Criticizing Hillary is difficult….Her Economic Plan is a snap:

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed on Yahoo Homepage that most articles criticizing Hillary Clinton start out completely unreadable….check out the wording above….. I thought it was odd the first few times I saw it, words jumbled into the text, kind of figured it’s just lazy editing or some computer glitch, but I have NEVER seen this on anything BUT articles criticizing Clinton and am starting to wonder if I’m being paranoid or there’s something to what I’m seeing/thinking….because it makes you want to stop reading.  Is that purposeful?


Thoughts?  Could I be right?  

Also, Hillary’s pulling out her economic plan;  Here is Z’s VERSION:


Am I wrong?  What would you add?

And have you seen the garbled text I pointed out above?  Think it’s purposeful!?


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56 Responses to Criticizing Hillary is difficult….Her Economic Plan is a snap:

  1. fredd says:

    Yahoo is pretty left wing,Z. Who knows what kind of shenanigans they would stoop to in order to hornswoggle the electorate into supporting their felons who seek higher office.


  2. Silverfiddle says:

    I read and comment alot* on Yahoo. Like the rest of the Infotainment-Media Complex, they are biased left, they hate Trump and they gleefully swing pro-Hillary.

    I have noticed for quite awhile the poor quality writing at sites like Yahoo. This is not a slam against leftwingers. Read the New York Times or Atlantic, and the writing is quite good.

    The real thing going on here is that the news business is dying as is on-line news and commentary. The old model built on ‘clicks’ and number of visitors is coming apart. There is no money to be made, so were are subjected to pay walls, more pop up ads, and sites bogged down and junked up with multiple self-starting videos.

    It will be interesting to see where this all goes. Probably the junkiest, most worthless ‘news’ sites will dry up and blow away, paywalls easily managed by technology will proliferate, and Facebook could become the featured portal for on-line Infotainment-Media.

    If you think it’s bad now (and believe me it is–We are being manipulated and herded by reality distorers), just wait…

    * – I know ‘alot’ is not a real word–sound funny in a post that criticizes the writing of others, but I’m not producing news copy.


  3. My home page, since the demise of igoogle is, a substitute for igoogle.
    Very, and easily, customizable.
    Many widgets are available, including multiple news feeds, weather and my bookmarks.
    My two news feeds on there are Fox and Google, although CNN and many others are available.
    I obviously highly recommend it.


  4. Kid says:

    Ed, Mine is Very customizable, and I’ve eliminated having images appear with the news stories. Images are one more chance they have to add their spin to something, and who wants to see pictures of clinton for God’s Sake.

    Z, No, I think this was just written by a recent college grad. Sites like popular science or popular mechanics are loaded with boring articles introduced as must reads. It’s all click bait as SF says, meant to provide revenue. But the main point is over 90% of the articles contain spelling and grammatical errors. I still look at popular mechanics as maybe one thing a day is worth a look, but totally gave up on popular science since there is this Chinese chick there pushing global warming every other article. They also have articles with titles like “Drop Dead Gorgeous Furniture from IKEA”. Guy has never been out of a dorm room or a Denny’s I guess.

    I think it’s just today’s level of incompetence/laziness that frankly I find almost everywhere at some level.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it’s wild because it’s only Hillary articles so far….only critical, and some could just give up and stop reading…..
    Yahoo is THE WORST and I need to try how Kid told me to change but I’m still afraid to and, when my gal was here moving my computer into my room now that my student gets my guest room/office,she advised I just use Yahoo for a few reasons that made sense. ugh.
    Kid, I’ll try your Google idea but am sure I’ll completely mess it up! 🙂

    BUT THE POINT IS THIS IS HAPPENING..scrambling only anti-Hillary information so we can’t read it, etc etc…..

    Ed, you’re so right on the images with articles; it about did me in to use this image on my post….ugh

    SF..Yahoo is AWFUL but does have a lot to read…..terrific search engine….and it’s well done, other than being so left leaning …….and when the second most important headline in their view is “who the Obama girls are what’s really cool on vacations,” you know there’s bias..and revolting bias…and that they think that’s more important than truly important political stories….

    Fredd…”Yahoo is pretty left wing,Z.” THAT, I see EVERY SINGLE DAY…it’s so aggrevating


  6. geeez2014 says:

    “Obama’s the founder of ISIS, …he founded ISIS……he’s the founder………..he started ISIS…HE’s the Founder of ISIS”
    Trump this morning, um…on …ISIS 🙂 Repeat, repeat, repeat..

    Now he’s acknowledging he might lose and he’s okay with it….”i’m supposed to be the smart home, I’ll just keep going doing what I’m doing or if it doesn’t work, I’ll have a very very nice, long vacation”. VERY VERY RARE for a pres candidate to say…
    Yesterday, it was “IF I win the presidency” “IF?” Something’s up, folks.

    THIS will be interesting to see….of course he’ll have destroyed our chances to fix this country but…I’m not sure he cares THAT much. Remember he’d said “If I win, this would have all been a waste of time…” Awful thing to say.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    APOLOGY NEEDED: Somewhere in Comments on one of the past two or three posts, I’d told you all what I’d heard on CNN several times….that Secret Service were talking to the Trump campaign over the 2nd Amendment thing;
    I doubled down in anger at Trump who I said had the gall to deny they’d been spoken to by the Sec Service.
    Turns out it was a HOAX ON CNN’S PART: Trump was right on this:

    Even I, who never trusts media, figured CNN wouldn’t lie about THIS…but Reuters is saying it DID NOT HAPPEN.

    I SO SO SO HOPE CNN gets NAILED< but I doubt it'll even come out…..let me know if any of you see anything on TV about this….


  8. Kid says:

    Guy at work here told me the media admits they are lying to try to keep Trump out of the white house. Not sure of that is true or not, I’m not going to waste any time looking for it. I know they’ve been lying, will say or do anything for years now.


  9. bocopro says:

    My grandfather told me, way back in the 40s, to believe nothing that I hear from anybody other than a teacher or a preacher until I see proof — to believe only about half of what I see — and take nothing in the newspaper as gospel except the funny pages and the obituaries.

    I know he stole it from either Mark Twain or Will Rogers, and it still works today. I’ve taken it so far, in fact, as to refuse to listen to politicians, pundits, and propaganda. Caveat auditor.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    THanks, guys…..I’ve never heard them ADMIT they’re lying but it sure seems they are.

    I just read an article at which I HOPE Trump sees because he frequently says “I’ve got the biggest crowds” and I’ve warned here at GeeeZ that that means ZIP. Rich Galen at Mullings worked with Fred Thompson and they got enormous huge crowds and came in third behind Huckabee…..Trump stands up there looking around, soaking in the adoring applause that his ego seems to badly need, you can see him breathe it in, and he’s naive.


  11. Mal says:

    I believe all the proper English writing and grammar disappeared when computers and texting became popular. I don’t believe high school grads today are at the level of a 4th or 5th grader from the 1930’s or ’40s. Also, I just saw on FOX NEWS the DOJ is not going to obey the FBI recommendation to check into the Clinton Foundation! How can they DO that? Has everyone gone stark raving MAD? Have the Clinton’s become so powerful they can ignore a direct order from the FBI?


  12. Imp says:

    @Kid..”Guy at work here told me the media admits they are lying to try to keep Trump out of the white house.”

    Even worse it’s the FBI & that POS Lynch that’s trying much harder to keep killary from the righteous wrath of a “Justice” system. If the DOJ, department of jihad had any real sense of the law or integrity…..the indictment alone would have her finished…done, over with and ground into Alpo. Arf, arf.

    “The only reason FBI Director James Comey didn’t recommend she be prosecuted is because, well, he lacks a spine and he’s corrupt. He said there was no evidence of Clinton’s “efforts to obstruct justice,” a requirement that does not actually appear in the Espionage Act.

    Evidence of corruption at the Clinton Foundation is everywhere, yet CNN and much of the mainstream media are still doing everything they can to ignore, misrepresent, or downplay the questionable things Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton did through the foundation.

    There is already a strong legal case against Mrs. Clinton. The fact that she destroyed email evidence — evidence subject to a congressional subpoena, no less — is already evidence in itself that she obstructed justice through spoliation of evidence. Spoliation means you can take as evidence the fact that evidence has been destroyed. Courts are entitled to draw spoliation inferences and convict an accused person on that basis alone.”


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Imp….and what’s this I hear that the FBI wanted to look into emails and the DoJ said no?


  14. Imp says:

    Z..Comey is a disgrace and should resign if he had any honesty or integrity. One out of office he can speak freely.

    My hope is that …Assange and Judicial Watch will release damning proof soon enough. She’s subverted the law long enough. And again hopefully…they’ll not be able to turn it around.

    The DemRats keep claiming that they don’t know why Americans have lost confidence in their institutions; they say they don’t get why Donald Trump keeps bad mouthing America. Well, you can’t corrupt every institution, including the chief prosecutorial agency of the American government, and then say that the government is America embodied, without destroying Americans’ confidence in the country.


  15. Kid says:

    I believe people working for the clntons/DNC have killed three people in the last month or so. How about this last one. A DNC staffer suspected of being the leaker, shot in the back 4 times at 4 a.m. and still had his watch and wallet when they found him.


  16. Mal says:

    And Kid, those “disappearances” and other mysterious murders probably explains why FBI director Comey fell short of recommending prosecution of Hillary, doesn’t it? He simply wanted to remain alive. These are things one would expect from third world countries.


  17. Mal says:

    Yeah, Kid, and they probably called the guy shot 4 times in the back the worst case of suicide they’d ever seen!


  18. Kid says:

    MAL, I believe we already are a third world country. The question is can we start floating back up.
    I’ve been hearing some stuff that is in the TPP that is mind blowingly negative for America but I’ve got to do some research 1st. If we’re Not 3rd world, we sure will be with one more democrat in office in the next couple elections.


  19. Kid says:

    Mal – Heh


  20. Imp says:

    It occurred to me that killary will steal the office. Why we should expect, or think we should expect, or deserve anything different with a government that’s totally corrupt? A willing, enabling media that’s total scum & rife with corruption…a president who’s above the law and compromised…an AG who’s been paid for and been bought politically ( the tarmac meeting ). Another soul sista who’s no worse or better than Marilyn Mobley in Baltimore. It’s clear that there are different standards of the law for the ‘elites’, the corrupt, the congress and the rest of us. There can only be one solution left. Just let us form a new union. Nothing lasts forever…no idea lasts forever. We’ve had our time as a free Republic….I think those days are over. The rot is too deep and impossible to carve out without a fresh start.


  21. bocopro says:

    Well, heck — that didn’t work . . . lemme try agin:…3644.12418.0.13058.….0…1ac.1.64.img..3.10.491…0j0i24k1.HHvZKcLMxf8#imgrc=F6VQ3tvRpTE4mM%3A


  22. bocopro says:

    O.K. O.K.

    I get it. It’s the VLWC at work — no snark pics, right?


  23. Imp says:

    @bocopro…this works…


  24. Imp says:

    Has anyone asked how Bernie SanderClaus paid for that 3rd house in Vermont? Hmmmm.


  25. Mal says:

    Imp, probably the same way the Clinton “Foundation” got all their $$$$$$$$


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro….those didn’t look too snarky to me!

    Imp; it REALLY BUGS ME with the Left constantly saying TRUMP BADMOUTHS AMERICA….BADMOUTHS THE MILITARY, etc.
    He has NEVER EVER badmouthed America…not ONCE.
    When he said “the military’s a DISASTER” he meant BECAUSE OF OUR GOV”T and that the military needs help…the Left ran with it as if he said every serviceman was a jerk….he meant they need help and that was SO SO obvious because he’s always cheered the military.
    So that’s a total LIE on the Left’s part.

    When he says American is run be “jerks”,he’s RIGHT…when he says WE HAVE BAD DEALS< that's not the great America's fault, it's the fault of our leadership.
    Where they get off saying he's down on America when he says "We can be great again" is beyond me…just purposeful mischaracterization again, isn't it.

    And ya, I heard Bernie bought a new house….must be nice, huH? $$$ And NOBODY will ask where the money came from. of course, I don't think he'd be stupid enough to do this if the money WAS in fact dirty Clinton cash, but…who knows.

    Mal "The worst case of suicide" is REALLY A GOOD LINE.

    Kid, I keep seeing pictures of that poor handsome young man with a future ahead of him (even if he DID work for the DNC) and feel so sad…….I SO HOPE they're investigating this BIG TIME. NOTHING WAS TAKEN!!


  27. Imp says:

    @Z..did you also notice that the man has been in business for 40 years, hiring thousands of workers all over the country…and NO ONE has ever come forward to say he was a ‘raciss’?

    But now…because he wants to vet syrians and immigrants…wants to stop illegal migrants…he’s NOW a ‘raciss’? As far as bankruptcies go…it’s the risk and the cost of doing business. Has anyone cried over Romney’s failure of his athletic stores…or the multiple businesses he’s failed at…bought out and shut down through his Bain Capital? Or Buffet’s failures? Notice too that it’s the movie / hollyweird millionaires and Bloomberg billionaires coming out for the little people killary talks about “representing”? Yea…..we’re as stupid as a box of chocolates.


  28. bocopro says:

    Yeah, I had a lotta trouble postin those URLs up there. BAsically both of ’em (from different sites) show Comey assuring us that he could have and wanted to indict Cankles but (1) didn’t want to have to commit suicide and (2) didn’t want to be killed by surprise late one nite.

    Now I’m gonna try ‘nuther method on a related point:


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; imagine how many minorities he has hired in this country and around the world? Some racist…but yes, Rachel Maddow will tell you THE TRUTH 🙂
    (thanks Boco….good find)

    The B***


  30. Kid says:

    Z, To your comment about Trump’s “If I’m President” statement……….

    I just posted this over at Adrienne’s

    Briefly, I see it like this:
    When hilrod was in the white house with the raper, she had dossiers created on all the important intelligence people. Think Comey for current events.

    In 2008, the obama crew convinced hilrod to drop out, he would make her SofState where she could collect massive amounts of money from vermin all over the world looking to either damage the US or get a leg up or profit from the USA. I’d say mission accomplished.

    The money is then used to pay off those who need to be paid off (Loretta Lynch for example) but surely many many others. Notice Sanders just bought a 600k house in Vermont. And of course hit men like Leon (or his handler) have to be paid as well. Great movie btw if you haven’t see it.

    Enter obama, and his ability to put people in positions of power, Comey becomes head of the CIA. I’d bet Comey has a dossier from the prior clinton days that would put him away if he dared ‘demand hilrod be brought up on charges’.. We all know lynch was paid and/or threatened in Phoenix.

    Cascade this all down, even through the media, though those thoughtless useful idiots probably don’t need much coersion.

    This is not just the clinton machine. I believe the clintons to be puppets of a much much bigger enterprise. Russians? Moslem vermin? I don’t know enough to place a bet on who, but I will bet they are big players. And there is BIG money and power involved here. Assume the worst folks.

    SO, when Trump says things like “If I’m president”, he is aware of what I just wrote and I’m sure he knows so much more than I know or can even speculate.

    PS – to this. obama then appointed people where they would be obedient slaves because of the clinton’s dssiers on them. Dare they go rougue, their lives would be ruined. Know that these were the conversations between the obama and clinton camps during the 08 election. In my opinion but of course Mademoiselle.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, so you’re saying Trump thinks he could die if elected, or before? If he felt that, do you think he’d risk his life or his family’s by running? I don’t know..could be… Well, that’s quite a hypothesis….

    I just think it shows a lack of confidence because things are going SO badly for him.
    What scum his people are; we have a TV commercial you might have, too…I never know what ads are showing where but I’m sick of this big voice telling me what telephone number to call and VOTE FOR TRUMP! We need XXX many to let Hillary know she’s going to LOSE……” then they add, “If you already voted, VOTE AGAIN” unreal. In other words, it’s like most everything Trump does; he says one thing that’s really iffy, then doubles down on it, and negates whatever good was in his statement by screwing it up ….whatever.


  32. geeez2014 says:




  33. Kid says:

    Z, No not at all. I’m saying that the clinton machine has unbelievable power over the justice dept, the media, the Whole Ball of Wax, and that Trump realizes that it may be an insurmountable mountain to climb. Therefore the words “If I become president” come flying out of his mouth.

    Imagine the challenge. Everything you say can be turned in a DNC think tank and more than willing major media outlets are more than willing to print it, all the while being blocker for the clintons who we can assume have ALL the important players in their pocket and in place because obama put them there.

    There is no reason to ‘kill Trump’. This a penmighter than the sword situation and give the justice department, and anyone who could bring down clinton – An offer they can’t refuse.

    The fix is in. Trump said that ? It’s rigged folks. I know he said that. He said that from a position of knowledge.


  34. Kid says:

    Z, This is al capnone to the 20th power in Washinton. Totally corrupt. Nothing left to chance. Anyone going against it is killed.


  35. Kid says:

    😉 Imagine the people who go to a clinton rally and believe she will do ‘great things for America’.

    It’s not even possible for me to laugh that hard.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…Oh! Well, I think running for pres find it a huge mountain to climb and my point was they always ALWAYS say “WHEN I AM ELECTED”…so it stuck out at me as surprising…
    You’re right…they’re killing him without murdering him, anyway…..
    But, with his ego, it still surprised me.

    And yes, I can imagine people thinking she’ll do GREAT THINGS FOR AMERICA because their idea of GREAT THINGS is FREE EVERYTHING! SUre, they love that! Sickening bunch of lazy dopes………ugh.


  37. bocopro says:

    Two more pics:
    This one’s sorta res ipsa loquitur:

    This one shows two fairy tales with an entire volume devoted to the denouement:


  38. Baysider says:

    Add: Open Borders and close the gun shops


  39. Baysider says:

    Clean power grid and subsidized broadband


  40. Imp says:

    I hope some of you saw Rudy and Rand Paul just being interviewed on FNC? Paul…said she belongs in prison and should have been indicted. No shit. Rudy…said the CF was a major slush fund and should be prosecuted under the RICO act. This is what Trump needs to hammer at day in and day out.


  41. Imp says:

    Now..CENTCOM politicized data & intelligence reports on ISIS to make it look better.


  42. Imp says:

    “While the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State was underway, “several FBI field offices” asked the Justice Department to investigate the murky connections between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation, but were shut down, according to a report by…….CNN!!!!



  43. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, Imp, and if we weren’t a CLINTON RUN COUNTRY someone would give a damn other than us,right?


  44. Baysider says:

    This article in the Atlantic paints a bleak picture of life under something similar to Clintonomics. It’s much like what the federal government’s policies and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (called by some indians ‘Bullying Indians Around’) has wrought on the reservations: poverty, dependency and entitlement attitude.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…maybe the PD James title fits? 🙂

    Imp…aaaannnd yet, the news this afternoon was “FBI SAYS NO INVESTIGATION”, unless I got it wrong. I PRAY I’m right.

    I can’t listen to Trump anymore…and I will be trying to concentrate on BUILDING UP THE REPUBLICAN SENATE AND CONGRESS (PLEASE GOD!)…It’s the only way I can keep my own integrity…sorry, folks. I’m listening to Huckabee cement whatever job Trump’s promised him and I’m DONE by denying so much of the Trump stuff…. #@Q(*$&@(*$&#@(*&$


  46. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…I’m amazed that any Indians have that nickname for IBA because they’ve done pretty darned well by it mostly…but this is a fascinating article and it does seem typical of the Clintonian economic joke.


  47. geeez2014 says:

    He just HAS TO STOP BULLSHITTING and GET THE FACTS BEFORE HE OPENS HIS BIG DAMN MOUTH. GAD! If you all KNEW how many good conservatives I know who’ve said “How can I VOTE FOR A MAN LIKE HIM..I KEEP TRYING but EVERY DAY he says something NUTS!?” They will NEVER EVER EVER VOTE FOR HILLARY, unlike our disreputable idiotic “republican” politicians who clearly do not have a CLUE what’s really important, but it’s almost impossible to tout Trump anymore.
    I’m sick of this.


  48. Imp says:

    @Z..there isn’t a more honorable man then Huckabee. Too honorable for the shit stain of politics.


  49. Baysider says:

    Prager says the (or a) problem with Trump is he needs a filter between his brain and his mouth. Hillary has one. It’s called the MEDIA. They make sure the ‘right’ words get out.

    And Z, indians on the reservation can’t do virtually NOTHING without IBA approval. I was shocked to learn how bad this is. Reservations are a ‘trust’ – like you set up for children or incompetents. No wonder they vote Democrat.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; I wish I still believed that…I have always liked him in the past.

    Baysider, Prager doesn’t respect Trump one bit, either, but will vote for him only because he’s not the Democrat candidate…particularly NOT HILLARY. Trump needs far more than a filter.

    Very sad about the reservations….the IBA is a hideous liberal TRAP, isn’t it. A LEFTWING TEEPEE!! 🙂


  51. geeez2014 says:

    I just got this email from my cousin in Connecticut” X, X, and I are going to a rally at Sacred Heart University on Saturday. School is about 2 miles away, have our tickets. Should be interesting. I have never seen anything like this. Just wish he would keep his mouth closed.”

    I just had to laugh!


  52. Baysider says:

    Leftwing teepee – LOL!!


  53. Mal says:

    Baysider, I believe you meant “the Indians can’t do ANYTHING?” Not “can’t do nothing?” Two negatives equal a positive.


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