Drugs? Alcohol? MEAT?? (And the idiot Senator Kaine)

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My friend Jean sent me a bunch of these types of ‘jokes’ and I had to share my favorites with you.  I think these two are particularly funny, don’t you!?

BY THE WAY…On a serious note (I just saw him on TV so I had to mention this)…Virginia Senator Kaine is a FREAKIN’ MORON.    I have rarely heard anything this dumb (can he be THIS stupid???) or more TWISTED (can he be this evil?):

He was asked about Trump and went into a rant which include this:

“Trump said that our military is a disaster…that was a terrible insult to all those in our military, how dare him say that?”
Kaine really did say that…I swear…….As you all know, I’m no Trump apologist, but a ten year old understands that Trump MEANT “The military is a disaster due to cuts and not supporting our military men and women!”  He’s always very clearly PRO MILITARY….  He wasn’t saying THEY are a disaster!!   Can you BELIEVE HOW DUMB TOM KAINE IS?  Actually, I believe that statement was made on MSNBC, so maybe HE isn’t as dumb as he believes the listeners are 🙂


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40 Responses to Drugs? Alcohol? MEAT?? (And the idiot Senator Kaine)

  1. fredd says:

    Tom Kaine is simply taking a solid play out of the liberal playbook – distort the words of your adversary to your advantage. I would expect nothing less of him.


  2. bocopro says:

    I’ve long believed that some sort of chemical or bacterium is in the aquifer or whatever source people get their drinking water from in Washington. Once in the system, it migrates to the neocortex and begins devouring brain cells, which in turn erodes higher-order sentient function, producing a dummocrat.

    Also, I’ve always thought that most politicians begin with the loftiest of goals and the noblest of purpose, but as they ascend to the pinnacle of power in D.C., they morph into greedy, self-promoting, partisan hacks; ergo, must be somethin in the water, right?

    Well, recently I’ve begun to consider an alternative cause for the transformation from public servant to parasite, from legislator to lounge lizard, from patriot to pissant. Most members of Congress are lawyers, and many of them were educated at Harvard. Think about that.

    Obviously there’s some sort of synergy, some interaction, some transfiguration involving news media, political affiliation, and the Juris Doctor, especially if conferred by Harvard. It’s like some sort of DNA-seeking toxin that resides in the tissues until the trigger catalyst comes along, usually in the form of the letter D after the name in political terms, and then infuses into the brain pan like pond scum on a ditch in Ohio in high summer.

    In Hulk-like fashion, those once-honorable men become greedy media whores whose entire raison d’etre becomes winning the next election. Tim Kaine is no different, a nice Catholic boy who grew up in the heartland and graduated from U of Mo before working with the Jesuits in Honduras.

    Then inevitably the toxin began to circulate in his blood, seeping out from the DNA where it had resided dormantly since being injected by DNC operatives throughout the 80s and 90s to infect and corrupt his gray matter.

    And now his forebrain has been completely transformed into a potted fern in which the central motivators Ban Guns, Redistribute the Wealth, and Dump Trump are on perpetual playback loops in his cerebrum. Textbook case of Liberal-Wingism at its worst. Standard mutation from rising star to burnt-out left-orbiting asteroid. For proof of that, look no further than Hillary’s short list for Veep.


  3. Trump had been talking about troops in Iraq embezzling funds meant as payoffs to Iraqis.
    He then said our military is a disaster in relation to that.
    I heard it a couple weeks ago.
    Kaine was referring to that as I read the transcript.
    Trump is a disaster.
    But he’s the only candidate we seem to have.
    He almost chose Flynn, a general (good), a democrat (not so good), another guy who flip flopped on abortion in a 24 hour period (so Trump can relate to him).


  4. In 2006, when Kaine was governor of Virginia, the Sully Police Station was stormed (unprovoked attack), and at least one officer was killed. Kaine didn’t even show up at the funeral. At the time, Virginians were furious about Kaine’s not showing up for the funeral.

    But a few years later? Kaine was elected to the U.S. Senate. Stunning, really.


  5. I know Trump’s points get convoluted in his remarks when he shoots from the cuff, but what he was talking about was the massive amount of taxpayer cash sent to Iraq to help rebuild the country that was stolen. Whoever was in charge of those funds on our side was incompetent. Trump is correct in that business people know where every penny goes and are very careful who gets the money. Government throws that money around like it grows on trees. No respect for the taxpayers who earned it.

    He’s talking about government incompetence and not throwing billions of dollars at a problem that can’t be solved with money. Sometimes there is no workable solution and the best course of action is to not go there in the first place. Trump is right about that, too. I’m not sure what he’ll accomplish as President but it’s going to be interesting!


  6. Kid says:

    What Fredd said. It’s all they have.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    What Fredd and Kid said. Willful distortion is a favorite tactic of the left. The key is that the Infotainment-Media Complex won’t give you the quote, but instead provide you their restatement of what their hated enemy said.

    Trump said this about Saddam Hussein killing terrorists, and the cawing boobies in the Infotainment-Media aviary all screamed out the same thing“Trump Praises Dictator Saddam Hussein!

    Here is Trump’s quote (which is about killing terrorists, not extolling the virtues of dicatorship–context is everything):

    “He was a bad guy — really bad guy. But you know what? He did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good. They didn’t read them the rights. They didn’t talk. They were terrorists. Over. Today, Iraq is Harvard for terrorism,” Trump said.

    The Infotainment Media Complex is committing professional malpractice by purposeful ignorance, all in the service of Hillary Clinton and the Demican-Republicrat DC Political Establishment.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, Trump’s mention of that is like an asterisk on a huge topic he’s constantly talking about, which is “The VA is screwing our soldiers, they don’t have the right arms, they don’t have the right clothing..”
    Kaine might have been responding to the little-played story of our troops and the payoff to Iraqis but if that’s it, most people, including me, understand him to be trying to distort what Trump said about what our government’s done to our troops.

    Silverfiddle..EXACTLY. They distort that, too……cutting quotes to suit their agenda. That Saddam one REALLY bugged me and barely anybody on FOX OR CNN has corrected that one. Trump IS SO RIGHT on that point.

    AND, what about saying it’d be better if Kadaffi was alive? Guess what? He kept a huge clamp on dissidents, kept them so busy THERE that they had less opportunity to get us HERE….who knows, that might be true, too.
    We know a lot of bad guys kept their natives less restless…yes, through awful threats, etc., and awful executions…but who knows? Maybe it helped to have their OWN police in these countries doing the dirty work? Sadly, we know innocent people died, too. a LOT of them, under Saddam AND Kadaffi…

    Germany had a little-discussed shooting 2 weeks or so ago…..I’ll never forget hearing ‘The German cops talked and decided not to negotiate…they just went into the theater and got him”

    I think negotiation with insane gun-wielding nuts in America is highly overrated.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, glad you chimed in your state’s senator…good information. WHat a creep.

    FairestWitness…I agree with you.

    The Left harangues, and has since we went INTO Iraq that “it’s for OIL”.
    Well, heck…after all we’ve lost there, blood and money, WE SHOULD GET A TOOOOONNNN of money from Iraq…..don’t y’all think?


  10. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: The more important point about Gaddafi–a horrible tyrant–is that European nations were bribing him with billions/year for him to quash all human smuggling out of North Africa. Hillary took him out and opened the floodgates for the Million Man Muslim March into Europe.

    Saddam was a bad guy, Gaddafi was a bad guy, Assad is a bad guy… The world is full of evil, but you can’t go after it all, and you have to pause and consider that sometimes taking out evil will usher in something even more evil that is not containable.

    US Foreign Policy has been wreaking havoc, sowing chaos and causing destruction since the wall fell.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    SF….I hadn’t known about how instrumental he was in quashing the smuggling…
    America thinks we know best..ALL THE TIME…and makes such mistakes………..
    “Since the wall fell”……….coincidence? or………..??


  12. Mal says:

    As I’ve stated previously, We Americans simply don’t understand the mindset of the Arabs and Muslims. They can be radical and unpredictable. Consider how they even managed to sneak in one of their own and get him elected as our President! He even “warned” us in his book “The Audacity of Hope”, page 261 “If the political winds should shift I will side with the Muslims”. Can it be any clearer how cunning they’ve been or how stupid and gullible WE have been? Or, most importantly, their motivation and goal of dissent and destruction? (Anti police now going on).


  13. I heard Trump say it unedited.
    It came across badly.
    I had to twist it in my head to make it sound like I thought he must have meant.
    He may not have meant it to sound like that, but that’s a problem of his.
    And consequently, ours.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    fredd, of course we don’t expect more but this is so blatant a lie, so blatant a ‘trick’….they’re usually more subtle.

    Mal, The Anti police thing is so serious; I wish more people understood it. For idiot leftwingers, this is something that falls under “Be careful what you wish for.”
    Let’s see a couple of weekends without cops in Chicago, for example…….


  15. bocopro says:

    Which is more dangerous to the black community . . . this —

    or this —


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Just heard Pres Bush speak at the Memorial in Dallas…I think it was the best speech I’ve heard to people who are grieving….he had a fantastic quote I knew would be quoted so I didn’t bother to commit it to memory… will share it here when I read or here it…and I will.
    I loved that he specifically addressed the grieving families because, as someone who’s lost a husband I loved, I listen to the platitudes at things like this and it sickens me. A folded flag and speech do NOT make up for a dead husband or father.
    But Bush addressed that beautifully. really good.


  17. Silverfiddle says:

    Ed: Trump has a gift of making even the most innocuous statement come out badly. If he’s so smart, you’d think he learn and adjust. I don’t believe he’s a racist, but his horrible ramblings make leftwingers hear dog whistles.


  18. Mal says:

    Right on, Z. When the anti police protestors get in trouble, guess who’s the first one they call?


  19. geeez2014 says:

    SF, you are so right.

    I just listened to maybe 7 of the 40 minute speech Obama supposedly wrote himself…and “delivered with such passion and concern”…

    “THIS is the America I know” he kept saying…when that America is exactly what he’s been doing all he can to UNDO.
    I couldn’t listen more to it… Sometimes I am surprised by how complete and deep my disdain is for him.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…sorry those went into moderation and I just saw them to release them….sad that we know MANY people think the cops are more dangerous. Imagine?


  21. Kid says:

    I wonder how many people actually believe the swill that obama constantly spews out, like working so hard to be a race baiter then complaining about it, but everything really. he’s never done a single thing to make things better for America, Americans, Middle Class you name it. I haven’t watched or listened to him since 2006. Can’t.


  22. bocopro says:

    Soetoro (and that’s still his legal name IMO) is about as American as a Tibetan yak.


  23. Bob says:

    Ed: You have to stop taking people literally. It will weigh you down. Just chill out with a good book and let me do the voting for you. 🙂


  24. Nice try Bob.
    Ted Cruz flew to Dallas on Air Force One with Sotero.
    i’m not sure I could do that.


  25. bunkerville says:

    Trump needs to stick with the prompter. We just might squeak in.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    OH, you guys are THE BEST…terrific comments ….

    Kid, he really HASN’T done anything, has he. Yes, there are folks who’ll say the poor have health care, but they always did. It’s my middle class friends who are shocked at their uptick in premiums 😦 etc etc etc.
    I listen because I do want to hear a little, but it turned my stomach today.

    Ed, I’m not sure I could do that, either, but then, I could NEVER shake Obama’s hand. EVER. Awful, I know.



    Bob, you made me laugh again!

    Bocopro; I’ll bet your right, Soetoro adopted him, didn’t he?? I’m not sure.

    Bunkerville; I HOPE SO!


  27. Sparky says:

    Like you said, Kaine is a freaking moron. He was elected by all the Libtard’s that work in and around DC.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Sparky! I just hung up the phone with a very dear friend who’s about 80….she’s a strong Christian, big bridge player, tons of fun, etc., and she is feeling depressed a lot lately.
    I told her I thought it was not only some health things she’s facing but THE NEWS.
    Do you see this happening with anybody you know? I feel like Americans are getting RUN DOWN…

    ANYBODY experiencing that or having friends experiencing this? I REALLY think it’s so hard to hear the news anymore!


  29. Baysider says:

    Bush always had a true heart for hurting people. He would stay long after the press left “meet the family” events and talk with wounded soldiers, eg, and their families. It wasn’t for the cameras but truly for the human connection.


  30. bocopro says:

    Re the Soetoro / Obama name:

    I’ve read maybe 30 or 40 different sources on the issue and found that they’re mostly products of the “publish or perish” imperative so ubiquitous amongst journalists, novelists, and academics. They have to say something or they don’t get paid . . . or promoted.

    Probably the most vociferous in support of the Soetoro name is Free Republic, which doesn’t exactly have the best rep.

    Summarizing, if you Google the issue, you’ll likely conclude that there’s no valid conclusion based on reliable documentation for him to be either one except as follows:

    a. Islam does not view the raising of another person’s child in the same light as most Western cultures. It says one may raise an orphan or the child of another who has lost the means to do so and is even encouraged to do it, but that child can never be the “true child” of the adoptive parent. Lolo Soetoro was an Indonesian Muslim, and sources aren’t clear on how fervently he followed the Qur’an. But many sources exist to show that the boy was enrolled in Indonesian Muslim schools as “Barry Soetoro,” which suggests strongly to me that Lolo Soetoro did in fact consider him his child in a legal sense.

    But according to tradition and custom as practiced by Muslims in Arabia and Western Asia, the boy never lost the name Barack Hussein Obama, family taking precedence over caretaker. That makes it a bit of a sticky wicket for American law.

    b. For every article supporting his name’s being Soetoro, you’ll find another which says it’s Obama, and some are very persuasive and compelling. However, I haven’t found a document which formally and legally (in our culture) abrogates the name change effected by Lolo Soetoro’s adopting him.

    Ergo, by the logic of Western law, since evidence exists that his name WAS changed to Soetoro but nothing legal is out there proving that he changed it back after his mother divorced Soetoro, I just made it simple for myself and unilaterally decided the issue: his name was changed to Soetoro and never changed back except in BHO’s mind. I’m confident that not a whole lot of effort would be necessary to find an equally compelling argument that either he did lawfully change it back or that the change to Soetoro in Indonesia was never validated.

    I’ll argue about which mockingbird will fly off a telephone wire first and why.


  31. It’s not just the name, it’s the Social Security number.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…Ed’s right, there was something to do with his Social Security Number.

    Anybody have input on that? ED?

    Baysider, that’s right; and he spoke so beautifully today. Countless soldiers have talked about his visits that never made the press.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Did ANYBODY find my two jokes in the post laugh worthy!? I LOVED THEM 🙂
    Trying to lift you guys up; GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry so many people seem down in the dumps lately. But with what’s going on, who can blame them/us?


  34. Kid says:

    Ed, 7.5 years too late.


  35. Baysider says:

    I am remembering the top one if I ever need it!


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, that’s funny! I love the vegetarian one, too……so clever!

    Ed…that’ll be the day…let’s hope SOMETHING comes of this….but, as always, with the liberals getting media protection, not many hear about these things


  37. Mal says:

    Ed, we got that story about his S/S number being that of a long deceased person, and his birth certificate? Yeah. That, too. In fact, I believe I still have a copy of one that was distributed online at that time, claiming a reporter went to Kenya and offered the clerk $5,000 cash if he could produce a copy within something like 20 or 30 minutes, and the resulted copy sure looked official with seal, signature and baby foot print. Keep in mind we’re talking about Kenya so $5,000 was probably more than they would make in a year and too much to pass up.


  38. Mal says:

    Oh. I’m talking about back in 2008!


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