Trump… a good golf story you’ll want to read (and the CONVENTION, down below!)

I don’t know about all of you, but I keep grasping for something good about TRUMP…this helped.  My article above this post on Mike Pence’s selection helped.    I come down hard on him so I think it’s fair to publish this nice piece on him, which did help me with some insight:

The Donald Trump I Know, by Natalie Gulbis   Golf  June 2, 2016

By Natalie Gulbis

I’ve been fortunate to meet my fair share of influential people over 16 years on tour. But never can I remember any of them (several U.S. presidents included) garnering more attention than Donald Trump. Now more than ever, no matter where I go, people want to know about The Donald.

What’s he like? How’s his golf game? Do you still keep in touch? The list goes on.

In short, I’ve played many rounds with him. He’s a good player (and a sneaky-great putter). He has always made time for my calls, and has offered some great advice over the years. If I could only tell you one thing about him, it’s that he’s probably the hardest working individual I’ve ever met.

But I want to go a little deeper. The commentary that follows is not about policy or who I think you should vote for in November. Instead, it’s one woman’s story about Donald Trump written in hopes that you might get to know him a little better through my experiences. I realize he has made his share of controversial remarks, but in my experience, I have found him to be gracious, generous and inspiring. He encouraged me to look at myself as a brand and as a professional golfer with a huge platform to grow the game of golf, regardless of my gender. Because of that, I have always found political rhetoric about Trump’s misogynistic “war on women” to be inconsistent with the Trump I know.

The first time I met Donald I was 21 years old playing in my first Tour Championship at Trump International in West Palm Beach, Florida. I had just finished my practice round and was walking to the locker room—which looked more like a five-star spa—when I saw Mr. Trump chatting with a group of men in suits.

“Natalie! Congratulations on making it to your first Tour Championship,” he said in a booming voice. “I see you’re leading the tour in birdies this year. What do you think of the course?” How did he even know that? If he knew that I also led the tour in bogeys that year, he didn’t mention it. I replied nervously, “It’s beautiful! And I’m trying to stay away from the gigantic waterfall left of 17.” He laughed. As far as first impressions go, he could not have been a better host. All 30 players stayed at his mansion at nearby Mar-a-Lago during the event. He strolled around in an immaculate suit and tie—even at breakfast—and chatted with players about golf and life, making a point of knowing each person’s name and making everyone feel important.

Days later when I played my first round with Donald, he offered me a simple idea that changed my life forever. We talked marketing and business. He has a way of cutting through small talk and digging into areas where he can have an impact. When he asked me about my goals—which would become a recurring theme in future conversations—his advice was simple: “Never fear challenging the status quo.” Not only does that advice seem to be something he is following with great success in his campaign, but it’s also something I’ve taken with me to the sports marketing world. Donald was adamant that in endorsement deals I should request and fight for equal pay that men were receiving. He believed any notion that I should accept less money than a PGA Tour player for appearances or endorsement contracts was just plain wrong. His advice proved invaluable for me in my career, and I owe much of my success to his idea of staying true to my convictions and not being afraid to rock the boat.

Several years later, I was playing with him again at Mar-a-Lago when he turned to me and said, “Have you seen my television show? We’re going to do a celebrity version of it and I’d love for you to be on it.”

I had seen “The Apprentice.” Who hadn’t? It was cutthroat and competitive, and it featured a lot of arguing, so I wasn’t sure I was a fit. But Donald said that as a participant I would achieve three things: grow the game of golf, draw positive attention to the LPGA, and raise money to start my own Boys and Girls Club, which he knew was one of my life goals.

“You’re going to be on prime time for two hours on the highest-rated show on television,” he said. “You’ll raise so much money.”

Sounds like Donald, right? So, I signed the contract to appear on the second season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” and we began filming October 1, 2009, shortly after my LPGA Tour season ended. I had no idea who else would be on the show, or how it would all come together. I just trusted that Donald would be able to keep his promise.

During our first day, I was in a room with three other people: Khloe Kardashian, Dennis Rodman and the late Joan Rivers. I wanted to run away. What was I thinking? How would I be raising money? Eventually, the rest of the cast rolled in, we began filming, and many of us became friends. One year later, largely because of the money and awareness Donald helped me raise on that show, I opened my own Boys and Girls Club in Henderson, Nevada. It’s my greatest professional accomplishment, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Donald and his passion to raise money for charity.

As you can tell, he has had a tremendous impact on me, both as a female golfer and an entrepreneur. He’s helped me think of new ways to grow women’s golf, advised me to never accept the first offer, and emphasized time and again that there’s room for women’s golf in a crowded sports world.

I last saw Donald at the 2015 Women’s British Open at Turnberry. My husband, Josh, and I sat with Donald, his children and their spouses. Donald had a stack of papers he was reviewing in preparation for the first debate. Most of the talk was about Turnberry, Donald’s renovation project. He was also interested to hear about Lydia Ko—our top ranked player. “What makes her so good?” he asked.

As usual, he wanted to know more about winners. That never-ending desire to learn more about and from the best in any field, that’s the Donald Trump I know.  END ARTICLE



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43 Responses to Trump… a good golf story you’ll want to read (and the CONVENTION, down below!)

  1. geeez2014 says:

    I want us to stick to the post but I just had to say this:
    The BIG scandal now is that MELANIA (or her speech writer) plagiarized. Of course, the same people saying her speech writer might have lifted phrases and also those saying she wrote it, so that’s puzzling ….
    the IDEA that she or her speech writer would lift phrases from Obama EIGHT YEARS AGO is ridiculous, in my opinion. The phrases are close, even identical, a few of them, but does anybody think nobody would have noticed? As if they’d open themselves to scrutiny?
    The phrases are nothing new…they’re things ANY woman would have included.

    Also; Senator Susan Collins has said “it’s very unlikely that she’d vote for Hillary but she isn’t sure she’ll vote for Trump”
    What is WITH this stupid woman???? Is that the message Republicans want out there?…that one of their own senators COULD vote for HIllary? She’s slamming Trump for various reasons but HILLARY IS BETTER?? unreal.

    OKAY…going back to bed, it’s 4:45 AM here! But I HAD to get this down after having awakened and watched a bit of the news.

    Paul Manafort is showing me he’s the total sleaze bag I thought he was, by the way…he looks like a snake oil salesman, slick, polished, icky…and he’s living up to it. ugh.


  2. We watched the convention last night. Rudy Guiliani was magnificent. Melania showed she is much, much, MUCH more than a beautiful woman. She is wicked smart & very strong. Her stellar character shown brightly. Themes of patriotism, hard work, family, never giving up – Wow! Magnificent! Can’t wait for tonight’s coverage. I’m feeling excited & hopeful about our future again.


  3. I was just about to comment when I refreshed and saw your comment about Melania.
    The news report I heard this am said that the Trump campaign said that her speech contained elements of her own thoughts or something along those lines.
    “included fragments that reflected her own thinking.” was the phrase.
    I would hope more than a little of the speech was not fabricated for her.


  4. The National Anthem (thanks Rita for alerting me) was phenomenal.


  5. geeez2014 says:


    RNC Day 2: ‘Fear and Loathing in Cleveland’

    A convention speech that barely mentions Trump

    Giuliani slams Clinton, calls for racial unity

    How Trump exposes the GOP’s weakness

    and all of that Republican slamming RIGHT at the top of the pages is UNDER how Melanie plagiarized from M. Obama………

    Talk about free leftwing advertising$$ 🙂 let’s start realizing the huge Trump free advertising is usually aimed at disparaging him….let’s stop believing he gets GOOD press because he’s Trump!!


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness, I felt very pumped last night, too….only to be so brought down by the melania scandal (ridiculous) and Manafort’s handling of it. terrible.
    But I LOVED the convention….. can you BELIEVE what a total WHEENIE Kasich is showing himself to be ? (I saw it during the debates, but he’s REALLY ruined his future career in my humble opinion by being this petulant)
    Great night! (until the cold morning light has the attackers….
    did you read above…that Susan Collins hasn’t ruled out voting Hillary because she’s not a Trump fan? A REPUBLICAN COULD VOTE FOR CLINTON? and says so TWICE in one interview? Oh, was the leftwing interviewer salivating!

    Ed, I’ve been listening a lot and hadn’t heard it put that way at all so I’m sorry to hear you have. I’m hearing on FOX, CNN and MSNBC that her speech writer plagiarized but that Melania has those exact feelings Obama did on VALUES, etc., and this is the way Melania said it….which is what I think. Who’d plagiarize and open themselves to criticism??
    CNN was up for Trump firing her speech writer……..and they’re right in saying Paul SNAKE OIL SALESMAN Manafort is not handling it well.
    They’re also on Trump for having been on a live interview during one of the speeches, as if he was supposed to SIT THERE AND LISTEN to each one ….he can listen later! They’re trying all they can do to GET HIM.

    AND, the NEVER TRUMP Republicans are slamming the GOP all over the liberal media this morning “this isn’t my party anymore” “they didn’t give us a chance”…on CNN and, I believe, MSNBC! They’re like Susan Collins admitting she could possibly vote for Hillary.
    Republicans who are disgruntled would be better off SHUTTING UP, NOT exposing our side to the leftwing ridicule…


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, it WAS phenomenal except when the singer crossed over on the very highest note and my eyeballs almost fell out (All I could think of was coaching and hearing “NEVER CROSS OVER AT THE TOP!”…VERY shoddy singing but many wouldn’t notice it)..
    who was it?


  8. The utter nonsense that Melania Trump or her speechwriter would plagiarize one word from Michelle Obama??? Completely contrived and PLANNED response to her speech. This is what the Left does to Republican women all the time. What complete BS!!!!


  9. Kid says:

    Good read Z.


  10. John Kasich not attending the RNC convention as the sitting Republican Governor of Ohio is just ….. I would have to say that Donald Trump followed his own advice to Natalie Gulbis, “Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo.” Trump roughed them all up and they came away from it very angry.

    You know, the GOP majority led Congress and Establishment have performed abysmally for us. They are failures. They haven’t accomplished anything they promised to do during their campaigning or lived up to our conservative principles. They’ve betrayed us, fully funding everything Obama and the Democrats want, not fighting for us and what we want at all. They caved before throwing even one punch. As far as I’m concerned? They deserve to have their asses beaten, I’m glad Trump roughed them up, shook them up… After what they’ve done and NOT done? They deserve it!


  11. Kid says:

    FW, I agree 100% on the repubs. That party is dead to me. Let’s hope we get some good replacements running and take them out over time.


  12. bunkerville says:

    Manafort needs to go. He reminds me of someone whose previous position was working down at the docks. ” On the Waterfront” comes to mind. He was terrible on CNN this morning. Lying through his teeth.


  13. I respect Paul Manafort. He’s as tough as nails and brilliant … and very sneaky. He’s exactly what Donald Trump needs to win this campaign. It’s going to get very ugly, Trump needs a man who can help him slog it out.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness, Trump needs a very tough man with dignity and not deception….I think Manafort will be his end, sadly.

    Bunkerville..I agree….’down at the docks’ is perfect….TERRIBLE this morning isn’t even close to tough enough. First, he needs to TRY to rail Trump in so Trump doesn’t do some of the stuff, then he needs to protect Trump only when it’s not so OBVIOUS they’re lying about something….the two of them together think they’ve got it all together in that they spar and name call and are tough guys; In general, Americans feel duped when they see this.
    And as much as I was very angry watching CNN this morning, how could they NOT run with what they’ve got? Very sad.

    I wish Ed Rollins was there instead of Manafort; Tough as nails, soft spoken and truthful…but TOUGH.


  15. FB says:

    I’m with FW. That’s why I registered as unaffiliated. I was tired of getting their fake surveys in the mail with a form for a check attached to them. Kasich has shown to be a little man.

    As far as the convention I thought it was boring. Sorry. I ended watching up Cesar Milan 🙂


  16. geeez2014 says:

    it’s going to get as ugly as it gets. After all, it’s Republicans…the poison of leftwing writers. Sadly, they’re highly read, and the headlines for this and other really vitriolic articles are at the very top of the home pages this morning.

    FB, I didn’t find it boring; I found it repetitious; too many speakers, but all quite good.


  17. FB says:

    True. But to me repetition is boring.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    I am going to email a friend and tell her I’m taking back my invitation I emailed her yesterday to watch the convention one night this week with me here at home. I’ve decided I have to be able to turn off as needed….wondered why I felt that way and then realized that we EXPECT Leftwing media insults, really bad ones, during GOP conventions, but what I personally don’t expect is a candidacy that invites it through plagiarism, open infighting on camera, etc etc….AND the Republicans who are ticked off about anything are now being interviewed by MSNBC and CNN…moaning about how they’re been wronged and “This isn’t the party I know” and then SENATOR SUSAN COLLINS saying “I wouldn’t rule out voting for Hillary”??? Oh, the Left is LOVING THIS. And it’s brought on by US…we can’t blame them!!

    Now I got an email saying Gert Wilders, who I greatly admire, has been invited to the convention….I hope it isn’t to speak because as much as I believe he’s RIGHT, I know for a fact the media will do nothing but accuse the GOP of being White Supremacists, of total hate for anything islam (which will not go over well in the voting public whether we approve of that or not), etc etc. This is tough stuff.

    I wish I was like some of you who don’t seem to bother about media reactions….my problem is I know HOW MANY people depend on that instead of watching themselves..


  19. Kid says:

    The left declared war on America in great earnest around 2000. Probably earlier. They’ve got their act together, disgusting as it is. They’re all on the same page, they’ve got war rooms, think tanks, and you name it to pound on the right with sledgehammers. IMO – They send out their talking points to email lists and everyone exposed to the public has that days talking points and attack plans.

    The right on the other hand do not have their act together in any respect. Bothers me as much as you but what am I going to do about it.

    I think of it like driving in Cincinnati surrounded by the worst drivers n the country. If I allow myself to be in a constant state of road rage, who am I hurting other than myself? So in this case, I just don’t expose myself to it directly. I’d have broken TV’s and medical problems I guarantee you.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I need to get disconnected and just know we’re turning farther left every minute of every day in this country and our kids are tainted and that’s the worst thing for our future….
    People used to say “the pendulum always swings back” but it only does when our kids aren’t destroyed and they are destroyed, most of them. There has to be a ‘back’ to return to. Yes, I know a lot of conservative kids but not enough.
    Sad days……….


  21. Kid says:

    Yes, bleak times. The Fed Dept of Education needs to go and the teachers unions throttled as step one. So many pieces to that puzzle though I feel like I’d have to be on drugs to be optimistic about that.


  22. Mal says:

    Well, Z, (drum roll, please) he FINALLY got you to accept him! Good! Welcome aboard the Trump Train. As to Melania plagiarizing Michelle’s speech, how? I mean, what did she say that any first lady wannabe wouldn’t be saying? Equality for women, children’s education, etc. But she had so much more to tell, with her gaining U.S. citizenship and the pride she felt. So where did she plagiarize? She is a self-made entrepreneur who speaks 4 languages, so who needs to copy Michelle? SHEESH!



  23. Mal says:

    BTW, Joni thinks Melania would be equal to Jackie Kennedy in appearance and stature. Maybe even MORE so.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    FB….and an Afghan “unaccompanied” youth used a machete on 3 Germans in the underground….
    Scantily dressed, huh? Well, we women in the West are pretty frequently too immodest, in my humble opinion (I mean, really, some shouldn’t even bother with the strings and pasties), but if THEY don’t like how WE dress, GO HOME, right?
    STABBED? HOW AWFUL…I hope they survive


  25. lisamb1 says:

    Just words


  26. Lisa says:

    That was mine Z


  27. Baysider says:

    Didn’t watch but so glad you shared this piece. It’s worth more than the blather I heard on the radio on my way home last night.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    THanks, Lisa…..but nobody seemed to care then, did they.

    Baysider, I just turned off CNN after they were gleefully outlining how even Megyn Kelly’s now accusing Ailes of sexual harassment, on top of Gretchen Carlson, etc.
    SO, the news is that “most news people fear for FOX’s future because ‘Ailes IS FOX, he was a king maker before FOX and he made this station and if he leaves, that’ll probably be it for FOX;”….just what we need is a country with NO Conservative representation, I don’t care WHAT some of you think of FOX not being conservative enough…that’s just silly because it IS, and because we need it badly.

    Yes, so that’s just another thing to cheer us conservatives up…no FOX? Of course, I find that ludicrous because Cavuto could take over, Hume, or any number of great conservative businessmen with entertainment experience………but, just another depressing stupid thing to think about. No FOX.

    only CNN and MSNBC and the liberal networks. No America.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    The author of this piece is going to speak tonight at the convention, I just learned.


  30. FB says:

    Fox makes too much money to stop. They’ll just replace the guy. I’m not too worried. There’s talk radio too.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    FB, before an election, to have this scandal at FOX just solidifies what centrists and lefties think; Republicans suck. Ailes is apparently a sexual harasser, just what we needed, and THEY DO translate it to ALL CONSERVATIVES, you know that?

    EVERY homepage has nothing but articles slamming Trump “Not the first time Trump people stole speeches” “Look just HOW rich the Trumps are” “Scandalous photos of Melania Trump”…constantly, day after day after day………it’s BAD. We expect that, but then the convention people …!! ?? Imagine GOPers going to MSNBC and bitching about their delegate stances that “the GOP shut down”…. or Sen Collins saying she doesn’t like Trump so she won’t close the door on voting HILLARY? What VALUES has this awful RINO? Wait, you don’t like TRUMP so you’ll vote Pro abortion, PRO socialism, PRO a LIAR? WOW

    Talk radio…no way does it attract the crowds watching FOX….
    This is terrible.


  32. I find the sexual harassment allegations by Gretchen Carlson to be OUTRAGEOUS! i don’t believe her one bit! She’s a vindictive, arrogant woman who could NOT cut it with a show she had to carry on her own. Roger Ailes is the man, the boss, who gave her that shot! It’s not his fault that she didn’t make it happen! Now – NOW??? – after she’s failed and flopped… she accuses him of this misbehavior??? I ain’t buying it. There would be no lawsuit, no allegations if her contract had been renewed! I am calling BULLSH*T on this whole lawsuit!

    As far as the reports that Megyn Kelly is also saying she was the recipient of an unwanted sexual advance from Ailes? Big EFFING deal!!! IF, and that’s a big IF, she has told the internal investigators that she encountered an unwanted offer, she obviously said NO and continued on to enormous success at Fox News.

    This is the Left’s big play to take down Fox News and if the Murdochs are too stupid to see what’s being done to their massive success, made so by Roger Ailes, then they deserve the downfall they decide to fall into! I’m so sick of this nonsense!


  33. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness, do you think Carlson is a Leftist? i don’t. “failed and flopped?” Her show was the top afternoon show.
    The Murdochs have nothing to do with this….it’s at least one accusation by a fellow conservative who was on his station.
    WHAT MATTERS, SADLY, IS THE APPEARANCE.. It’s important to realize this.

    I have SO many blogger friends who don’t understand why I watch CNN MSNBC, etc etc…and it’s because what people are hearing MATTERS, true or not. It’s SO important; it’s VOTES, it’s the future of our country.


  34. If your interested in the Melania speech controversy, Jerry DaBlade has a good take on it.

    Mal: Jackie didn’t pose nude.


  35. FB says:

    They have Anthony Weiner so it’s not any better.

    Megyn Kelly is a fraud I think. I’m not saying she wasn’t sexually harassed b/c I don’t know but she does it now that it’s convenient. If she had principles she had done it right away.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Anthony’s wife isn’t running for President, FB….actually, she might be going to jail!

    I admire Megyn Kelly greatly so I’m very surprised at this, tho none of the rumors are coming from HER…could just be only that ‘rumors’.

    Ed….imagine our first NUDE MODEL First Lady? Kind of describes American society today, doesn’t it.


  37. Imp says:

    Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Shepard Smith, Bret Baier, Eric Bolling, Neil Cavuto, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Laura Ingraham, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Jeanine Pirro, Bo Dietl, Monica Crowley, all of the Fox and Friends hosts and at least 50 Fox News contributors are willing to depart the network if Ailes is ousted, and leave with him to form a new network, one of the network’s anchors told Breitbart News late Tuesday.

    All of them stand against Megyn Kelly, and all of them stand with Roger Ailes.

    “If Fox wants to become the ‘all about Megyn Network,’ that’s fine,” one top Fox News host said. “We stand with Roger. And real anger has emerged that the so-called Megyn incident happened 10 years ago. The consensus among the hosts and contributors is: ‘Why didn’t she say anything then? Really, the same woman that posed half naked in GQ? The same woman on Haward Stern saying what?’”

    A second top Fox News Channel host told Breitbart News: “If Megyn Kelly wants to leave, we are fine with that. Good riddance.”

    The fact that nearly the entire network is willing to walk out over this, and support Ailes over Kelly is significant in that they have banded together to show their strength. It will harder than ever now for the Murdochs to side with Kelly over Ailes, especially with the lack of any evidence of her allegations–and the fact that Kelly waited 10 years to say anything about this evidence-less supposed incident.

    Most people at the Fox News Channel are extraordinarily offended that Kelly made Tuesday—the day Donald J. Trump because the official Republican nominee—all about herself. Multiple sources can’t believe she did this today of all days.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Imp: Can anybody tell me where it’s Kelly who’s brought this supposedly 10-yr lawsuit to the public NOW? I’m not saying that she isn’t the one to bring this to light now but I personally haven’t seen who released the supposed 10-yr old allegation..??

    “all about herself?” Not many covered this, so I’m not following.


  39. Adrienne says:

    I’m a little late to this party. This convention watching is wearing me out. What Natalie Gulbis said about Trump is repeated over and over by many, many people. The lady who manages his winery said almost exactly the same thing about him. Trump is anti-woman? How could that be when he has to many women in top positions in all his different businesses?

    About Paul Manafort. I really had to chuckle about how you and Bunkerville react to him when my reaction is a complete 180. I gave it a small amount of thought and have realized why. You see I’m Italian (disclaimer – my grandparents on my father’s side were from Italy, and my grandparents on my mother’s side were from Germany, with a smattering of French and English), but the Italian side dominated my growing up years, so to keep it simple, I just call myself Italian. Besides, it’s all about how you identify yourself – or something.

    Anyhoo, I’ve jokingly said that I really like Manafort because blood calls to blood. You see, I grew up with men just like Manafort. Many members of my family were “connected”, and if you’ve ever seen the Godfather or the Sopranos, you would understand a man like Manafort.

    It doesn’t mean I don’t understand why you ladies would react like you do to him. He’s a scary guy. But, I’m used to scary guys, you’re not.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Adrienne, that’s funny because I’ve been saying that Manafort reminds me of the Mafia 🙂 (not that all Italians are Mafia, of course!!!) Ya, I’m not a fan, BIG TIME.
    I’m not really used to ‘scary guys’…but he’s more than scary….
    I don’t view all Italians as snake oil salesmen…this guy…well…ya, maybe you’re right!…he scares me!


    WITH THE TRUTH? Isn’t that amazing? FOX has divided because it offers the patriotic, pro constitutional viewpoint? WOW>

    And THIS isn’t dangerous?


  41. Adrienne says:

    Around my house I call him “Sexy Manafort the Great.” I know that makes you shudder, and I apologize. Hubby just rolls his eyes.

    It brings to mind the rather raucous dinner scene in The Godfather. The entire theater was laughing at the antics while I sat completely dumbfounded trying to figure out what in heck they were laughing about. It looked rather normal to me.

    When hubby and I had our after wedding dinner in a local Italian restaurant in Vegas, the entire place was full of Mafia. Hubby became more and more nervous. I felt right at home. Besides, they all sent so many bottles of champagne to us that we were able to share with the entire packed restaurant.


  42. Mal says:

    Ed, that being said, Jackie wasn’t an entrepreneur, born in another country, or could speak four languages, either. Like a very good friend I know that was formerly a lead showgirl (topless) here in Vegas once told me, you did what was needed to eat, and I believe that might’ve applied here, too.


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