Ransom: So it WAS? And nobody cares?

I CARE ABOUT THIS, DON’T YOU?    I care that our country’s leaders lie.  I care that Iran is laughing their butts off at us.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration said Thursday that a $400 million cash payment to Iran seven months ago was contingent on the release of a group of American prisoners.   (Z: SURPRISE! SURPRISE!…just ask a Conservative, we’d have told you…and we DID)

Is it statements like this which get the Left legitimately riled up at the Right, or was Jason Miller correct?:

Trump spokesman Jason Miller sought to blame Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for the payment, even though it happened almost three years after she departed as secretary of state. He said the money was “likely used to fund terrorism,” without providing any such evidence, and said Clinton had proven herself unfit to be president.

Can we pin this on Hillary if it was 3 years since she’d been Secretary of State?

This cracks me up “Earlier this month, after the revelation the U.S. delivered the money in pallets of cash, the administration flatly denied any connection between the payment and the prisoners. Reports of link between prisoner release & payment to Iran are completely false,” Kirby tweeted at the time.”

So….now the Republicans are talking about hearings again;  have hearings EVER EVER EVER helped ANY situation they’ve tried to expose on Obama or his henchmen?  Of course not.  Do you recommend we have HEARINGS again?

Thoughts on Obama’s quote from the article I linked?  “This wasn’t some nefarious deal.” 

Picture this:  REPUBICANS PULLED THIS DEAL.   (America would hear about it then, right?)


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43 Responses to Ransom: So it WAS? And nobody cares?

  1. fredd says:

    This regime has gotten so lawless that it doesn’t bother to even try to cover up their skulduggery and malfeasance anymore. They have their 50.0001% of the voting population (aka ‘low information voters) that simply don’t care that these Democrats are rotten to the bone. These dummies will re-elect them every time, regardless of what they do.


  2. Somebody help me out, because I seem to be missing something here. The Administration absolutely lied when Obama and his mouthpieces stated emphatically that there was no connection between the two events. Case closed, verdict – guilty.

    But this doesn’t seem to meet the definition of ransom. As we all know, in January, as part to the deal struck with Tehran….frozen Iranian assets would begin to be repatriated to Tehran. The first installment occurred simultaneously with the release of the prisoners. To be considered a ‘ransom’, one has to show that monies would have been delivered to Tehran – and prisoners released irrespective of the seven month old agreement. If anything, I commend withholding the agreed upon money transfer, until our citizens had been returned home.

    Aside from the expected political optics, and fodder for the cable ‘news’ sock puppets – what am I missing here?


  3. Kid says:

    Yea, it’s the lying. Lying shows total disrespect for the population and it beclowns the liar. It’s so adolescent. But they don’t care and neither to their voting supporters.


  4. Can we pin this on Hillary if it was 3 years since she’d been Secretary of State?

    Yes — in the sense that Hillary has stated that she will continue the policies of the Obama Administration.


  5. Mrs Grundy says:

    What? Obama lied again??? Say it ain’t so, Democrats.


  6. Mrs Grundy says:

    People are complaining that Ryan Lochte lied about being robbed in Brazil. Heck, Obama’s been lying about being “oppressed” since he was six. So what difference, at this point, should it make? Lying represents the very essence of our political discourse. We simply reframe our own selfish desires and pretend to be victims so that “others” think “better” of us…. until the facts come out and reveal our game.


  7. The Obama Administration, with Hillary Clinton as his first Secretary of State, came into office with the intent to fundamentally change everything about the country. Obama immediately went on his apology tour in the Middle East. They reversed and upended much of traditional American foreign policy. Our allies fell out of favor, especially Israel, and efforts to improve relations with our enemies ensued. Much of the safeguards and deals were dismantled, like missile defense in Poland, for instance.

    Then Hillary Clinton, Samantha Powers and Susan Rice decided they would open dialogues in the Middle East … they covertly armed rebels (al Qaeda) to take out Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. They deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. And were hellbent on deposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Needless to say this strategy has created complete chaos and violence in the entire region, where relative, albeit fragile stability had existed. The whole strategy has negatively impacted the entire world. This debacle is directly responsible for the massive migration of Muslim refugees and the rise in Radical Islamic Terrorism.

    These policies and strategies are deliberate. This was done by design and President Obama worked with the globalists to make it happen. He does not love America, he does not believe in our country, he loathes and despises Americans…. his plan to weaken America is almost complete. He just needs Hillary to be elected so his legacy can solidify and further entrench.

    He’s not only not trying to hide anymore, he’s proud of himself. He’s absolutely thrilled that we’re all feeling so insecure and upset. He thinks he’s so smart. These payments being made to Iran should never have happened. We should have kept the damn money and used it to fund our fight against them or distributed it to the victims of terrorism or held in perpetuity until such time as Iran’s radical Islamic government is overthrown.

    The Obama Administration’s initial lie about the trade not being for our hostages is standard operating procedure for them. Their disdain for us is palpable. I can’t wait to see Obama gone. He’s not one of us and he never will be.

    A Facebook friend of mine, who dated my brother in junior high school, posted this today:

    “Tell me why Americans deserve something other than a wicked ugly lying treasonous failure like Hillary Clinton.”

    Why, indeed?


  8. fredd says:

    Fairest: as they say so often, we deserve the government we elect. I am technically part of that ‘we,’ and I sadly agree. The collective ‘we’ elected and re-elected Obama, who demonstrably does not think that America is an exceptional country, and that we all need to be taken down a peg or two.

    Yes, we deserve him, sad to say. And even sadder to say, if we elect that craven liar crone, Hillary Clinton, then we deserve every bit of irreparable damage she wreaks upon us, God help us all.


  9. I am completely and utterly deflated! Would you look at this SHIT (sorry Z, but there is no other word for it)?



  10. Kid says:

    Because of obama, immigrants who are becoming citizens no longer have to renounce allegiance to their country or pledge allegiance to America/take the oath..


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness…I thought the headline link was a joke…I seriously did….then I saw it’s tru. This part feels like we’re living in an altered reality “She (Hillary)echoed his concerns about the pledge’s language and suggested that the pledge’s mention of God sends the wrong message to America’s children.”
    WHAT? Yes, it’s all about THEM…and THE STATE, isn’t it.
    I’m sending this to everyone I know.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    FREDD is absolutely right”This regime has gotten so lawless that it doesn’t bother to even try to cover up their skulduggery and malfeasance anymore”

    I think that almost every day now “What do they care? It’s how he got elected, it’s how he keeps doing things that are SO WRONG….the media gives him a pass, people don’t even know, and so he’s just FREE TO ACT”
    And what are WE doing about it? Typing blogs with our indignant fingers.

    CI: I totally disagree “To be considered a ‘ransom’, one has to show that monies would have been delivered to Tehran – and prisoners released irrespective of the seven month old agreement. If anything, I commend withholding the agreed upon money transfer, until our citizens had been returned home.
    Aside from the expected political optics, and fodder for the cable ‘news’ sock puppets – what am I missing here?”
    This says it better than I can.


  13. Turns out the Executive Order was a hoax. Sorry. I saw ABC News & believed it. Sorry.


  14. Imp says:

    FW…don’t worry…here’s a counterbalance to that anyway!

    “Texas AG OK’s Prayer in Court Over Atheist Group’s Objections..”



  15. Imp says:

    Nice going Merkel ya idiot hag….”A large arsenal of “weapons of war” was found near a radical mosque in Germany, adding to fears that terrorists are well equipped to carry out attacks across Europe.”



  16. Imp says:

    New Trump ads.


  17. Z – The WP article won’t load for non-subscribers, can you paraphrase where you believe this meets the definition of a “ransom”?


  18. Imp says:




  19. Kid says:

    Thanks IMP, Hope it’s true.


  20. Baysider says:

    Great point Mrs. G! Look, this just put a price on the head of every American.
    “Millions for defense but not one cent for tribute.” The left would hoot at this (and I would demand thinking through the defense!) because they are totally materialistic and quantify everything in terms of money.

    When well meaning Christian groups started buying Sudanese Christians out of slavery, the muslims just went out and got more and raised the prices. I agree with buying them privately, but it needed to be paired with – say – fire ant nests under their huts.

    Can we not find clever opportunities? Wendell Fertig, leading the guerrilla campaign against the WW2 Japanese occupation in Mindanao, worked with locals who were torn 2 ways. They were often forced to sell food to the Japanese – food Fertig needed for his fighters. The farmers were afraid of reprisals if they refused the Japanese, so they struck this bargain: They sell to the Japanese and get paid, and they tell Fertig where the pick-up was so he’d intercept food that was pre-paid by the enemy!

    One cartoonist suggested how Bill Clinton might have use this tactic with Loretta Lynch in that little family chat on the tarmack. “Hey Loretta, how’s the family?” “Oh fine Bill.” “Wanna see ’em again?”


  21. geeez2014 says:

    CI…no…I was going to cut/paste but there’s too much. Suffice it to say I don’t believe our gov’t ..that’s the question; If you believe Obama and Kerry, you buy their line, if you don’t, it’s pretty clear that this “coincidence” (as the WSJ article sarcastically puts it) isn’t a coincidence.

    OH, here’s something from the piece re the threat of others being kidnapped FOR MONEY “Among the Americans currently being held are an energy executive named Siamak Namazi and his 80-year old father, Baqer, according to U.S. and Iranian officials. Iran’s judiciary spokesman last month confirmed Tehran had arrested the third American, believed to be a San Diego resident named Reza “Robin” Shahini.

    Friends and family of the Namazis believe the Iranians are seeking to increase their leverage to force another prisoner exchange or cash payment in the final six months of the Obama administration. Mr. Kerry and other U.S. officials have been raising their case with Iranian diplomats, U.S. officials say.”

    Ransom? Leverage? Not sure there’s a difference in the eyes of Iran.
    Another big question is CASH in different currencies…cash….hard to trace what they do WITH the cash, etc. Many questions about WHY CASH? from more knowledgeable minds than ours.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Gad! So much to respond to..thanks for your comments…

    Imp; thanks SO much for posting these ads…I’m going to delete the second comment/ad, as I think that’s the same as the second in your first bunch?
    And I SURE HOPE that private email is true!

    Good news from the TX AG….and MERKEL IS A PERFECT SWINE!! (Swein, as they’d say there!)

    Baysider…I apologized in the last blog post about ice and nose bleeds…apparently it is useful! I’d never seen that used or recommend in my life..but it does apparently work!
    And I DO believe Clinton threatens “Wanna see them again?” BIG TIME.
    I believe that’s what happened to Comey, too, somehow. Enough that even he, with his squeaky clean and respectable record, had to fold.
    I liken the Clintons with the Borgias! 🙂


  23. I don’t necessarily trust the government, under any Administration…..but I deal in facts. “We’ll give you the money – after you release our Citizens” is not equal to “We’ll give you money – to release our Citizens”. The Administration did exactly what many had asked for during the negotiations…..get our Citizens back. Repatriation of frozen Iranian assets, was always part of the eventual deal.


  24. Kid says:

    And it’s easy to make threats, just like in the Godfather. You go to the guy and say “Look my friend, it’s not me. There are powerful people who want hrc in the white house, and they’ll do anything to make that happen. I don’t even know who they are but here are their instructions that I received anonymously.. ”

    Ransom – Yes, it’s not like you’re going to even have Wikileaks hack in and find a ransom agreement, so people are left to their judgement and substantial circumstantial evidence. Then especially when they lie about it first. To me that tells me all I need to know.


  25. Bob says:

    It was NOT ransom, it was strategic financial leverage in a complex situation.

    I hate to defend out bozo President, but it is not unusual for the United States to buy the freedom of citizens. It is cheaper than going to war, they think. The problem is that it becomes an issue as to when we should go to war to keep the Islamic Satans from snatching out citizens. One day, the people will say that enough is enough. That’s what Thomas Jefferson did with the Muslim pirates. Of course, he read the Koran and learned that not at any time could Muslims be trusted.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, you know the problem? Iran won. As you know, they called it ransom there and reveled in it. And they got CASH (and many on the left even questioned this because, as the WSJ article points out, it’s hard to keep track of cash and many are pretty sure Iran will finance their nefarious goings-on with it)…

    It doesn’t look bad to ME, it looks bad to MANY….Perhaps the biggest problem is our trust in our administration.

    Kid, excellent points there….


  27. geeez2014 says:

    THis cracks me up:
    The headline for Trump at the much read Yahoo homepage is “Amid Turmoil, Trump visits flood victims” The Left’s been implying that he shouldn’t go because he’d get in the ‘turmoil’ of their dealing with the flooding….that it’s only politics (it probably IS), and it’s okay Obama didn’t go because, after all, they hold Republicans up to higher standards than Dems…remember the nastiness that STILL is heaped on Bush for having only flown over the flooding of Katrina…..)
    Ya, but the video of Trump there shows people thanking him for coming , telling him what’s happened to them, and cheering and clapping that he’d come at all. “Sorry, Media”..


  28. Imp says:

    @Z…”ice and nose bleeds…”

    Used to be a common cure around my house. My understanding is that it thickens the blood up and stops the bleeding.
    And yes…delete the echo…I didn’t see it when I refreshed the page so I posted it again….only to see it after I posted! 😦


  29. Mal says:

    Everyone around the world knows all the humbling of America is due to one man, and that he will soon be replaced by another man that will bring us back on track. And Fredd, I hope there are more like you that realize the mistake and turn Right.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Today’s speech in MI was even better than the last two,,,,excellent call-out to Black youth/ If he’d started like this, he’d be 20 up in the polls…I mean, even I thinkgk it was excellent!

    Of course the Hillary folks (everyone on the planet but us and FOX !) are painting it as if other better people are writing his stuff and he isn;t really better/ typical


  31. geeez2014 says:

    BOB and CI:
    Just heard that Ahmedinejad is now demanding the $2 Billion in frozen funds from the State Dpt which is now admitting the release and the $400M were “linked”..
    By the way, John Bolton adds that this ‘deal’ was never signed or ratified.


  32. Baysider says:

    Love ad #2 btw.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    I think #2 is the better one, too. I was watching Deutsche Welle News on TV today…usually no opinions…just NEWS given by English speakers in Germany.
    Well, the hostess had on a Democrat living in Germany and a Republican who lives in Frankfurt, Germany…The woman living somewhere in Germany, representing American Dems had a Brit accent!
    THey all saw the #2 ad and were weighing in on it…the hostess and the Dem both thought foreigners would be so upset by it. AND the idiot Republican (so to speak) said “Well, I come from immigrants myself, so…” I wanted to tell him “Hey, Mister…I’m first and second generation and I think the ad’s good because MY PEOPLE CAME LEGALLY..GET IT, MISTER? !!!” I was SO ticked …
    He was completely unprepared because he hadn’t heard the last few Trump speeches and was very hard on Trump. I couldn’t help thinking “This is the best you’ve got for Republicans in Germany or this is the best you could find who’d make Republicans look bad?”
    The hostess this time WAS clearly biased. Made me angry because this is probably what Germans are hearing, too.


  34. Baysider says:

    I don’t ask my friend in germany for these opinions any more. He is a wonderful person … but doesn’t seem to get this. Yeah, biased. It’s hard for me to make that argument (1600’s, 1700’s and mid-1800’s), but I’m so glad you can! The first generation here USED to feel the strongest about this, too.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider: People ILLEGALLY here, many probable terrorists or cartel people, costing us millions to support their families, bringing in diseases that were vanquished…and people think this is a GOOD THING? That we mustn’t hurt feelings? That WE are biased?
    Amazing, isn’t it/ Yes, it’s hard to cross me on this subject with my family background! 🙂

    Is your friend FOR the many Merkel is welcoming in which are going to literally destroy the German economy? And the culture, definitely?


  36. Z – If you were Ahmedinejad, wouldn’t you say the same thing? He can’t be an evil dictator and a paragon of truth at the same time. All I’ve asked for is proof that money would have changed hands irrespective of the previously existing deal. That said, would you rather we had not withheld the money for the release or our citizens, because it would have “looked liked a ‘ransom'”?


  37. geeez2014 says:

    CI… I don’t know. It’s not I who has the facts I linked for you, and it’s not only I who feels like I do…I know there are much more ‘linked in’ experts who feel it shouldn’t have been done. Question them.
    As the latest link said, even the State Department now say “they were linked”…experts are saying it might as well have been ransom. America doesn’t do that, or didn’t. And it’s said that the latest four kidnapping victims were picked up because of the money. Makes sense. And this is now dangerous.


  38. Well, here are the facts as we know them [you linked to an article I couldn’t read because I’m not a subscriber]. We entered into an agreement with Iran, that included repatriating frozen monetary assets. this deal was inked in January. We withheld the 1st installment on that repatriation until Iran released our citizens. “Experts” are only relied upon when they back up a particular narrative [as evidenced in the linked headline that I was able to read: critics charge payment amounted to ransom]. Critics of the Administration say it was ransom? You don’t say!

    The desire to engineer memes and faux-truths for irrelevant political fodder, is one bullet in an onslaught of stupidity that is destroying our Republic. I suppose there’s no turning back. One either plays the games or one drops out and hunkers down.


  39. Baysider says:

    Not sure where my friend stands. We had a couple of uncomfortable conversations where he said he doesn’t see any of these problems – things young Mr. Z reports. We haven’t talked about it since last summer. Maybe New Year’s and about 10 things since have been eye openers.


  40. Kid says:

    CI, Lemme ask you a question.

    How many things happen in life where there is “proof” available. In my estimation, I’d say the low single digits would even be optimistic. Your demand of “proof” seems like harrassment to me and probably others as well. fwiw.

    Hope you’re doing well though given your current sit and best to you.


  41. Baysider says:

    Z, I met a first-generation immigrant today. He was from Serbia 16 years ago. Thoughtful perspectives. We talked a lot about history. He likes it here, but has travelled a lot. I get the impression (he didn’t use these exact words) he finds many Americans naive in getting behind the idea of ‘spreading democracy’ while others use it as a stalking horse for something else. (i certainly do!)

    He waxed enthusiastic about the FREE education he received under the Tito government and how he loved his time growing up (under a commie not of the Stalinist ilk). [Ed note: of COURSe they give it free. Better to indoctrinate. Trying same thing here for same reason.] We’ve given opportunities, but aren’t grounding our immigrants in affection for our system as we used to. that’s clear. I see more and more it’s a revolving door of opportunity for the citizen of the world.


  42. Kid – I’m not demanding proof, I’m just asking where the proof is. There’s certainly nothing personal in my intent. But if there’s no rational measurement of what it true and what is not – but will be used to score political points regardless….how is the right any better than the left? If a claim is going to be levied, it should be provable, no? If this event occurred during a GOP Administration, would you not ask this same question of the detractors?

    The left is a lost cause, so consequently, I hold the right to a higher standard, or else why bother at all?

    But I appreciate the kind regards!


  43. Kid says:

    CI, Ok.

    Proof in politics is hard to come by isnt it.

    Higher ground is interesting. I would normally agree with you, but with all the lying the left does that the majority seem to believe, maybe there is some logic to fighting fire with fire. In this case, put the onus on the obama administration to prove it wasn’t ‘ransom’.

    Again, Come home happy.


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