“America needs your vote” By Donald Trump (with a little help from Z)

Dear Americans,

trump and micYour country needs your vote for me and the fantastic Mike Pence.  Your country needs two people at the helm who care about her, care about her constitution, and care about you and your family.

Your country deserves to be making products here again, the kind of products America was known for; strong, long lasting, well priced products.  And your families deserve to be designing, producing, manufacturing, advertising for, marketing for, wholesaling, retailing and BUYING those American products.   That will create jobs and create an economy working for YOU again, not only for those at the top.  But, I will never insult those at the top.  This is America and we’ve always honored success, never given an award to everybody so nobody’s feelings get hurt, never supported people who don’t even belong here legally, which undermines your confidence and can’t do anything but make you ask “What is going ON HERE?”  This was the America where doing WELL was admired and it will be that again!  The ridiculous notion of looking down on the rich and expecting them to carry our load is wrong and it’s dangerous.  The rich hire, the rich buy;  rich people, rich corporations, the producers in this country, are all thriving and we all can share in that success.   They should thrive and so should YOU! We have to work hard and expect the best, not the worst for ourselves.  But you need promise, you need true hope and a light at the tunnel that’s become dimmed these last few years.

We need a country again whose people don’t turn to drugs because they see no future. We need a country whose kids are encouraged to do well in school, not passed to higher grades just to make sure the taxes go to that school, not passed along though they can’t read.     We need to close the Department of Education, among other departments, and leave it to the states, but with a curriculum which supports our country, supports our kids’ learning the Pledge (never being allowed to sit down during it), learning the National Anthem, learning all the tremendous goodness of America with honest discussion of her less stellar things like slavery only at age appropriate times.   Making Americans proud to be American shouldn’t be on a political platform!  It was what we did for all these years.  Ask yourselves why so many don’t anymore.  Ask yourselves why no other country teaches hate for itself!

Ask yourselves why our kids are killing other kids and ask yourselves why we blame the guns instead of the families who raised kids who can even conceive of killing another!  We had a chance with our first Black president to hear him tell all kids, but particularly our at-risk Black kids who need guidance, that they can succeed, to stop the killings, to get a good education, to work hard, lay off drugs,  that bringing babies into your dark, difficult world isn’t going to make anything better for that baby or anyone else.  It never happened with Obama.  We need a president who’s everybody’s leader and who’ll call the so-called “Black Leaders” down for discouraging instead of encouraging.

We are pro WOMAN!  Most of my executives at the Trump Foundation are women, don’t believe what you hear from the media!  We are also pro health care and we’ll fight to keep it affordable, going slowly to massage and tweak what’s worked and get rid of what has not worked, like Obama Care!

This country deserves to make its own energy.  We have the ability to BRING OIL HOME and we can.   The Left denounced our country for going into Iraq and taking the oil.  We never did that, but why shouldn’t we have taken the oil from people we fought hard for, lost precious soldiers for, spent billions of dollars for?  I’m going to change this attitude.  Why doesn’t America deserve anything and all IT can get?

And if anybody doesn’t think weather’s changing, they’re dumb.  Weather changes.  But we need to go slowly and methodically  and see what’s going on and what we can do, not destroy business in overreaching attempts at our cleaning up our mess while other countries continue to spew their junk into the air we breathe;  there is no wall to stop those particulates in our air!

We need a president that the world will respect and, yes, FEAR.  Fear isn’t a word we like to say anymore, but we’re fighting an enemy who operates solely on fear and we have to fight back with the same punch….or better, stronger, more long lasting, FINAL.  We aren’t going to put up with foreign terrorists anymore.   And WHY SHOULD WE? What kind of a leader sees Islamist radicals killing all over the world and decides we need more Muslims here?  What is horrible about stopping ALL immigration until we get a handle on it?  What is horrible about being as sure as we can be that the immigrants we are letting in want to come here to participate, not live off of us, or kill us!?   How is it legal for cities to offer sanctuary against OUR OWN COUNTRY’S LAWS?   Ask yourself that question.  How does a country survive without paying attention to its laws and which party has ignored those laws in efforts to, supposedly, be KIND and OPEN and WELCOMING?   When did it become unkind to tell people to OBEY OUR LAWS IF YOU WANT TO COME HERE, IF YOU WANT TO LIVE HERE?
We will build a wall.  As some of you might not know, the construction of that wall was approved by Congress once and we’ll get it approved again.  And, of course, as your Progressives would like you to believe, that supposedly means WE HATE IMMIGRANTS.  MY WIFE is an immigrant, think I hate her?   America was built with the blood and sweat of immigrants, we need immigrants, but we need immigrants who want to come here, learn our language, participate in our culture and provide for their own families.   We need proud immigrants like those of older days, who came here thrilled to be AMERICANS, not to bring their culture here or, worse, bring those who want Americans dead and this country changed forever by Sharia Law, for example.  That’s not going to work in America;  NOT WHILE I’M IN CHARGE.

We need Supreme Court judges not from the Left and not from the Right, but those who interpret the Constitution with the strictest adherence to what it says, not what they want it to say.  We need to honor the Supreme Court and assign people to it who will never besmirch that institution which only lately has become disrespected.  That has to STOP.

There are many things this country needs but the absolutely most important thing is PRIDE IN AMERICA again.  AGAIN!  We have always loved our country!   Stop allowing your schools to teach the next generations otherwise.  Stop it, read what your kids are learning.  Demand their teachers teach the truth, not political ideology from the leftwing hate-America first crowd.  STOP IT.  Stop anything that gets in the way of our pride in country.

People have said I disparage the military by saying IT IS A DISASTER.  Those people who say this are either totally stupid or totally dishonest, or both;  anybody who’s heard how I feel about our military knows that I’ve made it clear that the way we TREAT our military is a DISASTER, THE MILITARY is not!  Support our military!  Why should that be some new concept?  This is America!  Ask yourselves what people started the derision of not only our military but our law enforcement.  Ask yourself why most of those at the head of law enforcement across this country now support ME, the CONSERVATIVE.

THE MEDIA IS THE NEXT THING:  A Democratic country doesn’t survive with a one-sided media anymore than it does with a one-sided education system.   We are to OPEN MINDS, EDUCATE, INFORM, NOT INDOCTRINATE, NOT only tell HALF the news, and NOT downright LIE.   We need BOTH sides presented and both sides, most importantly, RESPECTED.  Pay attention to the stories you hear…look into both sides.

PRIDE IN AMERICA is what Mike Pence and I will work on every single day of our administration, of both of our four year administrations, God willing.  And, talking about God;  ask yourself why Christianity and Judaism are suddenly the bad guys and Islam isn’t.  Ask yourself who’s propagated that ridiculous and dangerous turn of events.   “Merry Christmas!” used to be a happy thing to say, now we worry about who’s going to hear it?  NOT ANYMORE.. This country was founded on Judeo Christian ethics and has thrived UNTIL we started to chip away at that amazing, bless-ed foundation that our forefathers gave us through the love and help of GOD.  If others don’t like it, they don’t have to listen to it.  Why is that a new concept?

God bless America……Be PROUD of this great country that has done so much for not only its people but people all over the world.  Let them fear us once again; that’s a good thing.  Fear, awe, respect, those are GOOD words, words to be proud of…and I will work HARD to make all of you PROUD to be an AMERICAN again.

(loud applause?…Yes? No?!)



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30 Responses to “America needs your vote” By Donald Trump (with a little help from Z)

  1. bocopro says:

    Well, as The Bard once said (paraphrased), con artists have the power to concoct a convincing spiel, and his is certainly more digestible than anything Cankles spews.

    Actually, what he said was, “The Devil hath the power to assume a pleasing shape.” But that’s been given the lie by HRC, whose shape is anything BUT pleasing.

    Anyway, think I’ll hold off on jumping in the bag for Don Bocca. Can’t argue that he’s the less anti-American of the two and very likely has no agenda other than vanity in his quest for political immortality; I believe he genuinely would like to do what’s best for the country . . . but simply hasn’t the training or experience to pull it off.

    His opponent, of course, is greed personified in a pantsuit, and will do what’s best for the nation only when it dovetails nicely with her lust for lucre and legalized immorality.

    Still say it’s an awful pass we’ve come to when both candidates are so burdened with excess baggage that choosing between them is the classic definition of a catch-22, a quandary, a can of worms.

    I held my nose and voted for Dubya as the lesser of two evils considering Pope Algore and Jacques Friggin Querrie; I held my nose and voted for McRino as the lesser of two evils considering an unvetted, unqualified, unready, un-American impostore; I held my nose and voted for “never heard about Benghazi” Mittens as the much better of two very suspicious choices . . . . . Damn! My nose is getting raw from all that gripping and squeezing.

    One more prolonged squeeze and I’ll need some corrective RINO rhinoplasty. My only motivation for voting at all is to reject unpalatable offerings, but a vote for anyone except El Donaldo would be to unbalance the balance of power by nailing the feet of all 9 SC justices far stage left.


  2. Kid says:

    I agree with all the words. It won’t happen in four years, but it would be nice to see this 20 trillion ton freighter starting to turn starboard..


  3. Trump: “I am your voice.”

    Oh, how much we need that!


  4. Adrienne says:



  5. Sparky says:

    Hubby and I are voting for Trump-Pence. I really think it will be a big improvement over the last 12 years. 😉


  6. Mal says:

    Bocopro, you’re a bit of a cynic. I believe if Jesus Christ was running, you’d criticize his having long hair so must be a hippie! Seriously, one must question what other motive would someone like Trump have to run? A 70 year old multi-billionaire that can live wherever he wants and enjoy his remaining days? I believe he is genuinely motivated by real concern not only for our country but the whole world. As to his lack of experience, he has repeatedly said he will surround himself with the smartest, most capable people to address our security, economy, education, health care, etc. He has the most experience in organizing and addressing problems, WAY more than Hillary, Bernie, or anyone in Congress or politics today. Sure, there are others like Trump but they aren’t volunteering to do this. He is. Lets be grateful that he is.


  7. John M. Berger says:



  8. geeez2014 says:

    I didn’t realize quite how long my diatribe was….if any of you actually stuck with it, thanks!
    I thought the points were important and it was actually kind of fun writing it.

    VERY SAD about the DNC decision to have family of dead Black kids speaking tonight. I would be interested in how many raised their children themselves, or did the grandparents? Will they examine the facts that many of those kids just plain did the wrong thing, including robbing convenience stores, pushing the owners around, not listening to the police when spoken to?

    Many cops are saddened, apparently, that there will be no children of those cops fallen in their duty.

    I just heard Richard Granelle at the DNC say he passed some Philly cops in the sweltering heat there and said “Thanks for what you do!” And one cop said ‘What are you, Republican?” Apparently, law enforcement gets that it’s the Republicans who are grateful.


  9. Bob says:

    Wow! What a speech. Did Trump actually say all those things, or is Z channeling her version of The Donald? 🙂

    I endorse Trump’s sentiments, and Z’s. Trump will not be the savior of Western Civilization, but I think he may be a good start. We have to have some backup in Europe, too, but they may be too far gone down the road to socialism.


  10. Mal says:

    Bob, you’re exactly right. Trump won’t be able to do everything necessary at once. No one can. We’re too far gone for a quick fix, but remember what Omar Khayyam said about the journey of a thousand miles beginning with one step because Donald’s first step is definitely needed, and now!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Bob! My version! I wish it was ‘channeling’, that Trump had it in him to speak as toughly but without insulting anybody 🙂 Glad you liked it.
    No, Trump in no way is the savior of ANYTHING 😉

    Mal…let’s hope his first steps are Conservative…so far, he’s just trying to draw in socialist Bernie votes; I’m a bit worried about how far he’ll go with that.


  12. geeez2014 says:




  13. Kid says:

    Bernie? Depends on how much they paid/promised/threatened him.

    He’s already in the tank for clinton though right? Says Trump has to be defeated and the beast needs to win.


  14. Baysider says:

    Yes, excellent. I’m not so sure people turn to drugs because they don’t see a future as much as because they don’t see a present.

    I could cry to hear a real candidate say this.


  15. Imp says:

    Corrupt? Nah….

    “The Democratic National Committee shut down the plot to field a vice presidential challenger to Sen. Tim Kaine … by stalling on paperwork!”

    Let the peaceful progs start rioting…they’re ripe for it I think. Klinton must have waved a huge bag of goodies and cash in Burnies face.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, definitely…..Bernie isn’t in the tank, no way….I’m sure he hates her and hasn’t been effusive about her, but HE DID Support her in his speech last night.
    The gossip today is that they’re fighting with him still to PLEASE supporter her more emblematically…. Honestly, I think the man is an overgrown hippie JERK but I believe he does care about his movement and that he’s BADLY BADLY let his people down. I really do.

    Baysider…Future, Present…..no hope. I had to laugh at “they don’t see a present” because PRESENT can be “now” or “a GIFT…FREEBIES” and it works that way, too.

    To listen to Bernie’s FREE COLLEGE, MEDICARE AT 55 YRS OLD (when it’s already teetering)…FREE EVERYTHING!>>and the CHEERING!
    And who EVER asks “Who’s PAYING for this?” it’s truly laughable and shows the idiot mentality and immaturity of the left.

    Imp! They won’t GIVE anybody the form with which they can nominate someone new…amazing. Although I don’t think The RNC would have wanted anything like this to happen, either.
    Bernie probably was promised something but I think the jerk has more integrity than most politicians, even if he is as dumb as a bag of dirt and SO immature…he really does sound like a wild eyed 18 yr old college kid waving his arms and giving everything away……….amazing.


  17. Excellent speech, Z! You missed your calling, should’ve been a Presidential speechwriter!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness…High praise from you! Thanks so much. Actually, I’m copying this and taking it to a dinner party tonight where one of the guests is a consultant to some senator in Kansas….who knows? ! at least I think I will……not sure.


  19. geeez2014 says:


    but….I really can’t blame him…who knows what was threatened?
    Or he hates Trump THAT much.
    or both


  20. Kid says:

    The Dems stick together unlike the repubs.

    BTW, DId you see where the DNC convenstion was a nightmare for people going there? Trash and litter everywhere from the piggish libtards, waiting an hour in line for food, vendors out of food AND water when it was your turn, gridlock on the streets, crappy hotels, Uber waits over an hour, shuttle buses that Never showed, and ‘people’ think the dems can run the country. They can’t even run a convention. Any of this happen at the RNC convention? You all know you’d have heard about it non-stop if it did.


  21. Mal says:

    Basically, I believe the majority of Bernie supporters are in debt and living day-to-day. Why else would they not care who pays for all their goodies? They aren’t good money managers so what the heck, let the government pay for it. Its a bottomless pit anyway.


  22. Kid says:

    Mal, This war is well defined now. It’s the takers vs the makers. It seems the takers have the advantage right now but we’ll know for sure in Nov. Isn’t it willd that the dumbasses are winning?


  23. Mal says:

    Z, don’t worry about if his first steps are conservative. He might say a lot of stuff to draw in the votes, just like anyone else. Before you can make chicken soup, first ‘ya gotta catch a chicken!


  24. Imp says:

    For shame…and I mean real shame…but….the libtard POS don’t have any and never will. So…they trot out the so called “mothers” of their hero thugs who bought the farm…one…attacking a private citizen, one attacking a cop and trying to get his gun and then the 25 time convicted felon who broke his own damn neck…trying once gain to get a big payout from the cops and the Baltimorons…..who gave the family of the undocumented pharmacist before any verdicts / indictments were handed down to the…”family” of over 5 mill or so. In all 3 cases so far the cops have have been exonerated…by a judge…the DOJ and the State of Florida.

    Not one mention of the more than 10 cops killed on duty…their families…their children. Pure scum…Not one mention of terrorism…ISIS…Islamic murderers and other scum. I remember back in 2012 they booed God from their platform too. Now…another scandal with the DNC, DWS, Hitlery and the FBI is sure they’ll get down to finding out the culprits. Which they now blame on the…Russians….who should be a natural ally of ours.

    But since Killary’s reset button set us back to the 50’s….Hey dipsheets…..it’s not the Russians…it’s what you pigs wrote. And I’ll say it again….if they hacked secure DNC servers….there’s not one damn doubt in my mind…that Assange has Killary’s secure / secret and classified emails too. Or Huma’s or Mills or her bozo corrupt attorneys. Or Obozo’s for that matter who emailed to her server too.
    God..I hate them so…and I’ve never hated anyone except the Nazi’s all my life. Thanks Demrats and the gimmemorefreeshit party.


  25. Kid says:

    IMP, Someone has those emails. Every stinking one. As far as the dems, yes, no bigger lake of pond scum on the face of the Earth. They’d vote for racoon scat and sleep like babies. I possibly hate them more than ISIS. At least the IS vermin were raised from birth to be sadistic savages, Dems had choices along the way.


  26. John M. Berger says:

    When Bernie bellowed about Medicare for everyone did anyone ask him about this? I’m tired of hearing about his “sincerity”; the man is a complete nut and his following consists of people should NEVER be allowed to vote!



  27. Baysider says:

    Re: Bernie Sanders. I like Larry Elder’s take on it.
    Did BS really think he might win when he looks like a nebbish that sleeps in his car? Noooo.
    Do you think a man who really wanted to win would give Hillary a pass on her email problem? Nooo.
    And so it went.
    If not, what DID he want? TO MOVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEFT. And that’s what has happened. Hillary has run to the left as fast as Bill tacked right when faced with a responsible congress in 1994. And the party platform followed. Remember, the more delegates, the more influence you have on writing the platform (which is why I still voted for Cruz in California after Trump sewed up his delegates).

    Larry thinks Bernie must be thrilled with his accomplishment. I agree.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, that smile on Bernie’s face today was HUGE….his “MOVEMENT” as he calls it is well on its way…here’s a senior citizen who doesn’t understand economics, think the rich are evil and anything slightly conservative is for his grandparents…and he’s hugely popular and can LIVE WITH HIMSELF? What kind of NUT…? Frankly, if 90% of MY sycophants were KIDS, I’d be humiliated.
    But, then, I heard people today at the DNC get up to speak and start with I AM A PROUD DEMOCRAT and I thought “God, I’d be SO EMBARRASSED to say that!” 🙂


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