Dead Officer…this is more than sad

Your heart will break. 

God bless his family…and his memory.  It’s almost too much to read.

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5 Responses to Dead Officer…this is more than sad

  1. geeez2014 says:

    So sad….the killed in Baton Rouge is apparently an Ex Marine….and that’s the headline EX MARINE KILLER IN BATON ROUGE.
    As if that’s the impetus. So sad, or maybe I’m being too sensitive…could be.
    I look at it as when a Christian kills someone and, even if that person was just a Sunday School teacher 30 years previous, it’ll say SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER MURDERS CHILD.

    I wish we could get a grip on the media…that’s what Andrew Breitbart worked so hard for and now even his sight is far more “sensational” (and not in a good way) than he wanted it. Breaks my heart.


  2. Sparky says:

    That is tragic. Well, I guess that his Black life didn’t matter because of the blue uniform? Shameful!
    Offering prayers of comfort for his family and friends.


  3. Mal says:

    I had read about this yesterday, too, Z, and have been trying to make some sense to it all. I mean, how do all these shootings of police tie into Islamic Terrorism? It doesn’t. But it was all borne from Black Lives Matter and its support by Obama. He is doing exactly what he planned on doing right from the get-go. And those on the left still haven’t come to grips with it get. DUMB!


  4. John M. Berger says:

    “And those on the left still haven’t come to grips with it get. DUMB!”
    Yes, and by this time they never will because they : (1) are oblivious to reality or (2) are highly insecure with a perilous need for dependency or (3) both. These people are a clear and present danger not only to us but to themselves, in the long run. Obama’s election and especially his reelection bespeak a once strong, self-reliant society which has lost its way and on its present trajectory will, surely, self-destruct!


  5. Mal says:

    er……..that was suppose to be “…….come to grips with it YET, not get”. ooops.


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