If YOU were part of this supposed “INTERVENTION” they’ve been talking about today, which is happening this weekend, I have a question for you;



Giuliani, Gingrich, Huckabee, Priebus, Carson…they’re all slated to talk to The Donald.  Join the group and tell us what you think they might say and WHAT YOU WOULD SAY IN THE WAY OF ADVICE!


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  1. First, I’d thank him for sacrificing his wonderful life to take on this job. I’d tell him how sorry I am that he’s had to endure such ill treatment. We desperately need him & his expertise in the White House.

    Then I’d tell him that his brash style is turning off many voters who would choose him if he’d now demonstrate some “presidential” statesmanship. He was right to ask questions & raise awareness on Khirz Khan, who we now know is a Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi-educated scholar, Pakistani immigrant who promotes Sharia Law over the Constitution he angrily shook at Trump & his supporters, whose son served & died in Iraq.

    But the comments about Mrs. Khan were very badly put. He should have said something like, “Poor Mrs. Khan, I’m sorry for her loss. I wish she had spoken about her son to all of us “. Let US wonder about her silence & headscarf, and then conclude she wasn’t allowed to speak. He does need to be so harsh or blatant.

    Just tone it down a bit on the fringes. But, go full on Trump at Hillary, she’s who you must expose & defeat.

    As for all the Republican Ruling Class Elites aligned against you, every time one of them criticizes you, just respond by saying, “Here’s another one who is supposed to be a Republican but is scared of me because I’m going to restore our American values. I’m going to blow up the status quo in Washington DC & renegotiate all their self-serving, anti-America deals. He’s worried about his own sweetheart deals, not America. It’s not going to happen anymore under my Presidency.”

    Those attending the meeting with Trump have already been on the airwaves saying they will be his counter-punchers, so they’ll tell him to stay on Hillary.


  2. Are interventions pre-announced?


  3. Fairest Witness,
    But the comments about Mrs. Khan were very badly put.

    Trump shoots from the hip. He needs to count to 10 before he speaks — or Tweets.

    “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.” — Davy Crockett.


  4. Generally, I’ll leave this to the Republicans…but my key piece of advice would be to stop acting like – and running like, a petulant Democrat. never in my life have I seen so many republicans turn away from the GOP nominee.


  5. Implied by the term “intervention” and now the new narrative on the part of “the establishment” GOP. From one of those mouthpieces over on Twitter:

    Trump’s actions are incomprehensible, until you assume he has a personality disorder. Then the disturbed pieces all fit together.


  6. I’ve read other comments on other blogs that point out the obvious and reinforce my opinion on the matter.
    In one ear and out the other.
    He is what he is.
    All his supporters read into him their desires, projecting on him qualities they wish he had.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    1. Stop being your own attack dog — Campaigns do best when they have advocates go out and do that dirty work — Continue to talk about the economy and security is brash, working class terms, but stop the attacks.

    2. Corollary to #1 — Stop taking the bait. Your enemies know you’re a foul-mouthed, toad-brained hot-head, so they continually bait you with snarky women, finger-wagging muslims, etc. IGNORE IT! ALL OF IT!

    3. Put down the twitter — His campaign should take over his account and change the password so he can’t access it — Make him tweet through an intermediary as an additional sanity filter

    4. Understand that the Infotainment-Media Complex hates you. They’re not your friend. You used them to get where you are, but that is because they rightly saw you as a crazy, machete-wielding firebug loose inside the GOP Manse, which was already rotten a geriatric-filled fire hazard. You know you didn’t “attack a gold star mother,” but the nation thinks you did, thanks to the pro-Hillary propaganda piped out by the leftwing progressive Infotainment-Media Complex. That’s the game. It’s rigged. It’s not fair. That’s life. Get over it and adjust.

    5. Stop smothering Hillary’s bad news — Over 2/3 of Americans don’t trust Hillary, and her negatives are almost as bad as Trump’s. The exchange between Comey and Gowdy (the only useful thing Gowdy has done, imo) was damning for Hillary, but Trump’s serial idiocies has totally smothered that. The Trump campaign should be hammering over and over that exchange, along with the FBI Director’s own words about Hillary: “Extremely Careless.”

    6. Hire policy people and take the time to actually learn from them. At spend some time with flash cards to learn basic facts so you don’t look like a baffoon every time you comment on a contemporary news event.

    7. Stay on topic: Jobs, economy, security, infrastructure, immigration…

    Aw, to hell with it… He won’t listen… The only thing that keeps his campaign from going completely down the toilet is that most people still aren’t paying attention. He pulls this crap in September and October, he is down the toilet. He may keep within striking distance in some upper midwest battleground states, but look for polls that show him vulnerable in close red states that Romney won.


  8. Silverfiddle says:

    @ Ed: All his supporters read into him their desires, projecting on him qualities they wish he had.

    Eerie echoes of Obama, isn’t it?


  9. Eerie echoes of Obama, isn’t it?

    Which makes it even more ironic that Trump is essentially campaigning on “hope and change”…..


  10. Kid says:

    What SF said. I might add telling him to imagine he is talking to children every time he talks.


  11. bunkerville says:

    Just keep your mouth shut and let your minions do the talking. Let Hillary hang herself


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness …you said “Just tone it down a bit on the fringes. But, go full on Trump at Hillary, she’s who you must expose & defeat”
    That’s the message I hope he gets….as far as counter punches, the advisers have all also suggested, in various degrees, to stop the insults.

    AOW…this was pre-announced…and I’ve been thinking that was a horrible mistake. And then for Manafort to say he didn’t know anything about it, when all the cables were carrying it.
    My opinion? he needs to go.
    “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.” — Davy Crockett.
    I LOVE THAT and WISH Trump was that type of person!
    AND STOP BEING SOO VINDICTIVE! Gosh, I had a friend here last night who would have voted for him but these last few days have led her to believe he’s slightly ‘off’….if SHE is, MANY are thinking that. The pieces are definitely not fitting together.

    CI; it’s happened before, but I think Trump is losing more and more of his supporters…..and knowing him, he’ll just get vindictive and get MORE nasty “to show THEM”…that’s problematic, particularly in foreign affairs if he does make presidency. That scares me.
    I’ve thought that, too…He IS campaigning on Obama’s hope and change. Well, we sure didn’t get it with Obama.

    SF: ALL excellent advice but, you’re right…he doesn’t listen to ANYONE.
    Imagine the upcoming debates? OH MY GOSH.

    Ed…he touched something in his base and they’re die-hards for him. He’s losing all the indies and MANY Conservatives who used to be on the fence. They probably won’t vote Hillary (though I’m stunned to hear so many who are) but he’s caused horrid problems

    Kid “talking to children?” why? You mean his base? Talking to children isn’t going to appeal to many. Tell me your reasoning, it’s interesting! Or is it that he’d at least be kinder, less nasty with kids?

    Bunkerville…if it weren’t for the Hillary-loving media,she’d be dead in the water a months ago.


  13. Kid says:

    If Trump imagined he was talking to children, he’d be gentler and explain more of what he is talking about. The media does not inform and so a lot of people really don’t know about a lot of things. A common mistake for republicans is to assume people do know about all these things.


  14. Kid says:

    Media… Thinking about it, Trump has given the media more gifts than they’ve been able to come up with on their own, which indicates there may not be a lot of bones in his closet. You know they’re beating the bushes looking for them. Yea, imagine if they went after clinton like that. There would be so much to pound her with they might not get it all in by November.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’ve thought that, too. If there was a closet full of skeletons, like there have been with so MANY candidates, we’d KNOW it because they’re looking…we KNOW they’re looking. Remember how they beat the bushes with Palin?
    And yes, if they got to all of Clinton’s baggage, she’d have probably not been allowed to run.
    Feels like a Third World country with this American biased media. I remember the days journalists were respected because they practiced WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN AND WHY…and they took pride in that..Now everybody’s an editorialist…in print and on TV. take a subject and have 14 pundits give their 2 cents,…2 minutes per pundit…nothing gets really discussed it’s just filler.
    Yes, Trump needs to explain where he gets what sound like wild eyed ramblings……instead of truth…particularly about Hillary.


  16. Imp says:

    Trump..stop regurgitating and rehashing all the old crap that’s passed before you. Move on…get back to killary and her documented corruption, dishonesty, irresponsibility, recklessness and incompetence. Get back to written talking points and the GD teleprompter. Stay on point….jobs, immigration, terrorism, economy, the greed and corruption of DC, the status quo….otherwise…go the hell home.


  17. Kid,
    Excellent advice!


  18. Imp says:

    Trump…make this election about Klinton. Use Gowdy’s and Comey’s comments over and over again.


  19. Baysider says:

    Listen to Dennis Prager and John Bolton.

    And excellent comments, Kid. Yes – like talking to children. I’m always amazed at what people don’t know. E.g., one black guy recently said he was shocked to learn the Republican party was founded as the anti-slavery party.


  20. Imp says:

    “If Trump had one iota of self-restraint, he could actually shift the news cycle to issues that matter. He has plenty to choose from this week. He could talk about Hillary’s continued email lies. He could talk about the Obama administration paying ransom to a terror state, Iran, for Americans to be released. He could talk about ISIS’ growth and John Kerry’s lies about it. He could talk about the stagnant economy. Instead, he’s given the media everything they could possibly want: juicy, click-baity material, and an excuse not to cover real stories.”



  21. geeez2014 says:

    Imp/ good comments all…I couldn’t agree more…Trump just CANNOT get the focus off HIM, even if it’s showing his opponent for who she is.

    Baysider, I WISH he’d listen to Prager and Bolton…very good advice…I wish EVERYBODY would.
    I have Conservative friends who don’t have a CLUE on some of the Hillary stuff…”really? She did THAT?” it’s scary.

    Trump is working overtime showing this country he doesn’t have what it takes…that we’d be vulnerable because of his terrible vindictiveness, that we’d be doing nothing but watching the King Donald Show every day and night, that we’d be so sad not to see the things he promised implemented…………..I am so worried.


  22. Mal says:

    All the above is good advice. Then I’d tell him that after being told to cool it over and over again we must assume he really doesn’t want the job, and if so, to drop out now so we can try and salvage the election. He had it made, so how else are we suppose to read into his actions?


  23. bocopro says:

    Advice about personal behavior and decorum will work on Trump about as well as logic will work on a two-year-old in full-blown mutiny.

    If he asked me for advice, I’d give him the same counsel that Giuliani offered (which is essentially what SF said above): “Look, dummy — your job is to beat HRC, not to attack the flies buzzing around your head. Let the rest of us — Giuliani, Christie, Gingrich, Pence — be the defense and you go on offense against the felon-who-would-be-king.”


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, did you see the Dinesh movie yesterday? “He had it made”, you are so right.

    EVERYBODY: What gets me is all the advisors and pundists only keep saying ‘Trump needs to stay on point”.. WHAT? How about nasty name calling and wrong ‘facts’ and vindictiveness? They don’t really mention those things and that has me mystified. THAT is more the problem, in my opinion.

    Bocopro…Yes, but be on the offense without calling her NAMES…People are REALLY turned off that because they know their 10 yr old was the last they heard to do that on the school yard.


  25. John M. Berger says:

    Between Fairest Witness & Kid I have little to add unless there’s a way to talk someone out of being full-of-himself!


  26. Mal says:

    Yes, Z. We did see Dinesh’s movie last night at the multiplex theater in our local casino. Total attendance was ten people! Really. I counted them. It WAS at 3;15 on a Wed. afternoon so that must be taken into account, also. It needs to be shown on TV so more people can see if we expect it to have an impact on the upcoming election.


  27. FB says:

    I’d tell him, hang in there, think twice before you speak but stay yourself. I despise the left more and more now. I’m starting to boycott anybody who’s pushing an agenda. I’m done buying on Amazon for example b/c of Bezos owning the WaPo.


  28. FB says:

    I think there should be a national effort from Conservatives to boycott all businesses that censor speech or are so biased they end up being intellectually dishonest. We need to be like leftists and attack where it hurts: money.


  29. FB says:

    Most people know very little and are not even aware they know very little. Must be the self esteem movement. Yesterday I was watching Rebel Media on youtube and a gal interviewed young people in Canada to know if they should leave the EU. Only 2 out of 14 said Canada wasn’t part of the EU. The rest of them was pathetically justifying Canada shouldn’t leave the EU.


  30. Bob says:

    Dear Donald:

    We love you, dude. You are doing real good at this political stuff, and I hope you will win. One thing we all learn is to keep out of fights unless it is worth it. If we have to be nasty that’s OK, except we also learn to not fight with every little person that comes along.

    There are lots of people lined up to help you fight these little fights. We all feel that you endanger your credibility with side-swipes like you comments directed at that guy, Mr Kahn. You may not like all these people who want to help, but they, and we, are all in the boat with you. We all want to win.

    Isn’t that what this election is all about, winning?

    So, get your head out of your anal cavity and get to work doing smart stuff.

    Your adoring servant and slave,


  31. Mal says:

    I like that, Bob, esp. where his head has been inserted. Seriously, one must wonder what the guy is thinking, esp. after everyone including his wife and kids, Newt Gingrich, et al have been ministering to him. And even if he does heed their collective advice, is it too late to convince the voters? There still IS a lot of time left. Meanwhile, keep watching the polls.


  32. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: As if on cue just for you…

    Trump uses rally to revisit firestorms over Megyn Kelly, disabled reporter

    Apparently, even El Donaldo cannot create enough new daily gaffs, so he’s decided to dust off old ones and reuse them…

    I don’t understand how Trump got as far as he did being so seriously disordered. Even if the press is distorting the picture we see (they most certainly are) a smart person would take that into account and adjust strategy.

    No amount of talking, advice or strategery will save this situation. Trump is a crackhouse fire out of control and taking down the whole block.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    SF…I just now heard this on Medved; I hoped he was kidding that “Trump’s brought out the OLD stuff, WHY?”

    The press can’t do what they’re doing without a willing victim and Trump’s REAL WILLING, apparently. What the HECK good is bringing up all the things dignified, civil people CRINGE OVER?

    When he hates, when he is angry, there’s a side we literally cannot have as president. It just won’t work. I wish it was January and we could all RETHINK with someone who has what we thought Trump had (Not PC, business oriented, loves America, not afraid to speak the truth, gets things done) and also has dignifty, civility, shows kindness and discipline and other virtues we expect.

    I’m almost at a loss for words….but then, what a boring blog this would be 🙂


  34. geeez2014 says:

    UPTOWN STEVE showed up in my Comment Moderation file, being a newbie to the new GeeeZ……well, well, well.
    Any of you remember him? Imp? You do, right? AOW?

    I’ll bet he’s the leader of Black Lives Matter at this point………
    I’m not printing his comment because he won’t be commenting here, but what he said was so leftwing stupid it doesn’t deserve airing.
    Uptown…on the other hand..I hope you’re well. Good luck.


  35. Imp says:

    Z..I ran into that putz over at Bernie Goldberg’s blog…he was still spouting his racist garbage there. He’s either working for Sharpton, BLM or the NBPP by now.


  36. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: Here’s a totally useless exercise: Look back on the GOP primary candidates. Which ones could be leading Hillary right now?

    I believe Cruz–weaselly eyes, irritating voice and hard-right policy positions–wouldn’t have had a chance against Hillary. Jeb! would have lost because if people have a choice between Hillary or Hillary, they’ll pick the real one. Plus, his name is Bush, which kinda rhymes with Mush. Same for Kasich. Nice guy, but he would channel McCain and spend more time scolding anyone on his side who dared speak ill of Hillary.

    I really believe only Rubio or Christie could have beat her, and I never had a stake in either man. Just my opinion. Our nation just doesn’t ‘do’ radical or transformative. We must brace ourselves for more of the same: Obama’s Hoopla and Changle will give way to Hellary’s “Continuity with Change”

    Giant Meteor 2016 — Just end it already


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Imp..Really? Amazing…you’d think he’d GROW UP but he’s probably just got madder and madder under this Black President who was supposed to bring healing …and did nothing but prop up Uptown Steve types. Sad.

    SF..NO WAY could Cruz….I think Bush could have… He can be very engaging, speaks fluent Spanish, and I think he MIGHT have been able to. He could certainly debate Hillary; Trump will be a MESS on that stage and I can’t even let myself think about it. I have a leftwinger who’s a VERY strong Dem, writes speeches for Bobby Shriver, etc., tell me she’d have voted for Kasich…stunned me. way. Like voting for Al Capone. Rubio, yes.

    Medved was on the radio today saying “Our country will survive even with Hillary”….no, Michael, not as the country WE know….no way…We don’t need rightwing talk show hosts saying these things because it’s just not true and he should realize that.

    ANYBODY SEE ANY OF OBAMA’S “SPEECH” just now? I couldn’t believe ABC and NBC were carrying it!!…AND the cables…..

    He almost made me cry with the inappropriateness of his responses about Trump; the leftwing journalists REALLY asked leading questions and it was terrible to think this president has caused our civility and dignity of his office to go SO LOW. NEVER had I seen a sitting president so loathsome and dismissive and accusatory..even giggling a little, making every Republican in this country feel like dirt. So sad.
    And the way he described the $400 million deal, and practically said anybody who questioned it was a conspiracy nut and “like where do you people GET OFF?” Honestly, it was that close.
    He also pretty much said anybody who could vote for Trump is a moron.

    Barbara Starr, who should know better after 30 years in this business, asked how he felt about Trump with the nuclear code…..unbelievably belittling answers came from Obama….it was a very difficult presser and one I believe brought down the level of discussion in our country to such a low we might not recover. Sounds dramatic,I know, but if we have presidents slamming the other party THIS hard and so terribly, I don’t see an upswing in civility.

    We’re going to HAVE to have a man like either Bush or Reagan to HEAL what Obama’s done…bring us back where presidents don’t insult the half of the country which doesn’t agree with him, etc.
    OH, my, this was tough to watch and I had to keep changing the channels and then go back……..Unlike a lot of you, I DO like to see what’s going on but I sure don’t blame anybody for NOT wanting to.

    This was the saddest press conf. I’ve seen…..I can’t even articulate my feelings about it…what I said isn’t quite the essence of how I felt..


  38. FB says:

    Well except the leftists insult us constantly. I really don’t care if Trump insults the leftists who call him a “d–k” on TV. At least he stands up for me.

    The left in Europe and the US are destroying countries economically and from a security standpoint. So I really don’t care if they insulted at this point. Their record over the last 30 years if you include Europe is pathetic. Everything they touch turns to merde.


  39. FB says:

    I didn’t realize your last paragraph was for Obama. Yes he insults us all the time as well. That’s why Trump can have at it. I’m tired of being treated like a fool when the guy has done nothing. Middle East is a mess. Obamacare is crumbling (Aetna wants to quit.) The guy’s a total loser.


  40. FB says:

    Really, what has the lecturer chief done in 8 years? Nothing. Even the ones arguing he saved the economy don’t understand economics. First off Bush is the one that bailed out the banks, not Obama. Second the infrastructure money did nothing. Where are the nice highways in California? Are the bridges better, no? The Federal Reserve is the one directing the economy, not Obama.

    The Middle East is worse than it was. We left Iraq and now Europe is under attack. Same for Libya.

    Obamacare is not even working. People lost their plans, doctors, are paying more money for premiums (at least the one working a decent job), insurers are getting out the exchange, companies hire less because of it.

    Really, the guy’s mediocre at best. And he thinks he’s hot shit. Sorry to be vulgar but I can’t take it anymore.


  41. FB says:

    i forgot this accomplishment that does make society better: I can go in the women’s bathroom now.


  42. bocopro says:

    Ah, yes . . . Obama. The professional teleprompter reader. The Great Pretender (yeah, I wrote a parody on it . . . NSFW, tho . . . did one on “That Old Black Magic,” too). But for now, lemme just go with this:

    Barry Soetoro. The first Affirmative-Action elected President. A two-toned pig in an overpriced poke. An empty suit with a hermetically sealed history of travel, funding, college, associations, girlfriends, employment, and law practice. An anti-American closet Muslim with no cultural ties to the people of the republic which he has agreed to destroy.

    Likes to use the phrases “What’s good for the American people” and “What’s good for the country,” though he long ago tore up and burned his American citizen ID, which was fake to begin with.

    Let’s consider the US a living organism with a skin, and that skin has begun to develop diseases, the most common of which is Obamanisis, a highly contagious superficial lesion that won’t heal.

    The disease originated in Kenya and was carried to Hawaii in the 1960s by a political terrorist who infected a flower child whose cranium never stopped calcifying. She in turn passed the infection to her offspring, who was born with skin so abnormally thin that it quickly festers and becomes necrotic if agitated. Once pierced, a yellow saccharine slime oozes from the sore.

    That offspring is particularly susceptible to scandalosis, which exacerbates his condition, resulting in stage-three progressive coveruposis and permanent stonewalloma.

    The National Centers for Disease Control office has provided the following emergency advice for all gainfully employed persons living in the United States:

    The secret to living with Obamanisis is to just relax and enjoy the
    utter bliss of being duped, screwed, misled, and exploited.

    Meanwhile, the National Weather Service has issued this weather report:

    The wind is shining, and the sun is blowing gently across the ashes
    of America.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…pretty harsh and not anything I’d say, but I sure share your feelings about the man.
    Today was HORRID; his words about Trump were SO inappropriate…imagine a sitting president belittling a candidate that much…it was astonishing to me.
    And his excuses and the way he kept insisting “You all KNEW about this money to Iran months ago…why is it a big deal now?” kind of thing…wow.
    We just have to swallow it all and believe him…..that’s his attitude. “Just shut up and follow me” ugh!

    FB…Trump does stand up for America….now if he can just stand up for America with dignity and act his age. I think it might be too late; he could have rested on the convention laurels for a few days and let America love on him a little, but he took the bait…the Left set him up and the poor man is so thin skinned he just HAD to respond..

    And then to bring up Megyn Kelly AGAIN today? OMG.


  44. Imp says:

    Maybe Donald will get his head out of ass and see this….from NBC no less…

    “GUTHRIE: And what irritates so many Republicans is that if it were any other candidate running against Hillary Clinton, this would be a pretty rough patch for Hillary Clinton given some of the items in the news.

    TODD: An incredibly rough patch. Whether it’s the current state of the economy, anemic growth. Whether it is her insistence again that somehow [FBI] Director Comey let her off the hook on e-mails when – and she sort of reinterpreted what Comey said in a way that was misleading. Throw in the discomfort for many on this Iran deal. The point is – never mind we just started air strikes in Libya because ISIS is there. Well, Libya was a high-profile intervention that Hillary Clinton pushed. The point is, in the last five days this could easily have been Hillary Clinton’s worst five days post-convention and instead the exact opposite and it’s all due to Donald Trump’s lack of self discipline.”


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; so sad, isn’t it? He’ll think their opinions are ridiculous and he had 10,000 big fans at some event so he’s going to WIN THIS THING! 🙂
    Yes, on the serious side: ANY REPUBLICAN COULD HAVE WON THIS THING….
    We’ve been humiliated…I wish we could turn back the clock…poor America!

    I just read another article about how Gary Johnson said he’d had marijuana that day of an interview (this year) and it wasn’t a doobie, it was in the form of food.
    What a freakin’ JERK…just what we need as president…a pot smoking nut.


  46. Imp says:

    And CBS too…

    In a rather candid report on CBS Evening News Wednesday evening, reporter Nancy Cordes admitted that Donald Trump gives the media every excuse not to report on the controversies of Hillary Clinton. “Charlie, ordinarily this would have been a challenging week for the Clinton campaign,” she started off saying, “You had several DNC officials resign, more fallout from the hacking controversy, and Clinton’s honesty over her e-mails was called into question yet again after an interview she did with Fox.”

    “But the sheer number of unorthodox comments made by Trump just this week has really been a boon to the Clinton campaign,” Cordes continued. And numerous studies conducted by the Media Research Center give credence to her claim.

    For instance, MRC’s Matthew Balan recently found that CNN’s New Day spent 84 minutes and 18 seconds on Trump’s many controversies, as opposed to the 27 seconds they spent on the US seemingly paying Iran $400 million for hostages. Similarly, the MRC found that network evening broadcasts, that same day, gave Trump more than double the time given to the Iran payment. And Cordes was the only reporter on network news to report on Clinton’s false statements on Fox News Sunday the following Monday.


  47. Silverfiddle says:

    What would I tell Trump now? Get lost, go home, STFU, drop dead. Then I would ask him how much the Clinton’s were paying him, because if he’s doing it for free, he’s even nuttier than we thought.


  48. Imp says:

    We’re heading for a certain World War. ISIS doubling in size…an attack every 84 hours? And we’re importing 8,000 more of them?


  49. Kid says:

    Z, Interesting – Bush? Bush is actually one of maybe 2 or 3 people I would not have voted for against the beast. Imagine that. Not challenging you, I just find it interesting that you or anyone think Bush could have won. Just a fascinating type deal is all. We all have our thoughts.


  50. Kid says:

    FB. Ditto. All of it. And yesterday I read where 2/3rds of obamacare co-ops in AMerica have already failed. And this crap is only 15-20 % implemented so far. Accomplisments – Less than Zero.

    40% of working age people are not working. I’d call that a 40% UE rate.


  51. Imp says:

    The total meltdown and insanity of Germany….

    “Brave Man Who Stood Up to Munich Shooter Now Facing Prosecution for ‘Insulting Killer’…!

    A man who famously stood up to the Munich shooter after he killed nine people is facing being charged by a prosecutor for insulting the killer.

    Thomas Salbey, 57, saw the shooting happening from his balcony in the Bavarian capital on July 22.

    In an attempt to stop 18 year old Ali Sonboly from further slaughtering people, he swore at the shooter as he was standing in a car park below.

    Now, in a twist of German justice, Mr Salbey is now facing charges for standing up to the killer who shot himself in the head.

    Florian Weinzierl, spokesman from the Munich State Prosecutor’s office, confirmed the Munich resident is being investigated.

    He said the post-shooting exchange between Mr Salbey and Sonboly had no influence on their actions.

    What will be included in the charges remains to be established, as it whether they will be brought forward.

    But Mr Weinzierl, suggested they could include “insults to the detriment of the dead.”


  52. Kid says:

    bocopro- great stuff today on obama and the moslems.

    Z, I don’t know how obama could possibly be insulted enough to match the insults he laid on America.

    Shovel ready jobs was the Flagship to save our nation and economy. Years later he is on Natl TV laughing about how ther never were any shovel ready jobs. Media response? yea. I’ve been calling him the emperor with no clothes from the very start. Imagine if he were republican. The shite house (I misspelled white hose but I’m going to leave it shi-ites in Iraq) would have been burned to the ground by now. Add about 1000 more things. Hell add at least one per day since he’s been in office. Watergate?????? I want to laugh like I’m insane. obama exceeded watergate in criminality every day he’s been in office. How about Half a Billion to Solyndra, who closes the doors a couple weeks later. What???? Media outrage? I must have missed it. Solyndra was 500 million times more than watergate. Add another 5000 things that we know about, and another 5000 we don’t.

    They killed JFK and the tried to kill Reagan..

    It’s just too much to bear frankly.

    I’m getting ready to check out of this whole process, mindset, environment and go isolationist and focus only on me and mine. this is how I started out by the way. When I was a teenager, I ‘knew’ politics was a suckers game. Then 10 years ago or so I got sucked in. I’m about to return to my youth.


  53. Kid says:

    IMP, I’ve read some storied lately about Germans actually bombing refugee camps. Think this kind of stuff will cause that activity to escalate?


  54. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya, I’m not a Jeb fan but I saw something in him that would attract people away from Hillary…just a gut hunch…
    And no, there is NO amount of insults to Obama to pay him back for the horrible things and the sarcastic grins he has for us.

    Oh, to see him ‘poo poo’ the $400 million deal, which Krauthammer just perfectly described as a “drug deal”…unmarked plane, cash in boxes….AND that Persian hostage is now saying they couldn’t leave when they wanted to because THEY WERE WAITING FOR ANOTHER PLANE…THE PLANE that brought the RANSOM CASH.
    Just how FREAKIN’ STUPID does this monstrous Obama think we ARE?

    Don’t leave us, Kid….stay 🙂

    Imp…you ought to hear my German stepson on this stuff….first, he calls those rapists “rapefugees”…and he says he looks out his window and it’s almost nothing but foreigners…Germans are afraid to come out, or they’re WORKING. They reckon now exactly what I’ve said from the beginning “These people are entirely unemployable”…and that’s more than TWO MILLION now. HOw is Germany going to pay, particularly with the DEMANDS the foreigners are making!?? HUGE demands! “I’m not taking THAT, it’s not NEW…I’m your guest, buy me a NEW….clothes, etc” Happens ALL the time.
    And they rape and kill in groups so the cops can’t figure out which did the crime….and the cops also are told to BACK OFF.


    SF: I’m HOPING that ‘intervention’ talked about for this wknd includes much of what you sugggest to Trump.


  55. God is judging America.
    Abortion, abomination, He will not be mocked.
    It rains on the just and the unjust.
    Many good Jews were carried off to Babylon.
    Some castrated.
    We are voting our own curse upon the land.

    There. Did I sound crazy enough?


  56. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, not sure that’s crazy!!


  57. Kid says:

    Ed, Read a story today about how ‘they’ are now combining human embryos with animal embryos.

    Honestly WTF for? I remember being in a McDonalds in San Antonio back when I was a software guy road warrior around 2004 and a guy behind me said that people were putting a chicken brain into the body of a pidgeon (or some other bird) and God wouldn’t let that happen. Well apparently He did.

    I can’t figure God out. He takes so many good ones and leaves so many evil human garbage ones here. Thinking clintons for example. Or any democrats for that matter.

    Time for a tune?


  58. What a freakin’ JERK…just what we need as president…a pot smoking nut…

    We’ve had a stream of drunks and serial philanderers in the Oval office, I don’t see the problem here. All things being equal, my endorsement will always go to the candidate who wish to limit the State’s regulation of our pursuits of life, liberty and happiness.


  59. geeez2014 says:

    CI…”I already had two doobies this morning…” isn’t my idea of presidential. I don’t care HOW MUCH a guy drinks or philanders. Well, I DO, but I can’t take the hippie BS.

    If we hadn’t put PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS into the Constitution, less interpretation would have happened and we might still be living by that great document.


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