Anybody from Indiana?

Pluses? Minuses?



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40 Responses to PENCE….makes SENSE?

  1. Two ways of looking at a Pence as a VP nomination.
    1. Someone who can be hoped to ameliorate Trumps deficiencies and transfer to him some credit as a “conservative” or make him look acceptable to conservatives.
    2. Someone who has sold his soul for the price of his conservative credentials for political gain.
    A number of bloggers I know from Indiana wanted to see Pence run for president last time.
    I think he does more to help us hold our noses in November than Christie, Newt or Flynn.


  2. bocopro says:

    Born and raised in Boone County, Indiana. Nice place to grow up . . . strong traditional values, fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, good education, safe streets, great food . . . . . . .

    Not like that any more, tho. Just like many other places, lotsa drugs, entitlement junkies, overcrowding, paving. Back in the early 50s, my home town was around 8,000 people, comfortable, friendly, out-of-the-way, one high school, no airport . . . hokey. Now it’s closer to 20,000 with meth labs, pot farms, break-ins, non-English speakers and 3 high schools (I think).

    Used to bail hay and detassle corn for a few farmers over around where Fishers is today. Place was nothin but a wide spot in the road. Now it’s 80,000 people and all the hog wallows and corn fields have been replaced by brick homes @ $250,000 per with obligatory swimming pool, 2 SUVs, exposed pebble driveways, golf courses, and strip malls.

    Pence is a complete unknown to me. Quit goin up there when Mother passed a few years ago. See him as a congresskritter turned guv’ner. Don’t see what he brings to the electoral table. Might be a steadying influence on The Mouth That Roars, but he’s no Gingrich. Guess Newt’s slot will be cabinet with Pence as some kind of Thomas More to Trump’s Henry VIII persona.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    I would prefer Newt and honestly don’t know much about Pence but at least he’s no Christie.


  4. Sparky says:

    I looked Mike Pence up on Wikipedia plus asked my resident expert (Hubby). Hubby is very wise about politics and such because he pays closer attention than moi. Gov. Pence states he is Pro-Life, Pro TEA Party, Pro 2nd Amendment, and so forth. He seems like a normal kind of guy. So far, I like him. And, as stated above, at least he’s not Chris Christie or some other Demoncrat in Republican clothing.


  5. I think Donald Trump, in spite of his denial last night, is reconsidering his Veep pick in light of the massacre in Nice, France. Mike Pence is an acceptable, reasonable, competent choice for all the reasons Sparky just cited, plus he has lots of knowledge about foreign policy and the Middle East from his 12 years in Congress sitting on important committees, vice chairing one of them. He is qualified.

    However, last night’s carnage has deeply affected the focus of Donald Trump’s Presidency. His eyes were opened wider last night, it has now sunk in just how deadly serious his job will be. It’s not just campaign talking points, Trump knows he’s going to lead the war to defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism. If I were him, I would be thinking I need another firebrand like me to help me, someone who knows what needs to be done and how to do it, how to get Congress to play ball and participate. I would be saying to myself that I need Newt Gingrich to help me lead this nation and the world. Mike Pence would be a great pick in peacetime, but we are at war.

    It would not surprise me in the least if he changed his mind and chose Newt. Newt is a heavyweight who will be a Vice President with Gravitas and Auctoritas! I don’t think Pence possesses that kind of internal power.


  6. FB says:

    I agree. He may reconsider and take someone who can help wipe out Isis and other cockroaches like this for the years to come.


  7. Free Trader, loves NAFTA, the TPP and NAU. Represents everything that Trump pretends to stand against with his “bad deals” rhetoric (but really supports with his “I’ll make ‘better’ deals rhetoric”).


  8. Rita. says:

    You might recall I was wanting Pence to run 4 years ago, but he opted to run as our governor presumably to get the executive experience. He’s done well for our state, and was likely going to run this year, but got a really bad rap when a state house committee came out with a bIll that would protect business owners is they refused service to someone based on their religious beliefs. It was actually geared for the wedding cake bakers and photographers from being sued if they did not want to participate in a gay wedding. It was bad timing All the way around and Pence took a hit for it.

    Anyway, I am still a Pence fan, but I can’t see how he helps get Trump elected. I am NOT a Trump fan, but the alternative is too frightening to imagine.

    I was hoping Trump would pick someone that could get the independents and/or Bernie supporters excited or at least interested enough to vote. I don’t see how Pence helps with that it might, however ease some of the NeverTrumpers to vote.

    This week I saw a handful of Bernie fans say they refuse to vote for Hillary, so there will be quite a few people that would normally vote Democrat that will simply not vote at all.

    I’m betting Hillary will now pick Warren so she can set up a woman vs man campaign. How in the world Warren ended up being thought of as a normal person is beyond me, but lying is what the Dems seem to admire.


  9. Mal says:

    I had never heard of the guy till recently but happy to read all the positive comments above. No matter who Trump chose, you can expect a lot of bashing from the Left, even if it is invented ’cause we all know they are good at that. Seeing what happened in Nice yesterday is only going to embolden Trump, and we know more will sadly happen which will only embolden Trump’s bid for the W.H.
    When I visited Nice in 1950 we stayed at the El Negresco hotel which we kept seeing in the news. We drove a short distance North along the coast to Monte Carlo in Monaco. It is very beautiful. This is so sad.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Trump apparently tweeted Pence this morning, from what I’m hearing, so there isn’t any ‘reconsidering’…but I wouldn’t put it past Trump to tweet Pence then change his mind, God forbid.

    I preferred Gingrich but I thought he’s a bit too close to Trump in personality and Pence might be a calming force……….I think Trump’s more dignified family were the Pence favorers, frankly.

    Pence calls himself,in this order “a Christian , a Conservative, and a Republican”…

    Mal, the El Negresco is gorgeous and yes, they’ve been showing it….I’ve drive that coastline and it breaks my heart to have seen the videos of people lying dead in the street…10 children were killed! These people have no morality. none.

    Ed, I might be naive but I nothing I’ve heard of Pence says he could sell his soul. I hope I’m right.
    YOu’re definitely right here “I think he does more to help us hold our noses in November than Christie, Newt or Flynn.” PARTICULARLY Christie.

    Vrag, Pence is, or was, a big TPP advocate, that’s absolutely true…

    Bocopro; “Now it’s closer to 20,000 with meth labs, pot farms, break-ins, non-English speakers and 3 high schools” Imagine if anybody’d suggested that small town would have meth labs even only 20 years ago?
    THIS IS WHAT’S KILLING AMERICA…the idea people NEED METH, no jobs, no president cheering building up our moral…etc…..
    I wrote to a friend in Anderson, Indiana…asking him his feelings on Pence; will let you know.

    Hi RITA! Yes, I do remember you liked Pence….he seems a tad milquetoast to me, but what do I know? Haven’t known much about him.
    I agree with everything you said but I do think Pence might help in some ways.
    I wanted Gingrich but understand the thinking against him.
    I’d like him to be Sec of State.


  11. Kid says:

    I think Newt has too much baggage, where Pence does not. People call him a gay basher, but you’re not going to please everyone or try to and win an election as a non-democrat.

    Pence tried to keep the moslem immigrants out of his state. I like him for that reason alone. The time to get a handle on this was 7 years ago, but better late than never or else we end up like France with these savages running around on the loose and I have zero confidence in the Feds or anyone else stopping these kinds of attacks. I’m with Newt. Go to every moslem, tell them a mohammed joke and if they don’t laugh, out they go.


  12. John M. Berger says:

    “I’m with Newt. Go to every moslem, tell them a mohammed joke and if they don’t laugh, out they go.”

    Yes, and/or if they refuse to eat a deep-fried breaded pork sandwich: “out they go”!


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, a Gay Republican politico said he can live with the lack of LGBT on the platform, etc., as long as there’s respect, etc…I think most feel that way.
    I with Newt really DID say that about Moslim jokes!? He didn’t, DID he? 🙂

    Newt’s got to be Sec of State.


  14. Kid says:

    Newt said that any of them that support sharia need to go.


  15. Mike Pence it is. I think President Trump will have Newt Gingrich close to him in the White House. Not sure in what role, maybe National Security Advisor, Homeland Secretary, even Secretary of State…


  16. John M. Berger says:

    I believe that Trump has stated , emphatically, that Newt will have a place in his organization. I wonder if it happened to be Chief Of Staff ,with Newt, would it be more than just a glorified office manager-just wondering?


  17. FB says:

    Pence is like Wonderbread. A blah pick.


  18. bocopro says:

    Rudy Giuliani for AttyGen, Gingrich for SCotUS, Bolton for SecState, Clinton for Leavenworth.


  19. Mal says:

    Z, when I was there in 1950 the Queen of England was still a Princess and was staying at the El Negresco, too. See how old I REALLY am?


  20. Rita. says:

    Pence had a noon deadline today to enable him to run for Governor. Not to mention the Indy press was monitoring Pence’s every move. I’m sure Trump wanted it to be more of an event and surprise but there was no time left.

    And of course we all know the only reason Trump was originally delaying the announcement had less to do with being sensitive to the French attack and more do to with getting overshadowed by the French news.

    And now there is a coup in Turkey.

    But then again, I think the more the world looks like it’s falling apart, the more I think undecided people would rather see Trump than Clinton in office. Clinton has a proven record she cannot handle national security and Trump may just all be talk, but at least he sounds like he will not let America look weak.


  21. bocopro says:

    All I can say about the two of ’em is that I’d like to buy ’em for what they’re actually worth and sell ’em for what they think they’re worth:

    It’s kinda the choice ‘twixt a catastrophe and a disaster, iddnit?


  22. Kid says:

    A thought. If you listen to Trump through the years he had no interest in politics though he did complain about some of the same stuff years ago as today. He was having too much fun running busionesses and making money. 550+ businesses btw of which only 6 or 7 have failed giving him a 98% win rate. He flipped like a tiddlewink when contributing to or supporting various politicians.

    My thought is those were different days. Same old same old type corruption, red vs blue, not that much at stake either way for America. We had healthcare, we didn’t know about the moslem scourge for the most part. China wasn’t sucking 50 billion a month (or quarter or whatever it is) out of America in trade deficit, we only had a 10 trillion debt, now we’ll have 20. We’re importing vermin like popcorn. obama has sent race relations back 50 years, destroyed healthcare and the military, while giving as much armament and support as possible to the moslems. China and Mexico and others have taken all the jobs out of America, that low education gangbangers would have been doing instead of running around killing each other. Things in this country are F* up more than any of us realize. And there isn’t anywhere to run to. Costa Rica? Please.

    It is possible Trump is an American and has had enough.


  23. Imp says:

    @Kid…awwww….Kid…cheer up. It al sux doesn’t it?


  24. Kid says:

    IMP, This country is in major denial. Things are much worse than they appear.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I couldn’t agree more with your comments here…sadly.
    All depressing except THIS: “It is possible Trump is an American and has had enough.”
    I think that’s it and I HOPE TO HECK he’ll clean up his act; be JUST AS TOUGH, JUST AS ACCUSATORY, JUST AS HOPEFUL, and STOP using only 10 words as a base vocabulary (huge, disgusting, etc.) and STOP name calling. THAT doesn’t help. And please, everyone, just because I don’t think his name calling is helping doesn’t mean I want him to be less TOUGH. Big difference. I can’t TELL You how many people I personally know who’d probably vote for him but are SO turned off his hideous school yard bullying and EGO.

    Rita, now FOX’s Stirewalt is saying that Pence’s people leaked the VP nomination because Trump had changed his mind as of last night and was scrambling to pick someone else and they leaked it so he couldn’t . This is ThE NASTIEST media in the world. EVER.

    FB>>>i used the term MILQUETOAST but I’m trying to learn more about him and he’s apparently pretty accomplished and smart. Let’s hope he can get some PERSONALITY to show!


  26. geeez2014 says:

    I guess Stirewalt was right…I should have known Trump would be like this. Imagine if he makes important decisions and wants to change them at the last minute.
    Everything about his character except the way he’s raised his kids STINKS….everything. UGH.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    I am quite sure I’ve never seen a worse logo than that merging of Trump’s T and Pence’s P…OMG


  28. Rita. says:

    The alternative is handing over this country who will be more damaging than Obama since they will likely change the Supreme Court for our lifetime.


  29. Kid says:

    OK Z, I’m definitely voting for hilrod now…. 😉


  30. Kid says:

    Z, So you don’t think the hilrod arrow in your eye logo is worse?


  31. John M. Berger says:

    Thanks Ritia and it will be the Supreme Court. She will do everything to abolish the 2nd Amendment with the Liberal scum that [she] will push into the court. That, of course, supposes the electorate are as dumb as I anticipate.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    I repeat: I can’t STAND what I see in Trump. That NEVER MEANS I AM VOTING FOR HILLARY OR NOT VOTING.

    Rita…yes, we can’t count on Trump to get good conservatives on the SCOTUS but we can depend on him more than we can count on the beast 🙂

    Kid….The arrow, which I’ve always thought was just bad graphics is better than the TP….I was kind of surprised considering the amazing amount he can spend on good graphic artists….sad.
    \But… maybe we’ll all get used to it! 🙂


  33. Kid says:

    Z, I wouldn’t count Trump out on Scotus picks.


  34. Let’s vote for the rich guy cuz we’re sick of the oligarchs running the country.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, my opinion is we can’t truly count on Trump for anything….as always, I remain hopeful!!

    Ed…exactly. Except the ‘rich guy’ is all we have right now. I don’t think the Convention’s going to change that unless Trump decides he wants out, the ego run is done, and he doesn’t think he will win so he gets out somehow while saving his egomaniacal face. (you may quote me :-))


  36. Rita. says:

    as I said, I think Trump is a horrible pick, but that is the only way Hillary does not get in office. and I am not saying Trump will make the right picks. He might likely be as left as she or Obama is, no one knows for sure with him. But he DO KNOW for sure with her.


  37. Joe says:

    Pence. I’m not positive he was going to win re-election as governor of Indiana, so I’m not sure what he does to help Trump beyond assuage the conservative and establishment types in the GOP. Pence is the prototypical establishment candidate. He believes in his conservative ideas, but is a party man through and through. He semi-supports amnesty. He signed the terrible “religious freedom” law. He has been at war with the duly elected State Superintendent of Schools, primarily because she is a Democrat. Mike Pence is very well spoken (he used to host a radio talk show) and a great debater. His refusal to go negative in a campaign will be an effective counterbalance to Trump’s attack, attack, attack tendencies. Pence is the proto- typical vanilla hard-line GOPer Trump and his supporters have voted against all along and probably just the guy to make many in the party hold their nose and vote against Hillary. Think of a boring Kasich, who aligns ideologically more with Rubio.


  38. Rita. says:

    Joe. I have a little inside scoop on that whole School superintendent issue. I have a family member who is fairly high up in the Indiana education system who is also a Democrat. Glenda Ritz is absolutely clueless and is completely incompetent in her position. Ritz’s public walk out of a meeting was planned for the media. She was a librarian before she was elected as Superintendent. Only those who only got their info from the distorted media reports thought she was being ousted out by the Pence administration.

    Everyone who knew and worked with her will tell you she might be qualified as a librarian but has no business in any position higher than that.

    And this is from the party that elected her, not from the Republicans. That’s why her pathetic attempt to run for governor went nowhere.


  39. Baysider says:

    Love Pence. Been supporting him through Madison since his first run for congress.
    Gingrich was perfect to take on Clinton in 95. Too pugilistic to pair with Trump.


  40. Kid says:

    Z, Yes, who knows. I was just tossig something else out.


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