Black Unrest

I had another post ready for today but last night’s goings-on, particularly in Dallas, really bugged me…

And Obama had to open his big mouth again as if that doesn’t inflame people to act.  Of course, he was mute on the 66 killings in Chicago last weekend.  No mention. They were probably mostly Black on Black killings.  But let White police kill Blacks and he has just got to weigh in.  Ya, sure, Obama threw out a stupid placating comment about how “this isn’t only crime against Blacks..”   As if he means that.  Rubbish…with him, that’s ALL it’s about.

But it’s really what I’m about, too…..Who wants Black Americans killed?  Not me.  Why is that happening so often?   Cops haven’t just suddenly become racist!  And some of these killings are done BY Black cops!

Both the latest killings looked to me as if they’re absolutely the cops’ faults….though it’s hard to blame a cop who’s just been told “I have a licensed weapon” and for that cop to flip out when he asks for the guy’s license and the guy goes for his pocket as if he could pull out his gun.  On the other hand, where’d that cop THINK the guy had his license, in his hat?

So, where does this go now?  How many nights will we have unrest in this country?
As most of you know, there are tons of White and Black cops killing Whites, too…but Black killings seem to be the only ones that get attention.

IS THIS ABOUT RACISM OR IS IT MORE ABOUT MORE PEOPLE COMMITTING CRIMES, BLACK AND WHITE,  but it’s Black Americans taking advantage of the situation by protesting and with press conferences, whiny articles in newspapers,etc.?  One Black journalist told Don Lemon on CNN last night that his little girl saw the Black kid sobbing because his dad had died and this journalist said “it’s a shame we Blacks have to constrict our children from being all they can be because they have to stay safe, not pursue their dreams.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Then, two minutes later, Lemon has a panel of VERY successful, articulate Black people, six of them, talking about this problem.   I wonder how they managed to get successful, huh? AND….Does anybody think the BLACK LIVES MATTER punks don’t get a big thrill out of pushing their weight around, marching, demanding whatever they’re demanding?

Are our cops going to have to completely numb themselves to their own hopes of staying alive so they can approach possible perps and not attack them, just hoping the perp won’t hurt them?  How?  They have families at home, too!

How the heck do cops protect themselves but also protect society while knowing anything they do will be on tape and questioned, etc?  It’s these cops the last few days who’ve really screwed things up for everyone.  THEY DID WRONG!  THAT HAS TO STOP!  But fixing this needs calm and sanity to prevail, not this HORRIBLE thing happening now , led by Blacks who can’t wait to find any reason to go nuts in the streets.

And how do INNOCENT BLACKS protect themselves from rogue cops, or cops who meant well but reacted too fast in fear?  Or RACISM?

And how much do you think the dash cams and uniform cams play a part in condemning cops, rightfully or wrongfully?

I’m really worried…just when America’s facing terrorism, we’re also falling apart from racism.  SOME “First Black President,” huh? Obama’s done nothing but INFLAME, BLAME and POSTURE, the jerk.  He’s done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help this situation but make it WORSE.

I wrote all that last night….an hour later, after writing it, I’ve learned that three cops are dead, one transit officer dead…at least one is shot in the back by those big, brave Black Lives Matter jerks, probably.  ……horrible.   And now I’m hearing ELEVEN are shot and 2 cops are dead and one transit officer…..I can’t keep up  and I’m done.  You weigh in now, please…………

No…one more thing from me;   WHY DOES FOX KEEP SHEPARD SMITH AROUND?  One cop’s dead, four or five are seriously injured and he says “This suggests a targeted attack on police.”  I guess that’s why Shep gets the big bucks, huh?  GeeeeZ

Now I’m done…and hope to hear from YOU.



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  1. Fox has some bright, conservative commentators and presenters.
    Shep Smith provides “balance”.


  2. bocopro says:

    The solution is really quite simple: outlaw ALL guns. That’ll stop it. I mean, if firearms are illegal, how would young black men get hold of them to kill other black people. And if we disarm the po-lease, then they can’t shoot anybody, right?

    Simple. Surprising that nobody’s thought of that painfully obvious answer. Then all the blacks have to do is wait ’til all the old white people die off so that they can all convert to Islam and refocus their energies on killing Catholic Latinos.

    This is just so basic and easy that a child could come up with it. AND . . . if we disband the US military, the people in all the other countries would feel MUCH safer because the single most dangerous source of conflict and tension has been eliminated and the world can give a big sigh of relief, buy itself a Coke, and sing Kumbaya.

    And pickup trucks. Gotta get rid of pickups, ‘cause that’s where redneck white boys get together to drink beer and plan how to harass and kill innocent black men. White boys with guitars gotta go, too, ‘specially those who wear those wide-brimmed hats and sing about trucks, and trains, and Mama, and all that hokey stuff.

    Oh, and if we close down all the airports, there wouldn’t be any more airport bombings or shootings.

    Jeeez, this is SO simple when you set your mind to it.


  3. jerrydablade says:

    obama has lit this fuse and has been fanning the flames. He must be so proud what he has wrought. 123 days to go. we can see the finish line but our legs are broken… and we are on fire.


  4. Obama shot off his mouth yesterday.

    Last night, cops assassinated in Dallas.

    Fundamental transformation!


  5. Wow, you’re fierce & laser-focused when get angry, Z! Great column! I agree with every word!

    The two most recent black killings by cops involved armed suspects. I am waiting to hear whether either or both of the suspects were trying to go for their weapons when they were shot. I would like to know what the known-to-be-armed suspects were told to do by police & whether they complied. If the suspects did not comply with officers commands…. I would like more information.

    With regard to your observations & objections to President Obama’s remarks, I hear ya! Wouldn’t you think the President would be regularly going to Chicago to end the carnage? Just think of the real power & influence he has in that city? He could really make a difference. Instead, all he does is use the violence to continue his goal to confiscate guns. The man doesn’t appear to have any emotional feelings for the people being slaughtered.

    The Dallas police ambush has now taken the lives of 5 law enforcement officers & wounded 6 more. It sure seems like a planned attack surrounding the Black Lives Matter protest march. The FBI is already involved, but will we get the truth about who these killers are? Or will the Obama Administration hide it if it turns out to be a BLM plot?

    Obviously I have zero faith that we will be told the unvarnished truth. Hell, the whole Black Lives Matter group was founded on an untrue premise that Ferguson thug Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot to death by police officer Darren Wilson. How can the President support such a group? It’s …. I’m at a loss for words. Just plain sad.


  6. Sparky says:

    I don’t know why Fox keeps the sodomite Smith around, or Juan Williams or a few other Libtards, for that matter. In my never-to-be-humble opinion, Tucker Carlson should have his own commentary. That young fella is SMART!
    Good article Z.
    Anyway, this is what happens when the electorate puts a type of anti-Christ, America hating, scum bag like the man who calls himself obama, and many others in political power. We should be expecting more of it before it gets better. I fear it’s gonna get worse.
    Also, prayers and heartfelt condolences to our brothers in blue. Know that we pray for you every day.
    For everyone else, be vigilant, watch around you, be armed and stay safe.


  7. I had a boyfriend in high school who thought it would be funny to aim his water pistol at a cop in the 7-11 parking lot at night. The cop got rattled but luckily didn’t shoot the fool. My father was a cop in our same small town at the time. Needless to say he didn’t want me dating the kid anymore.

    What a lot of people don’t get is the constant strain put on law enforcement officers. First there’s shift work–midnights for 7 days, days for 7 and 3-11 for seven (at least back then). You’re always slightly off kilter. You also (even in small towns) see daily examples of brutality in the form of domestic disturbances. You see the kids you used to worry about when they stole bicycles now doing heroin. You help old ladies on 90 degree days who have fallen in their tiny apartments–these old people are neglected by family and friends and beg for you to just sit a while. For every time you feel the adrenaline rush of jumping into a pond to save a drowning kid you have ten times of tired boredom or graphic run-ins with death. Usually you’re the first to see what’s left of the mailman who crashed his truck into a tree after a stroke. You’re the one to notify the family.

    In rougher neighborhoods you see a hell of a lot more. You actually experience the pain and anger of the communities in places like Chicago–the places and people we’d rather not talk about. Do people really think cops become cops for the benefits? True, some just like being in power, but they quickly learn that they have little power over the suffering caused in gang violence. All this talk about America and gun violence is a joke. I live in a neighborhood where we still don’t lock our doors–everyone has guns. I used to live in the city. Gang violence and the victim mentality that comes with Marxist thought (and the vacuum created by a falling away from Christianity) create pockets of hell.

    What a terrible disservice we’ve done as a nation by not standing up for history being taught in the classroom! We let a pack of wolves who think destruction leads to utopia take people’s common sense away–not to mention their hearts for ALL Americans. I was struck the other day by the fact that many Americans wouldn’t understand the Declaration of Independence because their vocabularies were never exercised in school. So sad.

    Sorry for the rant!


  8. According to an article just posted at Conservative Treehouse, the deceased in MN, Philando Castile, was a member of the Crips gang. The “girlfriend” who started taping as the man was dying lied about the busted tail light as the reason they were pulled over, the tail lights were working. Turns out that Castile matched the BOLO description of one of two black men who robbed a convenience store at gunpoint on Friday, July 2nd. The assertion that he had a carry permit is highly suspect; how could a Crips gang member with a long rap sheet be granted a carry permit? The girlfriend, Diamond (Lavish) Reynolds, is a lying sack of excrement who is so cold that she actually sat there and filmed her “boyfriend” dying and concocted a false narrative, uploaded and live streamed it on Facebook all while her 4 year old daughter was in the back seat of the car. My God!


  9. FB says:

    1. The cops who acted this way this week are terrible human beings
    2. I believe the BLM movement is also political. They’re hijacking the events like any good communist movement would do.

    This is what it’s all about. Communism.

    Like I said a few years ago, some of those people will join ISIS and the likes as well for the same motivation.

    And when you have Queen Hillary above the law, why would the other citizens respect the law?

    A very sad week.


  10. FB, do we really “know” the cops acted badly? Both suspects were armed. I want to know more about each of the two shootings before I pass judgment on the cops involved.

    I’ve just posted a lengthy post from Conservative Treehouse, profiling the “victim” in MN. It looks like the video-taping “girlfriend” concocted and live streamed a false narrative. Their car didn’t have a busted tail light. They were pulled over for another reason.


  11. Silverfiddle says:

    Fairest Witness: Philando Castile’s police record reveals only traffic-related misdemeanors. He worked at a school, so he had to pass a background check. Looks like the Con Treehouse people are pushing an agenda.

    You think “The assertion that he had a carry permit is highly suspect?”

    Various media outlets are all over this and no one has revealed he did not have one. It is easily verifiable by Minnesota state records. If he could pass the background check to work with children, he can pass one for a concealed carry permit.

    It is “highly suspect” that he was a gang member. Operations like the Conservative Outhouse are just one of many reasons I am no longer a conservative. They are stoking hatred and division, just like Obama and the left wants. Useful tools.


  12. FB says:

    When you have 2 police officers over a guy on the ground, there’s little reason to shoot the guy. When a guy tells the cop he has a gun in the car but putt his wallet out his pocket, there’s little reason to shoot him.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…Shep is sickening.

    bocopro: you say ‘The solution is really quite simple: outlaw ALL guns. That’ll stop it. I mean, if firearms are illegal, how would young black men get hold of them to kill other black people. And if we disarm the po-lease, then they can’t shoot anybody, right?’…which made me laugh because I actually had the same thought “If we disarm the police, they can’t shoot anybody,right?” I honestly think our country’s become THAT DUMB.

    AOW and JERRY: And he only shoots his mouth over white on black killings…as I said in my post “where was he on Chicago’s sixty-six murders this last weekend?…oops, weren’t they mostly black on black?” UTTER SILENCE from our Wrecker in Chief.

    FairWitness, this is a subject that REALLY touches my heart because I HATE racism and I HATE that so MANY Blacks are such LOSERS. Seriously! Meanwhile, last night, as I watched, they interviewed young, clean cut Black boys who had been praying together in Dallas for PEACE…they were highly articulate, gracious to the FOX interviewer, etc., and I thought “THESE kids get it, THESE kids have been RAISED RIGHT and have futures……….. it’s not OUR FAULT that the rest are such losers” IT IS OBAMA”S FAULT. He has done absolutely NOTHING to promote Black children getting past this constant “RACISM DRUMBEAT” in fact he thrives on it……”See? I TOLD YOU AMERICA WAS RACIST” seems to be Obama’s mantra, the jerk.
    He blamed all this on the economy and unequal opportunity!!! Meanwhile, I am associated with a high school prep school which practically GIVES away our normally fairly high tuition to minority kids who’ve worked hard AND we see them later get full scholarships to Carnegie Mellon and other FANTASTIC schools… EVERY KID HAS THIS CHANCE…it’s their PARENTS who SCREW THEM UP, not AMERICA! OOOH, I hate this whole situation SO MUCH (can ya tell!?)

    Oh, and meanwhile, we’ve got Black politicians during the Comey hearings saying “Axed”…”We AXED them for this..” ARE YOU KIDDING MEEE? ugh.

    FairWitness..also, you are SO RIGHT….Here’s what I wrote yesterday on the post below this about DIAMOND, the woman who calmly watched her boyfriend die “By the way, the very thought that my fiance and father of my child (which I’d never have been because I believe in marrying before committing to having children)…would BE SHOT SO BADLY and I could hold a cell phone and give a Christiane Amanpour coverage of the situation is SO disgusting I can’t even think about it. “Here is my fiance…dying…bleeding from a cop’s having shot him….”
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????? I’d have thrown my body on my lover, trying to stop the bleeding! Telling him IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY….SCREECHING FOR HELP!”



  14. geeez2014 says:

    FB, I agree with what you said…except I don’t believe the cops are terrible; I believe what they did is terrible and MUST be investigated thoroughly because if those cops are racists or too trigger happy, THEY MUST BE FIRED.
    And no, when TWO COPS are on top of a guy whose face is being shoved into the concrete, there is NO NEED FOR SHOOTING…
    you are SO RIGHT on that…..

    Silverfiddle; I have never heard of the Cons Treehouse but it sounds like WND or FreeRepublic….yes, a lot of conservative sites stoke the flames with misinformation and THAT IS SO BAD. I shudder when I read FR and WND because someone sends me an article….which is the only time I waste my time. And they’re SO OFTEN proven WRONG.
    I agree, if this guy works in a school, he’s probably pretty clean. I had to laugh that he was carrying a concealed weapon, which is kind of weird when you’re wearing a flimy Tshirt on a hot day…why the gun?
    The Leftist extreme sites are bad but the Right sites are worse, in my opinion….maybe because I hate misinformation and there’s enough TRUE information to get upset about without being stoked by lies or exaggerations.


  15. John M. Berger says:

    “AM I WRONG?”
    NO, not in any part of the above!


  16. You’re not wron about any of it, Z. This whole scenario stinks to high heaven. And the President seems ready to pounce on every police officer shooting of a black to promote his agenda. It’s as if these lost lives are just so much messiness & collateral damage necessary on the way to Leftist Utopia! I keep thinking about that 4 year old little girl in the back seat. What a horrible childhood she is enduring. You’re absolutely right, these PARENTS suck! They are failing their children!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    JMB…I wish I was, you know?

    Fairest Witness….you and I have both lost husbands we deeply loved…imagine losing them in THIS scenario? I know you’d do exactly what I described I’d do in that car shooting situation, right? “GET HELP FOR MY MAN….PLEASE get help…Honey,YOU”LL BE OKAY..HANG ON….” INSTEAD, she’s RECORDING the incident like she doesn’t even KNOW the guy. and getting LAUDED FOR HER CALM.
    Here’s what the dead man’s aunt said about “DIAMOND”..I wrote this to Ed last night on my post below this as I listened to the news. AND I QUOTE:
    “She said she’s a strong woman “and judgin’ from du way the cop was shootin’, she couldn’ta knowed what he mightu did.”

    oh, THAT so pisses ME OFF!! (SORRY, BUT IT DOES!)

    And oh, make no mistake about it, she will be a gazillionaire this time next year. how disgusting our world can be at times like these.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Adrienne…it’s a WONDERFUL rant! I thank you for writing it here….there are BAD decisions made and some BAD COPS, let’s face it….but a small percentage!!!
    AND NOBODY TAKES INTO ACCOUNT THE PRESSURE THEY FEEL OF THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING KILLED EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY! Of COURSE they’re going to be on high alert all the time and too trigger happy when faced with UTTER FEAR for their lives!
    It’s the community that creates that fear…yes CREATES THAT FEAR IN OUR COPS…..because those communities are SO WILD and SO UGLY in their behavior! yet our society blames the COPS!!!

    Sparky…glad you agree on Smith…and Carlson; he IS good!!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    I wish I could say what I feel about John Conyers and other “Black leaders” right now.
    I will have breakfast, think about how I can say it, and maybe come back to you on it.
    It isn’t pretty. OH, GOD, forgive me, it is NOT PRETTY.


  20. John M. Berger says:

    “I wish I could say what I feel about John Conyers and other “Black leaders” right now”
    Has anyone else wondered why a few blacks [get it] so well while all too many come across as irrational crybabies?


  21. geeez2014 says:

    JMB: Thanks for the absolutely prescient comment leading to mine now, which I just came to the computer to write:
    Yes, a “few blacks get it”…why? = PARENTS. I’m convinced it’s FAMILIES.

    Here’s the guy illegally selling CDs outside a convenience store…with FIVE kids. It’s his son sobbing over his father’s death while “the mother of the child” (note: not the wife) is doing a presser. She’s moaning about how these kids won’t have his support anymore. How much support can a man give his children by selling CDs? And, he had a gun. Why?

    Here’s the guy shot in the car with his child in the back, while his ‘fiancee’ (not the wife, but the mother of his child) sits in the back seat. WHAT FUTURE HAS THAT CHILD? She should be taken away YESTERDAY and given to me or FairestWitness or Sparky or Baysider or Adrienne to raise. Think that sweet little child MIGHT HAVE A BRIGHTER FUTURE?


    I want to cry for these children with NO FUTURES because their president tells them things are UNEQUAL….well MAKE THEM EQUAL, YOU BUM!! Don’t constantly moan and grown about how society’s’s THOSE BLACK FAMILIES (and many white families, by the way) who ARE WRONG. Who are NOT encouraging their kids to study, to speak articulately, to have faith in something other than their favorite rapper! NOT TO DO DRUGS…

    WHere are their FATHERS to tell them those things? What kind of ROLE MODELS DO THOSE KIDS HAVE?

    And, I AM NOT BLAMING POOR FAMILIES….I’m also blaming their communities…the schools are a shambles, teachers are often just passing them to get rid of them! What teacher can hear “HIM AND ME WENT TO THE STORE” and not correct that enough times till the kids says “HE AND I” or “My friend and I!?” What teacher won’t correct “AX” for “ASK?” Why aren’t they????


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Conyers and other ‘Black leaders” are SWINE. They blame WHITES for all the problems, they blame lack of MONEY for the problems.
    Are they KIDDING ME?
    Black (and White) families in the South lived on NOTHING for years…nothing but church and GOOD CHARACTER and PRIDE in family…Daddy was a part of that life. Black families particularly lived upstanding lives…They worked HARD, they raised good children.
    I have a very dear Black girlfriend from Jamaica, ….from a farming family of 9 children….poor but SO HAPPY! ALL 9 children are PROFESSIONALS…one bro went to Tuskegee and got his Veterinarian degree….went back to Jamaica to practice..others are teachers, nurses and engineers…ALL OF THEM DID WELL. They weren’t told “YOU CAN’T DO IT BECAUSE WHITEY WON’T LET YOU!” They are all articulate, happy, productive people.

    Today? MY GOSH…what HORRIBLE messages Jesse Jackson and the rest of them get.
    A very important lawyer in D.C. was a consultant to my husband’s company while we lived in Paris and I got to know him quite well…..he said “Z, how do you think Jesse Jackson makes money?”
    He makes it by screwing companies…they call HIM up when the white and black natives are restless and want raises for themselves, the assembly line workers, etc….the REV Jesse comes, calms them down, and gets a BIG bunch of money in gratitude from the company. Well kept secret that my friend Mark was WELL aware of…now I share it with my readers.

    Communities have failed Black Americans particularly because their own have been told YOU CAN’T SURVIVE on your own……..Schools are a disgusting mess of broken toilets, inadequate supplies, etc.
    I know taxes pay for the schools and higher income areas pay higher taxes and have finer schools but THAT IS WRONG. I believe we need to help those schools…they schools are our futures! At least make it clean, make it safe.

    But do those parents care? HELL NO.
    They believe their leaders’ LIES…starting with this president.

    I’m done. Sorry for this rant…………….I’m totally disgusted by Dallas’ nightmare….

    But I find it personally very important to point out those young Black men who so kindly and articulately explained to FOX’s journalist on the site what had happened.
    Well dressed, short hair, clean cut;….GOOD ENGLISH.

    Meanwhile, the PUNKS with their pants around their knees and (expensive) dreadlocks and tattooes are running by creating hell.
    Let’s do the math………………why are those kids so different?


    There were two cops with “He matters” written on themselves somewhere, I didn’t hear where, on T shirts?….one Black cop, one White cop…pointing at each other today. that touches my heart. God bless them.. BOTH MATTER.


  23. Mal says:

    I saw headlines on Fox News this a.m. stating a Cardinal blames Obama for all the racial tensions. Finally someone is speaking out about how we arrived at this point, albeit 7 1/2 years too late.


  24. bunkerville says:

    Sooner or later the police will no longer go into the hellish neighborhoods. Let the decent blacks turn in the criminals.
    I have no patience with this. Having been a victim of a violent crime, I can tell you, one’s perspective is changed forever. The perp was a Black kid with a rap sheet a mile long. Sick of it. All of it.. It won’t happen to me again. I made certain arrangements.


  25. Imp says:

    Looks to me like Ovomit has his wish…full out revolt and rebellion by the BLM Negroes. Great…we’re in another war with black terrorists. Isn’t this just swell after having a black “potus”?
    And it looks like another low life has been elevated to sainthood and another “symbol” of the black lies bowel movement.


  26. This tragedy is a continued result of the current administration’s responses to each previous event.
    Letting Baltimore burn, prosecuting good cops doing their job.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, good that someone’s speaking out!! I hope the Cardinal didn’t quite put it that way “blaming ALL the problems on Obama”…that kind of hyperbole helps the media pile it on instead of actually having to report the truth that MUCH OF WHAT OBAMA’S DONE is creating this…get my drift? 🙂
    Thanks for this info…I hadn’t heard that. Hurrah for the Cardinal!

    Bunkerville…some Cons. on TV last night asked “Imagine if the cops LEAVE these neighborhoods?” Ya, like those cities would be BETTER OFF? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!! STupid people.

    Imp: It’s very sad and sickening, isn’t it. If ONLY this BLACK president had started his term with “We have to eliminate racism and blaming people isn’t going to help. Most cops are good and want to keep people safe, remember that. Act lawfully; you probably won’t get hurt. Nobody wants anybody dead.” AS IF HE’D DO THAT instead of playing the BLAME WHITEY GAME that only inflames….the bastard. (oops) I blame him SO MUCH, Imp.

    SIXTY-SIX Black on Black killings in Chicago (or mostly, I don’t know how many Whites were killers last weekend) and he says ZIP….but let 2 white cops kill 2 blacks and he’s doing a press conference? And those killings ARE KILLINGS, you don’t shoot multiple times at a guy face down on cement!! UGH. What a mess. of course, we never saw the video before he was on the ground…so we don’t really know what happened.

    Ed…EXACTLY….read my comments, I think you’ll agree.


  28. bocopro says:

    Here . . . this’ll calm you down:


  29. geeez2014 says:

    I keep thinking about the dead cops’ families…their grieving wives and the children. And it’ll only get worse when we start hearing profiles on them and know how many kids, etc.
    I hear flags are at half mast in the capitol. Surprise! Surprise! some decency after all…but too late for those policemen and their loved ones.
    And they’re asking for prayer……..please pray.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro..that really did make me smile and I’m sending it to all my bible study groups/friends.
    Thanks…it did cheer me up! xxx


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Some Black cop is doing pressers; I haven’t seen what his qualifications are, whether he’s the chief or whatever…but it touches me deeply each time they play his words ..I paraphrase “the shooter said he wants to kill Whites, especially WHite COPS” because he’s so disdainful of that…his tone is so disgusted with the very thought of that.
    I applaud him.


  32. Z, they can’t teach their kids NOT to do drugs when they’re doing drugs in front of them. The “girlfriend” said they had a little weed in the car. Hello, you have marijuana in the car with your 4 year old child????


  33. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness….that’s right….. but they CAN if THEY LEARN, can’t they. Trouble is they won’t. Odd they always have money for that…and tattoos and porcelain nails and dread locks and cell phones….Same as whites who can’t get a grip.

    I once sub’d for a high school class where I was to show a video; terribly heart wrenching story of a young Black single mom with at least 2 kids (I can’t remember how many)…she couldn’t get to a grocery store because she lived fairly remotely and had no car so it was a whole day waiting for buses, shopping ,etc..and she only had a very little bit of money with which to buy food for her family…..she got home and unpacked the groceries wearing expensive porcelain nails….
    I almost said something to the class but decided it just isn’t worth it…it’d hurt the feelings of the Black kids and why do it? Plus, they’re such bright kids at our school I figured they saw what I saw, too $$$$ I have had some AMAZING talks with our kids on race before; I’m very good at my timing….this wasn’t the time.

    So sad. At least it didn’t look like that mom was into drugs……


  34. Silverlady says:

    Geeez, I think you mean the Dallas Chief of Police. I’ve seen him several times last night & today.

    Y’all may laugh at me, but I believe that I see the evil machinations of George Soros & his $$$$$ as the Svengali in this mix, as well as on other occasions: BLM when it started, the NYC sleazy 1% protestors, the Ferguson, Mo rioters, Trump protestors, etc. He loathes this country, & he pulls Bampot’s puppet strings with the help of Wm. Ayers, as well as others of the same ilk.

    By the way, the term for the ‘girlfriend’ is his ‘baby mamma’, which is beyond stupid.

    Re the broken toilets in the schools. my husband’s partner used to be a vol. fireman in this very small town. They were called to one of the public housing apartments due to sewage running down the walls into the unit below. Well, when the upstairs commode was FULL UP the tenants started using the tub. So, when that got full it flowed onto the floor & seeped into the walls gravity took over. ‘Nuf said; if they don’t pay for it they don’t give a damn. When it’s broken, falling down, or a disaster zone the government will buy, build, or give them a new one. As proof there are boarded-up gov’t. houses & apt. units scattered through this town. Even a lot of the ramshackle, but inhabited houses in town have nice shiny late or new model cars in the front yard~~~with those ridiculous expensive after-market rims.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    I keep hearing Black people interviewed about how scared they are on the streets because of cops….and I wonder if they think about the fear cops and their families have, too.


  36. Geezer840 says:

    What happened in Dallas is tragic! But what did happen in Dallas? Why??

    How soon we forget Ferguson and eyewitness reports that Michael Brown had
    his hands up and was shot in the back. What happened in Minn. and La. were
    terrible but, as in Ferguson, only the ‘black lives matter’ side of the
    story has been heard. What I’ve seen is blurred video of one man dying
    while seated a car and another shot while struggling with police.
    I am personally not shocked by the reaction of the black lives matter press
    and our black lives matter President. I am deeply concerned for my country
    and my children and grandchildren when I hear the ‘conservative’ blogosphere
    join the black lives matter press in concluding that the police are guilty.
    Perhaps that is the reality but perhaps it is another Ferguson; but the
    damage is done. Both sides have already judged the police guilty.
    The Michael Brown lie caused only riots in Ferguson. The unknown story in
    two states has been the catalyst for open killing of police.

    And the blogs and press fuel the flames


  37. John M. Berger says:

    “I keep hearing Black people interviewed about how scared they are on the streets because of cops”

    And I keep wondering how scared [they] would be if there were NO cops!


  38. Baysider says:

    Dennis Prager tells the story of a bald man who was very sensitive about his lack of hair. He said “when I go into a room full of people all I see is hair.”

    The fact is that proportionately many more white suspects are killed by police than black. But with so many screaming this false narrative all people “see” is is what they’re sensitive about: blacks killed by white police (or black police – they tend to get lumped together when convenient).

    It’s very scary to be pulled over and rough handled down to the ground in a case of mistaken identity. It happens more than we (especially women) know. Blacks who primarily hang with other blacks ‘know’ how police pick on blacks. They just don’t see the stories of other young men (the prime suspects generally). It’s happened to Mr. B. It happened to my white son-in-law.


  39. Sparky says:

    Oh, bocopro, that video made me cry. You’re just one big marshmellow, aren’t you? Thank you for sharing it. ((Hugs))


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Geezer….that’s the worst thing; none of us is shocked.

    JMB, right…no cops; what a world that would be.

    Baysider..nobody cares about the facts anymore, not with a media so in the liberal tank they won’t let the truth out. I just saw Don Lemon snicker when he asked the Ferguson Police Chief if he regretted anything and he answered “I’m in too much litigation right now to respond”:….Ya, snicker all you want, Don….but first learn the LAW and realize how much these guys have on their hands once the press is gone…

    There has to be a way to apprehend bad guys without making the mistakes you describe, which are fairly frequent and scary, no doubt about it. Our friend “J” (CC’s husband) was once brought in for sitting around an ice cream storefront with a white friend…..his white friend told the cops “I have pot on me, he doesn’t…take ME in” …but they left the pot head friend of J’s (he was trying to help him) and dragged J in. Please don’t repeat that…… secret, I’m sure, but…it was told to me alone.

    Sparky, I sent that to SO many friends and am getting such cute responses!


  41. Silverlady says:

    More on Soros, the evil puppetmaster:

    Billionaire George Soros spent $33MILLION bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create ‘echo chamber’ and drive national protests


  42. Baysider says:

    Michael Yon’s take is worth reading, about how millions of Americans share a vision that justice is kaput in Amerika. Here.
    “The biggest problem at hand is straightforward: millions of Americans see injustice, and disrespect for the population, coming from the government. [Note: Indeed, as I’m in the ‘Lois Lerner’ chapter now of The Intimidation Game and reminded of how hard our government moves to shut down free speech and protect incumbancy.]

    Different sorts of people arrive at this conclusion from different roads. BLM comes at it from a racist agenda while others are tired of seeing the .1% sailing above the laws that are made for the 99.9%.”


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Silverlady, to me, there are few people as evil as Soros…remember he didn’t care how many of his own people, Jews, died, as long as HE was okay…? AND THAT’s when he was a young boy. No conscience. In Germany, it’s spelled SWEIN and the W is pronounced like V….that’s HIM.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…thanks for the Yon article…there’s merit there. I don’t see justice as kaput but I sure see it in some cases.

    I spoke to a black cop at the Santa Monica car wash today….he stood next to my chair as some of us waited for our cars and I looked up and thanked him for what he did and said I was sorry for all of us about the killings in Dallas….he was very appreciative and said “We have to get past this” …I couldn’t agree more. I’d have loved to have spoken to him for hours about being a young black cop and what that means to him. I told him I can’t imagine what it’s like to be the parents and wives and children of men who go out every day and risk their lives…he smiled and said “It’s not easy”

    I can’t imagine how many wives are begging their husbands “Please quit! PLEASE, your life isn’t worth this!”

    Are their lives worth the risk? Maybe the risk is getting TOO HIGH.

    Complete pandemonium? Thanks, OBama, YOU started this by appointing Holder the White Hater and then prejudging the Skip Gates Harvard prof situation….WRONGLY. And now Loretta Lynch stood by BLM when they do NOT ALLOW WHITES IN THEIR MTGS? WOW.
    By the way, BLM did NOT kill those cops….but why NOT indict the whole bunch of them? They’re the first ones to indict ALL CHRISTIANS or ALL GUN OWNERS…..never ALL TERRORISTS, of course.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    We’re hearing now about cops who ran TOWARD the bullets in Dallas last night…I’m thinking they ran to protect the public…..White AND BLACK, ….I hope this gets broadcast over and over again.
    Boy, if you look around the internet and flip the channels and hear what people in the public eye are saying about the Dallas cop killings, I swear you’d think people are getting off on these deaths…….not even a few hours after they started dying, there was GUN talk and NO TALK about the people who’d DO THIS TYPE OF THING. Apparently, guns shoot all by themselves?


  46. Imp says:

    “I keep hearing Black people interviewed about how scared they are on the streets because of cops…”
    Yea..the same ignorant stupid ass bottom feeding parasites…who said the cops were like an occupying “army”. Of course they are….there’s more crime in black ghettos that there is in all of Baghdad.
    Then of course the cops stand down, dress down and eventually leave. Crime in Balti-moroon up 63%. Then they’ll it have it their way. Lawlessness and crime. I have no more pity for these morons…they’re a totally lost race…except for that smart and lucky 10% maybe. But after the “army of cops” leave….they ask for the National Guard. Now how deranged and stupid are they?


  47. Silverlady says:

    I also heard, sorry if somebody else wrote this, that the police were without their protective vests & helmets so as not to look intimidating. You have got to be kidding; give me a break! That cost up to 5 heroic men their lives. That’s obscene. They aren’t supposed to look like damn nursery maids, but officials of the law, so tough darts to those who disagree. This was a protest march they were supervising, not an Easter Parade. People were protesting AGAINST THEM, not for them. I know the police are much too honorable to do this, but i wouldn’t blame them for doing nothing in those troublesome gang & drug infested areas other than helping old ladies across the street & writing parking tickets. And I’m not too sure about the latter. Then let those residents see where they are with little or no enforcement.

    To those 5 brave & honorable officers REQUIESCAT IN PACE. To their devastated families may their broken hearts one day find peace & healing.


  48. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; am hoping you read the rest of my sentence…… there is NO BLAME placed on those idiots whose parents are uneducated slobs (not OUR fault) and drug abusers, unwed, unworking, etc…
    But if that community doesn’t start accepting some responsibility, there’ll be NO HOPE.
    And, of course, the Black ‘leaders’ are already on the harangue of NOT OUR FAULT!

    Imagine Lynch telling BLM not to be DISCOURAGED?? WHAT???? That’s ILLEGAL! This is a group that doesn’t allow WHITES at their meetings!

    Silverlady, if any of the dead cops had been told not to wear protection, I can’t imagine why the families don’t SUE THE HELL out of Dallas, TX…SUE THE HELL out of them. I’d help pay THOSE lawyer fees!!!!!


  49. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, did you know that film was on this evening?
    “the other 99 are honest men trying to do an honest job”…like the cop I spoke to about Dallas today.


  50. I recorded it to play the clip and found it instead.


  51. Silverlady says:

    3 more police shootings since Dallas: Tenn., Ga., Mo. Anybody hear about it on any MSM? HMMMM??


  52. geeez2014 says:

    The laugh’s on me……Blacks are protesting and having a stand off with cops in Baton Rouge now….I HONESTLY (are you ready?) thought NOBODY WILL PROTEST FOR A WHILE, NOT AFTER 5 INNOCENT COPS DIED AND OTHERS WERE INJURED.



  53. Baysider says:

    I heard Sheriff David Clark on Larry Elder tonight say that 40% of all police killed are by young black males who comprise a small percentage of 13% of the population. So maybe 1% of the population (black) is responsible for almost half of police killings.


  54. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, isn’t that amazing!? Quite a stat…I really love David Clark, tho I’d like to see him SMILE a little more 🙂

    Larry Elder is a great example of a Black man raised by an honorable father and mother who told him he could get ahead without government help. And he DID.
    I had to laugh last night when CNN had a black journalist on, bemoaning how his child could never really live her dreams out because she’d be too scared worrying she’s going to get killed…the very idea is preposterous, but there he was saying Black young people just can’t get ahead.
    Ironically, the next guests were a panel of six young-ish Blacks, journalists, professionals, etc., discussing the Dallas killings.
    SURPRISE! These people might be Black Liberals, but THEY MADE IT SOMEHOW 🙂


  55. Baysider says:

    Re: “those communities are SO WILD and SO UGLY in their behavior! yet our society blames the COPS!!!” Rather like blaming accidents on ambulances. Why not? They’re always found at the scene, aren’t they?

    And, yes, our mutual friend from Jamaica came from a real family, not a bunch of half-related half-wits held together with government dough.


  56. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I told C that she needs to write a book…her stories are SO CHARMING. and yes, a REAL BLACK FAMILY OF LOVE AND SUPPORT.

    FOX has been interviewing Black kids in their twenties who were there in Dallas last night and they’re mostly so clean cut and articulate it kind of touches me.
    Then you see the FRIGGIN’ PUNKS causing trouble…and that IDIOT WHITE “Pastor” Jeff Hook (I think that’s his name) last night quoting his ‘hero’ Jeremiah Wright and yelling G** D*** WHITE AMERICA! into a microphone… He’s a White rabble rouser the BLM jerks apparently need……punks..I’d have more respect for them if they had some vicious Black guy with brains, even if I didn’t agree with him.

    And it’s the PUNKS that get most of the attention, of course.


  57. John M. Berger says:

    “there is NO BLAME placed on those idiots whose parents are uneducated slobs (not OUR fault) and drug abusers, unwed, unworking, etc…”

    Honest, if the parents are “uneducated” how did they escape the compulsory requirement of education in our pathetic PS K-12 or does that equate to “uneducated”? On the subject: How did the trillions of dollars spent to “equalize” everybody (AFERMATIVE ACTION, etc.) work? While I see the problem; I have no answer that would ever work. I can only postulate that if Trump is serious and can return [jobs]; those requiring minimal preparation and skills, that may help to get unemployed persons off-the-street. If that doesn’t happen be ready for more, much more of same!

    OK, I’m not PC but I DGAS!


  58. geeez2014 says:

    JMB, there IS no compulsory education required anymore…it seems that I hear everybody gets PASSED these days..they need them to go from grade to grade so the school gets the gov’t funding. Nobody gives a damn about the student. I’m generalizing but when the school’s toilets are broken, gates are falling down, tiles are falling from the ceilings, no computers are available, etc etc……and parents never show up, why NOT give fake grades to get rid of the kid?

    what’s DGAS.???>!!!


  59. Z, there are more reports at several websites stating the deceased in MN was pulled over for a BOLO alert because the police officers recognized the driver as one of the robbers. They’re also reporting he had his firearm on the seat by his left thigh. He was driving without a license. The cop told him not to reach for anything & he shot after the deceased failed to follow his commands. Also, there are no records of the deceased ever having applied for or being granted a concealed carry permit. Looks like the girlfriend, with her dying boyfriend shot to pieces, put on a performance just to help her get money. Not giving a damn about the dying man or her daughter.


  60. The busted taillight excuse for being pulled over told by the girlfriend on tape was another lie. It appears he did work at the school, at least they held a vigil there. Very strange.


  61. Imp says:

    “Nobody gives a damn about the student. I’m generalizing but when the school’s toilets are broken, gates are falling down, tiles are falling from the ceilings, no computers are available, etc etc…”

    U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida and her chief of staff pleaded not guilty Friday to multiple fraud charges and other federal offenses in a grand jury indictment unsealed after an investigation into what prosecutors call a phony charity turned into a personal slush fund.

    The 24-count indictment comes after an investigation into the purported charity One Door for Education Foundation Inc., which federal prosecutors say was billed as a way to give scholarships to poor students but instead filled the coffers of Brown and her associates.

    Apparently, the least of al are the black thieves and pimps that “care” so much about their uneducated oppressed masses.


  62. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness….HONESTLY!? VERY interesting info ..thanks for providing.
    Sometimes I feel like I need to put my tin hat on because I’m thinking “But Z, this can’t be a put-up job by Black Americans wanting to foment more trouble , or by the Libs wanting to make more cases for more gun control..the guy DIED, Z…this isn’t a joke!”

    But………………how MANY of these are happening? ? SOMETHING IS SO DAMNED UP….

    IMP: MY GOD!! Your info is important, too “charity turned into a personal slush fund.”
    That does happen but we all have to understand that Black schools in lousy neighborhoods don’t have the things needed ALSO because the tax base isn’t there…..


  63. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness, are you reading some blog called CONSERVATIVE TEEHOUSE? ? I’ve heard about it only the last couple of days and everything on it’s been proven wrong….

    I’ve just been emailed now that the guy was NOT suspected of armed robbery… etc etc.

    I’ll NEVER EVER understand how only WE are asking ‘How did that woman remain so calm as her supposed lover was DYING?”


  64. geeez2014 says:

    ACTUALLY, not ‘calm’…that would be a compliment…and that IS how CNN and MSNBC are portraying it; as if she’s so quick witted and mature that she knew she should stay calm so she could tell the truth.
    BALONEY!! She was calm but it was clearly from DISINTEREST, in my opinion…I’m a WOMAN and I know how I or any girlfriend would have acted were OUR lovers SHOT AND DYING NEXT TO ME! This woman didn’t even scream for HELP!! Or reassure the poor man “you’ll be okay, honey, hang on, we’re going to take care of you”

    NOTHING. And she will be (or her kid will) a GAZILLIONAIRE next year..


  65. Yes, Z. I do read Conservative Treehouse daily. Just as I read yours daily & many others. Their post was the first one to report the deceased, Philando Castile, had been pulled over as being suspected of the armed robbery at the super USA convenience store on July 2nd. Numerous other websites are now reporting from separate investigations, the SAME information. The man was armed with his gun on his lap, not following the police officer’s command to keep his hands up. That’s why he was shot.


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