Hillary’s Health

THIS STORY ABOUT HILLARY’S HEALTH makes sense….There’s certainly something odd going on, isn’t there?  And this isn’t written by a Conservative, it’s Rick Klein for ABC!

Hillary waited at the curb for her van, secret service and staff all around, one woman holding her up by Hillary’s left arm to apparently keep her steady, then she stepped forward and bobbed and weaved and nearly went down…….that could be from a humid, hot day and dehydration.   No doubt about it.

But, you add all the other things we’ve seen in the last few months and begin to wonder.  I believe this wouldn’t have been such a big deal had her campaign come clean on past health issues.    Yesterday, Hillary emerged after about 1 1/2 hours in Chelsea’s apartment (you can bet her doctor met her there) and WAVED so happily, said what a beautiful day it was, and off she went, as if the media wasn’t there because she’d nearly fainted and they wanted to know more than her telling them about the weather!?

That appearance in front of Chelsea’s building was such a metaphor for the whole Hillary story……pose, make light of, smile big, get them on your side.

Then we hear she’d been told she had pneumonia on Friday.  I can look at that and think “that’s some woman, going on with antibiotics, not stopping her schedule, she’s a tough cookie, that’s a good thing”, but the dishonesty in her health issues smacks of something other than ‘atta girl’!  (Because, believe me, her schedule is tough, and I’m not that many years behind her…I’d be tired, so would you!)

Why can’t this woman emerge onto the street after supposedly ‘playing with Chelsea’s children’ (when she has pneumonia?) and say “Thanks for being here to check on me…I should have realized I couldn’t make today’s event, I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia Friday and should have known better and I need to go home and to bed…see you back on the campaign trail as soon as I can!”

Why NOT?

And GAD….by the time I wrote this post, in a very rare show of restraint,  Trump’s said NOTHING….let’s see how that goes!

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37 Responses to Hillary’s Health

  1. My wife has epilepsy, if you recall.
    I’ve seen that before.
    You don’t recover from “pneumonia” that quickly.
    You get hospitalized.
    Weather reports for NYC say 77 degrees at 8am.
    So they admit they lied about the heat exhaustion.
    They’re lying about the “pneumonia”.
    I don’t believe occasional seizure activity precludes service.
    I do believe habitual deception does.


  2. bocopro says:

    I had a bout with pneumonia a few years ago when I was her age. Lotsa chest pics, antibiotics, 3 days in hospital. I HATE hospitals.

    That woman would rather climb the Devil’s Tower to tell a lie than to stay where it’s safe and tell the truth. It’s congenital, part of her DNA. Deception, fraud, greed, spin . . . she knows no other way. It’s her natural default.

    And it wasn’t particularly hot OR muggy in Manhattan that morning. So as soon as I heard her spokesman say “overheated,” I knew it was BOHICA time. In fact, yesterday morning was in the high 70s with 30% humidity there, and HRC has been wearing outfits designed by Omar the Tentmaker all summer.

    Trump’s best tack on this would be to say “I wish her a speedy recovery, but the voters deserve to know the true status of her health. I’ll show the results of my recent physicals if she’ll show hers.” I doubt, however, that he can just let it go without a few zingers here and there, ’cause that’s part of HIS DNA.

    What bothers me most about it is the fact that even the lapdog press were restricted access to her while she was leaning up against that post waiting for her van. And then they were perfectly willing to take HER word for it, or her spokesman’s, without question. Good thing that guy was there with his camera and Rick Leventhal carpe-d the diem.


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    Clintons lie even when they don’t have to. This is like something out of the old Soviet Union, how they would prop up the gray, aging premier and peddle the lie that he was the picture of health.


  4. No way was what I saw yesterday pneumonia or heat exhaustion (temperature @ 79 degrees and humidity @ 44% I checked).

    It was something neurological.

    And why is her back so stiff? For all the world, she appears to be wearing a back brace.


  5. SF,
    Yes, very much like the Soviet Union.


  6. Ed,

    BTW, there are other seizure disorders besides epilepsy.

    That said, would you agree with me that she is exhibiting neurological symptoms?


  7. Sparky says:

    Pneumonia …. riiiiight. Oh, please, does anybody with any sense still believe anything that comes out of the Clinton Mafia’s war machine? It’s probably an LSD flashback or embolism or something more believable.


  8. “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself” – Napoleon Bonaparte


  9. Kinda makes me wonder what caused that “fall” in 2012 that caused her concussion. She said she fainted while she had the flu. Uh huh, sure she did. My guess is that she has some kind of head injury from an unreported accident.

    Now I’m going to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there have been stories floating around that Internet that Sec. Clinton had a secret trip to Iran and that during that trip she was onboard an aircraft that crashed and a U.S. Navy Seal was killed.


    It’s a completely bizarre story and I have no idea if it’s true, probably not…..

    But several of you GeeeZers made the accurate assessment that Clintons lie about everything. I think they enjoy it! It’s like a game to them. A sick game.

    Z, the reply you suggested Hillary give makes perfect sense and would instill confidence. Why she can’t even make a statement that would actually help her is beyond me. I think the woman is ignorant and stubborn.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    ED “So they admit they lied about the heat exhaustion.” Is that right?

    Bocopro..right, but I don’t think press should have had access to someone who’s clearly sick, do you?

    SF…it IS like the Soviet Union.

    AOW…I haven’t noticed a stiff posture..??

    Sparky, unhospitalized pneumonia at her age does seem questionable…as I said in my post, it gives her a good excuse to take some time off to prep for the debates. I don’t doubt that she was quite ill at the 9/11 event, she’d NEVER want weakness shown otherwise, but ….something isn’t right.

    Vrag….excellent quote

    FW “ignorant and stubborn”…yup


  11. Silverfiddle says:

    @ Vrag: ““Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself” – Napoleon Bonaparte”

    Indeed. This is what really had Hillary’s Propagandists in the press in a tizzy: Trump graciously wished her well and left them no controversial statements to overshadow Hillary’s woes.

    Trump is learning the art of being quiet and acting presidential and it has them scared. Go watch the YouTube of Trump’s speech in Mexico and you’ll see why the Progressive Infotainment Media Complex wouldn’t play it. He stands up for the United States, but does so in a calm and respectful manner.


  12. bocopro says:

    “I don’t think press should have had access to someone who’s clearly sick, do you?”

    If that person is a high government official or a prime candidate for high office, and she has suddenly altered her published itinerary and leaving a venue on an unusually significant day, by all means yes.

    She wasn’t “clearly sick” until AFTER that inadvertent clip surfaced, so they had every right to find out what she was up to, ESPECIALLY in light of the recent coughing fits and other health-related incidents . . . with the genelec less than 60 days away.
    Once you jump into that fishbowl, you abandon all hope of privacy except while in the shower or the loo.

    And BTW, I wouldn’t be a’tall su-prized to learn that while at Chelsea’s place she got a pick-me-up of one kind or another, a few CCs of B1 or epinephrine or an endorphin such as serotonin. I’m also not sure it’s an ill-advised ploy for the sympathy vote, but I won’t pursue that except to say her being at the 9-11 ceremony showed a lot of determination and pluck.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…that’s what I said….they say her doctor met her at her home later but I would be very surprised if the doc didn’t get to Chelsea’s….if you’re feeling THAT badly, wouldn’t you, if you could afford that housecall? I thought of the B1, too…..
    But I still think her feeling so rotten that she couldn’t stand by herself very well should allow her to get away and to some kind of hiding from the public and some relief….that’s how I’d feel, anyway, particularly if I was constantly in the public eye.
    Yes, she was “clearly sick”….that clip records it!

    SF: Let’s HOPE that’s what’s finally happening to Trump…so far, so good! He even said that, when he heard how she called his supporters DEPLORABLE, he doubted she’d do that and told his staff to be careful before they said anything…check it out. Then they saw her on tape…
    CNN panelists this morning doubling down on Trump supporters being deplorable…xenophobic, islamophobic, bigoted, etc etc…amazing.


  14. fredd says:

    I’ll put my money on the Parkinson’s ‘conspiracy.’ Why on earth would her motorcade head straight for her daughter’s apartment after an episode such as this, rather than a hospital?

    No other reason that everyone on her campaign staff knows she has Parkinson’s, and is covering up for her. But, like all conspiracies, somebody at some point will rat her out.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    THIS IS INTERESTING; I just heard a doctor on the radio say what really struck HER when she saw the video of Hillary clearly unsure on her feet and then slumping down was “Why didn’t everybody hop to it and try to HELP her unless they’re used to this?” And I thought “She’s right! if a friend of mine suddenly couldn’t stand and then almost went DOWN, I’d have rushed to help…as would everyone in the vicinity…NOBODY did that with Hillary…..she also said when a person has pneumonia and passes out, most go straight to the hospital…and it was negligent for them not to…
    It can also be contagious and we’re told she played with Chelsea’s two babies and then, remember she approached that little girl on the sidewalk afterwards?….not thinking of contagion?
    And why did only Hillary pass out in the humidity when thousands were in the same humidity?
    and her cough predates the pneumonia by about a year. THe cough, I sort of understand, when you’re speaking as much as she does, but….

    Hillary has had a dreadfully busy schedule, and a LOT of pressure, I totally get she could have pneumonia (they’re now saying her whole Brooklyn headquarters have been having pneumonia), but the way it’s been handled is really curious…..WHY wouldn’t her people around her have jumped all around her to help when she was so unsteady? Weird.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    fredd! RAT OUT A CLINTON? ummmmm..


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Even David Axelrod has Tweeted asking “why the penchant for such privacy..?”..that they’d LIE, being the inference. Even Gloria Borger’s on CNN is agreeing with him.
    Even Dems are curious.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Someone on CNN just said “You will frequently hear the N word at Trump events”….has any of you EVER HEARD THAT?


  19. Z, I have been pondering this comment from you, “I don’t think press should have had access to someone who’s clearly sick, do you?

    I do think that a person’s sicknesses should be private in almost all circumstances. However, CEOs, CFOs, etc. routinely have physicals before being hired. I would say that President of the United States would be one of those circumstances.


  20. And I don’t buy that “N-word” assertion at all. If that were true, you’d have it on tape and it would have gone viral on the Internet.


  21. fredd says:

    Z: maybe you got me there. Just like the mafia, if you rat on them, you end up with cement overshoes at the bottom of the East River. Or maybe the Hudson.

    Nobody has ever had the nerve to rat out the Clintons, other than Dick Morris, and he seems to be looking over his shoulder constantly.


  22. Mal says:

    Bocopro’s suggestion that Trump will disclose his med. record if she will, gives new meaning to “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!” (a little levity, folks).
    Somethings definitely going on with her health because too many incidences like this are occurring and the American public has the right to know and should demand that a panel of doctors analyze BOTH candidates to show impartiality. Too much is at stake for the most important position in the world, esp.TODAY’S world!
    As to the “N” word being used at a Trump convention, I’ve never heard it and do try to listen to as many of his speeches as I can. If it IS used, it might be by someone in attendance, which is hard to control. I believe he would know better than to use it, despite all the wrong things he has said.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    FairestWitness, re the N word, I TOTALLY agree with you…NEVER HAPPENED, but CNN panelists let it go by…
    And I don’t mean no health information should come out at ALL….I believe America has a right to know the health of someone who could be leading their country…but when someone’s passing out, feeling that rotten, I don’t think it’s my personal right to demand press coverage in detail…

    Mal, I’m just cringing that Trump is supposedly going on Dr OZ this week and talking about his health…OH GOD, another reality show moment,…I keep tell you all; the minute I start to hope Trump DOES have some dignity, BAMMO…another thing I find ridiculous is done.

    Fredd….amazing, isn’t it!, that Morris is alive? 🙂 Maybe he knows their operating procedures so he can be a little more careful!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    OMG…Remember when I wrote that speech for Trump and added, at the bottom, that he should show that same warmth on his face to the CROWD as he does to particular people he recognizes in the audience? he’s speaking in Baltimore right now and actually doing it..his face is softer, he’s actually smiling TO the whole audience….amazing.

    And he’s slamming on the BASKET OF DEPLORABLE comment by Clinton..hurrah!


  25. cube says:

    I’m glad Trump didn’t say anything yesterday. It was 9/11 and his opponent was clearly ill, it was not the time to dogpile on her. There will be plenty of time for that in the days to come.


  26. cube says:

    Ed talked about his wife’s recovery from pneumonia. If Hillary has parkinson’s, then aspiration pnuemonia could be likely. Parkinsons can affect the swallowing mechanism allowing saliva and food particles to aspirate into the lung. I don’t know what the recovery time is for that, but whatever they gave Hillary at Chelsea’s house was a miracle drug.


  27. Bob says:

    bocopro: “That woman would rather climb the Devil’s Tower to tell a lie than to stay where it’s safe and tell the truth. ” I love it! My favorite is, “Hillary would tell a lie when the truth would sound better.”

    Ed: Once, I hired an administrative assistant who had epilepsy, although I didn’t know it at the time.ON her first day of work, she walked into the office and promptly fell in the floor. She got up quickly, and immediately fell again. I could not fire her, and nobody had been allowed to tell me of her problem. She got her meds straight, and made a good assistant, but I will never forget the fear that gripped me that first time she fell. Hillary’s episode reminded me of my assistant.


  28. Mal says:

    Bob, its sad that you aren’t legally allowed to ask about a prospective employee’s health, but even sadder that they wouldn’t volunteer it up front.
    Re Trump being asked about Hillary’s health, I was relieved when he simply stated he didn’t know and left it at that. He has, however, suggested they both disclose all details of their health to the public. Again, it should be done by a panel of docs so as to lend some credence to the report.


  29. Bob says:

    Mal: I think Trump is handling it perfectly. He has made the point, and it is up to Hillary to convince the American people that she is able to handle the Presidency. If she skips the first debate that will go a long way towards disqualifying her for the job. Only if she skips the debate should Trump open up on her health. I don’t think seeing the records will help because Hillary’s minions are expert at changing/deleting/forging documents.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    cube: “Parkinsons can affect the swallowing mechanism allowing saliva and food particles to aspirate into the lung.”
    Which is probably why she’s been coughing so much the last year ….

    Bob and Mal; Trump, for a big change, is handling this perfectly…don’t worry, he’ll step in it soon, but, so far, so good! I just WISH he wasn’t going to do Dr OZ with his medical records!!


  31. I’m as surprised as many others, Trump held his water. Good ‘on him.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    CI…it’s shocking….. and good.
    For a CHANGE


  33. Cube, my wife didn’t have pneumonia, but my adult son did.
    He never rested an hour and came out perky during that time.
    It’s debilating.hi
    But to repeat, she lied about the cough, the heat, I must assume she’s lying about the pneumonia.
    She has a medical condition she’s hiding it.
    The condition? Pathological liar.


  34. Bob says:

    ED: “The condition? Pathological liar.”


  35. geeez2014 says:

    yes, and the way she’s spinning it now is sickening…..literally.
    “I didn’t think a diagnosis of pneumonia was such a big deal”….see what she does? It’s the LIE people are ticked at…who CARES that she’s supposedly got pneumonia?
    Same as Clinton..who cared what he did with Monica…? Really……..it was the LIES.
    (yes, we should care about his dalliances with a young girl, but that’s not my point here)


  36. Bob, I know what you mean about your assistant. My wife has had employers like you.


  37. Baysider says:

    I go with neurological. Clearly, she’s a clotter and likely subject to so-called ‘silent’ strokes. She doesn’t have a Parkinson’s gait that I can see, although not all do, especially early. No shuffle and her feet impact the pavement in a normal rolling walking motion, not the flat footed strike of an unsteady Parkinsons walk. Advanced cases may fall because they can’t start and stop the stride at will.

    I’m sure glad she’s not on our side, because I would find myself calling for her to step aside. There’s enough time for her to do that and ramp up their VP candidate – or good ol’ Uncle Joe. I rarely ever wish someone ill, but this person has done so much to hurt so many with so much spite that it’s hard to sympathize.


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