Real News from Germany regarding invaders:

Here’s a recent email from my stepson in Munich which we should all read and be aware of:

“Situations are getting worse every day. The numbers of women and kids attacked and molested in public pools and on the street is skyrocketing, people are not safe in their houses anymore, many Germans don’t take the U-Bahn (underground) anymore (like me), black, moslems, eastern people f…ing everywhere, no matter where you are. There is an official order to the police and the judges!!! to not get  anybody for small offences or misdemeanors, and to rule accordingly.  In contrast, native Germans will feel the full force of the law….for anything THEY do.

It’s unbelievable, it is a banana republic where all foreigners can do what they want to, no consequences at ALL! They know it and you can see in their big fat smile how much they look down on Germany. They think we are stupid (and they are right – we are).”

Also, my stepdaughter tells me the immigrants are peeing in public pools, the chimney repair people told her that they go into homes the Germans have given the refugees and everything’s been torn out and sold, all things that didn’t ever belong to them.   They rip toilets out and sell them!  They won’t take used bicycles as gifts, they want new ones and say so.  The young Moroccans are dressed beautifully, paid for by stealing.

“All I see are young men, where are their families?” my stepdaughter says.   She sees absolutely no Arab refugees, only young Black men.  “And it’s scary because so many girls are being raped.  I was NEVER afraid before, ever…now everyone in Germany’s afraid…and I never see Arabs, just Africans.”

Z: This is an “up close and personal” view of two people actually THERE and ‘reporting’…these are two young people who were always open minded and rather liberal until these things started happening…….Their father used to talk to them about what worried him about what might be coming and they didn’t seem to ‘get it’ until the last few years.   I, for one, am very happy their father didn’t see that his biggest nightmares were becoming true.

Yesterday, our friend and fellow commenter “FB” sent me THIS VIDEO which you have probably seen before; I had.  But listen to the commentary…he’s so right.  France and Germany’s cultures are in trouble…..these are WONDERFUL places of cleanliness and beautiful museums and parks and happy people who revel in their baguettes and jambon or Bretzen und bier!

And their leaders are letting it all go, for what?  And there are people who say “Well, they’re nice places, why shouldn’t everyone live there?”   I suppose it’s fine to have that sentiment but when you look at the type of people in FB’s video, or those described by my family, how can people still believe more and more must come?  And then the French and Germans who are sticking up for their cultures are called “Far Rightwingers” or NAZIS.   God help us all.

Comments?  (other than “WHAT THE……….?”)


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57 Responses to Real News from Germany regarding invaders:

  1. This has to be the implementation of a deliberate plan to tear apart & destroy civilized Western societies. Who or what group is doing this? It has to be rooted in Marxist, Leftist ideology. Soros? Why hasn’t that bastard been brought to justice by anyone? He’s wreaked havoc worldwide for decades. Obama has had an enormous negative impact on world stability.

    I’m sorry for you step kids, Z. You’re right that Mr. Z would have been beside himself over this horror. What can Chancellor Angela Merkel be thinking? Her policies & decisions have inflicted so much misery & destruction upon her own German citizens. What possessed her to do this to them? To her nation? I don’t understand the callous disregard for the German people.


  2. One could almost believe there is a deep dark spiritual motivation behind all this destruction.
    I do.


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    I remember when the biggest threat to German societal order was drunken soldiers and ugly Americans stationed there who disrupted local customs…

    I’m with Fairest Witness. This is a deliberate plan, but I don’t know who’s behind it. All I can ascertain so far is that they are determined to smash every last traditional, monocultural, homogeneous society and community in the west.

    Note that Obama isn’t dumping immigrants in Marin County, Nob Hill or the tonier sectors of DC. Europeans gave up breeding decades ago, so they were dying anyway, this just hastens it. We in the US are not far behind.


  4. Kid says:

    ISIS is in Syria and some in Iraq. Why are ‘refugees’ coming from anywhere else? Why are they allowed to? This is actually osama’s worldwide caliphate dream coming true. This was his plan that started with 9-11 and rolled right into tearing the middle east wide open. I read this not long after 9-11.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    I hear that, at least, some of the Germans are finally standing-up to this BS. We sure don’t need another Angela Merkel here, do we? I’ve shared today’s (this) blog with many.


  6. Silverlady says:

    When you see all those pictures of ‘poor, pitiful refugees’ you are not seeing families with children 95% of the time, but men of fighting age who consider themselves invaders & CONQUERORS. The main reason I keep tabs on is that she follows their activities world-wide. Bonni, the blogger, is a Jewish woman ling in NY, & she tells it like it is, pulling no punches, with clips & pictures for proof.

    I follow only 3 blogs that I consider important & informative: Geeez, barenaked, &, which is snarky, amusing, & has very intelligent commenters, as do the first 2., These are my substitute for Facebook, which I don’t do, & never have. Streams of consciousness don’t interest me. I have a life.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    A minor nitpick, but you can’t call them invaders. East German Communist Mutti Merkel invited them in to her Halal Haus.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    Yeah and it seems that we have our own version of “Mutti Merkel” right here in the good ‘ol USA!


  9. Melancholy song about the coming Eurabia: Ode to a Dying People.


  10. What the hell is wrong with Merkel? She used to be so cautious.

    Of course, Merkel “has no dog in this race.” No progeny of her own. N

    ot that good sense should require progeny. I have no progeny and care very much. Then again, I’m a teacher in contact with thousands of children over the past 40+ years.


  11. Silverfiddle says:

    I always look for rational reasons for seeminly-irrational actions, and conspiracy theories are the lazy way out, in my opinion.

    William Briggs has posited the best non-conspiracy reason for Western Leaders’ suicidal embrace of unassimilable immigrant hordes:

    Equality Motivates The Refugee Crisis

    The West needs to keep the generous ponzi scheme social welfare model afloat, and we are not producing enough new people to support our burgeoning cohorts of oldsters. Could our leaders really be naive enough to believe people from throwback societies can fill the gap? Briggs explains it, with the help of two linked articles he cites.


  12. Imp says:

    “One could almost believe there is a deep dark spiritual motivation behind all this destruction.”

    “Could our leaders really be naive enough to believe people from throwback societies can fill the gap?”

    The 800 pound orangutan is in the room. One look at Africa and Africans answers the question. Why would any modern, successful and far superior culture with respect for law, government and rules import any 4th world savages who are far from intellectual giants…but more like millions of borderline retarded ( socially and intellectually ) knuckle dragging thugs and neanderthals? Look…show me one successful government and society on the entire African Continent…just one.

    We’re all not ‘equal’. Not in abilities or intellect. There will always be humans that can’t feed themselves or govern themselves. 17th Century European societies were far more desirable and stable than any African country today. Why a sophisticated country like Germany ( or any Euro country ) would welcome the proverbial inmates from the zoo into their cities…is FUBAR insane.


  13. Imp says:

    Do we want her finger on the ‘button’?


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Amazing comments all….thank you so much. Your thinking often humbles me…

    FairestWitness….My kids are so unhappy about this…My stepdaughter dances in her spare time at classes after work, in all different German cities wherever she’s consulting at the time, and they’re told “Don’t walk alone to the Underground or to your car…they’ve had girls raped from many of those schools! It’s a disaster. The biggest disaster is LITTLE, IF ANYTHING, IS BEING DONE.

    Ed….I believe that, too. If only we could see what God is planning because I do NOT believe he will forsake Europe or us.

    SF “I remember when the biggest threat to German societal order was drunken soldiers and ugly Americans stationed there who disrupted local customs…”:Me, too…it almost hurts to read those lovely words! If you know what I mean….this kind of behavior was expected…and not a threat to the German people…they put up with it! I have never liked ugly American behavior (and BROTHER, have I SEEN IT in Germany AND France) but it’s US, not a threat to very underpinnings of a great culture like Germany’s!!

    Are you joking about Merkel having a Halal Haus??

    AOW, neither of us have ‘natural’ children but I have my stepkids, I have MY students, as you do, and I LOVE THEM all…and I have my own nieces and their children, and their parents mostly vote liberal! They’re signing their OWN DEATH WARRANTS. It hurts me so much. (though a couple of nephews are now listening to Prager when they’re driving and I SWEAR they ARE coming around….PRAGER IS mAGIC, folks…a lib girlfriend of Mr. Z’s and mine completely changed on liberal dopiness after listening to Prager every morning…seriously!!

    SF: will read that piece in a bit….but I DO want to say that ANYBODY WHO THINKS HAVING TWO MILLION GERMAN-HATING REFUGEES WHO WON’T LEARN THE LANGUAGE AND WON’T BE TRAINED FOR JOBS IS INSANE IF HE THINKS THAT’S GOING TO HELP GERMANY! They pull out the furnishings from flats given to them and SELL THE STUFF for cash…stuff that they DO NOT OWN, like my kids said in my post …what kind of PEOPLE? OMG.

    SF: MY ‘rational reason’ is here:


    (oh, how poetic ‘stream of conscious’ is!!)

    Imp; it just doesn’t make SENSE…you describe it well.


  15. Baysider says:

    Ed + 1. Imp + 1. The video is shocking. Even now.
    Why to these countries continue to sign their own death warrant? Equality (very much SF) and guilt. Guilt over superior culture and systems. Guilt over a brief colonial fling that was outpaced and outmatched in the past by Islamic expansion where millions died from France to India.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    SilverLady, I really thank you for that compliment..I am so glad you enjoy GeeeZ…we enjoy having you here! Like the other blogs, I want THE TRUTH known about what’s happening particularly to Germany, a country I’ve lived in and LOVE. I think SilverFiddle shares that sentiment. Not sure he LOVES it, but I think he did like it!?
    It’s important to me that my readers DO get the truth and my kids are first hand observers… breaks my heart for them to see this happening. They are not young kids, they’re in their early forties by now (Mr Z was 10 yrs older than I) and so to know how they feel about their beloved country’s ruination breaks my heart because they DO remember such SUCH better times of EXCELLENT German education, leaving doors UNLOCKED, throwing a bike against the back door and expecting it to still BE there in the morning (and they were until about 25 years ago when the Eastern European invasion came), expecting to find jobs, relying on their good (not free, by the way) healthcare and retirement….
    Largely GONE now. Breaks my heart.



    It feels to me like Islam had this SO WELL PLANNED for years…and it’s happening…..and we’re allowing it all due to LIBERAL POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.


  17. fredd says:

    I am extremely disappointed in the German government for allowing all of this chaos. My memories of my 6 years living in German as an American army soldier is of a beautiful country, local beer fests virtually everywhere at all times, and law and order reigned supreme. I am not so sure I would visit German again with what is going on now, it is not the same country I remember.


  18. Mal says:

    Angela and Hillary are of the same ilk. Perhaps its time for the German people THEMSELVES to start arming themselves and kill all those SOB’s. I mean, the way things are now, what do they have to lose? Most of those Arabs roam in gangs because they are afraid to fight one-on-one. Its always been that way. They’re cowards. The only exception is when they blow themselves up. They need to call for an immediate recall and emergency election BY THE GERMAN PEOPLE ONLY! NO ARAB VOTES.
    Wow! How quickly things went sour worldwide!


  19. Silverfiddle says:

    “Mutti Merkel’s Halal House’ is my sarcastic name for Merkel’s Germany.


  20. Sparky says:

    They are so lost. Europe has been Godless for years and it’s showing. Can we send them guns and Bibles? They need both. Now.


  21. Imp says:

    @fredd….”local beer fests virtually everywhere at all times..”

    Watch …soon enough they will be deemed “culturally insensitive” to the muzzie, retarded mutts they’re imported. It’s already started by segregating Schwimmbeckens in many cities. The mutts can’t handle women in swimsuits.I assume they now want women to cover themselves in wet suits?
    I’ll tell ya what….let them take away Octoberfest and Parkbrau beer and pork schnitzel….and the damn war will start among the German people.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    fredd, it’s definitely not the country we knew. Obviously, there is still beauty and the bier gardens and all, but it’s TRULY TAINTED now by the overwhelming amount of non Germans EVERYWHERE. As my stepson says, during the day, Germans are working to support the ‘refugees’ and so you don’t see many Germans……..meanwhile those ‘refugees’ are swarming all over the town squares loitering, buying stuff with money from the Germans…

    Mal, it’s getting closer…more and more Germans are fed up with this….but the libs make it difficult (what else is new?)

    Sparky, when I lived in France and Germany, the churches were quite full but it’s mostly the middle aged and older attending……..morals have fallen, etc etc. Very tough times….
    And the young people are just as lost as ours.

    Imp, did you read my post about what’s happening with public swimming pools, etc? Awful…and not one-off occurrences, believe me. The rapes are even more troubling; as said in FB’s video I posted, by an English girl from Luton talking to a Muslim in a burka who just pronounced her “walking naked in the streets” …..the girl answered “YOU are telling ME what to wear? You think I’m NAKED?” The muslims have ZERO shame telling THEIR ‘truth’…but God forbid a countryman BORN THERE mouths off. The English girl was still into giving the Muslims every chance “Look, I’m respectful of YOU, why can’t you be respectful of ME?”
    AS IF, honey! OPEN YOUR EYES…


  23. Baysider says:

    Z, you hit it. It’s a ‘coordinated’ attack by the godless left (codeword for political correctness) and [true] godless Islam. They got together under their common ‘father”s influence in his kingdom of this world.


  24. Imp says:

    @Z..”more and more Germans are fed up with this”….

    If their past reactions to the Weimar Republic are any indication of their strong will….Germany will rise up again and defend herself.

    Among the most important duties of the police in any society are the maintenance of public order and the enforcement of the law. These duties can be especially problematic during a major change in the political organization of society. ( This applies as well to the US too )

    “The greatest weaknesses of the Weimar Republic stemmed from its origins. Germany lost World War I, which seriously weakened the monarchy and led to the declaration of the Weimar Republic in 1918. In spite of the responsibility of the monarchy for World War I, many Germans blamed democratic parties for both the defeat and the humiliating peace treaty that followed it. Policemen were especially suspicious of democratic parties (the Social Democrats, Center, Liberals) because they had been trained under the monarchy to regard these parties as enemies of the state. In the Weimar Republic, these parties dominated. Policemen continued to serve the state, in part, because they saw themselves as professionals bound to apply the law, regardless of their personal feelings. Most of them were not convinced democrats.”


  25. Silverfiddle says:

    Nobody is going to “rise up.” We in the west have been modernized, homogenized, civilized and had the survival instinct propagandized out of us.

    Imagine how western nations 100 years ago would have handled ISIS. Imagine how the people would have handled mobs of foreigners coming in and demanding money, housing, and insisting the hosts follow the newcomers rules. Imagine how people 100 years ago would have handled the criminal element.

    Societal advancement, like all other good things, brings costs as well.


  26. bocopro says:

    Resolution to Planet Earth and Its Inhabitants:

    Whereas the fundamental goals of Islam are completely inimical to the guiding principles and central philosophy of the United States of America;


    Whereas the religious attitude of Islam toward all other religions, particularly Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism, is contemptuous and eradicative;


    Whereas the concept of equal rights for women and for non-Muslim citizens is nonexistent and not acceptable under Shari’a law;


    Whereas the Standard Operating Procedures for Muslims, known as the Qur’an or Koran, allows its adherents to lie, cheat, steal, murder, and enslave nonbelievers in the spread and support of Islam;


    Whereas every modern European nation which has welcomed large numbers of Muslim immigrants has experienced increased incidences of rape, honor killings, civil disobedience, and property damage directly attributable to those Muslim immigrants;


    Whereas the majority of Muslim immigrants to modern Western nations are not inclined to assimilate into the host culture but prefer to import and establish the conditions in their new homes which caused them to leave their native lands;


    Whereas nearly every terrorist act perpetrated upon or in the United States for the past decade has been performed by or organized by or funded by Islamist radicals whose ultimate goal is dissolution of Israel and the United States,

    It is therefore

    RESOLVED that further immigration of persons professing to be or known to be adherents of Islam to the United States of America or any of its lands or territories shall not be permitted;


    RESOLVED that all persons in the United States of America at the time of official distribution of this document who admit to being or are known to be Muslim must leave and return to the country of their origin within 72 hours;


    RESOLVED that the United States of America will provide no economic or military aid to any independent state controlled or governed by Muslim kings, caliphs, sheiks, princes, clerics, judges, brotherhoods, sects, groups, federations, committees, bureaucracies, or any other organizations controlled to any degree by Shari’a law or Islamist concepts.


  27. Imp says:

    “Imagine how people 100 years ago would have handled the criminal element…”

    And humans haven’t changed that much when it comes to their safety, security, prosperity and well being. And when threatened will revert to any and all methods to assure that status will prevail and be preserved. It shall be and always will be so. Islime will ultimately dig it’s own grave. And we will have the shovels at the ready.

    And….bocopro nails it.


  28. Kid says:

    IMP, Yep, great stuff there from bocopro.

    Let’s hope they don’t take our shovels away.


  29. Kid says:

    So, what would be the difference between islam and some “religion” that I dream up that is just as perverse and destructive. Do my followers and I get preferential treatment from the government?

    I think not. So why does islam? Because it’s old? Islam is a cancer and needs to be treated as such. Dis-recognize it and close the mosques for starters. I prefer the 72 hour self deport of course. Time to start building T-1000’s. The only vocabulary they would need is “Get. Out.”


  30. Mal says:

    @ Sparky. Right on! Guns and Bibles……… that order! (shoot ’em then pray for ’em!)


  31. Silverlady says:

    Silverfiddle, I believe that they consider themselves invaders & conquerors, even though by Merkel’s invitation. Wherever they set their feet they believe to be their territory. They then take over by default, as the Westerners, those who can, decamp & flee the criminality, attacks, filth, & the imposition of alien traditions. This has occurred in many towns & regions in wide areas in Europe, & we even can see the incipient beginnings here in the U.S. Don’t forget, Bampot warned us very early on that he was going to ‘change’ America, & he is doing everything he can to accomplish this end.


  32. SF,
    “Mutti Merkel’s Halal House’ is my sarcastic name for Merkel’s Germany.



  33. Bocopro,


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Imp “Among the most important duties of the police in any society are the maintenance of public order and the enforcement of the law.” This is my biggest worry and what I’ve mentioned many times here….in Germany the cops are told to STAND DOWN for muslims…be easy, don'[t provoke, rarely arrest unless forced to. It’s SICKENING.

    Plus, we have to remember most younger Germans, as are Americans, SOFT….and acquiescent and DUMB to the threats…….AND if Germans speak up, they’re told by their Leftist media “You’re all NAZIS’

    OH…Silverfiddle just more articulately wrote what I just said….I typed then went up to read other comments……..he’s right. Of course, ANYBODY who agrees with MY humble self is RIGHT…RIGHT? 🙂 HA!!

    Am hoping to do a post on a couple from Iran I spoke to today…I’m still kind of stunned about what they said and am trying to process it….holy cow.
    (how’s that for a shameless plug for my upcoming post!?)

    Kid? I would LOVE TO SEE ALL MOSQUES CLOSED. Guess what…then this stupid administration would say “If that’s what you want,we’ll have to close churches and synagogues, too” Count on it, the SCUM. oops (I love to get rowdy!! HA!)
    Bocopro, the couple I met today (see my comment above in this comments box) said what I have always known “Most Muslims do NOT KNOW THEIR KORAN..they are TOLD TO READ IT EVERY DAY and they DO, but they read it in Arabic, which MOST MUSLIMS IN IRAN AND HERE DO NOT UNDERSTAND..but THEY’RE READING!” I’ll tell more in my post if I find the time today to write it. I hope I can.

    But if I keep this up now, i won’t 🙂


  35. geeez2014 says:



  36. Kid says:

    I couldn’t imagine anything better for your blog Z


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Your commenters are mostly right with what they are saying. There are several theories why this is happening. This invasion is politically wanted, it does happen on purpose. I read several other articles that say that the invaders are being brought in by air planes at night where the broad public doesn’t see. All of a sudden remote airports show a lot of action at night, planes coming in from Greece and Turkey, the big billboards usually show no origin and no destination. Then busses drive away from these airports. Since the bordres are closed by other countries and the public (not media) opinion is very unhappy about the mass invasion it happens at night by plane. merkel just recently said that she acted right and would do it again. So what#s the reason behind this?
    She was raised in a socialistic state and was indoktrinated her life long and was sent out to do this. She was trained by the Stasi and knows how to manipulate people. It was all a big plan. She eliminnated all people in the party who could endanger her. All the rest are corrupt brown nosers who will turn against her as soon as they see when their priviliges would disappear if they stick with her. >But up to now all of them are up her ass. Then we have crazy idiots like Schäuble (financial minister) who really said recently that we need this immigration because otherwise Germany and Europe will be an isolated place that will inbreed!!!!! Can you imagine this?????? These are the kind of idiots destroying the country with their left idiology.
    2nd thought: NWO and the Hooton plan to finally destroy Germany for once and all to to rule it out as a major economic competitor. There are forces working behind curtains that we don’t know of. Soros and Rothschilds are names, in the end I think there is pressure from outside and the ideologistic convincement that lets this happen.
    We will be slaughtered; that plan is for sure. people are so mind wise degenerated and left indoctrinated that they won’t be a force against that. 2 Million more of the invaders and they will have outnumbered the German number of young people under 25 or even 30. The war is already going on and thanks to the indoctrination of the recent 50 years will show effect.

    I hope this is some usefull info.


  38. Kid says:

    Civilization rises from the oppressive dictators and conquest mongers to create countries that are beautiful, work to protect all of nature and maintain a pleasant lifestyle for its citizens.

    Ignorant, evil libtards come along and somehow win. How can this be.


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I miss the lovely, beachy light masthead picture of before, but I think , as AOW’s blog , Always ON WATCH, signifies, my darkening sky one is kind of a good metaphor of what’s coming, isn’t it…


  40. geeez2014 says:

    And, Kid, I don’t understand how it can be…..I agree…HOW? WHY?


  41. Baysider says:

    Wow! That’s a mindful. So … after centuries we finally destroy the Teutons?? Clearly, this is not an accidental plan. But a lot of idiots are blithely mouthing support with no understanding of the result of their folly. Just re-imagine history …. Charles Martel loses 1400 years later.


  42. Kid says:

    Great point about the dark skies and I hadn’t thought of that actually.


  43. bocopro says:

    Re your point about reading the Qur’an:

    Teaching English lit without practical knowledge of the Bible is foolhardy. Until sometime last century, the two most popular sources of quotes, references, and allusions were Shakespeare (#2) and the KJV (#1).

    Read the Bible as a teenager and found it very heavy sledding, especially Numbers and Deuteronomy and all those. Classic two-pager in those areas. While working for the MA, I read all of Shakespeare’s plays (along with the standard Boccaccio, Chaucer, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Socrates, Wordsworth, et al.).

    Felt a little weak on my knowledge of ol’ #1 when I started teaching, tho, so I re-read it, some time around 1992. Then I summarized it, book by book. Then, just to widen my perspective, I read about other religions, including Zoroastrianism, Greek and Norse mythologies, Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, Hinduism (you could spend an entire lifetime in there and not read it all), and finally the Qur’an (English translation, of course).

    For the first half or so, maybe the first 60 or 65 surahs, the Qur’an was like reading a self-repetitive Reader’s Digest of the Torah in a stream-of-consciousness style, no discernible timeline or even time reference except for the historical characters such as Abraham and Isaac and Hagar and so on.

    In fact, I was impressed by its simplicity (except for the repetition at the beginning of each surah). Much of it was downright beautiful; whoever translated it (can’t remember who he was, some D.D., Ed. D., PhD somethinorother) had a pleasant and easy style.

    When I got to some of the later surahs, however, it became schizophrenic somehow, as if the initial source had become angry, bitter, frustrated. Much of the compassion and humanity and wisdom of the first half became twisted, inverted, deceitful. I managed to finish it, then discussed my observations with some of the profs in the Department of Philosophy (about 6 doors down the hallway from my office).

    One very patient guy a few years older than I was at the time said that I’d hit the 10-ring on it, nailed it. Said he’d read 3 different translations and came up with the very same conclusion. So what I boiled it down to was a rip-off of the Torah and parts of the Talmud with selected excerpts from the NT for the purpose of uniting the barbarous nomadic Arab tribes by forcing them to abandon their tribal gods and bow to Muhammad’s version of monotheism under the rather obscure moon god Allah.

    Of course they resisted, rather strenuously in many cases, so he had to subdue them by warfare (the very thing he was trying to eradicate) and control them by fear. And Islam remains that way today, IMO. A bogus sect plagiarized almost entirely from the Israelites and early Christians naming the descendants of Yshmael (the one Sarai tried to kill) the chosen people of the vengeful god instead of the line of Abram’s other son (the one he was prepared to sacrifice on Mt. Moriah). Fear and death are fundamental features of Islam.

    Incidentally, during all that self-directed study, I was struck by the similarities between the teachings of Buddha and the principles laid out by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. Of course noble principles are universal, and you can find ’em in all religions.

    I think I read too much, and that includes Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, Bradbury, and a whole buncha others. Not much else to do at sea back in the 60s and 70s, before the days of TV and internet and cellfones and laptops and all.


  44. Silverlady says:

    A clip on Nothing but Muzz wall to wall. They’ve taken Birmingham as well as several other towns.
    One minute and 21 seconds more than you ever want to spend in Birmingham, England


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider. “Clearly, this is not an accidental plan.” which is exactly what Alex is saying, isn’t it….true.
    We have to find OUT WHY. He says New World Order. By the way, how many Germans write/speak English that well? My kids amaze me.

    Kid, cool, huh!?

    Bocopro….Thanks for that…good stuff. Yes, the Koran is so beautiful that I jokingly told a pastor of mine about 10 years ago how beguiling it was…until I went more into it and YIKES! The truth comes out….KILL KILL KILL.
    Yes, any peaceful teachings remind us of Jesus, no doubt about that.
    Except when they come to “but he’s not the Son of God”….then they lose me…and millions of other people, of course. I met Bradbury once; I’ve never liked Sci Fi EVER but it was fun to meet such a genius in the field.

    Muslims are instructed to pray 5 times a day and read the Koran every single day. Most American and European Muslims do not understand the language……..but they read it. The Imams TELL THEM what it says……leaving out the KILL THE INFIDEL stuff, of course…unless it’s a radicalized mosque, of course, then they stress it!
    It’s rather like how Catholics were schooled…”Don’t read the Bible, Father O’ Malley or Sister Margaret will tell you what’s going on. That, of course, is where the similarities begin and end.

    But it’s important to understand that…..AND, one would think that enough Muslims would start to realize the KILL THE INFIDELS is in there, otherwise why would NON MUSLIMS even know that? and, if they know radicals are killing due to that instruction, they must know they NEED REFORM.

    I related a story the other day here about my Sister’s friend who’s a 60 yr old Muslim woman who’s lived here about 40 years….she reads the Koran every day, understanding not a word of it….she also prays 5 times a day…does not wear a hijab or burka. She’s a wonderful woman who Sis likes…. This woman’s brother in Pakistan was murdered for speaking out against radicalized islam….his son has now taken over and is fighting politically to stop the radicals….knowing he will probably DIE……..
    We need to know these men are not alone and pray and hope for many more.
    I recommend SEEKING ALLAH, FINDING JESUS, a book which really opened my eyes to the muslim situation more than anything else.


  46. Baysider says:

    Right in line with this subject is this recent entry from our friends at Gates of Vienna.
    “Is the [German] Federal Employment Agency Supporting Islamic State Terrorists Consciously, or is it Out of Stupidity?”
    Channeling invaders into the army, police and government agencies, some in sensitive areas. Men they cannot document.


  47. geeez2014 says:



  48. Baysider says:

    Political correctness (leftism) brought our defenses down, and the ‘enemy’ sees the breach and great opportunity to gain ground.


  49. geeez2014 says:

    EVERYBODY: I guess you’ve all heard by now that FIFTY Republican defense experts are saying not to vote for Trump because his foreign expertise is non existent and he’d be “DANGEROUS”….
    The headlines on most websites and papers, etc., are so SO anti Trump it makes the deluge on Sarah Palin look like they treated her well.
    I had to laugh at the New York Observer, which slams Hannity for one-sided reporting on all things Conservative as if MSNBC doesn’t do their share for their side and even worse (which takes some, believe me, I’m no Hannity fan).

    AND, you’ll ALL be happy to know you’re all knuckle draggin’ uneducated disgusting white men for the very idea of entertaining the THOUGHT of voting for Donald Trump. Did you know that? Most of the leftwingers now are inferring anybody who doesn’t vote for Hillary is a Hillbilly with a third grade education, way too Christian, has an old hound dog named Blue and drives a broken down pick up truck with a confederate flag sticking out the back……….

    Gad, for a bunch of VERY BRIGHT COMMENTERS here at GeeeZ, I’m so surprised to hear from the media that you’re all fools! Aren’t you? (Smile)


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…they jumped right in at that opportunity….no doubt about it. They can’t lose in this ‘kind’ atmosphere.

    Peter Kreeft, the MARVELOUS Christian thinker/writer, says “We have reduced all virtues to one: being nice” SO true, and SO DANGEROUS to Western society.


  51. Mal says:

    Yup! Y’all come back now, hear? Gotta go git ma grits!


  52. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I’m afraid we lose most of our East coasters after about this time!
    Hope you had a good dinner…!!


  53. Well I’m still up.
    Bitterly clingin’ to ma guns an religion…


  54. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: Look at the criminal firebuggery the “Republican Defense “Experts”” have bumbled and stumbled our great nation into over these past decades… They should all be in jail for the global horrors they have authored, and Hellary should be jailed with them for listening to them, burning down Libya and ushering in the Million Man Muslim March into Europe. Hellary is the Warlord Queen of their Neocon cabal. They never met a war they didn’t like. More horrible when you realize the US has not won a war in over 70 years.


  55. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…”Well I’m still up. Bitterly clingin’ to ma guns an religion…”
    That literally made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! Thanks for that, my friend! xx

    SF,….”Million Man Muslim March”….you sure put new meaning to what used to be a fave of mine…M&M’s! 🙂 But, well said…alliterative,and well said!
    I hate Liberals so much I am startled when I hear such criticism of Republicans….but I will say that my post tomorrow discusses a couple from Iran I met today who filled me in BIG TIME on what really happened to the Shah, etc…and how it’s WE who ushered in radical islam by supporting Khomeini when Saddam wanted to kill him and we told the Shah “SAY NO TO SADDAM” (DAMN!!!!!) I won’t cover THAT tomorrow but I’m glad you gave me an excuse to mention it here tonight. ALL BECAUSE OF OIL. OIL. OIL.
    I believe that crossed party lines…….
    I’m now convinced most war is about OIL.
    Perhaps this is why the Left and so many on the Right detest Trump who has the audacity to suggest we can be energy efficient ON OUR OWN.??

    On the positive side, Susan Collins says not to vote for Trump; I would hate to vote for anyone she liked, anyway.

    Gary Johnson, SF….I didn’t realize it’s known he’s a pothead…it was mentioned on CNN the other day….he’s on VIDEO saying “I’ve already had two doobies today” Just what we need, a doper during the day? It’s one thing to have a couple of martinis before dinner, but………..ick.


  56. Z,

    I noticed right away, but forgot to type in a comment to the effect of how much I like it.

    Too much medication on board1


  57. Bocopro,
    Outstanding observations about the Quran.

    I wish that more people would wade through the Quran. The later verses = the manual for jihadists.


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