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I found THIS interesting and realized it merits a Sunday Faith Blog.  Another apparently high-profile “honor killing” in Pakistan of a rising ‘star’ by her brother who wished she’d stop “show business.”  Here’s the quote that caught my eye:

“Earlier this year she vowed to perform a striptease if Pakistan’s cricket team beat India at the World T20, though they later lost.

“People are going crazy — especially girls. I get so many calls where they tell me I’m their inspiration and they want to be like me,” she told AFP after posting a provocative selfie on Valentine’s Day.”

So, those young girls want to be like a stripteaser, apparently?  She’s (was, before her brother murdered her) their ‘inspiration?’

SO, how’s this fit Z’s weekly Sunday Faith blog?   We should be praying for women around the world that they don’t feel they need to striptease to feel like a woman or bring attention to the plight of difficult restrictions put on them by the faith of that country.  Or their own family.  

Pray for our young women who aren’t getting good messages from their teachers or their friends or, certainly, our own media about their sexuality, their good sexual health, their decency, their lack of knowledge that their body is the Temple of God.

Talk to them please, older women….advise them, love them and teach them;

older women

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;”  

I Corinthians 6:19

Have a beautiful Sunday…..Women Geezers, observe a young woman (a daughter, granddaughter, young girl at your church?) and decide if you might want to just talk with her, hear her thoughts…….teach her the implications of that I Corinthians verse if you feel led.  God bless you all!



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7 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. Mal says:

    I doubt it would do much good, Z. Hormones gone amok have always been stronger than the good intentions of geezers!


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, the problem is I mean “my bloggers” by “GEEEZers” not OLD GEEZERS 🙂

    and I have had AMAZING older women in my life…not always on a Christian basis, I wasn’t interested in that until I was about 50…not THAT interested, anyway….but I saw good women, Christians or not, who led better lives than others and figured it was just plain DECENCY that had prevailed. I think that is a great example.

    I talked to a young man today who’s about 32, I suppose..handsome, in the ad business, married with a child…very strong believer at my church. I told him I was inspired by the young people like him at our church because so many like him, particularly in the Ad business as he pointed out, do coke, smoke a lot of pot, don’t commit to women except for about an hour a night (if you get my drift!), etc!!! And I asked if he ever gets a chance to talk to people in his world like that and he said he sometimes does and treads very lightly but that his life example speaks loudly to them too….i loved that.


  3. We have a small church.
    The former pastor (a great guy and a friend) had a daughter and daughters-in-law with extremely nice looking legs which was evident from their short skirts. Very distracting.
    I have attended churches with elder people who all wear suits and ties and dresses at church.
    They probably didn’t agree with my attire.
    I’ve always dressed business casual in church,
    We finally convinced our current pastor to drop the suit and join the congregation in business casual attire.
    Today, the youth leader was leading our worship service an camo shorts, sandals and a tank-top.
    My quandary is “How important is dress of leaders in church as an example for youth?”.
    The kids come to church as if hanging out at McDonald’s.


  4. Mal says:

    Ed, I guess God doesn’t really care what we are wearing to church as long as we come, but I have always considered it a matter of respect and dress accordingly. That being said, today we were greeters and i wore slacks and a Hawaiian shirt because this is Vegas and it was 109 out.


  5. Baysider says:

    If leaders, like parents, represent authority more than ‘buddies’ then dress in a way that doesn’t try to look-cool-like-I’m-hangin’-with-my-buds. I like Mal’s ‘respect’ and would follow that.

    Z, this is a great subject. Something to think about with all the younger women we interact with. I always feel like I have little to contribute since I did not have kids and know so much of what the young mothers go through. But I understand the young unmarrieds!


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Ed! I can’t believe you spoke of this today. During our class on Bonhoeffer’s COST OF DISCIPLESHIP this morning before services, we were talking about something that led me to say “And I wish, just once, all of our praise team would be up there WITh their shoes ON” (thankfully, today, they were ;-))

    Mr. Z wouldn’t go to a church where the pastor dressed like he’s on his way to Margaritaville 🙂
    I like vestments, and so did Mr. Z., because we were raised in the gorgeous high liturgy services of Armenian Orthodox and Lutheran.
    I see nothing wrong with a Pastor showing his utter respect for his parish and his God by wearing a suit and tie every Sunday…and I never will. Ours don’t…one wears clothing like you describe on yourself…the younger wears a shirt (only barely covering his tattoo’d arm) and jeans that seem to have a crotch around his knees….but he’s THE most FABULOUS sermonizer and has a lovely wife and four very decent, well dressed little kids 🙂

    We talked today about how we know Jesus wouldn’t necessarily care about bare feet in church “he wants everyone” blah blah blah. ….and how I think RESPECT for Jesus is also important..respect for the church.
    You ask “How important is dress of leaders in church as an example for youth?”.
    BIG time important. how can it not be?
    Glad you discussed this here! And it does have a good bearing on my topic; thank you.

    Mal…109!! I would definitely advise against a suit, in that case, or even a sport coat! Normally, i’d say “get that nice jacket on!”

    Baysider…I know what you mean about the young moms …. I have barely had one in five years of leadership but I, too, feel slightly unable to advise in that case….thankfully, they have plenty of us who can!
    But, I know YOU, and you know ME, and I believe we’re both being used mightily by God to be good inspirations and influences to our members in our respective core groups…..
    Maybe I was subconsciously thinking of the dear friend I will probably lose any day, I hadn’t thought of that, but I think it was more from the link, which nobody’s mentioned, by the way.

    Re my friend; Remember what I’m going through right now her expected death. If God didn’t place me in her life, I don’t know what God’s done for anybody! SHe lost her only daughter at birth (the daughter would be approx 64 now)…and for the last 12 years i have had the feeling I’m here for her ….and Nancy has been an even bigger blessing in my life…reminding me that LAUGHTER and BEING AROUND HAPPY PEOPLE is so important….and my seeing her total faith in God in spite of her having lost that daughter, and 60 years later, the eldest of her 3 sons.


  7. Baysider says:

    And Z, I had the same thought when I read that story yesterday. There is such emptiness in lives that one would do a STRIPTEASE to feel ‘heard’? I stopped and prayed for the women of that culture (as well as tacking on a prayer for ours) then and there.


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