“RACIST” is one thing we can’t call Trump;

trump racist

Yes…RACIST is a ridiculous moniker for Trump but it’s the main criticism from the Left…  Maybe it’s best they stick to ‘racist’ and ignore the real shortcomings I DO think he has? 🙂  That’s a thought!!


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40 Responses to “RACIST” is one thing we can’t call Trump;

  1. bocopro says:

    Wrote this a week or so after the first GOP debate.

    The Bard rethinks Richard III:


    Now is the summer of our discontent
    Made glorious pastime by this Don of Trump;
    And all the fear that lurked within our speech
    In the far corner of the dungeon banished.
    Now are our brows lit with unspeakable truths;
    Our battered goals recharged for argument,
    Our buried dreams revived for contemplation,
    Our old ideals their polish and luster freshed.
    Smug unbought cheek hath stoked his cocky voice;
    And now, instead of mealy-mouthing words
    To satisfy norms of staid convention,
    He disdains pledging his conformity
    Whilst he funds his ride from naught but his own.
    And he, not steeped in approved politics,
    Nor apt to suffer bogus popinjays;
    He, that to no PAC his allegiance owes
    Nor bows to kings or entrenched lobbyists;
    He, that disparaged the Foxy blonde Queen
    Who used her beauty ‘gainst him as device
    When ‘mongst his peers his habits she assailed,
    In league with those who would him now expulse
    As aggravation in stage performance
    Of their refined practiced mantra chants;
    No, he, in this sad declining time of slump,
    Takes no delight in playing by their rules,
    Except where law and circumstance dictate,
    And returns two-fold the barb the question masks.
    And therefore, since he cannot play a gop,
    Or imitate the rehearsed well-drilled types,
    He enjoys his role as provocateur
    And says what we all think and they can’t say.


  2. It doesn’t have to be true to call him one.
    Look at all the good things they say about Hillary without any of it being true.


  3. Bocopro: those last few lines were perfect.


  4. Sparky says:

    I think the term “racist” has been bastardized by those who are. The Never Trump crowd will never believe anything that’s truthful, so, I wouldn’t even concern myself with those folks. Yeah, Trump is not perfect, but I do sincerely think that he will do his best to guide our country back from the brink and be a good President. At least he’s not crooked Pant Suit and her rapist husband Slick.


  5. Kid says:

    I believe it’s called throwing infinite loads of S* on the wall knowing some of it will stick.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…excellent stuff in that. Except the FOXY blonde didn’t use her beauty against him, she used her brains 🙂
    “He enjoys his role as provocateur
    And says what we all think and they can’t say.”
    Which would win him MORE votes if only he’d not insult the handicapped journalist (again this week) or make idiotic insulting nicknames, or lie about knowing Putin … I can barely stand this man anymore. I’m so SO so turned off by FINALLY thinking “Well, he did that speech pretty well, maybe he’s turning a corner in behavior…” and having those hopes dashed EVERY SINGLE TIME and so profoundly. I had hopes Pence could help; instead, I’m starting to doubt Pence since he either can’t or isn’t 😦

    Ed…WE know it doesn’t have to be true; it’s the huge amount of voters who don’t bother to think before voting, to seek the truth, which is more important…highly more important, sadly.

    Sparky, it has been bastardized, but it doesn’t matter….people believe it, and the Dems are doing all they can to keep it in the public discussion.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s right…….they just keep blabbing and it DOES stick….lie after lie, mischaracterization after mischaracterization…


  8. geeez2014 says:

    The Muslim father of the dead soldier at the DNC who spoke was there to solidify Trump’s RACISM…. “Mr. Trump, I doubt that you have ever read the Constitution…if you have not I can send mine to you”.
    Apparently, it’s racist to try to stop the scourge of radical islamic killers….who knew?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Trump has to stop keeping journalists out of his press conferences and speeches because they tick him off, too.
    He hands the Left fodder by which they can make voters hate him…on a regular basis.
    I swear I’d be so embarrassed to be Pence and have to stand by Trump’s ‘stuff’.

    WHY can’t he just do speeches like the RNC great speech………talk like that, no insults, no name calling, no censorship of media, no insulting handicapped journalists (he did it again), etc…
    He’s GOT the attention of Americans who WILL vote for him regardless.
    Now he needs to get the attention of Americans who maybe COULD vote for him but are on the fence.

    Without that, he’s toast. Someone needs to wake him up ….
    And, please, I am NOT saying he shouldn’t stick to his beliefs and talk TOUGH…..just talk like a MAN, not a schoolyard bully whose vocabulary isn’t good and who gets ticked off at the slightest thing. PLEEEASE.


  10. Mal says:

    Bocopro, Trump can afford to be independent and even obnoxious ’cause without his vast wealth, he wouldn’t have made it. His wealth coupled with his celebrity image and lifestyle allowed him to rise above the other 16. I don’t know if Hillary can stand it. She knows he can’t be bought or intimidated like she has others. Deep inside she’s frustrated. Personally, I’m lovin’ it! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving woman.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, ‘obnoxious’, the way he’s been behaving again, even when I thought once the primaries were over and Pence was by his side, he’d start acting like a mature man his age, isn’t going to sell well except with his most ardent fans.
    If Hillary wasn’t so very unpopular with even Centrists, his polls would be sinking like a lead balloon.

    No, I’m so weary of excuses for making fun of the handicapped, dumb little nicknames for adults who don’t agree with him…ugh. I’m tired and even contemplating not mentioning him on the blog anymore in posts or anywhere else. That might be the road I need to take in order to stay optimistic and keep belief in my fellow Americans!


  12. Imp says:

    I guess I’m a racist then. I despise black thugs, islamists and hispanic illegals too, right? Even though two aren’t a race.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Apparently, we’re ALL racists, Imp….if we believe in the law of our land, if we want to live by those laws, if we want to create jobs and stop entitlements. How awful of us, right?


  14. bocopro says:

    Ah . . . racism! The “Get Out Of Jail Free” card for descendants of Africans whose ancestors were sold to Arabs and Europeans by other Africans and became voluntary victims for promotion of LBJ’s Great Friggin Society.

    When I was growin up, we whitebreads tended to root for the underdog, the guy who’d been ignored or exploited or discriminated against by bigger, richer, more self-important assholes.

    Then when I went to college in the late 50s I ran into people whom I found fascinating, guys so black they were downright purple, girls with shiny bits of geology stuck in their foreheads, kids with odd accents who spoke strange languages which fascinated me, Jews, Arabs, Chinese, Venezuelans, Greeks, Danes, Scots, Koreans, Turks . . . . . . .

    And it was all quite educational, very stimulating, refreshingly exciting. I was a liberal, a romantic who’d been hooked on the allure of Maimiti in Mutiny On The Bounty, Anita (Rita Moreno) in West Side Story, Chelo (Katy Jurado) in The Bullfighter and the Lady, Suzie (Nancy Kwan) in The World of Suzie Wong, Bess (Dorothy Dandridge) in Porgy and Bess, Phaedra (Sophia Loren) in Boy On A Dolphin, and so on.

    When I had the unusually good fortune to discover my dream girl in Southeast Asia, I also discovered the uncommonly good sense to marry and spend the rest of my life in partnership with her.

    The Navy spent much time and effort in attempts to overcome my adolescent liberalism and turn me into what today is called a “white privileged” racist, what with its intense “multicultural” training and constant reminders that people of color had been treated horribly by Europeans throughout all of known history.

    At first I resisted the Navy’s and society’s resolve to instill guilt and a sense of shame into me for being born Caucasian. But I’m now getting old, and after half a century of constant reminders, accusations, and condemnations, I’m ready to accept my white man’s burden and at least admit that I am indeed a racist.

    I mean, once I look at the facts, my racist ideas become crystal clear. First of all, my standards for physical female beauty are firmly and permanently anchored in Southeast Asia and have been since I first set eyes on Dorothy Lamour in a sarong and all the other exotic oriental beauties in those darkened theaters back in the 50s.

    African girls are measurably better athletes in the track and field events than Caucasians.

    Korean girls are much better golfers than European girls.

    Mexican girls make much better MMAs than Gringo girls.

    Brazilian girls are infinitely better at Mardi Gras dancing than NorteAmericano girls.

    Japanese girls consistently outperform American girls in school.

    Filipinas are friendlier and more courteous than Murkan chicks.

    Scandinavian girls always look better with a tan than with their natural tone.

    Italian girls’ cooking is considerably tastier than their U.S. counterparts’.

    Indian (subcontinent) girls are infinitely more mysterious than white girls.

    Yep! I’m a racist. I appreciate women who are different, who are fiery, who are exotic, who have some color in their skin, who view the world from angles a few degrees oblique from mine. I admit it. I embrace it. I revel in it.

    As for guys . . . ehh, who gives a sh– what color they are as long as they’re not setting stuff on fire or yelling “Allahu Akhbar!” or trying to mimic 3rd graders and calling it music?


  15. Baysider says:

    “I doubt that you have ever read the Constitution” – this from a party that nominated a felon that uses the constitution as toilet paper?


  16. Mal says:

    Z, “I’m tired and even contemplating not mentioning him on the blog anymore…..” Well, good luck with that, girl! I mean, what else will there be to talk about between now and November? See? One can’t even contemplate getting rid of the obnoxious guy! Don’t ‘ya love it?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, no, I absolutely don’t love it. I am SICK of him and his horrible ways. I’m tired of his repeating his nastiness every single day.
    I admire his toughness and his unpolitical correctness, but he continues to go far too far and it’s losing him many votes. You can’t believe how many good cons. I know who can’t bring themselves to vote for him…they won’t for HIllary, believe me!, but they can’t vote for Trump as long as he’s insulting people and not giving intelligent solutions to things he promises HE WILL FIX.
    I had hoped once Pence came on that Trump would stop the childishness..sad.

    Bocopro….I can’t imagine choosing Dorothy Lamour’s looks over Heddy Lamar !! Or others! But more power to ya…Lamour apparently had a great personality on set. My buddy Orson Bean told me that was why the Road Movies featured her! Hope and Crosby adored her.

    Baysider..the Muslim who lost his son and said that isn’t involved with the beast.


  18. Kid says:

    Just one clarification, Trump never said all moslems are bad. He’s talking about new imports that the FBI can’t even tell you whether they are IS or not. He hasn’t been good at verbalizing that however.

    In any case there are enough here already to destroy our lifestyle ala the EU countries. How many will be nervous anytime you’re around a lot of people. No? I think we all will be not too long from now – within a year.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, absolutely he didn’t….but he did say none can come in, at one point….apparently, in the liberal world, that means ‘ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD ACCORDING TO HATE-FILLED REPUBLICANS AND THEY ALL HAVE TO STOP COMING IN’… NO care given to “Gee, maybe we SHOULD keep them out for a while because AMERICAN LIVES MATTER,TOO!, RIGHT?
    He also said, at one time, that all need to go and that we need to kill as many as possible…now he backed off and says we have to be wary of “Territories’, suggesting it’s not ALL Muslims but those muslims in those territories who can’t come in.

    My friend who called Saturday asking if I could go to the Hillary movie said she was going early because she was fearful of being there at a time when more people would be in the audience, in the evening…. A LOT of my friends are nervous now……it’s happening NOW.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    A friend just sent me some stills of Hillary and Bill, taken by her son who’s a photographer and works with the woman who wrote the Hillary/Morgan Freeman video shown at the DNC…he ADORES them, says they can’t be warmer or more friendly…AND he said Bill’s not well, has a terrible tremor when he’s holding things.
    Gad, after seeing that Hillary video, even I almost started not to despise her 🙂


  21. geeez2014 says:

    “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.”

    I was just looking up Will Rogers because I was interested in something about him and saw that quote…not bad!


  22. geeez2014 says:

    The KOCHS on Donald Trump. Can I blame them? Yet Donald’s donors could really use their money:

    “We think it’s really important that Donald convince Charles he’s the right guy, and for Charles to influence Donald’s policies,” Deason said. “He [Charles Koch] indicates he’s taking a wait and see approach. He’s not completely writing if off.”

    Unsatisfied with the two major party’s nominees, the Kochs have indicated that they will not be spending any money on the presidential race.

    “If I had to vote for cancer or heart attack, why would I vote for either?” Charles Koch told Fortune earlier this month.”


  23. Imp says:

    @Kid….”he FBI can’t even tell you whether they are IS or not….”

    Comey? That twerp couldn’t even decide with all the evidence in front of him that killary belongs in jail….with that in mind I’ll have to assume he can’t find his own azz with two hands and all muzzies are welcome then, right? I mean there’s no proof they had INTENT…to harm anyone , right?


  24. Kid says:

    @IMP, lazer focus point as usual. I’m shaking my head here – when the FBI won’t even do their job against a mobster (clinton) that Al Capone would bow down to, we are in dangerous times. And see following!

    @Z, the hilrod movie. My lunch buddies saw it and say it is a real eye opener. And believe me, they have their eyes open even more than I do. ………. They put D’souza in jail with rapists and murders for donating too much money to some candidate.

    The government IS organized crime. This is Rome in its final throes, though ‘final throes’ may last 50 more years…

    Full disclosure: I believe the big banks are in charge (maybe a layer above them), they control the media and the government. We aren’t even ants on a hot tin roof as far as these people are concerned. Our lives mean Nothing. America? has been an illusion for at least 100 years.


  25. Imp says:

    New Iphone app….

    “Capitol HillAwry is a political satirical game where the objective is to collect as much money through email donations as possible while maintaining a decent approval rating in the polls.
    Once you have booted up your server you will begin to receive various emails and spam. It is your objective to delete any confidential information off of the server by swiping the emails to the right. Removing confidential emails will improve your poll rating. You will also receive political donor emails, which will help earn you money through speeches and foundation donations. Be sure to swipe those to the left to respond. The more donations you take, the more your poll rating will go down and if you do nothing with the emails, they will eventually expire and have consequences. Good luck, and try not to get caught deleting your emails! After all, you would not want people to know that capitol hill has really gone awry.

    All of the “Confidential” emails in this game have been populated using the officially declassified and released State Department Benghazi emails and all of the “Political Donor” emails and satire is based off foundation donations listed on the Clinton Foundation Donors page. All content is drafted, written, and edited by professional satirist and woody award winner David Ross.”

    From Apple


  26. Kid says:

    IMP, Really? from Apple


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Imp: that’s from Apple? The whole political system is ONE BIG JOKE and so much for US is at stake. One big darned APP.

    Kid, I have friends who say Hillary’s mentioned less than the Democrats in general….revealing to this country the truth WE KNOW, that Republicans wanted the Civil Rights Act and the Dems DIDN”T…that the Republicans wanted an end to Slavery, an end to Jim Crow, it’s the DEMS who fought it but that is NOT taught anymore…it’s all THOSE RACIST REPUBLICANS now.
    My teeth just welded together in anger, I swear……..makes me SO MAD.

    D’Souza did get time but, mostly, he was at home and had to spend nights at some facility. He supposedly gave money thru a friend, which you can’t do; as if THAT’s even one millionth as bad as anything Hillary’s done, right? Gad


  28. Kid: my take on Hillary’s America.
    [audio src="http://thayrone.com/edge/edgearchive/072616%20OTE/072616%20OTE%20-%20Track%2012.mp3" /]


  29. geeez2014 says:


    I absolutely believe this is all true…from what Trump says, and the way he just can’t help himself in reacting so thin skinned and nasty and childish, I think this guy who knows him pretty well is right…I just try to ignore it because the idea of EITHER Trump or Hillary winning is SO abysmal.

    I admire you who don’t see this stuff and wish I couldn’t.


  30. Kid: I don’t know why WP handles the links like that.
    Everything between the quotes is the url.


  31. Imp says:

    It’s on their ITunes store…..which you can take a look at. It’s a description of the app / game…perhaps by the author / developer but Apple has to approve all of it in their submissions approval process. I went through it myself.


  32. Z-man says:

    For me the real issue is his personality. He’s in his 60’s and he reminds me of me in my late 20’s. Angry at this angry at that perceived slight and don’t you dare criticize me. He wants to destroy any and all critics with his verbal grenades. Maturity is woefully lacking.


  33. Imp says:

    Talk about some OT insanity…..”in the wake of Sandy Hook, the Obama administration recommended that teachers defend themselves and their students by throwing “fire extinguishers” or “chairs” at would-be gunmen.” Some school school systems that have canned food drives with the goal of providing teachers with cans of vegetables they can throw at a gunman, should one enter the classroom.

    Yea…tell that to the teachers who have to protect kids during a school lockdown. But make sure the cans of food are all low fat and low cholesterol and gluten free too.


  34. Imp says:



  35. Kid says:

    Z, according to the movie he was in Jail.

    The republican party was Started to abolish slavery. The republicans voted in greater numbers for the civil rights act of 1964 than the democrats and the cemorats actually tried to scuttle the bill. lbj eventually HAD to sign it. Bet that made his day not. The prick.


  36. Kid says:

    Ed, IMP, the links are getting no respect. I’ll tell ya what – I get no respect either. Take my wife…

    Anyway, Ed – I don’t need to know any more about the clintons than I already do. No sweat man.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Z-man….I know; it’s AWFUL. Had dinner tonight with 4 conservatives, they all are SO turned off by his blustering vindictiveness and immaturity….scary.

    Kid, he did go to jail for a while but got out and was under a house arrest type of thing….I’ve heard him speak a lot about having to spend the night in some kind of halfway house or something, but home otherwise. Not sure how long he was IN jail, but I’m sure he was there, too.
    such a joke. And the Left blames US for spending money on hearings? They spent money on HIS big ‘sin’? Ridiculous


  38. Mal says:

    Z, I admit I also don’t like some of the things Trump says. I merely was saying I love that he can give Hillary such a hard time, that’s all. If he loses, it will be his own fault due to the way he conducted himself all during his campaign. He probably has been influenced by the continued acceptance of his followers believing its BECAUSE of his statements, not realizing the acceptance is DESPITE some of his statements. Also, should he win, would he continue doing it?


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I will HATE to see a debate….I predict a train wreck….I thought I’d look forward to it but, in contrast to Hillary’s more dignified, reasonable delivery (tho she’s a freakin’ NUT socialist), Trump’s going to badly unimpress many. He hasn’t the FACTS, he hasn’t the temperament for debate….God help us all. You can’t just call people names as they’re throwing what they think are true facts at you.
    BUT, I’m hearing, even here in California (and in “the business”) many Dems saying they can’t vote for HIllary..frankly, I am a bit surprised and THRILLED about this. MANY of my friends are telling me about people you’d think would be far lefties who are NOT liking her ONE BIT. Hurrah!!


  40. Mal says:

    Agreed, Z. And Trump could capture those disenfranchised Dems if he was more dignified. We’ll see just how against Hillary they really are. Its nail-biting time!


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