Trump SHAKE UP: So now what?

What do YOU think of the ‘SHAKE UP’ of new positions and people in the Trump Campaign that’s being portrayed as ‘troubled times in the Trump campaign’ by the Leftwing media?     It’s really too bad it happened when it did because that news took center stage over the speech he’d just given.  Sadly, the Trump folks handed it to the media again…and this is what they, and the American people, got:  “Hey, ya Trump did a good speech, but LOOK…THERE ARE BIG CHANGES IN HIS CAMPAIGN PERSONNEL!”  (what speech??)  Oops.  He finally gives a really good speech that HE doesn’t botch five minutes later with some ridiculous statement and VOILA, his campaign releases information that drowns out the good speech.    All that to ask you this:




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50 Responses to Trump SHAKE UP: So now what?

  1. Well, he could act like he wants to win. He could act like a Conservative. Or he could at least act sane. From a recent Trump interview:

    [Fox News’ Ainsley] Earhardt followed up by asking whether Trump trusts “intelligence.”

    “Not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. I mean, look what’s happened over the last 10 years. Look what’s happened over the years. It’s been catastrophic. And, in fact, I won’t use some of the people that are sort of your standards, you know, just use them, use them, use them, very easy to use them, but I won’t use them because they’ve made such bad decisions,”

    Aside form the incoherent babble, Trump apparently doesn’t trust or will use US intelligence services. great. F@#$ you too Donald.

    Blaming the media for Trump’s asininity is a politically correct blanket over a turd.


  2. CI +10
    At the diner last night, the consensus is that Trump is throwing it away.
    Months ago I was saying that this is our election.
    We could put up anyone and he or she would win.
    At the time I was talking about the elect-ability of Cruz.
    I was wrong. I didn’t count on this level of ineptitude.
    I can hardly wait for the Trump cultists to start blaming us “tepid” supporters for his loss.


  3. bunkerville says:

    The argument of a vote for Trump is “doing it for the Supremes and the next generation is wearing thin,


  4. CI & Ed, I agree with you that he needs much crisper articulation. I think that interview was right before he was to appear in a Town Hall broadcast live with Sean Hannity. He seemed distracted, like he was trying to do the interview and focus on his next event. His multitasking needs to be curtailed a bit.

    Trump was NOT talking about those officers, agents and operatives gathering the intelligence, he is talking about the dumbass leadership, those who direct our foreign policy. His point is that we’ve been poorly led by self-serving, corrupt SOBs who’ve put their own agendas ahead of the good of the country. And I think he’s RIGHT!

    I believe Trump was referring to the “50 GOP National Security Experts” & all the Republican Ruling Class Elites, Donors and their MSM shills, who are NOT part of his campaign and do not support his candidacy. He’s saying they’re not going to be a part of his Administration either because of their corruption, ineptitude and bad judgment. And again, I think he’s RIGHT! Our foreign policy has been a mess for decades. The State Department is thoroughly infiltrated with bureaucrats who do not believe in or represent American values. Their conduct & implementation of American Foreign Policy is absolutely stupid.


  5. bocopro says:

    The GOPers feel threatened by a guy who won’t play their game by their stuck-in-a rut rules. They want business as usual while he wants to change things according to his perspectives on the economy, national security, immigration, taxes, and several other crucial issues.

    All the mainstream GOPers want is more of the same gridlock and partisanship which they feel ensures their cyclical lock on power and personal wealth. They see politics as simply a job security strategy like a football team that decades ago regularly won with a strong running game and refused to incorporate the forward pass.

    Trump began his run with a blast of fresh air, sweeping the PC nonsense and empty rhetoric out with his no-nonsense remarks about immigration, Muslim infiltration, and other problems. Now he’s beginning to get stale and needs an infusion of new ideas, like a quarterback who won several times by calling plays that weren’t in the playbook but which the defense has now figured out after several games.

    I firmly believe that Trump genuinely wants to do what is right for the nation, not necessarily for himself. In fact, the Presidency would be a bit of a demotion for him in terms of life style, income, and flexibility. HRC couldn’t care less what’s best for the nation unless it dovetails nicely with her own needs, primarily her lust for wealth.

    For the first year or two of his tenure, Trump would be a bull in a china shop, breaking things, annoying customers, causing trouble. But he’s a fast learner, and by mid-term he’d be pretty much up to speed. That’s a lot like the guy we have in there now; completely unqualified and inexperienced when he took the job. But while Obeyme hasn’t learned a thing in almost 8 years, Trump would most likely become Reaganesque in about year 3 because he understands the principles of management.

    HRC is a pathological liar who will say whatever she thinks her audience wants to hear if there’s any chance it might bring her profit, either in power or money. She couldn’t care less about coal miners or black people or women or immigrants. Both she and DJT would be disasters, but he would get better each day while she’d get only richer each day.

    Trump has about as much chance at this moment of winning the election as I have of becoming a grandmother. The left, especially the entrenched powerbrokers, want to be able to claim the First Female PotUS so intensely that they’re willing to endure a congenital felon just for the bragging rights and ensure their own job security. The only way he can become president is for her to suddenly drop out for health or legal reasons. And then there’d still be millions who’d vote for her.

    The best thing for the country IMO is for neither side to get the 270, thereby throwing it to the House to appoint the next PotUS. That would most likely be Trump, but by no means a vote of high confidence. The message would be, “Now, look, Donald, the people did not elect you. There is no mandate. You are basically on probation as a fallback, so watch your step.”

    Otherwise, nous sommes perdus, mes amis. Estamos perdidos.


  6. Boco, I think Trump has a very good chance of winning because the media attacks are so blatantly biased against him, in favor of Hillary, that no one is buying it.

    Just 81 days to go. Everyone, please hold it together. This will all be over soon.

    I believe the debates will convince Americans to vote for him. And I believe Americans will watch them.


  7. One of the better statements I’ve seen comes from another blog [Neo-Neocon], that I think sums up well, the problem of trump:

    Trump needed to convince many undecided people in the vast middle that he had a trustworthy character in the sense that he could make decisions based on more than impulsiveness and narcissism, and could be relied on to tell the truth at least most of the time. He hasn’t done it with enough of them so far, and I don’t see that changing (in part because people have seen otherwise from him for about a year already). The MSM was always going to be on the Trump attack as soon as he was the GOP nominee, and not only did he have to know that but everyone here probably knew it, too. And yet he has failed, and failed utterly, to act in a way to counter what the MSM was inevitably going to do.

    In an where Bob Dole could have walked all over Clinton…..we’re offered this as a choice…..thanks for nothing.


  8. That should read: In an election where…..


  9. geeez2014 says:

    CI; as you know, this blog feels as you do, although the media is harder on him than they’ve been to any candidate of late except Palin, maybe, as I say every day “it’s not their fault he’s handing them ammunition”

    The recent and constant “Hillary isn’t strong enough” is going to backfire BIG TIME. ALl Americans see is a 68 yr old woman who doesn’t seem to run out of stamina, with event after event and he keeps saying she’s weak. She gets helped up stairs or laughs too hard and people think she’s done but that’s been pretty discredited. Also, he actually decided he knows what she’s doing when she isn’t doing an event…he said yesterday, or today, “sh goes home to sleep…she’s napping…she naps….she’s napping” (He can’t say too much just once, sadly).

    On using Intel, it’s tough to trust it much when we see they changed the ISIS info to please Obama…and all that scandal you’ve heard about. But he had a huge contingency of intel at his meeting yesterday so I’m thinking he’s not as rough on them as you suggest.
    CI…Trump’s statement that “the military is a DISASTER (his fave word)” was purposefully and stupidly mischaracterized by the Left as “HE hATES THE MILITARY..HOW COULD HE HATE OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN!?” ……..when everybody with half a brain has heard him rave about our military, bemoan the VA’s bad actions, and how he WANTS TO STRENGTHEN the military to protect our soldiers……..they did this because most Americans hear THEM only and vote accordingly.

    ED…you’re probably right; those of us who aren’t fully on the TRUMP TRAIN actually sometimes get blamed for voting for Hillary, too, as IF WE EVER EVER WOULD. And yes, we’ll probably get blamed when he loses… His personality and lack of knowledge were worse than we’d thought….very sad. He’s even losing the Republican BASE 🙂

    Bunkerville…how do you mean it’s wearing thin? It’s pretty much all we’ve got with which to convince people to VOTE and NOT FOR HILLARY. Whichever awful person we get as president, with a Republican Congress, SCOTUS could stay safe and many of Hillary’s give-aways that we can’t afford could be squelched. Otherwise….America will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

    FairestWitness…you’re right…he’s not talking about ALL INTEL…not at all.

    Then there are those who know Johnson is a pothead and looks loaded all the time even now and would vote for him. His comparison of pot during the day “to take the edge off” and a martini at the end of the day says enough for me to disdain the jerk.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    bodopro; one of your BEST, thanks….oui, nous sommes perdus, malheuresment.. This made me laugh “Trump has about as much chance at this moment of winning the election as I have of becoming a grandmother”
    I hope you’re wrong not so much for Trump but because of HILLARY.
    Bocop…you’re a smart guy; what is it which makes a supposedly bright Wharton grad use approx 4 adjectives over and over again, and keep doing what’s turning off the country? It’s a “DISASTER” a “HUGE DISASTER”
    and we had this to win…SO EASILY!!!! I think even ROMNEY could have beat HIllary.

    CI…I’m not on the “Trump lied bandwagon”’s a common leftwing media meme but lied about WHAT?: He doesn’t know much about politics or foreign affairs, but LIED? Remind me….Oh, wait…it just dawned on talking about when he says something then denies he said it for that particular reason? you’re right there.


    HILLARY: “Donald….how could you treat the Gold Star Muslim family like that?’

    TRUMP: “Crooked Hillary, CROOOOKED Hillary…..those muslims have to go home, they’re a DISASTER…….disaster…….they’re JUST A DISASTER and everybody agrees with ME….”

    INTERVIEWER: “Mr. Trump would you compare the problems in Albania with those in Syria today?”

    TRUMP: What happened in Albania…? (where IS that?)

    I shudder every time I THINK of the debates.


  11. CI, I would like you to keep an open mind until the debates. If Trump doesn’t win the debates, then you can say he hasn’t made the case.

    I am cutting him major slack because of two factors:

    1. Under NO circumstances should Hillary Clinton be President of the United States.
    2. Donald Trump has spent his entire life in the business world, as the boss, not in politics.

    You’ve heard the old adage, Rule #1: The Boss is always right. Rule #2: If The Boss is wrong, refer to Rule #1. That is the environment and position he comes from. He is on a major learning curve, acquiring the political skills & finesse he needs to do the job while he’s running for that job. Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life in politics and she still stinks at it. I’ve known many successful and inspirational businessmen and businesswomen like Donald Trump. It is my belief he will do a fantastic job for us, but it won’t be smooth or polished.


  12. Mal says:

    I agree with FairWitness for the reasons stated. Have a little faith, folks. There is still plenty of time, even before the early voting. I believe the big thing Trump has been doing and should continue doing is questioning Hillary’s health. Most of our Presidents have been shown walking or jogging, playing golf, tennis or otherwise working out, while Hillary is shown being assisted from both sides as she tries to climb stairs, etc. She is overweight and apparently inactive. Then consider all the strange head nodding and facial contortions. The American people have the right to know about her health and condition.


  13. Mal says:

    I just received an email from Ben Carson stating Trump is beefing up, not shaking up, his campaign. Good way to describe it.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro; I won’t read your article because I just heard your question addressed; He apparently said that because nobody expected Brexit to pass and it did.

    CI, I have to apologize to you; I was just watching TV and DID hear Trump clearly say he doesn’t trust intelligence people who could have led us into what’s going on now….as if THEY make the choices of what to do with the info they provide! Scary…..he shouldn’t blame them, it’s Obama and his minions who chose badly.

    Mal, I don’t play golf or tennis and I’m in pretty great shape….And I’ve been helped up stairs when I’ve had a bad knee for a few days or whatever, too. We’ve all seen the stuff you’re alluding to re her health…her doctor says she’s fine. And, no, I don’t trust everybody around Hillary but his letter is pretty professional and he probably wouldn’t jeopardize a medical career for her.

    FairestWitness…..How do you think Trump will do in the debates? I worry that he knows SO little (nobody could learn as much as Hillary’s got in her mind after having done nothing but lived politics and foreign affairs for 30 years…even if she DOES haVe it all wrong and is evil, she knows the stuff)…NOBODY could catch up.
    And he gets offended SO quickly and she knows that very, very well…I dread the debates and wish, on the other hand, Pence would challenge Kaine to one debate PER WEEK….THAT would be a pleasure.
    They’re REALLY not using Pence much….rather like how Romney treated Paul Ryan, until the rumors of “why aren’t they using Ryan” and BAMMO, suddenly we heard him. I’m hoping Pence is out there more.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, the Trump campaign is using any wording they can to avoid “shake up!”…
    Am watching Scaramucci on OUTNUMBERED right now….Another snake-oil Manafort type working with Trump. scary….he’s using every term HE can use BUT ‘shake up’, too.
    I don’t see why hiring more people at this point in a campaign as important as this is SO undesirable, but even Meghan McCain, who doesn’t support Trump but hates Hillary and doesn’t want her to win, said that the worst thing that can happen (and she’s lived campaigns all her life) is hiring near the end of a campaign..that it never bodes well for what’s going on behind the scenes.
    I see it differently…I see it as bad choices until now being replaced with (hopefully) better ones ….I don’t like the Breitbart pick much but Kellyanne is excellent and I HOPE TRUMP LISTENS TO HER. Gingrich had the nerve to mention that the Breitbart guy has edited films as one of his GREAT things that shows he’s just the guy for Trump….WHAT??

    Let’s wait to see the TRUMP ADS tomorrow……should get interesting…it’s about time they start coming out.

    As some of you know, I knew Andrew Breitbart and am very close to his family ….and I’ve wondered who the heck brought Breitbart’s website down to the level of Free Republic or WND and now I know…..Andrew would have hated it, believe me.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    You know what REALLY cracks me up? Hillary actually says getting rid of the Estate Tax is ONLY FOR TRUMP’S FAMILY and WILL DO NOTHING FOR 98% of AMERICANS……….she’s right…UNLESS ONE OF THOSE AMERICANS DIES! 🙂
    What a STUPID THING TO SAY…as if Trump is doing this for THAT? THE RICH don’t pay high Estate taxes because they have loopholes written by estate planners. It’s the little guys who lose their family inheritances because they didn’t have money managers and had to pay estate taxes.
    What Hillary is saying is a TOTAL LIE, as the money experts on FOX just said on OUTNUMBERED.


  17. Imp says:

    Trump…will put an end to this crap…make America safe again…

    “Report: Illegal Migrants from Terror-Linked Countries Surging at Southern Border…”

    The migrants often fly to Brazil, obtain fake passports there, and are smuggled to Panama before heading through Central America to Mexico’s porous southern border, according to transcripts of 14 interviews conducted at the center and other internal briefing documents seen by Reuters…

    U.S. concerns about potential security risks from migrants using the unusual and circuitous southern route have been growing in recent years, following a string of Islamic State-inspired attacks in the West and the surge in Syrian refugees fleeing that country’s civil war.

    Breitbart Texas previously released leaked documents from the CBP detailing the more than 75 countries, to include those compromised by terrorist organizations, which were taking advantage of the southern border of the United States as of 2014.

    And Killary wants a 500% increase in these future assassins.


  18. I would like you to keep an open mind until the debates. If Trump doesn’t win the debates, then you can say he hasn’t made the case.

    I’m quite open minded….but Trump has already failed the job interview, for me. What would lead you to believe that he will evolve into Presidential grade material by debate time? We saw his antics during Primary debates. He takes a few good these, like immigration…..and makes an absurd cartoon out of it. He displays no qualities that would lead me to hire him as Commander-in-Chief. But admittedly, I have it easier…I’m a Libertarian. Even my VP candidate is a loser, making me question Johnson’s rational for choosing him


  19. Kid says:

    CI, How does clinton do on your job interview. Just curious.


  20. Imp says:

    16 people ran against Trump. They all lost. I think people need to get over it, and realize that it is a binary choice. We’re going to elect a President in November. You can like that, or lump it, but we’re going to elect a President, and it’s only going to be one of two people: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Figure it out.


  21. Mal says:

    C.I., Trump may have “failed the interview”, but he knocked out 16 other contenders, most of whom were experienced politicians, didn’t he? The point is, we really don’t know what he would do, but we DO know what Hillary will do ’cause she is part of the mess we are in. Z, “No one can learn as much as Hillary has in her mind….etc”, true, and she would be a shoe-in if she had a good record. That’s what all the women who are voting for her are willing to overlook. In a way, they are doing the same thing the Blacks did in choosing Obama, despite not knowing anything about him because everything was all sealed. Gotta get the first Black President. Gotta get the first woman President! THAT’S SICK!


  22. CI, fair enough! Your mind is made up.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    CI… You have a problem with Welden but not JOHNSON? “I already had two doobies today”? What a creep. Giving the peace signal as he signs off on TV interviews, etc….it’s like voting for Charlie Manson without the murders…
    Kid’s right… you want to see HILLARY in? And will you at least vote for more conservative types down the ballot so we can protect the Supreme Court?

    Mal, I’m not willing to overlook ANYTHING of HIllary….I can’t STAND the woman, but she knows a LOT more about policy than Trump will ever know..he’s human, she’s had 30 years.
    And I do not respect anybody who votes for color or gender….that’s truly sickening.

    Imp; because some of us can’t STAND Trump doesn’t mean we’re going to vote for Hillary….EVER EVER EVER. This is a safe place to air our feelings about Trump…he’s thin skinned, he’s not articulate, he’s mean spirited, he laughs at the handicapped, speaks without knowing the facts…gad, how much more? Does that mean I would vote for Hillary?
    I’m just so glad I am in California (for more reasons than this); and the electoral college is sewn up……..I’ll definitely VOTE for every Republican on the ballot but I don’t have to vote for Trump, which would help my conscience. I WILL if it’s remotely close, however…I”ll hate it, but I’ll do it.
    ANYTHING not to have Hillary the B*** as …. I can’t even write it.


  24. Imp says:

    “but she knows a LOT more about policy than Trump will ever know..”

    Starting with her failed health care fiasco in 92….then her flaccid time in the senate where 2 bills were passed which were a joke and insignificant to the people of NY…her failures at state…Egypt, Benghazi, Libya and Syria….name me one…..her policies are all failures… as I’ve said before. Does that count as experience or qualifications to be potus? Was Obama a genius on policy when he won on blackness alone….and killary using gender alone? Has he / she made us more safe or less? She’s already refuting ovomits economic policies as failures. Her Plan is to grow the economy with a huge increase in taxes? How do you tax people to death , make more ridiculous regulations and grow an impotent GPA?


  25. Kid says:

    Z, No I was just curious (clinton’s job interview), not making a point or challenging.

    One thing that came to mind lately is when I scan the news pages, I see Nothing written about clinton. Everything is trump and all from as negative a slant as possible. I know people here have critical thinking skills, but speaking of the general populus, what will many people come away with when they see negative things about Trump on a daily basis and nothing about clinton at all.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I liked your question….I would like to know if there’s much about Hillary CI likes…I’m not challenging, either…just curious…
    The fact that CLINTON CASH, the book that came out last year, was in the NYTimes and other leftwing papers and STILL Americans don’t know about it or CARE is proof that we’re a pretty lost place….you’re right, there’s nothing out there about Hillary….and EVERYTHING negative about Trump..articles about “why doesn’t like to talk about his youngest daughter?”, a picture of his two sons hunting (“OMG, they LIKE GUNS?!” is basically said in the article), his wife might have ‘worked illegally’ (she didn’t), his tax returns are still not presented (who cares?, with all HER graft and they’re worried about THIS?), etc etc etc etc…………..and, meanwhile, Hillary is just the amazingly open minded progressive lovely ex First Lady and Senator in whose mouth sugar can’t melt. AS IF. You’d think the media’d be utterly ASHAMED of themselves.

    Imp; as I’ve said so many times…my saying Hillary knows the stuff needed for a debate doesn’t negate that she’s always GOT IT WRONG. Ya, I’m eager to hear Trump’s comparison of Albania’s situation to Syria’s…. something like that question will be THE END.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, here’s one of the most disgusting articles I’ve seen in a long time…and that’s going some…just ran across it. The insinuations, the inferences, the sarcasm…this is journalism?


  28. Kid says:

    Z, yep, thousands of them sit around all day coming up with this stuff.


  29. Imp says:

    Z…thanks. But…Fiat justitia ruat caelum.


  30. Z, I expect Donald Trump to mop the floor with Hillary Clinton. I believe he will be prepared and ready. I do think he will be offended by unfair questions from moderators or if moderators attempt to interject themselves into the debate to defend Hillary. And I expect Trump, unlike Romney, will forcefully object and put the moderators in their place! I’m waiting for that.

    I think you may be underestimating Trump’s knowledge of foreign countries, Z. He does business all over the world. I think he’ll know a lot more than you think.

    He has one helluva team of advisers on staff. News reports to the contrary, he listens to them.

    The two speeches he gave Monday and Tuesday blew me away. I loved them both. The debates will be live and unedited. The media won’t be able to misquote or outright lie. Millions and millions of voters will be watching. The last time I saw this level of interest in a Presidential campaign, Ronald Reagan was running against Jimmy Carter. That’s a long time.

    I not only expect Trump to win, I think it will be a landslide. We can’t go on like this anymore. Our country is about to lose its way of life and the American people know it.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest, I haven’t even 30% of your optimism yet I hope he does even 1/3 as well as you believe he will…
    Got to say he doesn’t have the knowledge that he needs for a debate…not on foreign issues…….

    I’ll be happy if he contains his insecurities and doesn’t jump on anybody as he has…..
    I thought it was great that he actually didn’t use “Crooked” every time he said “Hillary” the other night in his speech. That’s an improvement. Someone’s convinced him, finally, that he’s not only throwing red meat to his admirers anymore, he needs to man up and speak with civility….


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness…to say the least, by the way, I ADORE the way you express yourself…I have since our FrontPageMag commenting days~! You LOVE AMERICA and I do, too…we ALL do….but you do it SO WELL 🙂 Thanks!!


  33. bocopro says:

    As I used to tell my students in Lit classes, she has a bad case of PIGLEGS (an acronym I devised to help them remember the 7 Deadly Sins: Pride, Ire [anger], Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth). Covers a whole boatload of ailments.

    They’re all there, aren’t they, some in outrageous proportions to the others, but still all there. I first applied it to her when she began presenting herself as a PWAP (Pig Wearing A Pantsuit) to cover up her Cankles.

    One of my students told us that my little nonce neologism was perfectly suited to her mother-in-law. I suggested she use it sparingly when the lady was within earshot lest she be tasked to explain its meaning.


  34. Kid says:

    Z, Nope. Does it matter? Nope. The low IQ losers are now in charge. Try to kill a cop, collect 4 million for your deadbeat parents. Now axe me, how many deadbeat no chance black kids are going to pick up on THAT.


  35. Kid says:

    To the folks looking for the perfect candidate. 1) It will never happen. 2) Measure this against the opposition and decide for yourself which is going to be better for you, your family, your offspring, America. Your vote is a personal matter, but I still get my 15 minutes on a soapbox which you can ignore as well.

    h/t Adrienne’s blog


  36. Imp says:

    Kid..take a well deserved bow.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…one of the least fave things on ME is not the smallest ankles…stop with CANKLES! I can only ask you again and again 🙂

    Kid…this is better than his norm, that’s for sure.


  38. Kid says:

    IMP, Thanks. Honestly, someone show me hrc even whispering such things about those who any of us with one brain cell know for certain are here and are coming here to kill Americans. You, Your daughter. Your wife. Your friend. How negligent can anyone be to ignore that. How Treasonous can anyone be to ignore that while campaigning to occupy the white house.

    Z, I don’t believe this was scripted or teleprompted, Maybe rehersed, I believe this is someone speaking from the heart.


  39. Kid says:

    Z, again ! Imagine hrc not even talking about these events and wants the top job for America’s security! Worse yet, she takes the opposing position and wants to drastically escalate importing these savages…. and we can only assume the result of this would be a bigger bank balance for the clintons…


  40. Baysider says:

    Z: ice for nosebleeds? Yes!! I had a time in my life when I had quite a few nosebleeds and always used ice.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…I just can’t talk about Trump here..there’s no point. He is the candidate and that’s that. I don’t need any perfection….nobody’s perfect…but this man is not someone I’ll ever admire. The way he mocked that handicapped journalist, and SO many other things…make me realize how thin skinned and attention-seeking he is, which scares me for that position.
    BUT, I’m going to TRY not to blog about him anymore and turn to CONGRESS. We have GOT to have a Republican Senate and House or he’ll not be able to do anything even if he is elected. And we have to shut down Hillary if she is, God forbid, elected.

    Baysider…ice doesn’t clog blood, but I’m glad if it worked for you! Most people tip their head back and that’s not what to do,’s tipping the head forward , believe it or not.


  42. Kid says:

    Z, I wasn’t talking about you. But Bush 2 wasnt perfect, Bush 1 wasn’t perfect, Nixon wasn’t perfect, None of them are perfect, which is my ponit. Has there ever been anyone to vote FOR ? I say no. Ever. Even Reagan. Turned out well in hindsight, but who knew.

    My position is now in hindsight, we can realize that the Democrats have left us with every life suckig problem we have today.

    LBJ – Put social security into the general fund – SS is now bankrupt
    Created welfare with it, Need I expound
    Jimmah Carter – Federal dept of education. Enough said
    Clinton – sent all the mfg jobs overseas and mainly to China. Now low education people have no employment opportunities so they gangbang instead while their mommies pop out more democrat voters (if they live long enough) into zero opportunity, zero education, crime and drug infested communities. Contrary to common belief, these are serious problems facing America today – all courtesy of the democrat party.

    There’s more but how much does a person need.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, nobody expects perfect….and of course your list is correct.
    And yes, of course, you’re right about Dems…there’s nobody on this blog who doesn’t think that’s true…..anybody who could vote Democrat isn’t worth knowing, actually.


  44. CI, How does clinton do on your job interview. Just curious.

    Clinton’s not invited for the interview. I don’t hire felons

    You have a problem with Welden but not JOHNSON?

    I have a huge problem with Weld due to his position on the 2nd Amendment. Things like that matter to me, not whether or not someone drinks or smokes pot. And after the parade of alcoholics and serial adulterers sitting in the Oval office, That Johnson smokes pot, matters not to me.

    Trump may have “failed the interview”, but he knocked out 16 other contenders, most of whom were experienced politicians, didn’t he?

    He sure did. But that’s no better defense of Trump’s antics than his own “look at how people love me” shtick. I thought cult of personality was applauded by the left, not the right.

    This is not about a mythical ‘perfect candidate’. This is about finding a candidate that speaks for ones’ values and principles, and doesn’t insult the intelligence of his/her supporters. It’s about finding a candidate that not only promises to uphold Constitutional rights, but is actually versed in what those rights mean.

    My vote for Johnson will not get Clinton elected. It simply won’t. What it can do however, is help guarantee automatic ballot access for the next cycle, bringing closer to reality, actual choices, beyond two disasters. That’s if we survive the next four years, no matter who the victor is.


  45. Z – Forgot this last piece; I’ll definitely vote for Conservative candidates down the ballot, where they exist anyway. Those candidates may be Republican or Libertarian, but they’ll get my vote over a Democrat. Period. I believe the Senate far more important than POTUS. Now if we could only get Conservative leadership in the Senate….something that’s been sorely missed for many, many years.


  46. geeez2014 says:

    FIRST: I apologize about ICE FOR A NOSE BLEED…it somehow works! I’d not do it, but it supposedly works!

    FairestWitness…I couldn’t STAND Manafort so I’m DELIGHTED…

    CI “And after the parade of alcoholics and serial adulterers sitting in the Oval office, ”
    Who was an alcoholic in the last 50 years? I didn’t know that.
    It doesn’t bug me if someone has a joint after hours….well, it does, but…not really…I’d be a hypocrite if I said I don’t mind a martini but do mind a joint…..although I KNOW the high from pot is different … I’m not interested in fighting this fight again at GeeeZ.
    What I do mind is a guy who apparently is a stoner and a hippie….which he is…flashing the peace sign to interviewers, making dopey faces to interviewers….He gives me the creeps…
    For me, voting for Johnson would be like voting for Cheech or Chong for president.

    So ya…voting for him isn’t effective but could do what you say it could do….sadly!


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