Trump’s Next Speech written by Z

trump smiling

So, we’re two months from election and I have had ENOUGH.   I am tired of the name calling, which I admittedly have partaken in, I’m tired of one-upmanship, and I’m tired of both sides paying more attention to personality and so little on how we can make America great again.

I want to apologize for my part in the ugliness because this country doesn’t deserve that.  Not having been a politician, I allowed myself to fight back at the career politician who is my candidate, as I have had to in some of my business dealings;  being too tough, formidable, sometimes downright mean.  It’s part of all of our personalities, but there’s a more important part of me which I want to share from now on;

I care about this country. I also understand that this country was built on self-reliance, doing what we could do for HER, not what SHE could do for US, as JFK so wisely said, the same JFK who would have probably been a Republican in comparison with the far Left Democrats have now become, by the way.

Unlike I have been portrayed, I want to welcome immigrants who entered America like your grandparents and mine did years ago, with eagerness to be part of the American dream, taking one of the plentiful jobs, being trained in excellent public schools, enjoying all the goodness that hard work can produce and hoping their children would follow that same path.   Is it too much to ask that of immigrants coming in now?  Is it too much to remind folks that a sanctuary city is breaking the law and putting our country last while it even welcomes some who mean harm to the American way, indeed, even the American economy and safety?

I could go down the list of subjects the presidential candidate must address, I don’t mean to concentrate here only on immigration, and I will be better describing other points of my platform soon but first,  let it suffice for me to say today that I would like my fellow Americans to listen closely to me from now on, closer than ever.  Listen to how I lay out my plans for them and our country, forget what even I might call my blustering and unkindnesses of past campaigning….this is the Donald J. Trump I want Americans to know…this isn’t a new Trump, but it’s the better Trump, the more real Trump, and it’s the large part of Trump which I’d like you to know, the Trump who will be an excellent president to all of you.

Thank you for your support….I can’t tell you how humbling it is to stand before America and hear the cheers and accolades of those who appreciate and like my message.  By the way, you will like it more starting NOW.

I will spend the next 70 days or so getting my message to more people, not just the base I am so grateful for, but to all Americans.   Together we will echo our country’s earliest days, the dreams and ethics of our founding fathers, the Constitution and how important it is we continue to teach it…yes, we will remind America of how we can hold onto those great words of our founding fathers even now and continue to build on what they started, all of us proud to be part of this great country.

I know it’s risky for a candidate to ever apologize or even suggest he or she wasn’t prepared or didn’t know something, or acted poorly, or (God forbid!) flip-flopped, as the media loves to say,  but that’s only media hype and biased hubris…Ask yourselves why apologies aren’t as honored in this position as they are in your home or workplace situations!  We all learn, we all grow…I am pleased to announce that I will now take you on a path that will show what I’d like to do, and ask that you pay close attention to me, and less on the media, less on Mrs. Clinton, less on the naysayers….America needs our help and it’s going to take everything we’ve got.   I’m ready to face that and hope you continue to respect and choose to honor the platform I and my excellent advisers have planned.

By the way….one thing I’ve thought of recently, and I plan to implement after elected, is citizen groups coming to the White House so I can hear, first hand, what’s going on in your communities.  Not the mayors and congresspeople, but citizens in your towns coming to talk.  I need to hear you if I’m going to help you.  I’m going to want to hear from America’s people, not its politicians.

(Trump now smiles at group in the way he only does to people he spots in the crowd who he knows…and he has a wonderful smile…why not use it?)

God bless you all.  (and I will not use the word ‘disaster’ anymore)  (I promise).

Z: SO…what do you all think?  How do you think this would go over?

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29 Responses to Trump’s Next Speech written by Z

  1. Heck, if he sounded like that from the beginning, I’m might be on the Trump bandwagon today. As it is, he’d not only NOT utter those words, but if he did, he’d troll some tweet that says the opposite of the above, and then deny he said either.

    I feel sort of sorry for his team. Getting Trump to be rational and consistent is like chasing a fart in a whirlwind.


  2. Very well written.
    It would be refreshing.
    I could become engaged in the Trump campaign, instead of just voting for him, and I’m sure others would do the same.
    I also agree with CI.


  3. G_d forbid that Trump should ever make that speech and allow politics to return to it’s ingenuous and utterly PC “virtue signalling” past.


  4. Silverfiddle says:

    Brilliant–if he followed through and ditched the childish, petulant behavior, this speech would cinch it for him. The Trump campaign needs to hire you immediately.


  5. Kid says:

    That’s a great speech but we’ll never hear him give it.


  6. I’ve given up on trying to predict what Trump will next say or not say.

    Frankly, the past several days, when I’ve again been having health issues, I’ve tuned out to following the news. I have something better to do! Besides, I’ve already decided how to vote on November 8th.

    That above said, I want him to strike a balance between a Strong Man and a Care Bear. Ronald Reagan knew how to do that.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    CI’ “feel sort of sorry for his team. Getting Trump to be rational and consistent is like chasing a fart in a whirlwind.” No kidding!

    Ed….we can dream , right?

    Vrag, No, one needs not be a blustering MORON to be tough enough for the times we’re facing. Nowhere do I have him saying he’s backing down, not putting America first….Apologies don’t have to be for the CONTENT but for his style? Do you understand he is letting US ALL DOWN by his actions? He HAS his base, he WILL NOT WIN WITH ONLY A BASE and he is NOT turning others into Trump voters. This election is NOT ABOUT HIM, it’s about US and AMERICA versus HILLARY CLINTON.
    What’s PC about this speech? Being adult and mature? I don’t think so.

    Silverfiddle…thanks. I wish… All he has to DO is STOP THE CHILDISHNESS

    Kid…no, never.

    AOW, sorry about the health issues!! Yes, Reagan knew how…Trump simply can’t let down his ego. He just CAN’T.

    SOmetimes he’ll smile at someone in the audience, clearly someone he knows, and it’s such a warm, friendly smile. I have NEVER seen him make that directly into a camera….he just doesn’t know he comes off as badly as he does because he actually BELIEVES those crowds in the audience stand for America…and their numbers are infinitesimal compared to over 300 million of us! He just can’t get that


  8. geeez2014 says:

    I just saw that there’s a TOP HEADLINE BILLING today which says “RNC CHAIR: ‘I don’t speak for Trump'” As if that’s a negative? What Party chair speaks FOR its candidate? yet, the article’s headline, which most people stop reading after, insinuates that’s a problem, as did that dope Chuck Todd in his utterly and shamelessly biased interview.
    It would be a total MIRACLE if Trump won considering the massive hate-Trump campaign by nearly every well read news venue in the country.


  9. Mal says:

    But it wouldn’t be Trump! Don’t you see? It wouldn’t be him, but someone else. BORING. Z, why do you think he appealed to so many, esp. the media? And all the free media attention?


  10. Mal says:

    But a good speech…..if it were someone else.


  11. jean worland says:

    Brilliant speech on behalf of the Donald, Zabelle. Would that he actually did give such a speech!


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, and why do you think he’s not going to get votes other than his base and lose US the election? Do you know how a speech like this would SHUT THE MEDIA UP….they wouldn’t be able to take it. What’s ‘boring’ about that speech, by the way?

    This isn’t milquetoast…this is just a normal, effective, tough, and kind man running for president.

    Jean, thanks! I agree…..I truly believe Trump thinks those adoring fans in his audiences make up most of America!

    “I plan to implement after elected, is citizen groups coming to the White House so I can hear, first hand, what’s going on in your communities. Not the mayors and congresspeople, but citizens in your towns coming to talk. I need to hear you if I’m going to help you. I’m going to want to hear from America’s people, not its politicians.”


  13. Mal says:

    Now that he has everyone’s attention……and the nomination,… might be a good way to go and probably get him more votes…..even enough to get him elected. I agree.


  14. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: Of course the entire Infotainment-Media Complex is pro-Hillary and doing everything they can to kill Trump’s chances (with ample help from El Donaldo himself).

    Politico ran a story about the Clinton Foundation, and every major media outlet has contributed money to Bill and Hillary’s global slush fund.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, Exactly! I was thinking the same thing….people know who he is…now they have to FORGET that (smile) and hear a sane, smart , good man!

    SF….It’s amazing, isn’t it. Even that Epipen scandal thing’s company donated BIG to the Clinton Fdnt.

    ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? My friend who worked for Reagan emailed asking if she ‘could’ send this to one of Trump’s policy advisors! I don’t want to say which one but….He’s BIG!! HA!!!!! Needless to say, I emailed back “YOU BET!”
    COOl, huh?

    I know nothing’ll happen from it, but it’s fun to think SOMEONE on the Trump Team’s read it!!!!


  16. Imp says:

    How about a post / story one day without bashing Trump….but concentrating on his competitor and the outright flagrant lies and corruption we see every day?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…this man has MY FUTURE in his hands and he’s letting my future drip through his hands….we all know how bad Hillary is…nobody needs more of it here.

    Also, I don’t see how my ‘speech’ is Trump bashing..If you only knew how many of the friends I emailed my speech to wrote back “I WISH HE’D DO THIS”…..he’s losing votes by the second….and that’s MY FUTURE being given to Hillary’s thieving corruption.

    My job now is to remind people who are staying home because they can’t vote for Trump (and they are legend in numbers, even from MY experience personally) to VOTE THE DOWN BALLOT REPUBLICANS IN……..THAT is the MOST IMPORTANT THING.


  18. Kid says:

    Z, the republicans haven’t stopped anything obama wanted to do, why would they stop anything clinton wanted to do? clinton Supreme Court means the American experiment is over. Not that I’d ever vote for a democrat for any position.


  19. Imp says:

    @Z…I never mentioned the speech, did I? It’s just something ( the bashing ) that happens day in and day out….we have a special need to shoot ourselves in the foot. Whereas I believe if that Bag of lies gets into the WH….Our lives…here…we cons….will never see this country as we knew it again. Never. This is a game changer that will be forever.


  20. Imp says:

    @Kid…they never stopped Obozo cause that would be racisssss… with Hil_liar it’s be…..”anti woman” or misogyny.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Kid,I know…that’s true, though I wish we all knew the behind the scenes work the GOP does do in negotiations, etc. We’re so pure and think “Ryan didn’t stop that bill,l he’s a RINO”…ridiculous…there are deals probably far worse that I have read and heard from talk radio people I respect which could have happened and didn’t….we can’t know, sadly.

    Imp…I get that…nobody gets it more than I do….Yes, it’s forever, so we NEED Trump to STOP playing to the base….the base isn’t big enough to get him elected then we’re stuck with HER.
    I don’t think you’re right about the misogyny thing….I think Clinton is such a hardened political b*** , worse than “one of the guys’, that her being a woman won’t play like Obama’s half-Black somehow managed to do. Anyway, I hope not


  22. geeez2014 says:

    More bad Trump news….I have a friend who’s best friend is married to a VERY top level guy up near Trump… I can’t say who because she’s confided in me but suffice it to say she emailed me just now that “Trump listens to NOBODY and it’s frustrating everyone..”


  23. Once again.
    How was a Republican House supposed to stop a Democrat president and a Democrat Senate leader who never allowed a vote on a budget (or any Republican legislation) forcing continuing resolutions?
    Or a current Senate in which the Republican leadership is still blocked by the number of Democrat senators denying cloture or passage?
    The system is broken. But I cannot offhand blame the entire Republican Party.
    The Democrats broke the system.


  24. Mrs Grundy says:

    Your speech is like a bottle of perfume in the middle of a poo flinging contest. 😉


  25. Mrs Grundy says:

    btw – How’d THAT “Mr Blue Skies” approach work out for your boy last time?


  26. Mrs Grundy says:

    This is where the campaign goes from here. It’s ALL negative.


  27. Baysider says:

    that IS bad news, Z. A good executive culls through a lot of viewpoints quickly. You don’t need 10 opinions on the subject, but you need reality checks. Distressing.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Mrs. Grundy, those ads work well, too……then everybody starts with “I can’t take the negative campaign ads anymore”….
    Who’s “my boy?” I can’t STAND Trump.

    Baysider, it truly IS bad news…what’s the difference of Trump not taking good Advice and Obama firing Generals?


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