Trump fans?!

It’s difficult to imagine Trump winning with nothing but bad news, including 50 Republican defense experts saying he’d be “dangerous,” as if Hillary already hasn’t been?  Or how about Republican Senators so dumb they don’t realize how damaging a Hillary administration would (will?) be?

But, not all Trump supporters are what our media constantly infers are “under educated hillbilly White men who just don’t get it…”   No, many foreigners prefer Trump, too.

I have a couple of friends who are from Romania and Hungary, both are staunch Republicans.  The Hungarian husband, Tony, calls me every once in a while, and says “But, Z, how can Americans vote for all these free give-aways when a thinking person knows this can’t go on?  I left a country to get away from Socialism….don’t they see what happened in Venezuela recently?  What’s going to happen to America?”   I have other Eastern European friends, and family from other areas, who fled their countries to come here, the land of opportunity (not one ever took any type of welfare, by the way) and they MADE IT here.   They’re upset and worried about their futures, the future of America.

Yesterday, I was having coffee with a friend when I noticed a couple was looking over at me when I mentioned the Armenian genocide in connection to something Donna and I were discussing.  So, I asked “Are you Armenians?” They said they were and I said I was of Armenian extraction.    We talked a little and then we moved our chairs a couple feet closer to them and the four of us chatted for at least an hour.

This couple came here thirty years ago from Iran, where their grandparents fled to during the genocide by Turkish Muslims on Armenian Christians (Armenia is the first country to make Christianity their national religion, by the way.  Even when it was an “SSR,” Russia didn’t dare shut churches down there).   They are highly educated in Iran.

The husband filled us in on the truth about the Shah’s leaving Iran, how beautiful Tehran was when he was the ruler, how sophisticated, how highly educated people were…no hijabs, no burkas….women were free and independent….They told us how Saddam wanted Khomeini dead and had a chance to kill him but didn’t (I found a book when Googling more information on this subject yesterday which postulates on how good that would have been, in hindsight), and a lot about ISLAM.

They have highly educated Muslim friends in Iran and here in Los Angeles who no more want Sharia Law than we do, and who read the koran ever day but actually argue with this guy about the ‘kill the infidels’ stuff.  They deny that it’s in there!  Please see the comments page of my post yesterday and read Bocopro’s comments….it’s IN THERE, MUSLIMS…trust us; IT IS IN THERE.  Read my comments on WHY most Muslims don’t believe it’s there.

This Armenian couple wants Trump because they worked in SOCIAL WORK since they arrived here…issuing Medical to people, etc.   They said they believe only 10% of the applications they’ve seen over the years actually deserve government entitlement like Medical…the rest is lying and hoping for freebies.  They watch a lot of CNN because, like me, they want to know both sides and make their decisions wisely, more wisely than only watching one venue.  (they laugh at CNN, as I do, too).

They want TRUMP because they feel he’d clamp down on this waste they see so often…….they want TRUMP because they believe Hillary is a liar and cheat.   They want TRUMP because he’s tough and not naive as most Democrats are.

These people want TRUMP, but Republican ‘experts’ tell us not to vote for him.

I was impressed by their having no real pony in this race…although I’m sure they’re American citizens…..Not having been born here, they nevertheless love this country where they raised their children, where they worked, and where they see America is falling apart and needs anything BUT HILLARY CLINTON.

I wish you could have all met Onnig and Seta….I wish there were more like them.  I wish there were more natural born Americans like them.

Don’t you?


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  1. My friend Heysam is no more a terrorist than I. My coworker Yasir, the same.
    Those lawyers killed in Pakistan were standing up to ISIS and the Taliban.
    Is their religion wrong?
    Yes. On many levels.
    Remember Mormon terrorists in our history? Justified by their religion. As they saw it.


  2. 50 military experts don’t want Trump? More globalist-donor backed BS. Nobody in the military wants Hillary – NOBODY!

    The foreigners KNOW what a horrible existence it is to live under socialism. That’s all that Hillary is offering. We Americans have been brainwashed so badly we don’t even know what’s true anymore.


  3. I neglected to finish my comment and inadvertently posted it. I wouldn’t fear and have had Mormons in my house. Just as I would have a Muslim in my house. They’ve just gotta be the right people. Broad brushes only working painting walls.


  4. Fairest Witness, I have actually seen comments from my son’s Shipmates supporting Hillary Clinton on Facebook.
    Many arguments there.


  5. Adrienne says:

    I was impressed by their having no real pony in this race…although I’m sure they’re American citizens

    Seems to me being an American citizen means you have a pony in the race. Maybe even a draft horse.


  6. not all Trump supporters are what our media constantly infers are “under educated hillbilly White men who just don’t get it…” No, many foreigners prefer Trump, too.

    I know many with graduate degrees who support Trump.

    As for foreigners, almost all of my Chinese clients — Ph.D.’s all (mostly in physics) — and all naturalized American citizens — are staunch supporters of Trump. They fear that a Hillary administration will rob them of the freedoms they have struggled to attain here in American.


  7. Ed,
    My friend Heysam is no more a terrorist than I.

    I had a neighbor like that. Until one day, he was “revived” — at the Falls Church mosque Dar al-Hijrah. He has now moved to the UAE and is using his wealth to support terrorism. What tipped him over into revival was the birth of his third child — a boy. Mosques are indoctrination centers, particularly the mosques with Wahabbist imams. Most mosques, according to what I’ve read.

    The above said, it is the Western reverts and the younger generation of Muslims that poses the greater threat. The parents of the younger generation tend not to be terrorists.


  8. The specialists are new-world-order globalists.

    I spit on them — metaphorically speaking, of course. Although…


  9. bunkerville says:

    Relatives my mine worked in Iran during and as the fall of the Shah occurred We brought this all on ourselves. The Shah and his wife supported education for women. The religious fanatics of course were opposed to his “progressive” ideas. Tehran was a vibrant beautiful city. We brought down the fall of the Shah. A pox on our house for this mess.


  10. bocopro says:

    Hmmm . . . . well, seems to me that in terms of freedom, life expectancy, comfort, entertainment, medicine, and care for the elderly, Western values and culture pretty much overshadow all other values and cultures.

    Individually you can find certain features superior to ours in other nations, but overall, the Western way that promotes growth and innovation outperforms all others in terms of standards of living by powers of 10. For proof of that, look no further than the desire by so many to leave their homeland and come to North America.

    France, Germany, and Italy have given the world more in terms of art, music, and cuisine than most other nations, but they also have produced more wars and needless suffering than many others.

    Japan is much cleaner than the US and has a superb code of civil behavior, but it is a closed and condescending society. Spain has shown the world the path to adventure . . . and ruin. China has given the world marvelous inventions . . . and massive social failure. Filipinos are perhaps the most hospitable people on the planet but are masters of little more than mimicry . . . GREAT mimicry, perhaps, but copycatting nonetheless.

    So . . . one doesn’t have to be Western to adopt and appreciate Western culture and values any more than one has to be Italian to appreciate pizza or French to appreciate grandeur or German to appreciate Mozart. Unlike some societies where many western customs and traditions are unwelcome or illegal, we not only tolerate diversity but encourage it, thereby adding to the rich and varied supermarket of life available for us to take our souls’ nourishment from.

    As with many things, multiculturalism can be great so long as it’s not taken to extremes. I LIKE classical music; I LIKE good painting; I LIKE fine sculpture; I LIKE Flamenco dancing; I LIKE German engineering; I LIKE mariachi music; I LIKE British literature; I LIKE Italian food . . . and the best thing about America is that I can have it all just about any time I want it or just ignore it all and not have to worry about breaking some worn-out archaic rule about nationalism or borders or travel or what some ascetic cleric might have to say about it.

    Just as with the English language, American culture has profited spectacularly through its incorporation of new and exciting ideas brought in by various waves of immigration – with one exception: Muslims. I can think of nothing positive that Islam has to offer our system of government or our way of life.


  11. Baysider says:

    bocopro + 1
    And what a wonderful encounter – for all parties. Interesting about Saddam. Not surprising, either.


  12. You know something, Geeezers (not geezers :-D)? I keep hearing how Donald Trump is unqualified for the Presidency. That he’s never held public office. His temperament is unsuitable. They fear him having the nuclear codes. Blah, blah, blah.

    It occurs to me that all of Trump’s Republican critics and Democrat opponents are the very governing Ruling Class that has so badly served our country & screwed up everything. What qualifies them to pass judgment on Donald Trump’s abilities? They’ve abused their power, betrayed our principles, tramped our freedom, disrespected & disregarded us, overtaxed & overregulated us, weaponized our own government to repress us, sold us out to foreign interests, personally profited & enriched themselves, gutted our military, imported foreign workers to take the place of American workers, flooded our country with illegal aliens – even brought in Isis terrorists hiding among Syrian refugees. They are utter and complete failures. Why should we pay any attention to any of these dishonorable, disreputable “public servants?” I really want to know.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    First let me say I nearly cried with sad frustration when I heard Trump’s reaction to the 50 Republican defense experts who aren’t voting for him; He says “They just want jobs and I’ve never consulted with them so they know I won’t hire them. It’s all sour grapes”.. I paraphrase but the childishness of it again causes me such great concern; he has no adult way to deal with slights to himself…even at 70 years old! He had to totally insult them personally. I so wish he said something like “that’s their opinion, and I don’t agree, and many share my sentiment, but let’s hope they change their minds when they hear more of my speeches, more of my input on the subject of defense. I’m confident they will change their minds when they hear more.”

    but, instead…it’s INSULT INSULT INSULT….ooo soo sad….shows me things I don’t want to have cemented in my negative feelings about him. And I AM TRYING, FOLKS! I really AM, to like him.
    BY the way, he did start well….in suggesting these 50 have been part of failed policies…I was so excited, I thought “That is right and a great angle to slam back with”…but he couldn’t help himself and had to utterly insult them , anyway. so sad.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, and I wasn’t suggesting that because the many Muslims my new acquaintances have weren’t radical that I agree with islam 🙂 i’m trying to compare Mormon terrorists to murdering, beheading, crazed jihadists…that’s a hrd comparison to make!

    Ed and Fairest Witness…sadly, there are soldiers publicly declaring their dislike for Trump and going with Hillary. Heard more this morning on that…blows my mind.

    Ed, I wish more Americans understood how sad and wrong broad brushing is.

    AOW, I know your story is a terrible one, about the muslim turned radical, but I’m thinking there are muslims who are even more appalled by that story than WE are.
    Not sure they’re all globalists… thanks for that article, it certainly is true. I mentioned in my comment above on Trump’s reaction.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Adrienne, i think when we’re born here , we do have more a pony in this race than foreigners do. …emotionally. Except for my naturalized-American MOTHER who made our house make the King Family Specials look under patriotic in comparison during the 1976 Biicentennial Celebrations!!!!!! We still laugh about that!

    BUNKDERVILLE! THANK YOU THANK YOU! “Tehran was a vibrant beautiful city. We brought down the fall of the Shah. A pox on our house for this mess.”
    I knew something about this but these people REALLY REALLY clarified for me what happened. In bringing down the Shah, WE BROUGHT RADICAL ISLAM DOWN ON OURSELVES. By telling Saddam NOT TO SHOOT DOWN KHOMENI’S PLANE (when he could have), WE BROUGHT THIS ON. sickening. OIL OIL OIL.
    Thank you.

    Bocopro..I am with you on most of it, but when I think of the lifestyles of my French and German friends (up till now, of course, the threat of bombings and trying to negotiate around the thousands of terrible refugees there now has somewhat changed that), they trump us on some lovely lifestyles, trust me…TRUST me.
    MULTICULTURALISM was fine when those cultures added to our society and didn’t INSIST on theirs FIRST on American soil.

    Fairest Witness, after what I wrote in my comment above, I have to admit I have my questions about Trump, but he did have a point when he said what you did in this comment before he insulted the 50 so unprofessionally…”they must want jobs and I won’t hire them, so that’s why they’re saying this” omg. Anyway, he DID start in a very good way, suggesting what you did, in a professional and candidate-worthy reminder “These are people who’ve worked for failed foreign policy presidents….you going to listen to them? I”M going to listen to them?”
    but then, again, he went to far…had to assuage his ego with “Well, I hadn’t CALLED THEM so they’re angry!”


  16. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness..and YES! It’s “GeeeZ” with a soft G sound but when I sometimes write “GeeeZers,” I know it probably sounds like “You OLD GEEZERS!” 🙂 (which isn’t at ALL true, of course..ha!)


  17. Baysider says:

    Hey, actually, I don’t mind that ‘insult.’ Very New Yorkish. Certainly your answer was more presidential. 🙂 And this IS a problem. Of course the fact that ANYONE considers Hillary presidential (much less “the most qualified candidate ever) is more troubling because we know her record of lies, deception, and totalitarian bullying. The DNC will make her keep her broom in the closet during the campaign, I’ll bet.

    They also complained Trump lacks the temperament to be President. This, of course, was during the primaries when we had other choices and men were jockeying for position. “He does not encourage conflicting views.” I agree with all that. But these are beltway elites. So even though the same is even more true of Hillary, are they voting for her instead? Quite possibly – if those who drink together vote together.

    Oh, and the ‘reckless’ charge was levied against Reagan. It’s part of the playbook.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I’m amazed…it’s such a childish answer ..let’s face it, what he’s saying is “They don’t like me so I’m going to be mean to them!” ugh.
    I never ever suggest Hillary, in comparison to Trump, is much better, believe me!!
    No, they are mostly not voting for HIllary…the ones I’ve heard speak individually on this this morning aren’t…they feel they have NO Choice, which is pretty much where I am right now. And, in California, I’m grateful my vote for Pres is overcome by the Elect. Coll, anyway.
    Yes, I know Reagan had the same charges……and he never ONCE acted like Trump does, even at his angriest.


  19. Imp says:

    I’ll offer one more example to FW’s excellent comment…a +++10 for me. These same “experts” have us head to head with and old long ago foe again…..that’s right Russia. Yea…they’re the real boogie man they drag out of the closet again to mask their utter “intelligence” failures in Syria, Libya, Egypt, the Sudan and every other place they’ve gotten it wrong. And this is all under killary’s and ovomits foreign policy. It’s a distraction and utterly asinine. the past few days we have state / Kerry talking about now…sharing intelligence with them over ISIS and they’re totally successful rout of those savages wherever they attacked them. They didn’t get “bogged” down in a quagmire that ovomit wished on them. In fact…they successfully demonstrated just how a world power should react and behave in the face of evil and how to confront them. With complete overwhelming force and no PC ROE bullshit or worry over collateral damage either. Russia should be a natural reliable ally of ours…and it’s klinton and ovomit who have peed in the pool again.

    Does anyone think that ISIS WOULD EVEN EXIST anywhere if the big powers along with Russia unleashed the real dogs of war? I think not. It’s been said that Russia can and just might be the salvation of Europe too. We…state…needs to put on their big boys pants like Putin and man up.


  20. Z, I appreciate your unease with Trump’s harsh attacks. I think his comments about their motives of wanting to keep their power & influence, knowing they’re losing their jobs, is spot on! Trump is telling them & all of us that the current Ruling Class sell outs are GONE if he’s elected.

    There’s nothing nice about firing people & sending them home. I’ve done it dozens of times & that is the worst part of being an employer! But when you fire people who’ve cynically & corruptly abused their positions, they deserve to be treated harshly! They’ve weakened our country, made our lives miserable, frustrated us – they should be told off!


  21. Bob says:

    It is clear that some of our Republican Senators are as we suspected, Republican In Name Only.

    “under educated hillbilly White men who just don’t get it…”
    Uh, I guess I resemble that remark. From their viewpoint, even though I have a graduate degree, I am uneducated because I like Donald Trump. He was not my first choice, but he is the horse I have to ride. I wonder if those who talk about others being uneducated get it that education is all about critical thinking? Apparently now. Harvard seems to have specialized in rubber-stamping politically correct lawyers and social scientists (an oxymoron in itself). The term politically correct is starting to look like an oxymoron, too, because there may be no absolute correctness in politics.

    Those who are concerned about education and politics have not considered that you don’t have to be a cop to recognize a crook, or a farmer to know when you have a rotten egg. Folks are not stupid. They know when they are getting a raw deal.


  22. I’m one of those “under educated hillbillies” from small town West Virginia. Also, my hubby and I happen to run and own an aerospace maintenance business partnership with about 30 employees. We could run out of breath and time before we listed the adverse impact of the Obama Administration’s policies on our business.

    So sick of hearing we’re just dumb, that’s why we support Trump! They can’t defend their failures, so they’re the ones who resort to INSULTS! Argh!!!!


  23. Imp says:

    “The gay-hating, Taliban-supporting, Super Mario-moustached cat is well and truly out of the bag. Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando shooter is an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter. No offence to Mario.
    You’d think that Mateen might consider the ramifications for Clinton before openly supporting her, but it seems he just can’t contain his enthusiasm. He was pictured standing directly behind her at a recent rally in Florida, and even created his own sign praising her policies.

    And where did he learn the deadly Islamic intolerance of gays? From his father, of course. The same man who made a sign praising Hillary as “good for national security” is an ideological supporter of the Taliban who, shortly after the Orlando shootings, said that Muslims didn’t need to kill gays because “God will punish those involved in homosexuality.” In other words, at the Mateen household, punishing gays was only frowned upon because, well, that’s Allah’s job!

    For Democrat-supporting gays, it’s time to take stock of the situation. Hillary Clinton may not welcome Mateen’s support, but she hasn’t openly disavowed it either (contrast that with Trump’s rapid rejection of David Duke). But the bigger issue is, why is Mateen supporting her in the first place?

    Let me put it another way. A homophobic Muslim says he supports Hillary because she’ll take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens looking to defend themselves against people exactly like his son. A politics-obsessed Afghani who runs a TV show openly praising the Taliban praises Hillary for her stance on “national security.” It’s sort of like the local mobster endorsing a District Attorney candidate. Whoever he backs, it’s probably best to vote for the other guy.

    Gays need to take another look at the Democratic party. There’s a reason why Mateen supports Hillary, and it’s obvious: she’s far softer on Muslim radicals, both foreign and domestic, than Donald Trump. In an age where the greatest threat to gays bows down towards Mecca five times a day, this is deadly serious.

    BB / Milo


  24. Imp, you’re so right about the mess they’ve made in foreign policy. And it’s not just the Obama/Clinton/Kerry circus. President George W. Bush’s policies were misguided, too.


  25. Mal says:

    The problem with all the “nice” Muslims here in our country is their offspring often become radicalized, similar to how the children of hard working immigrants who vote GOP often become lazy and want everything free, ergo vote Left. It all boils down not to lack of education, but HOW they are educated. Socialist teachers & professors produce Socialist behavior and thinking. Many despots of the past including Hitler said give me the children and I will take control.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, it’s important we understand how the media’s implying all Trump followers are ignorant plays out there..there are still people on the fence and nobody likes to feel stupid and this is a typical leftwing ploy…..WE know it’s ridiculous…there are MANY bright people who like Trump. There are days I personally can’t understand their enthusiasm (like a LOT of people I talk to say “It’s one thing to know his pony is the one we have to ride, to quote YOU, Bob, it’s another to actually admire or LIKE this guy…that blows our minds”…) but they exist. A lot are right here at GeeeZ and I appreciate their viewpoints and, frankly, WISH SO MUCH I could get on that train….to feel good about him.

    Imp…that could well be why Mateen was at that rally….he knows she’s not as tough on Muslims as Trump is. SOmething I admire about him.

    I still think all Trump had to say was what I wrote above :”“These are people who’ve worked for failed foreign policy presidents….you going to listen to them? I”M going to listen to them?” He could have extrapolated on that, because it’s BIG and TRUE, he didn’t need to go to the “they’re just cry babies” stance (I paraphrase)….that’s what’s bothering people about his character, or one of the things.

    Seeing Susan Collins on CNN this morning is tough….they’re playing the tape over and OVER and over again….Yes, she won’t vote for Trump…..She says she’d vote for Gary Johnson except for his drug stance (I think she was afraid to say “except that he’s an admitted pothead”)….



  27. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, yes, we’re hearing it’s the first generation which is causing most of the trouble here and in Europe….they’re probably just jockeying for more handouts….hoping the countries will pay more to get them to shut up and behave when they should be put on transport and shipped out YESTERDAY OR SOONER.


  28. Z, almost all of the “Conservative” Pundits are employed by right-leaning websites, publications, radio networks or TV networks that are owned by or bought out by Globalist New World Order entities. These guys do not consider Democrats the enemy, they consider US, mainstream Conservatives, the enemy. They want to keep the status quo, we want it blown to smithereens! If Hillary wins, the status quo remains. Trump is the bomb that will blow it all apart.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness..I get that. And until he attracts enough voters, it WILL be smithereens.
    This is like having to vote for the Third Party candidate…it just never works.
    Let’s hope people hate Hillary enough.


  30. Imp says:

    @Z…”SOmething I admire about him.”



  31. Kid says:

    So, the Teleprompter Jesus barry “had no day after plan for Libya, Voted “present” in the senate for two years” soetoro was or is qualified to be in the white house? Honestly, that and the hilrod being the most are the two most absurd statements I think I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. Seriously.

    The more these rabid squirrels and less than useless republican congress critters hammer on Trump, the more I want to vote for him. Honestly, in my opinion, their criticisms are actually endorsements if you think about it and if you are unsatisfied with congressional performance. Last I heard congress had about a 10% approval rating.

    We’ll see how many people can think for themselves.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; Please put the time, not just @z….I’m really busy and had to read my comments again..
    Yes, as I said,I admire Trump for wanting to keep most Muslims out…at least for now…and maybe the next 50 YEARS!?

    Kid, the trouble is that those people are being used by the Hillary lovers and that isn’t good for us; that’s so clear. Plus, I don’t know if people are aware that being hard on Republicans in Congress up for reelection need to be those who CAN WIN, not their Republican upstarts in their primaries going on now. Doesn’t help when some new guy wins over a popular Republican and that newbie loses to the Dem, which they will because they have no traction.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    OH MY GOSH! I just saw that Mateen (the father of the Orlando killer) says “I was invited to the Clinton rally” and the campaign is DENYING IT! Plus, you probably saw that he was seated right behind Hillary, clearly visible…..and the campaign says “That was a coincidence”

    Do they EVER STOP LYING???

    I just watched some judo from the Olympics, live…the American beat the World Champ! But, darned if I could tell WHY? It;’s not satisfying to watch a sport whose rules you don’t know! But I was happy for Travis Stevens…or whatever the USA guy’s name is!


  34. Kid says:

    Z, It’s a given Trump (not being a politician) is going to be pounded on from every possible angle including a lot of scared republicans.

    PS – No they never stop lying. It’s their only talent.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I suppose so….I guess I just wish he wouldn’t give them so much ammunition….stick to the policies, stay angry, tell the truth, stop whining…….stop the “And the event yesterday got great ratings, a lot of people told me they like me” stuff, which he did this morning. That’s reality show talk, not presidential candidate talk.
    Look, I appear to be the only one who feels this stuff’s important…I’ll never stop believing that but I respect everyone’s opinions.


  36. Kid says:

    Z, It’s important. I saw a vid at Adrienne’s yesterday where he did quite well. Did exactly when you just wrote. Did not engage hecklers – just smiled when they spouted off, let the crowd shout them down.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I saw him not respond to hecklers for a change…the poor leftwing media was desperate because they had to comment on his information instead of slamming his behavior!
    Yes, he did quite well……….then he had to add this insecure little addition this morning.“And the event yesterday got great ratings, a lot of people told me they like me”


  38. Mal says:

    Z, “I wish so much I could get on the train” (about Trump). Believe me, I understand your feelings and wish he’d make it easier to accept, but “when you’re given lemons, you make lemonade.”
    ……”A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do”. Or, as you so aptly put it, hold your nose and vote.
    Things don’t always come in neat little packages. That would be too easy!


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, glad you like the masthead picture….amazing, isn’t it. No, the MARK OF Z! 🙂 (I’d write my whole name, but…we don’t here!)

    And what are you talking about? You’ve been on the TRUMP TRAIN since it first left the station!


  40. Mal says:

    True, Z. I HAVE been on the TRUMP TRAIN right along, but that doesn’t mean I like the way he keeps opening his darn mouth and sticking his foot in it. He has been his own worst enemy from the beginning. But like I said about getting lemons……………..


  41. Mal says:

    What it all comes down to, people KNOW what bad Hillary will do, while they fear what Trump MIGHT do. (Also, I know what the Z stands for.and was just joshing ya!).


  42. Imp says:

    @Z..”seated right behind Hillary, clearly visible…..and the campaign says “That was a coincidence”

    My opinion? Bullshit. They vet every face that’s going to be seen that close up and right behind her for obvious reasons. They want all those happy moronic faces clapping drooling and fawning over the beast that they can get in…and the camera shots are purposely tight too…which is why they know who’s behind that 68 Buick butt of hers.


  43. The Z stands for Z Best.


  44. Imp says:

    Here ya go….now we know she’s lying again about the so called “coincidence”.

    Adviser to Pro-Hillary Super PAC: Campaign Needs To Disavow Mateen and ‘Fire the Advance Person’..

    “They need to disavow this guy, and, I guess I can say this because I can’t coordinate with the campaign, they need to fire the advance person. Now, thousands of people came to that rally, you can’t screen every one of them to find out if they posted something crazy or their son is a terrorist, I get that, but he was in the shot. He was behind the candidate.”


  45. Imp says:

    8. Which European leader’s approval rating has plummeted to beneath 20%? And for good reason.

    Theresa May, United Kingdom
    Francois Hollande, France
    Angela Merkel, Germany
    Matteo Renzi, Italy
    All of the Above

    ans…Hollande, France

    Just 19% of French citizens approve of the job Hollande is doing.


  46. geeez2014 says:

    Imp @4:50…TOTAL BS, you are right! He said they invited them…they so no…who are we to believe? As if it’s possible he’s lying!! NOT!
    Theresa May took office about 2 weeeks ago and she’s that low in ratings? Man.
    Meanwhile, the awful Obama has higher ratings than most presidents at this time of their tenures…unreal.

    Ed…thank you SO much 🙂 xx


  47. Imp says:

    @Z….May? No..Hollande….that’s why La Pen is creaming him.


  48. geeez2014 says:

    o0ooh….I thought all of them were that low…didn’t read ‘ans’ correctly, sorry!!
    Mademoiselle Le Pen is creaming him because the FRENCH ARE FINALLY WAKING UP…it’s her Dad who is so hated because they considered him a hater because he loved France enough to stick up for her against the immigrants…..I’m delighted if she wins! He lost to Chirac while I was still living there….Bummer that their election is June 2017….


  49. geeez2014 says: I’d anticipated, Trump is getting very leery about the DEBATES…..imagine how much he’d have to LEARN and how he’d have to keep his temper in check, etc?: AWFUL!
    SO, he’s saying now he has to make sure what the conditions are, etc.,and the message into the ether is HE MIGHT NOT DO IT.
    I can’t blame him… would be a freakin’ DISASTER. NOBODY can learn enough in this short a time. If Hillary has anything over Trump, it’s she knows the situations in the countries they might talk about and how our political system works, etc……of course, she still manages to screw everything up, but…….she knows this stuff 😦


  50. Baysider says:

    Sigh … that’s what makes the absence of Cruz so lamentable.


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