TRUMP is back at it…

…he had some great speeches and really good things happening this past week but he just can’t help himself and he’s saying some pretty ridiculous things again, in my view.   Gad, who cares about Joe Scarborough and that woman on his show with whom he’s apparently now having an affair?  They’re not worth even mentioning, but there’s TRUMP slamming them on Twitter because they insulted him.  He just HAS to get a thicker skin.  And FAST.  Possible?  Not sure.  And now he’s calling for a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR on Hillary for what appears to be “Pay for Play”.   Has that EVER WORKED, folks?  Does Trump care how tired people are of special prosecutors and how it makes Republicans LOOK each time as Hillary gets away with things time after time?

The Republicans and Trump also have to get off the HILLARY’S HEALTH thing…WHO CARES?  America doesn’t care about that!  The evidence is mostly contextual and there’s Rudy Giuliani who’s nearly ruined a great reputation by saying “Just look at the blogs if you want to know about her health!”  REALLY?  REALLY?  Mr. Giuliani, you’d risk your reputation on FreeRepublic and photos that could have been taken of any of us laughing hard or coughing or having tripped and needing help and the camera just happened to be there?  I’ve tripped and gentlemen have helped me …. and I’m not her age and nobody thought my health was questionable!

And what is with BANNON from Breitbart?  One of the ceaseless negative-Trump headlines I saw yesterday said “Republicans don’t like Bannon!”  How many Republicans even know who he is?  But he is  a big fat slob who despises Republicans…. and Trump picks HIM?  Ya, he despises Hillary, and wants her gone, but is Trump that desperate?  Is it really “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” for Trump?  Is that WISE?

In complete and utter frustration, I say that EVERY DAMNED TIME I start to soften on Trump, he says something or does something that’s NUTS and I’m back knowing this country’s doomed no matter WHO wins the election.    Okay, we’re less doomed with Trump,but… gad, some of his recent choices of behavior and people are scary.

Now that I’ve ticked at least one of you off, tell me where I’m wrong……

The Trump campaign is running things WRONG AGAIN after things looked SO much better and I swear I would be surprised if KellyAnne doesn’t quit.  God forbid.  And, by the way:  DON’T GIVE MONEY TO TRUMP,  GIVE MORE MONEY TO THE REPUBLICAN DOWN BALLOT FOLKS…WE MUST KEEP THE SENATE AND  THE HOUSE.…….or we are DONE no matter WHO wins the presidency.

My message to Trump:  listen to Kellyanne Conway…….get rid of Bannon. Stop stupid tweeting, get some classy people in for a change; Listen to your kids, they seem classy.  Take a lesson from them.

AND from ME, Donald 🙂



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37 Responses to TRUMP is back at it…

  1. He needs to get rid of Roger Stone and especially Katrina Pierson…..they make Trump look MENSA….but that’s not a net positive for his campaign.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    I’m not sure Roger Stone has a position on his campaign…he’s now only on CNN standing up only very weakly for him. Sadly, Katrina Pierson has done more harm than good lately; she started out better and can’t handle it as things get more intense.


  3. Here’s my advice for Donald Trump:

    Why waste my breath. Cast not your pearls before swine.
    I hope he is pleasantly surprised and unexpectedly wins this election.


  4. Both political parties are griping about “the alt-Right.” I’m to the point that I am tuning out!


  5. fredd says:

    The late Dizzy Gillespie once famously quipped “you is who you is, and you ain’t who you ain’t.”

    The Donald is who he is. And he ain’t who he ain’t.

    Donald Trump’s skin thickness is measured in microns, not millimeters. Recall his slash and burn response to that liberal pile of feces Rosie O’Donnell a few years back. He could have easily just ignored her and her criticisms of him. But no. He just didn’t have it in him.

    He calls himself a counter puncher. If he succeeds in his presidential ambitions, he will not change to a kinder, gentler Donald. He will very likely appoint a Counter Punch Czar, and maybe even create a Department of Counter Punches.

    Don’t expect a thicker skinned Donald Trump going forward.


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    The split ticket downballot talk is a pipe dream. Trump goes down, he takes the GOP Senate majority with him…

    Giant Meteor 2016


  7. geeez2014 says:

    SF….If as many Trump naysayers vote anyway, not for him but recognizing the importance of the Senate and voting, I think it’s possible……..not probable, but I may spend much of the next 2 months on this blog reminding people of this, tho most of my readers are real Trump fans.

    fredd; if he’d ignore most of the insults like other presidents do, I’d have so much more respect and consider him a more equipped adult. EVERY time I start thinking he’s not sooo bad, he does something of such bad character. He needs therapy.


    AOW…I feel the same as you do…….that GIANT METEOR thing of SF’s is kind of depressing, but rather illustrates my mood about this whole campaign!

    What we’ve learned most is how indelibly in the tank for the left our media is…we all KNEW THAT but it’s made even clearer now……..




  8. Mal says:

    I have to agree with a lot of what is said above. I have no comment other than hoping for the best outcome in November. Warts and all, he is still the only hope we have, and yes, for the first time ever, I have contributed to his campaign……..twice……….’cause I think its that important to the future of our country.


  9. Silverfiddle says:

    Water under the bridge now, but out of all the GOP candidates, only Christie or Rubio could have beaten her.

    A GOP Senate is worthless if Hillary is elected. They will approve her progressive nominees to the Supreme Court, and Obama has already set the precedent of a president ignoring congress and doing what the hell ever he or she wants.

    Face it, George Bush got us far down the road to an imperial presidency, and Barack Obama has put the finishing touches on it. What’s congress gonna do when the Hildabeast swallows whole chunks of the constitution and makes 20 million undocumented Democrat voters citizens, while bringing in a million muslim “refugees” a year? Impeach her? (insert evil cackle here)


  10. SF: I remember reading about how Nixon was taking us to an imperial presidency. 🙂
    And I’ve seen reports that ANY of the others could have beaten Hillary.
    Once again, it was our election to lose, and now we probably are.


  11. Z: only Trump can beat Hillary. Not “anybody”.
    But you know that, I just can’t agree with any Johnson supporter who says “Anybody….”.


  12. Silverfiddle says:

    Ed, Congresses of both parties going back decades share the blame. It just hasn’t been checking presidential power, usually because powerful members don’t want to risk losing their share of the pie. Factions that the founders envisioned competing with and checking one another (execute branch, congress, judiciary, business, the press, etc) are all now in cahoots.


  13. Suck it up, Z. I spent eight years defending Dubya, the inbred Republican moron. You can suck it up for at least that long. 😉


  14. bunkerville says:

    Great analysis and just as I read it. Sometimes I do wonder what he is really up to.. If he has one good day, he has to mix it up with these no bodies.


  15. Sparky says:

    (Giggling at what Vrag said. I know what you mean.) 😉
    Z: I hope this comes across the gentle way I’m saying it. Perhaps we’re having trouble with DJT because he’s, well, a loud mouthed Yankee with a foul mouth. We prefer gentler, kinder means of communication. He is what he is. Let’s look at it this way if I may: Trump doesn’t seem evil, Hillary is. Trump seems to be honest if nothing else, Hillary isn’t. Trump wants to HELP our country, Hillary wants to DESTROY it.
    He has a cruelty about him that comes from years of surviving in the Boardroom. I’m a retired business woman and understand that kind of dealings. Actions from that corner roll off me like water on a duck’s back. And Trump does seem to be evolving into a better person or trying to be. Pence, his running mate, is a true Libertarian. A big plus. Trump is getting advice from people who want to help our country get back on firm footing again. You gotta go with the good stuff and ignore the screw ups (that aren’t wickedness), like I hope my friends do with me. He’s not perfect. He’s not the Messiah, but I think he’s going to give it every effort to help America be great again. Just my opinion.
    Hope that makes sense.


  16. Sparky says:

    Oh, and PS: Always remember Hillary Clinton, et. el. are the enemy. Trump isn’t.
    God bless ya friend.


  17. SF: It’s always amazed me that congress didn’t defend it’s turf.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    SF: I TOTALLY disagree about CHristie, the slimeball mafia jerk. I don’t like him even more than Trump. And I do not believe for a second the whole GOP Senate would approve Hillary’s SCOTUS picks…..a few RHINOs might but not in general…they fended off Garland pretty well. Actually, for a change, I don’t agree with most of your comment!! Kind of unusual !!

    Ed…100% true, except the Nixon part.

    BUnkerville..thanks… I sure don’t like feeling this way, believe me.

    Vrag…ya, Bush v Trump…I see the similarities (not)

    Sparky…you haven’t said anything I haven’t thought, then BAMMMO! Trump lets me down AGAIN….As I said above ….I just start to admire something and he Tweets something SO childish, SO stupid…or he promises the public something SO unattainable and dumb..
    I have ALWAYS ALWAYS Said “I’d vote for a ham sandwich versus Hillary,” Sparky…and I'[ll continue to say that BUT:

    the great thing is I’m in California…and , tho I have MANY MANY very conservative friends and we DO get MUCH MUCH closer than the rest of America thinks in our elections, I don’t have to vote Trump because of the electoral college. Whew! But I WILL VOTE THE DOWN BALLOT STUFF and SO are the folks I know who feel this way.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, re the TURF< I'll kick myself around the block 10 times for not having taken notes for the excellent TownHall Anderson Cooper hosted Paul Ryan on…for an HOUR, taking questions, etc… He so clearly described why certain things sound like they can be done, but it won't work,and how much blow back….I wouldn't even BEGIN to defend him here because I can't remember his points but they were brilliant.
    I am always going to be a Paul Ryan fan……that sixty minutes cemented it for me.


  20. Mal says:

    You nailed it, Sparky. Your description of who Donald is was right on. Ignore his words and look at his accomplishments. Besides, he DID acknowledge he had made some unnecessary comments and regretted doing so. Gotta give him credit for that. Think we’ll ever hear that from Hillary? Nah. I don’t thinks so, either.


  21. Mrs Grundy says:

    Let’s all give a round of applause to Trump and his lost boys… because their Republican fathers long ago have forgotten how to fly!

    *clap* *clap* *clap*


  22. Sparky,
    (Giggling at what Vrag said. I know what you mean.)


    A GOP Senate is worthless if Hillary is elected. They will approve her progressive nominees to the Supreme Court, and Obama has already set the precedent of a president ignoring congress and doing what the hell ever he or she wants.

    I agree!

    So….I’m going to cast my ballot (probably absentee because of my health). Casting my ballot is all I can do — and that’s been true in every election in which I’ve voted. That’s all that ANY of us can do!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    AOW,you’re ‘giggling’ at what Vrag said to me? I feel sorry for those of you forced to vote for a man like this….I’m SO GLAD I have a state where my vote isn’t going to make a difference..but I SURE AS HELL will vote the down-ballot names, TRUST ME! REPUBLICAN!

    If you all think the GOP’s so hot to approve liberal judges, why did they turn down Garland??


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Mrs. Grundy…I had NO idea you were yet another sock puppet….thanks.


  25. Pence, his running mate, is a true Libertarian. A big plus.

    Wait….what? I’d argue that the overwhelming majority of Libertarians would disagree with you. Writ large, we don’t even think the LP VP nominee is much of a Libertarian.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t think Pence looks stoned enough to be a Libertarian! Gad, I saw Johnson the other day on TV and he always seems loaded..wide-eyed…WEIRD>


  27. Fair enough, but not the benchmark I use for public office…..


  28. geeez2014 says:

    CI…how could you turn that around like you did? I’d say MY “benchmark” is not to vote in America for a guy who appears stoned most of the time and, in fact, admits to getting high.
    I know we Americans have stooped low, but this is a new low I’d rather not experience or subject my country to.


  29. Z – What did I turn around? I don’t remember you weighing in on any of Johnson’s policy positions, but plenty on what substance he uses to relax, or how he ‘appears’.


  30. We’re talking personality here. Our country as we’ve known & loved it is hanging by a thread.

    My Facebook friend, Alison Landry, who’s an attorney & brilliant woman posted this today:

    “While Obama is supposed to be making America safer for us all here and abroad, he destroys the economy, incites riots and subverts the rule of law while Clinton empowers terrorists and runs a fraudulent charity as an international conduit for bribery and treason. And I’m supposed to be worried that Trump can be rude and conceited?”

    All this “trumped-up” & feigned outrage being blared from our TVs on every damn news station about what The Donald said about this & that are RIDICULOUS!

    Turn off your damn TVs. Stop listening to this nonsense. Focus on what’s important, which is taking control back from the globalists who have us in their grasp. Trump is the ONLY way out of this trap. Quit listening to the Left’s BS. Don’t give their false narrative ANY validity. They’ve destroyed our way of life & they’re about to succeed in finishing off our nation!!


  31. And I’m supposed to be worried that Trump can be rude and conceited?”

    I agree with this. I give a tinkers damn about Trump abhorrent style. But he has shown a fundamental ignorance toward the basis and practice of Constitutional rights. Our country is hanging by a thread. Both major party candidates will see the destruction of this Republic. Stock up and hunker down.


  32. Ok, one more thing, CI. We don’t KNOW how Trump will govern, he has NEVER held office before. We do know that the man is a roaring Main Street success story. I haven’t heard anything from him that would lead me to believe he would violate our Constitution. The social programs, like Social Security, he says he won’t cut, that he’ll grow the economy to pay for them? In a perfect world we would all undo all of them, BUT that’s a pipe dream. It will take decades to achieve that and with our corrupt media, it’s impossible. Trump is looking at what we can accomplish to restore our country and he’s focusing on that.

    Everyone here at Z’s wonderful blog, it’s time to get full-throatedly behind Donald Trump. This is not about our individual preferences for how we feel a President should communicate. This is about saving our country and we all have a duty to do that.

    Trump is the only way to fend off the globalists who’ve taken worldwide control and are about to dominate everything, which is what the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement & Partnership is all about. There are trillions at stake and American sovereignty will be gone if we elect Hillary because she’s one of them. This is the end game for them taking down America.

    It’s not about our personal sensibilities. This election is about world history and the future of mankind. We just can’t allow the media and the globalists to divert our attention away from the big picture by using their tactics to get under our skin. They’re so damn good at that.

    Trump talks the way he talks, he barks at his detractors, so what? He has big ideas and a massive amount of courage and generosity. He needs our complete loyalty and support. Put aside your own feelings and think about what it means if Hillary wins. It means we’re lost and there’s no coming back.

    Just think of President Trump as Step One. First, we defeat Hillary by electing him. That is an absolute must!


  33. You’re right, we don’t know how he will govern. All we have to go by is what he says. And for me, what he says is just as dangerous as what Clinton says, with regards to the state of the Republic. This isn’t about his personality, it’s about how he says he will govern.

    You’re vote is your choice. But your vote may not necessarily by my choice.


  34. Yes, CI – but Hillary Clinton has a decades long thoroughly corrupt record of not just what she said but WHAT SHE DID. And by the way, she LIES about everything she will do and has done.



  35. geeez2014 says:

    People who don’t care about Trump’s personality are waaaay beyond me. I’m SO SICK of hearing news pundits talking only about WHAT he’s saying and forgetting the WAY he says it, which I find sickening most of the time because they show his personality as so unhealthy, needy, egomaniacal, etc….ugh. I wish civility and dignity weren’t as damned important to me as they are.

    I KNOW WE HAVE TO SUPPORT THE GUY! ANYBODY is better than HIllary…I think we all know that. The problem is that Trump’s not emphasizing that fact, he seems to be going out of his say to show it could be “Anybody but TRUMP is better than Hillary”..That’s not what Republicans expected in a candidate. WHERE IS KELLYANNE??? GET BUSY, KELLYANNE!

    CI…I don’t use pot smoking as a ‘benchmark’….believe me. I use it because I’m so used to the better days when smoking dope was something that just might disqualify a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE…maybe it’s just me. If it is, I’m thrilled to be this way.

    And no, I have never weighed in on Johnson but I will say I don’t dislike his views on war, ISIS, etc…Except the question one must ask Johnson as he says “leave them alone because the more we kill the more MORE will come to fill in that space” (which is true), then “WHAT DO WE DO?” has never been responded to. “LET ISIS GROW AND GROW AS WE REMEMBER KILLING THEM DOESN’T HELP?” nOT SURE THAT’S HELPFUL, Gary.



    I don’t know, from my perspective, there’s something to be said about letting Shi’a and Sunni kill themselves for a generation or so…then deal with whatever’s left.


  37. Mal says:

    WHAT FAIRESTWITNESS SAID. I totally agree. One of my neighbors that had a Hillary get together a couple of months ago, put up a Hillary sign a few days ago. I just responded with a Trump-Pence sign in front of our house, plus put I another one on a vacant house for sale across the street, too, for good measure! I see more and more Trump signs going up, but not Hillary’s. Of course, we live in a Sun City senior community and expect that ’cause we’re suppose to be wiser (?).


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