We MUST vote for Hillary! REALLY!!


Yes! VP candidate Tim Kaine says America’s SO behind the Middle East on equality for women that if we don’t vote for THE WOMAN this year, what’s that say about US?  (Smile)

Thoughts?  I can’t put mine in writing…not on a blog, anyway!


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23 Responses to We MUST vote for Hillary! REALLY!!

  1. Kaine offers just about the worst reason ever. Women have the equality of opportunity. They are not entitled to opportunity of success or popularity.


  2. Silverfiddle says:

    Wow. Is it possible he’s even battier than Hellary?


  3. “…if we don’t vote for THE WOMAN this year, what’s that say about US?” It says we are smart. Hillary is the same old as Obama. We need something new that is not the same old stuff.


  4. bocopro says:

    Some time last week I got wunnadem political calls from area code 404 askin me ’bout Hillary. Told ’em I wouldn’t vote for her under any circumstances. Voice asked “Why?” so I said ’cause she’s a corrupt, greedy, pathological liar. Next sound I heard was a soft “Click.”

    As for Kaine, I wouldn’t trust him if he told me that sea water tastes salty and Lake MIchigan is wet. Amongst his many votes in Congress with which I disagree was the one to reduce military retirement pensions and benefits. I think he’s an opportunistic waffler a la Charlie Crist.


  5. Baysider says:

    So? This is the best they can do? Pathetic!


  6. Mal says:

    This is the kind of thinking we get from PC. The candidates INTELLIGENCE is what should matter, not their gender or color! When are we going to realize there are intelligent and stupid in both and their record of achievements should be what influences us.


  7. Mal says:

    I just stumbled onto something interesting. The Democratic-Republican Party! Had anyone ever heard of it? I hadn’t. The dictionary says “adj. (1818) of or relating to a major American political party of the early 19th century favoring a strict interpretation of the constitution to restrict the powers of the federal government and emphasizing states’ rights.” Sounds good to me. What ever happened to them?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, darn! I’d written a long comment to each of you, then got a phone call and must have thought I’d published it and it’s GONE!
    Well…….here we go!

    CI “Equality of Opportunity”…that, THAT, is exactly what the equality in this country means…or meant….that we all have the equality of opportunity. I love that phrase, thanks! Excellent.

    SR….I SO wish I hadn’t accidentally deleted my comment to you…it was long…..you lucked out! (Smile)…Ya, I wish SO much that Pence would challenge Kaine to a debate a week until the election….he’d CREAM KAINE. Kaine is NOT smart, and he’s mean….and a little goofy. He gets that kind of ‘smile’ that Biden gets, the grin grows and grows as he talks meaner and meaner, like Lucifer, have you ever noticed that? And no, I’m not comparing BIDEN to LUCIFER, I don’t believe in that ridiculous name calling..BUT the smile thing he does is VERY weird…gives me the creeps.

    bocopro…2 hours ago I was talking to my lib neighbor across the street (wife is very conservative)…they’re show dog people and are babysitting a dog that belongs to an East Coast woman who’s visiting LA….She’s from a family whose name I can’t tell here as I promised him I wouldn’t, but suffice it to say it has the weight and money of a CARNEGIE….I swear. She told him Trump uses her family’s many law firms, then goes elsewhere to other firms and doesn’t pay her family’s firms ….so my neighbor says “THAT’s the kind of man Trump is” to me, knowing I’m a CON….we weren’t even talking politics but he brought this up….when he said this “that’s the kind of man…” thing to me, I countered immediately with “WOW, but that’s not NEARLY as AWFUL as Hillary is, is it!” And said “Have a nice day” and waved and walked home~ 😉

    Baysider….I thought that same thing…! We have to run our country down (again) and insult our treatment of women (OUR TREATMENT OF WOMEN in comparison to BURKAS AND NOT DRIVING, ETC???) to get a woman elected here? WHAT A SWINE, right?

    Mal…I’d vote for that!!!

    EVERYBODY: A friend emailed me this question “If Trump and Hillary are in a rubber raft in the middle of the ocean and the raft sinks, who will be saved?”

    Want to weigh in with an answer?


  9. Kid says:

    Are people that stupid that these idiots can say things like women treated better in the M.E.?

    That’s what gets Me. Man, if this creature gets elected….

    Z, I’ll bet the answer was “America”.


  10. bocopro says:

    My daily rant deals with this issue in depth, much too lengthy for a blog comment, and perhaps a bit salty for some tastes. I info copied SF and AOW on it. Lotsa visuals.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! YOU GOT THE ANSWER..”our country”…exactly!

    Bocopro, you mention your daily rant often and I appreciate your not publishing it here….and I’d never find time to read it if you emailed it, but I’m sure they’re terrific. Thank you for your sensitivity and your great mind; your comments ROCK and add SO much to my blog! xx


  12. Sparky says:

    That dog don’t hunt. That’s so ridiculous and so far out in left field I can’t put my full answer here either. ;/


  13. geeez2014 says:

    I just heard Mark Levine on the radio and he cracked me up. Apparently, Terry McAwful was talking about immigrants and said “We can’t be condemning these people for eternity!” And Levine played the tape then said “Nobody’s talking ETERNITY here, we’re talking about THIS PLANET……..GENIUS!!!” The way he said it still has me laughing! 🙂 Had to share it with y’all!


  14. Silverlady says:

    I’ll vote for Hit-lery when pigs fly over the Kaaba! The lady who owns the shop where I have my linen corner voted for Bampot twice, & I’m positive she will vote for the Wicked Witch. I have to bite my tongue ~ hard!


  15. Is Kaine on CAIR’s payroll?


  16. We were wondering what kind of man or woman would accept the post of Hillary’s running mate. Now we know, a complete moron!


  17. Sparky,
    Your comment made me chuckle — quite an accomplishment to make me chuckle these days.


  18. Kid says:

    The “democrats” are on CAIRs payroll. And any other payroll known and despised by thinking persons everywhere.

    When the question seems hard to answer, the answer is always Money.


  19. Kid says:

    FW, Not a moron, a profiteer.


  20. Bob says:

    Kid speaks wisdom.


  21. bocopro says:

    Well . . . since nobody’s showed up today, lemme just post my daily rant for people to fire at or pick on. It’s purty tame:

    We do not E-lect presidents any more; what happens is that our media SE-lect one for us. Our system has devolved from a democratically appointed CEO of a republic into an entrenched DU-opoly in which two detached, self-absorbed, greedy, power-addicted parties have a MON-opoly on all power which is centered in a trained robot as carefully groomed and completely paid for as an NFL quarterback, exactly what many of the founding fathers warned us about.

    Want proof of that devolution? Just think for a moment about two things:

    First, if Hillary is so far ahead in the race that her winning is a foregone conclusion, why are the alphabet-network mainstream media still running anti-Trump propaganda interference for her? If it’s going to be a landslide in her favor, why are they still gang-mugging her opponent while she remains incommunicado except for late-nite gag-show appearances and carefully scripted speeches?

    Second, when a maverick comes along who actually says what us flyover hayseeds have been thinking for years ourselves and exhibits no intention whatever of playing by the mouldy but cherished rules of PC and politics as usual, both sides gang up on him as if he’d been seen strangling puppies and reading Mein Kampf.

    To paraphrase P.J. O’Rourke, leftistas tell voters that more government will make everybody smarter, taller, healthier, and happier with free everything to go around if we could just take all the money from rich white people and redistribute it. Then they blame their failure on the stuck-in-the-mud previous administration once they get into office and fail to balance the budget. Meanwhile, conservatives claim that government is already too big, too corrupt, too incompetent to accomplish anything and then once elected work passionately to prove it conclusively.

    I voted for George Wallace back in ’68 and ’72 as a rejection of both Humphrey and Nixon. He’d have been a complete disaster as PotUS, but he said some very pithy things along the way: “In terms of legislative and executive effectiveness, there ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between today’s Democrats and Republicans” and “If some thug comes up and hits you on the head with a lead pipe in an alley and takes your money, he’ll be out of jail before you’re out of the hospital.”

    Entrenched party politicians don’t LIKE it when somebody tells the truth on ‘em, so his campaign didn’t succeed, and since he refused to go away, he got shot. Well, I agree with those two statements of his: BOTH parties are equally guilty of government gridlock, grinding poverty, and growing debt, just for differing reasons.

    I’ve been around for ¾ of a century now, lived in more than half a dozen states and actually set foot for one reason or another in every single one of the 50. Got a good high-school education, completed a military career of more than 20 years, visited 7 countries in Southeast Asia and 3 in the Mediterranean, stayed married to one woman for over 50 years and helped her raise 4 kids, picked up a couple of degrees, read a whole LOT of books, and taught college for over 15 years . . . . . and I just don’t get it.

    I just don’t get why people voted for a completely unqualified, inexperienced, non-American rookie senator – TWICE – just because they thought it would be “cool,” and now are eager to have a covetous, duplicitous, spectacular failure replace him just because she happens to be female. Only two logical reasons come to mind: profound ignorance or belief that something’s in it for them individually.

    It’s all just mind boggling that a guy like Trump can come along offering to sweep out the PC debris along with the painfully obvious pay-for-play deadwood in D.C.; blow away all the good ol’ boy Bushes and Kasichs and Santorums and even the fresh faces such as Walker and Rubio, not to mention the tokens Fiorina and Carson; and say over and over what a strong majority of average Americans are thinking, but the caviar and champagne crowd of the GOP treat him like a Nazi concentration camp guard and want to eject him from their elegant and time-polished ivory tower as if he were a leper.

    Every four years since the 1980s the GOP has insisted that we pinch our nostrils and vote for the latest sock puppet they’ve found who’s stupid enough to want the job. Now, when a guy comes along who wouldn’t be intimidated by special-interest groups but would back up most of the conservative ideas they say they propose, they turn THEIR noses up in the air as if he’s tracking in barnyard droppings on their plush Persian carpet.

    And when the Left sends out a politically correct attack dog such as Khizr Kahn to verbally assault him from behind the dead son whose body he’s using as a human shield, it’s not only the Democrats and their lapdog press who repeat skewer Trump with his badly chosen riposte but a horde of Republicans who condemn him as a racist and support the Muslim hired gun.

    Somethin strange about that Khan thing, too, in that he becomes a celeb on all the alphabet network talk shows to represent the “Gold Star” families, but those on the right who lost sons get about as much press as a 4” bluegill caught accidentally in a bait bucket during a largemouth bass fishing tournament.

    Go ‘head, tell ME the MSM isn’t biased in favor of a vicious female who’s accomplished absolutely nothing in her entire life except to intimidate people with her husband’s political clout and bring destruction to everyplace she visited in an official capacity in Soetoro’s thugocracy.

    I just don’t get it. Think I’m gonna go have a li’l drink of blended whiskey and eat summadis tasty-lookin stuff The Regg is cookin for her cronies at the NavEx.


  22. Kid says:

    bocopro. Agree.

    The absolute panic coming from the left/media gives me hope. Hope for change. 😉

    But if the beast gets elected honestly, or more likely through election rigging, then it’s time to cash in, lock and load, turn it off, and focus on you and yours (which I’m sure you’ve figured out) and have a good time. Up to each of us if we want to edumacate our sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews as to what the hell is going on. I’m leaning to the not side. Each generation has its challenges, and if these folks are happy otherwise, then let them be? I had 5 wonderful decades blissfully unaware of the moslem vermin roaming the planet and personally appreciate having that time.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro..that is ONE LONG Comment! I do believe Hillary’s ahead in the polls.
    I had to laugh tonight..watched CNN on the pay for play situation…OUTRAGE! UNFAIR TO HILLARY! “NO STORY HERE!”
    Then switching to FOX … “Horrible judgment” etc etc.
    Rick Klein of ABC was about the only truly unbiased and informative panelist….he usually is. I’m sure he’s a left if he’s with ABC so I respect him a LOT.


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