Medical Insurance and US

I just hung up the phone with a friend whose sister is ill….with no diagnosis and, apparently, little hope of a diagnosis or significant pain control or other help…negligent help all because she had to resort to Medical and the doctors just throw her around from one specialist to another like a badly played volleyball game….out of bounds, into a player’s face, over the line.  She tells me her sister waits a month for an MRI, then waits 2 weeks to get it read, then another 4 weeks to get  into the doctor, then that doctor she waited 4 weeks for tells her she has to see another specialist whose office tells her he’s booked for the next 3 weeks…etc., etc.,

This friend’s sister, I’ll call her Molly, is basically undiagnosed now for six months.  She is in incredible pain and she has unexplained symptoms which are worrying her and her family..  Molly hasn’t worked for a while and had to resort, finally, to Medical for health insurance.

A friend of some means finally offered to pay for her to get some help , out of his pocket, when she had to go to the ER today.  Instead of the government being grateful they wouldn’t have to pay for Molly, the hospital warned her “If you are paying out of pocket on this, you’ll lose your Medical.”   Molly’s on her way to a hospital in downtown L.A. which does take Medical, meaning she’ll be with Bowery bums, other homeless, illegals, etc., etc, etc.  So, wait…if you CAN pay for some hospital work, you’re knocked off the poverty lists, is that right?   AND, if she can pony up private health insurance, so she can get some meaningful HELP, out of the disability money she’s just started getting, they’re thinking she’d then lose her disability!

I’m speechless.  Do you have stories like this?   Are we NUTS?


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8 Responses to Medical Insurance and US

  1. It’s intentional maltreatment, Z. ObamaCare was designed to fail – let me repeat that – IT WAS DESIGNED TO FAIL. Those who wrote this legislation, think Jonathan Gruber, want to take over the private healthcare industry in its entirety. Hospitals, doctors, clinics, health insurance – they want a single payer system. They’re dictators who want to control the whole thing so they can decide who lives and who dies, who is worthy of saving and who is dead weight.

    What your friend’s sister is experiencing is what President Obama has referred to as “messiness.” Change is messy. He doesn’t care about the millions of human beings suffering as long as that leads to the ultimate goal of control. He has no compassion for his own citizens. It’s despicable to have a President and government bureaucracy that disdains Americans.

    We have got to get rid of these vermin.


  2. Kid says:

    obamacare. Saw it coming 2 miles away.


  3. Kid says:

    FW, Exactly, obamacare’s sole intention was to take all that health insurance money and re-route it through DC, so they could spend it on other things. Did they do it because they and to? (meaning prior spending kicked the can beyond the end of the road and the country can’t fund any of its liabilities? [other than free everything for the losers]) Or maybe the baby boomers are about to bankrupt SS post haste and they need a way to deny health care and kill many of them off through attrition.
    Anyone who thinks the government cares whether any of us lives or dies needs to think again.

    But yeas, it was all about the money 1st off and probably more control over the population too as a 2nd.


  4. Kid says:

    ..because they Had to…


  5. geeez2014 says:

    I fully agree with you both………….”make it so bad they will be screaming for Single Payer”….sickening.


  6. Mal says:

    All the above. So designed to cover their intent from the majority and it’s working. The Hillary supporters still believe all they are being told by this administration without thinking or checking for themselves. You can’t reason with them. Period! It’s all still Bush’s fault, don”tcha know?


  7. Baysider says:

    Ditto all – and grieve for your friend.

    Several years ago Medicare changes caused doctors to REFUSE to see patients if they were on it. NOT as a Medicare patient but as a separate private pay. And that was key! This was a supposed “oops” in a new law that was hastily withdrawn because it cut many patients off from doctors. My mom was one so I learned the details but have long forgotten. I posit it’s the same beast at work wanting to force all into govt pay. I


  8. geeez2014 says:



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