Newsweek says goodbye HOAX….but TRUE

I woke up to this email from Liberal Craig, who I appreciate for pointing out this is an article by Patterson but NOT ON NEWSWEEK’S COVER  (thanks, Craig!!):

Mz. Z, Please don’t take this as a ‘correction’, just trying to save you from embarrassment. Newsweek ended it’s print version in 2012. It still publishes online. The Matt Patterson opinion piece was published in the Washington Examiner in 2011 and was never in Newsweek (or the W. Post). Variations on the hoax email you got have been floating around for 4 years. Please give it a Google, you got played. Your fan, Craig.

Z:  This is an article by MATT PATTERSON,  Newsweek Columnist…I don’t know who wrote the paragraph above Patterson’s piece, but it’s good:

Newsweek Is Now History.  The liberal Newsweek Magazine is going out of business, but not before it attacks the President.  This is quite an article, even more so when you consider that NEWSWEEK finally had the guts to admit it. WOW!  Newsweek COVER!!!  It is their last cover before they fold.  Also read the article at the end. AMAZING!!!

By Matt Patterson
(Newsweek Columnist — Opinion Writer)

Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack Obama as an inscrutable and phenomenon, the result of a baffling breed of mass hysteria akin perhaps to the witch craze of the Middle Ages.  How, they will wonder, did a man so devoid of professional accomplishment beguile so many into thinking he could manage the world’s largest economy, direct the world’s most powerful military, execute the world’s most consequential job?

Imagine a future historian examining Obama’s pre-presidential life: ushered into and through the Ivy League, despite unremarkable grades and test scores along the way; a cushy non-job as a “community organizer;” a brief career as a state legislator devoid of legislative achievement (and in fact nearly devoid of his attention, less often did he vote “present”); and finally an unaccomplished single term in the United States Senate, the entirety of which was devoted to his presidential ambitions.

He left no academic legacy in academia, authored no signature legislation as a legislator.  And then there is the matter of his troubling associations: the white-hating, America-loathing preacher who for decades served as Obama’s “spiritual mentor;” a real-life, actual terrorist who served as Obama’s colleague and political sponsor.  It is easy to imagine a future historian looking at it all and asking: how on Earth was such a man elected president?  There is no evidence that he ever attended or worked for any university or that he ever sat for the Illinois bar.  We have no documentation for any of his claims.  He may well be the greatest hoax in history. Not content to wait for history, the incomparable Norman Podhoretz addressed the question recently in the Wall Street Journal: To be sure, no white candidate who had close associations with an outspoken hater of America like Jeremiah Wright and an unrepentant terrorist like Bill Ayers, would have lasted a single day.

But because Mr.  Obama was black, and therefore entitled in the eyes of liberal Dom to have hung out with protesters against various American injustices, even if they were ‘a bit’ extreme, he was given a pass.  Let that Sink in: Obama was given a pass – held to a lower standard because of the color of his skin.  Podhoretz continues: And in any case, what did such ancient history matter when he was also so articulate and elegant and (as he himself had said) “non-threatening,” all of which gave him a fighting chance to become the first black president and thereby to lay the curse of racism to rest? Podhoretz puts his finger, I think, on the animating pulse of the Obama phenomenon – affirmative action.  Not in the legal sense, of course.  But certainly in the motivating sentiment behind all affirmative action laws and regulations, which are designed primarily to make white people, and especially white liberals, feel good about themselves.  Unfortunately, minorities often suffer so that whites can pat themselves on the back.

Liberals routinely admit minorities to schools for which they are not qualified, yet take no responsibility for the inevitable poor performance and high drop-out rates which follow.  Liberals don’t care if these minority students fail; liberals aren’t around to witness the emotional devastation and deflated self-esteem resulting from the racist policy that is affirmative action.  Yes, racist.  Holding someone to a separate standard merely because of the color of his skin – that’s affirmative action in a nutshell, and if that isn’t racism, then nothing is.  And that is what America did to Obama.  True, Obama himself was never troubled by his lack of achievements, but why would he be?  As many have noted, Obama was told he was good enough for Columbia despite undistinguished grades at Occidental; he was told he was good enough for the US Senate despite a mediocre record in Illinois ; he was told he was good enough to be president despite no record at all in the Senate.  All his life, every step of the way, Obama was told he was good enough for the next step, in spite of ample evidence to the contrary.

What could this breed if not the sort of empty narcissism on display every time Obama speaks?  In 2008, many who agreed that he lacked executive qualifications nonetheless raved about Obama’s oratory skills, intellect, and cool character.  Those people – conservatives included – ought now to be deeply embarrassed.  The man thinks and speaks in the hoariest of cliches, and that’s when he has his Teleprompters in front of him; when the prompter is absent he can barely think or speak at all.  Not one original idea has ever issued from his mouth – it’s all warmed-over Marxism of the kind that has failed over and over again for 100 years.  (An example is his 2012 campaign speeches which are almost word for word his 2008 speeches)

And what about his character?  Obama is constantly blaming anything and everything else for his troubles.  Bush did it; it was bad luck; I inherited this mess. Remember, he wanted the job, campaigned for the task.  It is embarrassing to see a president so willing to advertise his own powerless-ness, so comfortable with his own incompetence.  (The other day he actually came out and said no one could have done anything to get our economy and country back on track).  But really, what were we to expect?  The man has never been responsible for anything, so how do we expect him to act responsibly?

In short: our president is a small-minded man, with neither the temperament nor the intellect to handle his job.  When you understand that, and only when you understand that, will the current erosion of liberty and prosperity make sense.  It could not have gone otherwise with such an impostor in the Oval Office.


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38 Responses to Newsweek says goodbye HOAX….but TRUE

  1. How, they will wonder, did a man so devoid of professional accomplishment beguile so many into thinking he could manage the world’s largest economy, direct the world’s most powerful military, execute the world’s most consequential job?

    That’s what we call the money shot. Say what you will about establishment politicians, Obama proves that neophytes are no better.


  2. Mrs Grundy says:

    Now we know who the racists REALLY were.


  3. CI is right about neophytes.
    I’m tired of hearing about “establishment” politicians.
    George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and more, were establishment politicians.
    I’m concerned more about crooked politicians.


  4. CI, Donald Trump is a neophyte as an elective office candidate. He has a lifelong successful track record, a long list of very impressive accomplishments and decades of experience as a leader. This man has proven executive skills. You can’t compare his lack of political experience to Obama, who has never done squat. Obama was and is a rank amateur, whereas Trump is commanding and substantial, albeit quick-tempered and impatient.

    Over the last 10 years, I’ve become disillusioned with establishment politicians. The last 2 decades have been bitterly frustrating for me. We’ve had many opportunities to make changes, implement better policies, reverse the liberal march — yet they did nothing! December 18, 2015 was the day I came to the realization that the GOP leadership had switched sides. Those SOBs passed a $1.8 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill and then went home for Christmas. They fully funded everything Obama & the Democrats asked for. That was it for me. That’s when I went all in for Trump.


  5. Ed, crooked politicians are the establishment.


  6. Z, the article from Newsweek is 9 years too late. It is remarkable that the editors went with it, but they had a duty to write that article when Obama announced his candidacy. What good does it do us now? We already know this. The media was duplicitous in covering up who Obama was and has always been.


  7. Fairest Witness – To each their own, but where you see “commanding and substantial”, I see “blustering and ignorant”.

    Ed – Agreed. Sadly, the two labels seem to go hand-in-hand these days.


  8. An ignorant man could not build a multi-billion dollar enterprise, CI. Trump’s blustering personality rankles many, but what he’s accomplished and built speaks volumes about the man’s capabilities. I expect Trump to use those capabilities to implement positive policies that will restore our country’s economy and military strength.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    ED, thanks, too, for the email on this hoax…

    CI and Ed..I’m with you…Obama was crook AND neophyte! but Ed’s right,,,better neophyte than CROOK…


    Mrs Grundy: if ONLY this president had spoken out on a regular basis to particularly Black kids about working hard, finishing school, not having kids out of wedlock, succeeding,,,,but they need those kids needy and uninformed to vote for the freebies they need from a Dem administration, right!?

    Fairest Witness…I actually got goose bumps when I heard Trump speak in MI yesterday; “what the hell do you have to lose?” to Blacks, encouraging them to vote NON DEM for a change, I loved that!



  10. FW – I’m certainly open to insight into his plan to defeat ISIL, that is an effect near and dear to me; I haven’t seen anything yet that differs from the current effort. Nor am I impressed by his insulting and blustered rhetoric. If he’s not ignorant by virtue of his statements, then he believes his supporters to be ignorant.


  11. geeez2014 says:


    from Daily Kos “Police say they are not treating the death as suspicious.”


  12. geeez2014 says:

    CI, he’s finally not blustering… you might want to see T’s last 3 speeches…even I have been pleased, and that’s really going some


  13. bunkerville says:

    Lets hope we are just a few days away from fundamentally transforming America back to the Republic that I once so dearly loved. Not this shell that Obama has created along with the compliant GOP.


  14. Imp says:

    Z…looks like some are looking for a guy who walks on water? “Sully” Sullenberger can land on it…but I’m certain there’s not one, who can walk on it. Even HE might not be suitable enough to those few.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    bunkerville….AMEN to that!


    CNN this morning is all laughing at Trump speaking to Blacks but not at a Black venue…as if they don’t know IT IS ON TELEVISION!! THEY SEE IT ON TV!! As if that headline “What the hell do you have to lose?” isn’t getting repeated on many venues so Blacks SO hear it?
    I think this is going to backfire on the lefties….
    Martin Savage is asking So plaintively (you should hear his voice as he asks…) “But why doesn’t he go to the African America community to say these things?”
    It’s all OPTICS….not substance, not if the substance scares CNN


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Did you all hear that Obama’s first reaction to the flooding in LA was getting HHR involved so there wouldn’t be any disparity in helping Whites “versus” Blacks?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Right now, CNN’s running with how Trump wants to start a new channel of Rightwing news; Bannon, Ailes, etc….The “panel” is all LIberals….guffawing….
    My God, they’re actually all laughing and snickering….
    And making Trump and his base sound like NUTS….how Trump actually said that he’d start a Rightwing empire…and “Boom!” Martin Savage says, “You have a base of viewers…” (uneducated, White, CHristian, gun totin’ jerks, is the implication)


  18. looks like some are looking for a guy who walks on water?

    I’d say some are looking for someone who’s not an embarrassment. Perhaps his recent speeches [I don’t have TV over here] are a welcome change in his rhetoric and demeanor. Great. Which Trump then, is the real Trump?

    I’ll be looking for the text of his speeches, because while he said some cogent things about back citizens, e had to follow it up by stating “At the end of four years, I will gain over 95 per cent of the African American vote, I promise you”. He promises ,eh? It’s just embarrassing.


  19. Mrs Grundy says:

    Mrs Grundy: if ONLY this president had spoken out on a regular basis to particularly Black kids about working hard, finishing school, not having kids out of wedlock, succeeding,,,,but they need those kids needy and uninformed to vote for the freebies they need from a Dem administration, right!?

    Low expectations and keeping them on the (D) plantation, Ms. Z. THAT is what liberal racism is ALL about.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    CI… that IS embarrassing, but he did say JUST the right thing to Blacks…now he’s being slammed for not having made it at a black venue…as if they’d turn up? It’s a stupid leftwing criticism because Blacks WILL hear what he said…it’s everywhere and that was the point,
    I think this is ALL Trump…every mood .. The good things seasoned politicians learn is NEVER SHOW EMOTION …except humor…think any of them FEEL different than Trump does and wouldn’t LOVE to feel free to express themselves as he does? Imagine Obama on race if he really COULD? That’s why he had Holder do his race baiting for him

    Mrs. G…excatly, and I HONESTLY FEEL that more Blacks are getting the message…lots of articles supporting that…hurrah!!


  21. Imp says:

    “I will gain over 95 per cent of the African American vote,..”

    Well…if he steals the DNC talking points, he’ll make BLM a cabinet position, issue reparations, Declare amnesty / pardons for all drug related convictions, make high school diplomas available to anyone who reaches a 5th grade reading level, raises the minimum wage to $25 per hour with 4 weeks guaranteed vacation, mandates daycare to be provided to all places of employment, public, government and private. Eliminates taxes completely on all who make less than 40K per year. And issues cash tax credits in the same amount and of course….totally free schooling from K to a BS degree.
    Would that be a good start?


  22. Mal says:

    Newsweek probably published it as a parting shot primarily so they could leave with a clear conscience. You know, so they could sleep nights?
    We might also ask how the Trojans were so stupid that they fell for the Trojan Horse “gift”. Well, we did it again when we fell for Barry Sotoro, didn’t we? History keeps repeating itself.
    The majority of the populace is gullible. They probably always have been.


  23. Imp says:

    Well…something DT said is working…down 7 points and now….

    Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” poll for the first time since Aug. 3 — the last day he had an edge on the former secretary of state.
    Although the race remains too close to call, Trump is roughly half a point in front of Clinton, 44.2 percent to 43.6 percent.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    CI, can you even tell us where you are?? Or just the general area, and what you generally do, in general? I think some of my readers don;t know….and I know you can’t be specific and you may say nothing, which is fine, but if you can say a bit….

    MAN, I sliced my finger tip last night and am getting good at typing pretty fast without my right mid finger!


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…I hadn’t seen those polls…great!! NO WONDER CNN’S SO MOCKING him this morning//

    Mal, pls read the post again..I have an UPDATE/ Newsweek did not publish this as I’d been told…sorry!!


  26. Imp says:

    Z…seems like we’re all getting punked lately? The “ABC” story from FW yesterday? And now this. Perhaps it’s an organized effort to send out misinformation across the web? So that when the smoking gun Assange releases won’t be believed?


  27. Baysider says:

    I’m still confused if it’s true or not. Stuck on phone for online the next week. Hard to go back n forth. But the sentiment is perfect and exact on target. Yes, trump is sounding much better. But I hear he’s doing few ads. Speeches depend on reporting – both thru the media and ersatz media online like YouTube. No wonder they’re mocking. It’s the lefts go to position.


  28. fredd says:

    And the left is adamant that an enormously accomplished Donald Trump is completely unqualified to be president, while Obama won election and re-election with the skinniest resume ever seen.

    Of course, Trump is a Republican, and that automatically disqaulifies him from the job, according to the left.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…Good point! Yes, I was sad I had two hoaxes so close together


    Baysider …the article is true, written by Patterson, the fact that it was Newsweek’s last cover is not true…I believe the article is 4 years old.

    FREDD…DON’T WE HATE THIS? The insults TO HIS VERY FABULOUS mICHIGAN SPEECH YESTERDAY ARE AMAZING…If I liked a Trump speech this much, it had to be good 🙂


  30. Kid says:

    Given your update info via Craig, I will still say this as somewhat off topic.

    Now that obama is on his way out, the media are sometimes critical of him. I believe this is being done in a cover their butt operation. When they are accused of carrying barry’s water, they will point to a number of obama hit pieces published on line at 2 am edt or on page 17 and say, No Way – we were doing our due on this person ! Squawk. Meanwhile the vast majority only hear what is published or spoken between 8 am and 11 pm, and only on the first few pages of written papyrus…


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, absolutely…and this piece WAS published but not as described previously.
    Old time journalism profs are spinning in their graves at what modern so-called journalists are doing.


  32. CI, I will say to this you: I greatly and profoundly respect & appreciate your sacrifice and duty for MY security. Your views and opinions, as someone who walks the walk, not talks the talk like me, rates the highest. Thank you for all you do and have done to protect our country!!! I sincerely and humbly honor you and all who serve our nation.

    I’m ashamed that I did not recognize who you were before. I apologize to you and ask your forgiveness.

    It’s so easy for us, who are safe and sound in America, to pontificate and wax poetic.

    The thing is this; Donald Trump says he honors and respects our fighting men and women. That he will FIX the VA, once and for all. That he will formulate and execute a strategy to annihilate ISIS / ISIL very quickly upon becoming our Commander In Chief. For some reason, perhaps because of the monumental and massive lies of Hillary Clinton, I want to take Donald Trump at his word.

    I am an almost 60 year old business owner/employer/woman who has spent her entire adult life interacting with alpha male winners like Donald Trump. I’ve seen these men MOVE MOUNTAINS, make things happen, look that Wolf-at-the-Door square in the eyes, Rear Up and Dare that sonofabitch to come any closer …. and then triumph over him. That is how I see Donald Trump.

    Trump is fed up with this crap! And he’s hellbent on putting things right! God help me, I WANT to believe he can make it happen.


  33. Imp says:

    “Salon Magazine has accused the Republican Party of being out of touch with “post-Christian America,” warning the GOP that if it doesn’t renege on its alliance with Christianity, it will soon become irrelevant.
    Ted Cruz’s failure to get the GOP nomination, Matthew Sheffield proclaims in Salon, “is a perfect window into trends that will set the pace of American politics for decades to come: Americans are moving away from Christianity, including people most likely to vote Republican.”


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness…CI didn’t respond to me….did he? Or are you just imagining he’s in service from what I asked him to say?

    Imp/ the Left has had THE most BIZARRE articles… There is some truth to what this guy says, Americans are moving away from faith. period…not only Christianity…..but what ‘Alliance” does the GOP have? Some secret agreement? Yes, I know many Republicans have Christian values, and Jewish values for that matter, but how can they truly separate, renege on an alliance, when the values are what they are? They’re very much the same…so where’s that leave anybody? We know there are millions of Irish Catholic Democrats…that’s just a fact. They don’t like killing babies any more than Republicans do.
    This is all about a leftwing secular, or atheist guy who can’t wait till Republicans and Christians disappear from the American skyline


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; check this old article, and Trump’s even changed his mind and backed Ayotte, but this article suddenly appeared on Yahoo Homepage…they’re digging up old stuff..ANYTHING to make him look bad


  36. Z – I hadn’t responded yet, I’m 7 hours ahead of east coast time. I figure FW looked at my blog, where I’ve got a light ‘about me’ section, as most do, as well as the selection of posts would lead one to draw a conclusion; which said blog has been getting dusty and quiet lately. Since retiring from 22 years in the Army in 2008, I’ve worked for an intelligence agency [ no, not that one] primarily supporting the military…but consistently in the fight against al Qaeda, ISIL and it’s affiliates. Currently back in Baghdad until around the end of the year.

    FW – I’m both humbled and undeserving of your appreciation, but thank you. I can respect your support of trump, in light of his opponent. And since my candidate isn’t going to win, I hope that Trump fulfills your hopes….but I hope he could do it without trampling over civil liberties in similar manner as Clinton would do. With regards specifically to ISIL, I’m less than impressed with the rhetoric. He lambasts the current effort, but has only come forward with a strategy that generally mirrors the current. I want more than tough talk out of a candidate, I want to hear a viable plan. I also want to hear a rational foundation, and sense of education on the subjects that are cornerstones on his campaign. I’ve been left wanting….and have been critical of Trump, since while I may not vote for him…I hold the GOP to a higher standard than the Democrats, who don’t warrant my vote in any circumstance.

    Ultimately, I’m left puzzled as to why, after years of quite righteous complaining about the non-Conservative nature of GOP candidates….the GOP nominates a candidate even farther away from Conservatism than his predecessors. But my opinion of Trump isn’t based entirely in negativity….I think come hell or high water, the GOP may have needed just this….[since I believe he’ll get trounced in November]….burned to ground and reborn as an actual Conservative party. He’s also been great for publicity, membership and polling for the Libertarian Party.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Thanks, CI… and thanks for your input re Trump, etc….good input.
    My husband traveled to Iraq many, many times in the laste Seventies, I believe…it was QUITE a different place than it is now! But, Generals were ‘not showing up to scheduled meetings,’ a lot in those days…and never showing up again.


  38. Mal says:

    @ Z, we get lots of misinformation via cyberspace, don’t we? No problem. I’ve gotten use to it.


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