Neck and Neck……Trump v Clinton


SO tell us what you THINK OF THIS….the fact that Trump and Clinton are now, supposedly, “neck and neck”…

If we can believe polls, what do you think is the cause of this?   Is it Clinton finally getting her just rewards by people knowing what she’s really been up to?  Is it Trump’s visit to Mexico or Louisiana?  There are many scenarios which can cause this, what do you think weighs heaviest in the new tight polling?


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40 Responses to Neck and Neck……Trump v Clinton

  1. bocopro says:

    Heaviest weight: voter ignorance
    Close second: voter apathy
    Tied for second: wording of the questions


  2. E-mails/Corruption/Lies
    Some people will only take so much.
    But the Electoral College is not moved by close polling.


  3. Ed,
    Good point about the Electoral College.


  4. Angel says:

    we are in deep trouble Z..keep praying my friend..xoxoxoxox


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    Trump hasn’t said or done anything stupid since his very presidential visits to Louisiana and Mexico, so the press in its boredom is turning to Hillary’s smoking dungpile of lies, scandals, barely-concealed criminal activity and the Establishment’s kid gloves treatment of her.

    If Trump can keep from saying, doing and tweeting stupid stuff, he can win.

    Ed makes a good point with the Electoral College, but Nate Silver and other data people and political analysts tell us that as the overall polling goes, so goes the battleground states.


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    Hillary has a better ground game and turn out the vote operation than Trump, according to the pundits (and they’re probably right), but Hellary’s choleric, scolding personality, her reputation as a liar and a sneak, and her scandals are all working against her. Half the country doesn’t like her and 2/3 don’t trust her.

    Here is what I said at AOW’s, with apologies for the cut-and-paste:

    Hellary is a horrible campaigner, her political instincts are not good, a majority of people don’t like her or trust her. The pundits say she’s gotten to where she is by sheer will, hard work and an unquenchable lust for power.

    Did you see the video of her on her new plane–Hell Farce 666 or whatever they’re calling it–waddling back to the press corral and granting the little lapdog sycophants an audience?

    It made even me feel a twinge of sympathy for her. She tries to be so natural and full of affection and bonhomie, but it just looks so transparently fake. And who knows? She may have been trying to be sincere, but that cawing voice, the Charles Manson stare and her odd gestures, like she’s trying to crawl out of her own skin… She just doesn’t come across well…


  7. Kid says:

    It was my email to Trump telling him to cool it.

    I also think people are getting more info about the beast that simply didn’t know much, so yea – voter ignorance.


  8. bocopro says:

    SF — one of my recent blurbs mirrorswhat you say about HRC’s personableness. I didn’t info you on it, but here ’tis (slightly truncated):

    For Hillary so loved herself that she gave unending speeches, that whosoever listeneth to her should pay, and give her everlasting wealth.

    And then did Hillary lift up her hand, and point with her finger, and say unto them, “O, thou of little faith, wherefore dost thou doubt?” And when they were come into the booth, the doubt ceased and her words “It’s my turn!” rang in their ears.

    Man, I gotta tell ya, if I were advising Clinton, my advice would be simple:

    Look, you shameless, greedy, evil witch – you have this election in the bag. The only way you can lose it now is by answering legitimate questions from legitimate journalists about your damned e-mails, your health, your nebulous plans, and your “foundation.”

    So here’s what you do: shut the hell up. Get some left-wing genuflector to come in and interview you, but we pre-screen all the questions and you memorize the answers we come up with for them. No unscripted remarks. None.

    We’ll have somebody really credible to the base make a blanket announcement, somebody like Gropey Joe or Christiane Amanpour or, even better, Jon Stewart, saying that you’re not going to validate Trump by engaging in dualing news conferences with him and will make your positions and your strengths crystal clear during the debates. We can rope-a-dope this thing out for the next 60 days.

    Just let Trump go be Trump, shooting off his mouth and blowing away his own toes and offending various groups of people in the act, while we continue our ad campaign attacking his weak points. We have more than enough money to out-air him, and you’re just not very good at talking with folks. Every time you go out and actively campaign, your numbers go down.

    Next, set up some air time with somebody like Anderson Cooper or Matt Lauer or Diane Sawyer – hell, all three of them if we can swing it, and keep what you’re going to say a secret until you’re on the air, then announce that The Clinton Foundation is giving all its funds to whatever – cancer research, AIDS clinics, Wounded Warriors – and shutting down immediately.

    Then go play Granny or something. Stay away from microphones and cameras. Remember, it’s better to shut the hell up and be thought a fool than to go Trumping around and eliminate all doubt. Let us take care of energizing voters and attacking Trump. The GOP is in complete disarray, and we’ve got the 270 in the bag if you don’t blow it.

    Now, Begone! Go away ‘til we call you.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro “wording of questions,’ reminded me of the DEBATES. That will be the huge decider and I don’t see Trump doing well AT ALL. It’ll be Trump’s lousy grasp of the issues and his temperament which could come unglued if Hillary insults him enough (and she WILL), versus Hillary’s good grasp of the issues (tho wrong on them all) and the shrill, unpleasant, smarmy self she usually presents…….I KNOW for certain that HE will fold quicker than she if the attacks start; she’s used to it, he’s so thin skinned he’ll show parts of himself no American wants to see.

    Angel, yes we are, my friend.

    AOW….the only reason I may not vote for Trump (strictly on my own conscience, BELIEVE ME I’ll do ANYTHING to keep Hillary out) is the California electoral college….it beats ME every time.

    Silverfiddle “If Trump can keep from saying, doing and tweeting stupid stuff, he can win.” Exactly… “HELL FARCE 666” TOOOO GOOOD!!!
    I am SO TIRED of hearing “She’s worked so hard…” as if THAT is the criterion for the presidency? Many mostly leftwing pundits say that, there’s even a TV ad that suggests that, and it’s SO WRONG.
    Do you think it’s correct to suggest this is like when a mediocre soldier is captured and treated horribly in war and people say HE DESERVES A MEDAL, LOOK WHAT HE WENT THROUGH. ?
    I almost twinge for her in discomfort at HER discomfort, the WIDE eyed scared look and the very deep voice….ugh.

    CI, that’s why I published this one….to show some polls are leaning toward Trump unlike many of the others recently, which astonishes me. And I think it’s worth the question of what’s causing this HUGE tightening since a couple of weeks ago.
    Silverfiddle’s right; Trump hasn’t done or said anything too objectionable, for a change, and so it’s worth conjecturing “Could his lead even widen should he show some class and knowledge?” I think so. But it probably won’t happen

    Kid, no, it was my Trump Speech, remember!? HA!! !! (It was sent to his top political advisor by a mutual friend of ours who worked with Reagan….but I DOUBT Trump actually saw it!! OR YOURS! (that cracked me up, Kid!)
    Voter ignorance….people might just be finally realizing “That woman is a B***!”


  10. I like SF’s analysis.
    If Trump can keep from saying, doing and tweeting stupid stuff, he can win.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    THen I go from this blog to the TV ad where Trump says “I think I’ve had great sacrifices…like building big buildings” and I think “WHAAAAT?” Or when he says, in a crowd filled with women and kids “I’d bomb the F*** out of ’em” (whose sentiment I agree with but not his language in that public a forum) or “I know more than the generals about ISIS” and I want to just go live on a farm with no TV or social media and bake pies for a living or something! 🙂

    I WONDER if those really nasty anti-Trump ads (with HIM supplying the incriminating dialogue, by the way) are becoming less effective because people are seeing WHO SHE IS??


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I TOTALLY agree with SF, as I said in my comment. I agree with you in seeing SF’s point; do you think Trump CAN??
    I LOVE “Hell Farce 666”. that is FABULOUS!!!


  13. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: It’s a play on the name of her new plane, which I think is Hill Force 1, or something like that.

    I think they should simply call it “the broomstick”


  14. Silverfiddle says:

    Ed, thanks. I do agree with you and CI that it’s all in the battleground states. A lot of this throwing poll results out is to create the horse race and keep everybody turned in and clicking web pages. If the battleground state polling doesn’t track national polling, then its all garbage and Hillary’s broomstick is on autopilot to her enthronement in the District of Criminals.

    Z also brings up an excellent observation: Hillary will crush Trump in the debates. They are boring set-pieces graded by the press. Hillary won’t have to move around or try to go against character and look like a human being who cares about people.

    She wins by being boring, spouting facts and throwing out anecdotes about chatting with the King of Morocco and planning strategy in the Oval Office with the President.


  15. Imp says:

    This leads me to believe that our military would loathe taking orders from the flying broom:

    Some 88 retired U.S. generals and admirals are endorsing Donald Trump in an open letter, saying they support the Republican nominee and “his commitment to rebuild our military, to secure our borders, to defeat our Islamic supremacist adversaries and restore law and order domestically.”

    “Hillary Clinton has made clear she is running as a staunch defender of the status quo when it comes to the issues facing our military, and she has shown through her foreign policy decisions and her mishandling of classified information that she lacks the judgment to do the job,” Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn added in the press release. “Mr.Trump’s deep and growing support in the military community and his thoughtful proposals show he’s the right person to lead our men and women in uniform.”



  16. Imp – According to Trump’s statements, the military will have no choice but to obey him, illegal orders or not.


  17. Imp says:

    CI…well they do with Obama…and look where that’s gotten us in the world…ISIS the JV Team?


  18. Sparky says:

    I’m in agreement with SF also but I think there’s a good chance that The Donald will win. He sure is popular in the South (except ‘South’ Florida which is actually NYC). And I also like the “Hell Farce 666”. Very fitting. It also fits anywhere DingleBarry goes since he’s channeling his father of all lies. *wink* These people need to get saved!


  19. Imp says:

    @Sparky…you’re right. South FlaDuh is Tel Aviv west. Like Little Havana? Little Knesset rules there. Like I said before….just as tribal as any other identity dopes.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    SF! “It’s a play on the name of her new plane,” I didn’t think that WAS the name…I just loved your play on it…it’s perfect for her.

    Imp: You’re absolutely right about the military….Gad, to think how much Obama did….mostly in destroying the morale of military……MANY Republican military bigwigs are apparently going Hillary’s way, but there are too many generals I’ve personally heard make sense who wouldn’t back her if their lives depended on it, particularly with the dismissal of some due to not agreeing with Obama.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky! Could you tell me if you saw in any of the comments I’ve made to you personally in other blog comments here at my site about the foot washing post you did Sunday?


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Assange says a new dump of information, coming soon, will include both parties.
    I’d be hypocritical to say I’m thrilled about Hillary’s dumps (so to speak!) making her look bad and ‘hoorah for Assange’ but worried about Republican info dumps…..
    The thought that a creep like this is even doing this is unsettling and, I think, ought to be to many Americans………

    Is someone out there reading ALL governmental classified emails? How safe are we with that happening?


  23. Imp says:

    @Z..”if their lives depended on it..” And that’s a question I think they’ve answered. Would they be convinced she has their back…or would they trust her in combat alongside them or in a foxhole with them? She’s already shown she’s nothing more than an observer judging by her scandalous and cowardly inaction in Benghazi.


  24. Mal says:

    I believe she is failing due to all the above, plus the constant question of her health. That keeps nagging her and she can’t control it like all the other stuff she does. I saw an article a little while ago questioning if she might have Parkinson’s disease. Hmmm. Something is definitely going on and they are trying hard to cover it.


  25. Kid says:

    Z, re: Assange – I’m not in favor of security info getting out but I’d love to see all the dirt on the politicians. I think that would do this country a world of good.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    yes, to the comments above…. Except, Kid, the problem is the Dems’ll come up standing and the Reps’ll, as always, shoot themselves in the foot and not recover from gossip.

    SOOO…it looks like the Greta Van S story is uglier than first reported…and it adds steam, apparently, to a Megyn Kelly departure.

    Perhaps the more liberal Murdoch boys’ll have their way and the only Conservative venue on TV will be…um………….what?


  27. Mal says:

    My state of Nevada is one of the swing states and from what I’ve been seeing, its all Trump. I simply haven’t seen more than one Hillary sign and its across the street from me! All I see are Trump signs. I’m thinkin’ a lot of her earlier supporters have jumped ship…………’ya suppose?


  28. Imp says:


    But that doesn’t stop the Republican refrain: more, more, more! No matter how many elections they lose, how many districts tip forever blue, how rarely (if ever) their immigrant vote cracks 40%, the answer is always the same. Just like Angela Merkel after yet another rape, shooting, bombing, or machete attack. More, more, more!

    This is insane. This is the mark of a party, a society, a country, a people, a civilization that wants to die. Trump, alone among candidates for high office in this or in the last seven (at least) cycles, has stood up to say: I want to live. I want my party to live. I want my country to live. I want my people to live. I want to end the insanity.

    Yes, Trump is worse than imperfect. So what? We can lament until we choke the lack of a great statesman to address the fundamental issues of our time–or, more importantly, to connect them. Since Pat Buchanan’s three failures, occasionally a candidate arose who saw one piece: Dick Gephardt on trade, Ron Paul on war, Tom Tancredo on immigration. Yet, among recent political figures–great statesmen, dangerous demagogues, and mewling gnats alike–only Trump-the-alleged-buffoon not merely saw all three and their essential connectivity,but was able to win on them. The alleged buffoon is thus more prudent–more practically wise–than all of our wise-and-good who so bitterly oppose him. This should embarrass them. That their failures instead embolden them is only further proof of their foolishness and hubris.


  29. Imp says:

    The election of 2016 is a test– the final test–of whether there is any virtù left in what used to be the core of the American nation. If they cannot rouse themselves simply to vote for the first candidate in a generation who pledges to advance their interests, and to vote against the one who openly boasts that she will do the opposite (a million more Syrians, anyone?), then they are doomed. They may not deserve the fate that will befall them, but they will suffer it regardless.


  30. Kid says:

    Ok, I just wrote what IMP said in the last 2 comments on the blackbopard 100 times, and now I’m trying to get people to read it.

    @MAL – Thanks for reminding me. I live in the dysfunctional state of Ohio, and I believe I’ve only seen one hilrod bumper sticker nad it was a while ago. I have seen and still do – Many obama stickers. A ray of hope in another swing state.

    @Z, I’m never wrong you know but I respect your opinion but of course Mademoiselle. 🙂


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…I don’t disagree with you….I just wish the Republicans would get off as easy as the Dems would if Assange really started slinging it both ways.

    ALL: I’m really surprised to hear there aren’t too many Hillary bumper stickers. I realized, also, that I haven’t seen many here in L.A., either…but yes, still some OBAMA/BIDEN ones, to which I SCOWL and HOPE that the driver’s looking in his rear view mirror 🙂

    Imp; I want VERY BADLY what YOU want and articulated so well…and I WOULD vote for Trump if I HAD to (living in CA, I don’t), but isn’t it okay to say I WISH HE WAS A BETTER MAN? IN ALMOST EVERY WAY??


  32. Imp says:

    @Z…when was the last time any of us…had a better man in every way? Not since Eisenhower. Trump is a very uncommon man for the common among us. Who is perfect? Who possesses all that we want? If that person had those abilities and gifts….we’d have a new religious figure to worship. Hil-liar is a clear and present danger to this Republic. She should….with each release of her lying filth…be in prison. Anyone one of us that did what she has done and lied about…would be. And this will not stop if she’s in thew WH….she will never change. if anything…it’ll get worse and I see her being impeached in her first 100 days.


  33. Imp says:

    And even Eisenhower had some some ghosts in his closet too.


  34. Imp says:

    We’re dealing with humans here. Very naturally flawed humans.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; How do I say this? TRUMP DISGUSTS ME. Okay? I totally get that you like him, millions apparently do, but I sense something so awful nearly every time I hear him speak …and I beg you to just plain allow me to voice my disgust. I have a blog to talk about my thoughts and encourage others to share theirs…. You don’t have to keep defending him…. hopefully, he’ll at least do some things which are good for America.

    Eisenhower? Yes, he had ghosts..who cares? He spoke articulately, he never swore in public, he knew his stuff…….
    Everyone has flaws…it’s a matter of degree………Trump surpasses my own comfort zone in someone I want to have nuclear secrets, who I trust to treat world leaders with respect even if they’re “NOT NICE” to him…to speak only when he actually has facts, to understand how important vetting your own staff and supporters is, to show warmth and humor…. I’m waiting; maybe he’ll surprise me!



  36. John M. Berger says:

    “….she will never change. if anything…it’ll get worse and I see her being impeached in her first 100 days.”

    Could be but even if that doesn’t happen there will be enough people who will never go along with her sick, lying crap. MARK MY WORDS: Should she get elected we will see the this Country torn apart like no one has ever imagined. Why? Perhaps slightly less than 1/2 see her and the Hell that she will create but after 8 years of our country going down the tubes a significant amount of responsible people will not take it any more. Imp, I couldn’t agree with you more, my friend!


  37. geeez2014 says:

    JMB and Imp….You think CLINTON would be put out of office? Bill was impeached, wasn’t he? And stayed in office?
    I don’t think ANYTHING will stick to Hillary until something like an Assange email says she was going to kill someone and there’s no getting out of it even with her excellent lawyers and the DoJ!!


  38. John M. Berger says:

    My comment wasn’t JUST about impeachment!


  39. Mal says:

    She HAS killed, Z. Not just someone. Many, but their tracks are being covered so well it can’t be proven. I believe that is why even the head of the FBI fell short of recommending prosecution. He is between the proverbial rock and hard place. Now some in the GOP want to have him replaced but others are afraid it might affect the election. “Meanwhile, back at the ranch……” Obama is busy trying to impose his agenda in any way he can, esp. if it involves spending even more money we don’t have so as to keep us bogged down forever. He keeps giving to Iran so they can continue with their nuclear ambitions. Such a good Christian, huh?


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