Greta Van Susteren leaving FOX

Just heard THE NEWS……….  Found this interesting:

I found this fascinating : “According to a source familiar with the process, Van Susteren asked to renegotiate her contract after Roger Ailes resigned under pressure as Fox News chairman following a sexual harassment lawsuit. Van Susteren is one of a number of key Fox personnel whose contract included a “key man” clause allowing her to leave if Ailes departed.”  OR do they think that little of Rupert Murdock and his sons and put that in contracts in case Ailes left?

Did so many think so highly of Ailes at FOX?  We know he’s a marketing/news genius for years, but this is really proof of loyalty to him.   By the way, he could very well be a lech and there’s apparently enough proof to show something very wrong was occurring with women at FOX but I also think that, these days, all a man has to say is “You look GREAT in that dress!” and there’s a sexual harassment suit.  Am NOT sticking up for Ailes as I can’t know the truth, but…..

The grand news is that Britt Hume will be stepping in for Greta throughout the election… I like him.  Do you?


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11 Responses to Greta Van Susteren leaving FOX

  1. bocopro says:

    One day some years ago after I retired from the Navy, I went thru the back gate of a military installation near my house to get some papers signed by a Navy lawyer. Unsure of the location of the office I needed to visit, I asked the gate guard for directions.

    The guard was a young enlisted woman with the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. As she bent over to speak to me in response to my question, the morning sun hit those eyes and I involuntarily blurted out, “Man, what beautiful green eyes!”

    She gave me the information I needed and I drove off. About 10 days later I got a letter from the Command Master Chief informing me that a sexual harassment had been registered against me for my “unsolicited sexual attention” by remarking about her eyes.

    And, yes . . . I have high regard for Hume. But I can take him only in short bursts, two or three minutes, no more than once or twice a week. Ditto for Krauthammer. Right on the edge of smug sometimes. Credible, tho, and generally spot on.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro,…I TOTALLY get what you mean about Hume…his gift is he doesn’t speak so long as to hog an excellent panel……..a good thing! Krauthammer, too. And his continuous anti-Trump harangue is warranted but not smart when we’re trying to bring HIllary down.

    “what beautiful green eyes” was sexual harassment, huh? what a very sad world we live in. What ever happened to the sexual harassment?


  3. geeez2014 says:

    WOZIR! BIG headling, the PICTURE HEADLINE on Yahoo’s homepage is this GRETA LEAVING FOX news….those folks at Yahoo crack me UP! ANYTHING that can remotely smack negative about FOX or any Republican ANYTHING gets HUUUGE headlines…. every single time! Seems rather inconsequential in the scheme of things that Greta’s’s not like Yahoo quoted from her, etc.,.? BUT this is a homepage which has 12 yr old murder stories up at the top of their headlines, too….


  4. bocopro says:

    I ignored the Master Chief’s letter asking for a response and called him on the phone. Told him exactly what had happened as I recalled it; he said her version was different, but essentially the same.

    So I asked what the problem was and what could result from it. He said that if she made no follow-up, it would eventually be dropped, but that the complaint would remain on file and if I got other infractions, I could lose my on-base driving privileges.

    Not long after that the back gate was permanently closed and most of the security details were replaced by contract civilians who couldn’t care less what you say, just don’t hold up traffic in doing it.

    It ain’t the same Navy I joined back in ’59.


  5. edbonderenka says:

    My DVR is set for The Five (which I never replay for lack of time), Bret Baier (which I make time for), and O’Reilly which I may or may not watch. But often I would watch something on Greta and wonder why I never made it a point to watch (DVR).
    She’s a Scientologist who gave a lot of positive press to things Christian (Franklin Graham in particular), so I always wondered about her.
    I don’t understand why Greta thinks she’ll get as good a gig as she has now, elsewhere.
    Or why she feels she has to leave because Ailes is.
    Brit and Kraut are the guys as far as I’m concerned.


  6. edbonderenka says:

    Bocopro’s comment reminds me of an incident in my squadron.
    I came back from leave to find that our new captain was a she.
    A she was beautiful, Petite, cute and not overtly sexy.
    I wrote about her on the bathroom wall, a long description of my first sight of her.
    Later I continued my paen to her on the next wall, then the next and finally the last over a period of weeks.
    Nothing distasteful or crude, but really quite romantic, and overblown.
    She was cute, but it was more a writing exercise for me and it was done tongue in cheek.

    I think she found out about it, but never said anything.
    She was living with another officer.
    We got along well professionally, she valued my opinion.
    When I rotated out of the squadron I went in to her office to say goodbye.
    In front of everyone, she walked up to me, stood on her toes and kissed my cheek.
    I am still amazed to this day.


  7. Mal says:

    We usually watch them all…….Greta, Bill, Megan Kelly, and Sean. I like Charles K. & Britt Hume, also. My biggest complaint, which I’ve mentioned before, is when they invite a guest with an opposing view but cut them off when asked a question. VERY rude! You can see the look of frustration on their face.


  8. Sparky says:

    I don’t know why, but never could warm up to Greta, so no loss there for me. I do enjoy Britt Hume, could listen to him for hours, and look forward to his show. I wish Tony Snow was still alive. Wouldn’t he have some comments for this election!? I miss him.


  9. Baysider says:

    I watch none of them. But I sure enjoyed bocopro’s and Ed’s stories!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…right, and NOTHING is the same (or as good), in my opinion!

    Ed!! you wrote on THE BATHROOM WALL about your female captain!? Imagine if you did that TODAY!? Very sweet that she kissed your cheek. I love memorable moments…in fact, that gives me an idea for a blog post!
    Re Greta, we’ll never know the REAL story of why she left….but I do imagine Ailes ran it like a family…and I do NOT imagine the Murdocks are. There was apparently a lot of friction between Ailes and the Murdock sons who are more lib and in charge now, which , of course, threatens the very existence of our country, in a way….

    Sparky, I’m with you on Greta….almost never watched her…she seemed dead dull to me.
    I did, however, watch her enough to see a decided switch from more left-leaning to more right-leaning.
    And SOMEDAY soon you’ll let me know if you ever saw my comments to you elsewhere on my blog about the wedding couple who washed each others’ feet at their wedding!…


  11. Sparky says:

    @Z ~ Did I miss something!? Sorry ’bout dat. I do try to check after leaving a comment because WP will not send me notifications. I click “Notify me of new comments …” but it doesn’t work. This really is a poorly run blog site it’s just better than Blogger and that’s saying something. *lol* Send me a link via e-mail and I’ll read it. Hope your day is blessed.


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