasue those people like Trump.
    WHY? I never read any conservatives calling Trump lovers names? I don’t get why they actually LIKE the guy, but I don’t get vicious, I just question..
    I’m getting a little crap, tho….as I described above….VERY nasty to ME because I don’t think TRUMP is THE BEST GUY ON THE PLANET. What’s THAT about?
    I didn’t think Romney was, either………!!!

    Oh, well…it’s going to be a VERY tough four months in this country and it’ll be an even worse 4, maybe 8 years, if THE BEAST wins and we have to live with MADAME PRESIDENT and her skirt chasing jerk of a husband.


  23. Mal says:

    Z, remember what Yogi Berra said because it ain’t over yet. We still have 4 long months and a whole bunch of terrorist attacks worldwide coming which will bolster Trump in the end. I’m afraid that’s what its going to take to make voters realize exactly where we are.


  24. Is it time to pray yet?


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, let’s hope the fat lady sings before she dies in a terror attack!

    Ed, is it ever time NOT to pray? 🙂


  26. jerrydablade says:

    “Pray that God heals our country and our hope and great enthusiasm for all she has stood for is renewed…”

    LOVED this, Z. And I have long been fascinated with the Adams and Jefferson story. God Bless!


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry, you’re not the only one to copy that phrase and compliment it… I have to admit I’m really proud of that….THANK YOU.
    And to think Monroe also died on July 4th? Amazing.
    As I said somewhere above, the Squantos story almost takes second place after this ‘coincidence’ that shows GOD IS IN CONTROL.

    (are you here NOW, God? Were you here in the no-indictment issue this morning?..yes, I know He is, but it’s a good thing doubt makes you stronger in faith because MY faith is about to make me look like the SCHWARZENEGGER OF CHRISTIAN FAITH some time soon :=)


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