Pence…I got off my fence. Feels SO GOOD I can’t tell you!

Not much to say in lead-up to my post…except HERE IS ADRIENNE’S EXCELLENT BLOG, where I saw the video (check it out at her place, just click on the red, please) and wrote this comment to her yesterday:   (thanks again to Adrienne…)

It’s pretty clear lately that I’m a less popular blogger in the Conservative world because I have never made secret my distaste for the awful rhetoric of Trump, the name calling, the thin skinned-ness, the…well, enough said. I don’t trust his conservatism, there’s almost nothing I like about him BUT I believe his children are stellar and that says a lot to me about something in his fathering, in him. Also, I like what he says, most of the time,  particularly about keeping Americans safe, bringing back jobs, etc. I LOVE THAT….

Having said that, I was nearly in tears listening to Mike Pence through such a long and in-depth interview.  I, too, am a first and second generation proud American, whose family came here because they wanted to BE AMERICANS, as he so eloquently pointed out about his family. THIS is a big difference with many immigrants today; we’re not anti immigration, we’re for immigrants coming to participate in working WITH us, not living off of us.  I like that, unlike others, he understands this and won’t be called anti-immigrant or racist because he can explain his stance so well.
I love Pence’s “We should have kept the OIL” (YES YES!) and “We are not a country if we have no borders!”  YES!



Adrienne, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for having posted the interview with Hannity because I hadn’t seen it and it made me feel SO MUCH BETTER.  So much more hopeful.

Not only his stances, but his SOLIDITY…he KNOWS HIS STUFF and can RESPOND tough but ARTICULATE and CALM and POWERFUL. This is what I WISH Trump was…so I think this is a FABULOUS PICK.

I’m a happier girl right now! Okay, everybody, have at me about what I said about Trump; I’m used to it!! :=) (sorry this went on so long….)  (end of Comment)


Believe it or not, I have another ‘feel better about Trump’ story scheduled for Tuesday, too!


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47 Responses to Pence…I got off my fence. Feels SO GOOD I can’t tell you!

  1. I was on the radio Saturday talking about black lives matter and Reverse Racism. Before I could hang up, the Host asked me my opinion of Mike Pence.
    I replied that Pence will make pulling the lever for Trump much more palatable, and that when Trump does not run again after 4 years, Pence will be in place.


  2. Sparky says:

    Adrienne is very astute, isn’t she. I’m so grateful good people like she can pay attention and share this with others.
    I think I shared that also, that Mike Pence is long time TEA Party, Pro Life, Pro 2nd Amendment and so forth. From all I’ve heard, I really like him. Truthfully, even though Trump is a loud mouth vulgar Yankee (pardon me, I’m from the South and a whole different culture), I think he’s a former Liberal that ‘got mugged’ and ‘got saved’ (metaphorically speaking). The Far Left is a friend to no one but wickedness. Anyway, I too think that Gov. Pence is an excellent choice. It’s kinda gotten exciting now, don’t ya think?! 🙂


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, great point there about the four years after.

    Sparky! Adrienne was certainly astute to get the video up, yes. Yes, honey! It’s ‘kinda gotten exciting now’….I am SO much more pleased. (you never have to pardon your Yankee mouth when discussing Trump; y’all know what I THINK about him.

    Sadly, I’m going to have to keep my mouth SHUT in the future…I believe I’ve lost two men friends, one of 14 years and one of 40 years, because I think Trump’s laughing at handicapped people, and asking where blood flows from Megyn Kelly, and reminding us “i”m RICH!” and showing how thin skinned he is and vindictive to those who “DON’t LIKE ME!”, and SO much more, don’t bother the old friends.
    CHARACTER COUNTS and So I have grieved over voting Trump yet ALWAYS told you readers AND the two men friends that I WOULD have to vote for him…….haven’t heard from the one friend who LIVES in Indiana…sent him TWO emails asking “what do you think of Pence?” No resply in 4 days. The other, after 40 years, and believes that because Evangelicals like Trump, he has to be wonderful, hasn’t responded in 4 weeks. .

    i don’t operate that way….I don’t dump friends who don’t share my opnions, particularly if they’re ignorant of things I know because they don’t read what I read, then tell me “You have to open your mind and read the NY Times article on Evangelists loving Trump” as if THAT was the gospel truth, so to speak….SO sad.
    I felt badly but then figured it wasn’t ME, it was they who are so unable to understand anything negative about their ‘boy” (Trump) that they’d dump an old friend., one of whom was a Jew who came to Christian faith in my living room over the course of about six months, bless him!!
    Sad, but that’s life 🙂


  4. John M. Berger says:

    While Gov. Kasich [seems] to be acting like a baby, Gov. Pence gives me a sense of optimism!


  5. Adrienne says:

    First off, A – those two men were not really your friends. Second, I’ve always tried to respect the opinions of others. You don’t have to like Trump. On the flip side I don’t have to pretend that I find Trump vulgar, but will vote for him anyway. I like Trump just the way he is. I think he’s run a brilliant campaign so far, and he has earned the trust of many people. All the bluster at rally’s is just that – entertainment value. The nature of a rally is to get people excited, and that’s what he does.

    You have always stated your opinion without stooping to calling people who like Trump “stupid” and all the rest of the insults they can hurl at Trump supporters. The NeverTrumpers never got tired of insulting the intelligence, morals, and virtues of the Trump supporters, and look how well that went for them.

    Prediction: I think by the end of this convention, which, according to Paul Manafort, is going to show a different side of Trump, you might actually sort of, kind of, dare I say it, like him.

    Obviously, if a man of Pence’s character likes him, he can’t be all that bad.

    Let’s pray for the safety of all since Soros is spending big bucks to have “protesters” do as much damage as possible.

    And thank you for all the kind words. It’s been a very stressful week. Kitteh seems to have returned to normal – whatever the hell normal is for a cat.


  6. Adrienne says:

    That “A” is supposed to be a “Z”


  7. bocopro says:

    Donno . . . as a displaced Hoosier, I’ve heard both good and bad about Pence. Some say he woulda had a tough row to hoe in a re-election bid.

    Easy to find groups dissatisfied with his performance as guv’ner, and there’s a lotta grumblin about roads and highways as well as education. One of my conservatives cousins who still lives there tells me “He ain’t no Mitch Daniels.”

    Frankly I doubt that any significant number of on-the-fence voters will now jump on the Trumpwagon just because of him . . . and Indiana has only 11 electoral votes, so that’s no biggie either since the place is pretty red to begin with.

    But . . . he’s no loose cannon, like El Donaldo, and he’s not a bombthrower, like Newt, AND he doesn’t have the baggage that Christie woulda had to drag around.

    So, just lemme say this:

    There once were two midwestern twins
    Conservative guys with strong chins
    One ran off to sea
    One ran for VP
    And neither’s been heard or seen since.

    And I still say our only hope lies in Cirque du Subpoena for HillRod.


  8. Mal says:

    One thing she left out was after 4 years and getting Pence, how about even further down the road getting Donald Jr. or Eric, or even their sister? Adrienne mentioned what really nice kids they are, which some of us have mentioned before, so might they even make it if their dad is successful? Another thing that was in Trumps favor. He likes the idea Pence doesn’t agree with everything he does, which means he wants to listen to all sides, unlike who is presently in office.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Adrienne….I’m glad you like Trump the way he is! . I like outgoing, big talkers…BUt I found the “Where Megyn Kelly BLEEDS from” and mocking the handicapped journalist so awfully, and SO many other things, so against my own feelings of dignity, fine character, kindness, that it’s almost hurt watching…cringing.
    What I think some readers miss is that he’s turned off many, many voters with this attitude, not what he’s saying. I keep begging that he will say the SAME THING, even brashly and outrageously but leave the “I’m SO rich” and other things out. That’s all I ask.
    No, why would I EVER slam the WE LIKE TRUMP people? You and others give me hope that something’s there that WILL get him elected…..
    I 100$ believe you can get “people excited” without some of the unkindness like “Your magazine’s failing, but GO AHEAD, as me a question” type of rhetoric. I don’t think the “your magazine’s failing” part is necessary. That’s just ME.
    I hope this week is better for you 🙂 And thanks again for the ‘introduction’ to Pence! Very happy about his pick now after having heard him.

    Bocopro…what’s Kasich saying now? Something like he jeopardized his career for the people? Tell me he didn’t say that!! On the other hand, I suspected he’s VERY WHINY right from the start, so…

    Bocopro…listen to the video. I think you might be impressed. I’ve heard similar about Indianans..that he could lose his reelection but one of the people who’s apparently not emailing with me anymore because I dared question Trump’s character and electability is an ex Los Angeleno who moved there and isn’t answering my “what do you think of Pence?” questions.

    Mal, not that it matters, but it’s I who’s always talked about how stellar Trump’s kids seem to be (and did in my post again today) and how that’s one of the things that has made me hold my breath that Trump WILL show good character as this candidacy proceeds…


  10. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, folks; hot off the press; A Fourth cop in Baltimore has been acquitted….hurrah.


  11. Kid says:

    I like Pence enough, though some people now think his daughter is a vampire…. ;-O


  12. FB says:

    It was a good interview. I had fun watching 60 minutes with the two of them yesterday. Fire and water. But I think it’s a good combo. Pence was almost the translator for Trump. Trump was getting irritated by Lesley Stahl who was playing gotchas and Pence was the cooling agent 🙂


  13. John M. Berger says:

    “some people now think his daughter is a vampire….”
    “Vampire”; since I see part of her blouse (a bit different shade of white than his shirt) I must conclude that those who say that must be lefties who also believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause!


  14. Kid says:

    JMB, Yes, it’s pretty clear that most of her is hidden by the angle of the photo and their seating positions. Well, a whole lot of people believed that the Mars rover actually took a picture of a rat on the surface…


  15. geeez2014 says:
    Sometimes we have to give credit where credit is due and I think the Sterlings deserve this credit.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that IS WEIRD 🙂 She couldn’t look more normal, but that is weird!! You couldn’t probably do that if you tried, you know?

    FB, I WISH I’d known that was going to be on…I hadn’t heard. DARN! WIll try to Google when I have a few HOUR?!
    I wondered what interview CNN people were laughing about for it’s ‘awkwardness’….even a Republican admitted it was awkward….??? Did you sense that?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Take another look….I THINK you can see a bit of her chin reflected JUST under Pence’s chin…think so?


  18. Kid says:

    Could be.


  19. Z,
    Thanks for alerting us to Adrienne’s blog post as I missed almost everything because of another Dietls Crisis. I will travel over there ASAP.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    AOW..another one? OMG…good luck!!


  21. FB says:

    It was a bit awkward but it was actually like real life instead of being like politician “douchebaggerie.” That’s my new word 🙂


  22. geeez2014 says:

    FB, that’s what I hoped…that it was awkward but real life….so you don’t feel it made them look bad…I hope not.

    Not big on your new word (leave it to the French :-)…but go ahead and use it!! The word, I mean (HAAAAAAA!~!!!)


  23. geeez2014 says:

    SPARKY…can you tell me again how to COMMENT AT YOUR BLOG? I saw it yesterday but don’t today? WHAT THE HECK?!!!! XX


  24. FB says:

    It made me laugh. But Trump stayed strong and tough, which I liked and Pence was Pence, measured and composed. I think it’d be a mistake to ask Trump not to be himself. I feel for him because 1/ he’s from NYC , and it’s not like LA and 2/ he’s a Gemini like me. We speak our mind off the cuff and sometimes it doesn’t come out right.


  25. Imp says:

    “I don’t dump friends who don’t share my opinions..”

    I did…Lunatic liberals … and I’ve never been happier or more content with them OUT of my life and my social circles.


  26. FB says:

    Another great video


  27. Kid says:

    Don Lemon is an idiot and/or a political hack. Its plain as day how Mike Brown relates to BLM. There are thousands of blacks today who believe Brown had his hands up and was not attacking Darren Wilson.

    And obama, instead of taking Brown’s deadbeat parents to the UN and talk about police brutality and racism, should have stayed here, got on TV and said “Look folks, you need to obey the law and follow the instructions of the police. If you have a problem, there are legal channels to get resolution”.
    obama is as responsible for these killings as anyone else you can point to.


  28. Mal says:

    Z, I do remember we both mentioned about Trumps kids previously. I’m just sayin’ perhaps if Trump does get elected and does what he says he will, then perhaps we could look forward to the kids down the road. too, after Pence. Besides being well mannered, they appear very sharp, too.
    Have you noticed they ALL use the word incredible a lot? Its really funny. Like its contagious!


  29. geeez2014 says:

    FB…REALLY?: Mocking a crippled journalist is “Trump being Trump”?? I know you, FB, personally, and YOU WOULD DO THAT? Or actually say “Where Megyn Kelly bleeds from?” I don’t think you would.
    I don’t MIND A BIG PERSONALITY (Please, everybody, GET THAT!! I’ve said it too many times) but this man is MEAN and how many times can we hear I AM SO RICH? FB..(I keep wanting to type your real name by accident!) you’d NEVER EVER EVER say that.

    FB I am a big Sheriff Clarke supporter and he CLEANED HIS CLOCK! LOVED IT!! XX

    Kid; Lemon is a TOTAL political hack…every single day, every single evening…never stops.
    Obama needs to be CHRIS ROCK in that video!

    Mal, only “INCREDIBLE?” How about DISGUSTING? HUGE? etc etc?
    For Wharton grads (Trump and one son) they have the most limited vocabs of anybody I know.
    But at least none of them says “HIM AND ME” Or “ME AND MY FATHER”. Thank the good Lord for THAT.


  30. FB says:

    You’re right, maybe I wouldn’t even though I’ve made suspicious and very sexual jokes plenty of times that could be interpreted very badly :/


  31. geeez2014 says:

    FB..I love sexy jokes….but you are NOT MEAN, you are not MOCKING…I KNOW you….you see the difference with you and Trump, don’t you. (Not to mention about 8 billion dollars’ difference!! and you don’t wear a golden helmet!! HA)


  32. Imp says:

    Hillary’s Playbook….no tell me she hasn’t used everyone of these, especially in the last few weeks.

    Rule 1: Never admit to an error

    Rule 2: Never allow a Republican error to go unnoticed

    Rule 3: Never allow an attack on a Democrat to go unchallenged

    Rule 4: Never admit guilt

    Rule 5: In the case of an error or guilt, blame someone else

    Rule 6: When all else fails, lie

    Rule 7: Use intimidation, then violence

    Rule 8: Obfuscation is our friend

    Rule 9: Depend on our media associates

    Rule 10: Change the rules

    Rule 11: Constructive reinterpretation

    Rule 12: Cultivate a faulty memory

    Rule 13: Tell them what they want to hear

    Rule 14: Pander to our base

    Rule 15: Depend on The Formula – it works

    Rule 16: NEVER concede an election

    Rule 17: Play the “race” card


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; you turned into Saul Alinsky?
    Great list. I had to laugh at a thing I saw on Facebook where Chelsea graduated and got a huge paying job arranged by her mother who now talks about White Guilt….perfect, huh?


  34. Kid says:

    I understand chelsea makes 3 mil a year just ‘managing’ the clinton foundation(s). and those who work for her say shes a bigger bitch than mommy, How that is possible I dunno.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, a BIGGER Bitch? That IS hard to believe 🙂


  36. Baysider says:

    Excellent interview! Thanks for posting.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    you’ve got to love the libs at CSPAN…..they have a presidential wife expert on and they’re talking about Melania and the expert says “well, the people who like the Trumps are largely Republicans disaffected by the difficult economy”

    WHAT?? So, congratulations, ALL REPUBLICANS, you’re RICH and don’t give a damn about those who ARE affected by this economy. (Wait, did 2 libs just admit the economy’s bad? Oh, the irony!) 🙂


  38. geeez2014 says:

    And they’re continuing with how it’s difficult for Trump that Melania is an immigrant…wait, it is exactly his platform; SHE IS LEGAL. We WANT LEGALS!! Man, to liberals, the facts just DO NOT MATTER, do they.


  39. John M. Berger says:

    Bocopro…what’s Kasich saying now? Something like he jeopardized his career for the people? Tell me he didn’t say that!! On the other hand, I suspected he’s VERY WHINY right from the start, so…

    I’m not sure if that’s directed to me or Bocopro since I believe that I Initiated the subject. Kasich and Romney have disappointed me. Now, in retrospect, I’m somewhat glad that [they] didn’t get there except for the total scum that reposes in the White House as we are suffering from now. OK, back to the subject: Kasich, unless he changes, is just a little boy who didn’t get his way; a complete disappointment! SAD!


  40. geeez2014 says:

    JMB….was it you? sorry! I did hear some about Kasich last night on TV and I’m stunned he’d be that whiny….unbelievable. I sensed it from the start and he’s not letting me down; he’s a baby.


  41. Mal says:

    Imp, you left out Rule #18. Keep smilin’ as you lie! They’ll buy anything with that S***-eatin’ grin.


  42. Rita. says:

    I’ve said it before but apparently have to retract my words. I have always liked Pence and I am NOT a Trump fan. I simply could not see how picking Pence would get him any votes, but I found out I was wrong.

    I’ve seen several people I know on Facebook change from saying there was no way they would vote for Trump (not Hillary either), they are now saying they will vote for Trump simply because he chose Pence.

    So once Trump was the nominee, I knew I would have to vote for him as the alternative is simply too horrible to think about, if only because of Supreme Court.

    I also know several democrats who despise Hillary and plan on not voting at all.

    I was very impressed with Trump’s kids. I’ll give him credit for raising from amazing children.


  43. Mal says:

    Rita, have a little faith. Trump may just turn out to be an awesome President, even another Reagan (but with an attitude!). He is so much sharper than most people realize. Like my late father would’ve said “when the other politicians were on their way TO school, Trump was on his way BACK”.


  44. Rita. says:

    My problem with Trump is the way he started his campaign. He was saying outrageous things. My other issue was that while he was bitching about Hillary buying Wall Street, he was the one feeding her money so he could get favors. From the very first debate what I was screaming at the other candidates was why did not one of them say,” and you are the other side of the political corruption”.

    I never ever thought he would get the nomination. When Pence screwed up his chance of running with a religious freedom protection act here in Indiana, I was hoping for Ben Carson who I thought would be smart enough to surround himself with brilliant people to advise him and he would listen to them.

    So, I was shocked when Trump was even considering Pence, because I honestly believed Trump was/is not a conservative and I did not believe he would ever listen to anyone.

    But his kids are simply amazing and smart and I have to give him a lot of credit that they do not appear to be coddled brats. Jr’s speech last night was incredible.

    So I’m placing all my bets on Trump because while I cannot have absolute faith he will appoint Supreme Court justices that are not wildly liberal. He is at least more likely to than Hillary.

    And agin, even though I’ve been a big Pence fan for years, I’m surprised at people who I know are conservative and said they simply would not vote at all because of Trump are now saying they will vote because he chose Pence.

    So I’ve been wrong. I thought Trump would have been better served with Rubio, or Carson or one of the female conservative Governors, I’ve been surprised how many people are on board on,y because of The Pence choice.

    Just heard some of the comments from the focus group on Fox also talk about how they found Pence amazing. Some who were Bernie fans.


  45. Mal says:

    I agree with a lot of what you say about Trump, Rita, and yes, he did contribute to both sides as a businessman. He admits to it, and in fact volunteered that fact up front, remember? But he also stated he doesn’t like the whole rigged system, too, which gives some credence to his honesty. Hey! No one is perfect, right? I also like Ben Carson, but do you know what his problem is? He is TOO nice to be in politics! A really wonderful self-made man. I believe Trump, if elected, will use him in some capacity, perhaps Surgeon General? I also liked Kasich when we were told how he turned Ohio around, but his refusal to live up to his promise to support the final candidate disappointed me, as well as many others, and not showing up at the convention in his own state? Even Cruz showed up, even though he tip-toed around a full endorsement. He wouldn’t say the actual words, kind of like Obama not saying Radical Islamic Terrorists. Stubborn, all of them. No character.


  46. Rita. says:

    Carson is too nice to run, but I would have place all my money that he would be tough enough to be President. I also heard earlier this year of two diehard Dems who had originally though Hillary was great. So when I asked what made them change their minds, surprisingly they said Benghazi. I was wondering how they even knew about it since they wouldn’t dare watch Fox News and thy hadn’t seen the movie. Both of them said they would vote for Kasich.

    Now, I’m afraid they will vote for Hillary because they thought Trump was an idiot.


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