Will she bait him?  Will he insult her?  Can he keep his mouth shut and not say something totally horrible?  What will he say when she gets him on his problems with voting women? What’s her Achilles Heel that he can attack her on?

Tell us what you think!


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32 Responses to THE DEBATE

  1. Clinton really doesn’t have to do more then use Trump’s own words, and then point out his lack of policy specifics. She’ll still dodge and run away from the issues that speak directly to her trustworthiness. She will brush them off with an air of royal snobbery. Trump will be a petulant child and then complain that the moderators were ‘unfair’. He actually preemptively positioned that defense.

    Both will loose arrows of political correctness, both will interrupt the other and exceed their time.

    Clinton’s achilles heels, are her health, the trust factor [e-mails, Benghazi], and witch hunt against select civil liberties [guns]. Trump’s is his mouth and those of his minions…but financial ties with Russia and lack of distinct policy for ISIL, will be Clintons best ammunition.

    In the end, nobody’s mind will change. Supporters of Clinton and Trump will remain so. Those of us who believe that either will bring ruin to the Republic will continue to think so.


  2. bocopro says:

    Trump knows that the first debate will be crucial and if he loses it, his chances vanish like a pizza and a six-pack at a frat-house pot party. His major problem is that the moderator, Lester Holt, is an Obama-zealot liberal who is “excited” at the prospect of the first female president.

    Even worse will be the second debate with Martha Raddatz, a dyed-in-the-wool lib and Hillary acolyte. Trump is already on record as saying the system is “rigged” to shoe in the media darlings, of which he ain’t one.

    Anyway, two professional performers with equal name recognition, equal time, and equal opportunity . . . should be a good chance for voters to get to know the quality and values of the nominees, right? Nothing could be further from the truth.

    HRC has been under fire from the FBI and Trey Gowdy and various other “investigative” committees so much that her skin has GOT to be tougher than a Teflon-coated yak hide. Trump’s is about as tender as Soetoro’s where personal attacks are concerned.

    She will have hours of research and rehearsal behind her, ready to attack, ridicule, and rack up style points, but Trump’s experience in the center ring shouldn’t be underestimated.

    DJT isn’t stupid; he’ll have prepared somewhat, in his idiom, for handling her — whether he can handle the actual questions from Holt is another matter. She will sound scripted and practiced while he will, by his nature, be more off-the-cuff and genuine, regardless of the questions. Her base will remain as loyal to her as his will to him.

    He can’t stand toe-to-toe with her on policy issues, but his mind works faster than hers and will allow him to get a zinger in past her Armani/Rogaine/botox/CoverGirl façade from time to time, a la Muhammad Ali’s “sting like a bee.”

    ‘Twill be entertaining, internationally so. People tend to remember the first thing they hear and the last thing they hear. Trump knows that. My prediction: much like the original Kennedy/Nixon style-versus-substance joust, HRC will “win” the actual debate (mostly because it IS rigged) but Trump will win the day and the MSM will go apoplectic for days.


  3. Mrs Grundy says:

    Trump will say all of the things have have needed to be said to the Progressive Left for years, but cowardly Republicans have avoided. He will be excoriated by the press and #NeverTrump Right.

    …and so begins a renewed fight for America’s soul.


  4. fredd says:

    This is the biggest stress event of her crooked life, and I suspect that she will try and find a way to avoid it if at all possible. Once up on that stage, she may topple over like a bag of dirt. The Donald did in 16 very capable debaters over the past year, this latest is no biggie for him. I think he will perform admirably, he always does.


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    Hillary will get under El Donaldo’s skin with a few well-placed jabs in that clanking, scolding voice of hers, and he will become further peeved when the moderators actively take her side. He will end up looking petty and petulant.

    Trump will fumble his way through his own answers due mainly to the moderators asking him pointed questions requiring deep knowledge of detailed facts and figures only a green eyeshade serious student would know. Trump is an artist in the medium of broad, sweeping landscapes, and they won’t give him a chance to do any of that. If he does, it will look like blatant rambling and evasion.

    Also, even money on Trump making a serious factual error that will clang and reverberate throughout the Infotainment-Media Complex echo chamber for days, if not weeks, with “serious” people in the political commentariate insisting that his utter lack of knowledge makes him unfit for consideration for the presidency.

    Visuals will be everything–Nobody remembers the substance of these things. We’ll just remember Trump looked peevish, foolish and unprepared. The press will reinforce this in the days after by feeding us a steady stream of still-frame captures of Trump from the video (Which can make anyone look foolish if you capture the right 1/24 of a second moment when the eyes look screwed up on the mouth contorted–Remember Rick Perry’s “Oops” moment. Who can look at that picture and not think of a monkey?)

    I hope it goes differently, but based on what we’ve seen so far, that’s where I’d put my money if I were a betting man.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    CI…”Those of us who believe that either will bring ruin to the Republic will continue to think so.” I guess one has to consider the Supreme Court and how badly and how long very liberal Justices just might harm our country. Not sure any of Trump’s financial ties to Russia have been proven….he’s not joined at the hip with that dope, Manafort…that was sheerly political because of Manafort’s excellent background in campaigns. But thank goodness he dumped him.

    bocopro…it boggles my mind that this supposedly UNBIASED group which picks the debate moderators got away with a mostly liberal bunch…except, perhaps, Chris Wallace, whose politics we really don’t know, but who will try to appear so extremely centrist that he’ll not be the help to Trump as the lefties will be giving Hillary in the first two debates.
    You say “He can’t stand toe-to-toe with her on policy issues, but his mind works faster than hers and will allow him to get a zinger in past her “….absolutely correct…he seems to have very little knowledge of anything, frankly….but because his mind works SO much faster might not help; his mind works very fast but, let’s face it, very nastily…his knee-jerk reaction is always either very stupid or very BITING and that’s going to turn a lot of independents off.

    Mrs. Grundy; and IF he could SAY THOSE THINGS which need to be said in a professional, uplifting and accurate manner, it could help. He hasn’t yet.

    fredd; glad to hear you say that…I’ve almost never seen Trump perform truly admirably in a venue like that, so I’m glad to hear some do.
    have you ever seen Hillary “topple over like a bag of dirt”? EVER? (other than when she couldn’t walk to her waiting car, of course!) No, she is one powerful woman and she’s going to CONSTANTLY remind America about his lines which have many already thinking “Xenophobe, bigot, racist, etc etc’….that’s about ALL she’s going to do, in my opinion…she’ll answer a question quickly and get on the YOU ARE SUCH A BAD GUY routine…

    SF…sadly, I totally agree with your take…his peevishness will be in full bloom and he’s going to have that sour, nasty face and he’s a goner.
    The sad thing is he has a disarming and sometimes quite sincere-appearing smile he barely ever EVER uses. Not sure what that’s about. He’s going to be a NERVOUS WRECK. And he should be nervous.


  7. Mal says:

    Those are all good questions, Z. Likewise, all the responses. It will be wrong as two left shoes for Trump to try and be specific on the issues. If he doesn’t know something, he needs only to say he will find all this out when he takes over; that his expertise lies in solving problems by listening to a panel of experts, considering all options, then acting. It has proven very successful in his business life and dealings with countries and economies all around the world (something HRC can;t say). It is also something Obama hasn’t done. Trump needs to stress how Hillary, by her own admission, will only continue down the destructive path of the current administration, something the majority of Americans want to change.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, that would be true if a friend who’s got a close acquaintance who works for Pence (can’t say who) didn’t tell me (and I mentioned it here previously) that everybody’s stymied by how Trump will NOT LISTEN. I DO think he’s been listening to Kellyanne Conway, who singlehandedly will be responsible for his win, if he wins.
    Trump can’t compete with Hillary’s experiences with countries all over the world…she dealt with the governments and understands all that, he dealt with mostly other rich guys. And Hillary will remind folks of that if this point comes up.

    I like your idea that Trump must nail Hillary with how she wants to continue Obama’s stuff….people really don’t like that, but I’m noticing, more and more, the leftwing media’s touting the economy, how families are earning more, etc., which, of course, the rightwing economists deny….is there ANY TRUTH LEFT? Shouldn’t those be pretty hard numbers that we could agree with, at least!? I’ve been thinking there’s this big push to show how ROSY America’s doing now for that very purpose; to allow Hillary to win having run on Obama’s crap.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Also… Who’s ever heard definites on how Hillary’s paying for all her typical Democrat promises “FREEBIES FOR EVERYBODY!”? other than TAX THE RICH!?
    Why call for Trump to tell HOW HE’LL DO SOMETHING when she hasn’t?


  10. Mal says:

    “Trump can’t compete with Hillary’s experiences with countries all over the world…”. YES HE CAN! Name one “experience” of hers that was successful. Yes, she has the experiences, but they’re all a disaster. And I disagree that Trump hasn’t had to deal with other countries other than the wealthy, elite class. When you deal internationally, you also deal with their governments in getting approvals. Like was pointed out above, he outclassed 16 very qualified candidates to get where he is, and all without any outside finding. After that, Hillary should be a walk in the park for him. I wouldn’t sell him short……..but hope Hillary does!


  11. Mal says:

    OOOPS! That should be without any outside “FUNDING”, no finding.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Mal! WE know she’s screwed most things up but she STILL SPINS THEM AS WINS! You know that…and the media backs her!
    And I still disagree about experiences with foreign countries….doesn’t matter what he’s done, it matters what people BELIEVE he’s done and most people will side with Hillary on the international stuff…..My husband did some pretty ‘far up there’ international dealings and he maybe met 1 or 2 country leaders…and one was at a soccer match in Sinapore by accident…..most government types at the top, who Hillary would have dealt with, don’t get involved in hotels or other sales. (believe me!) I’m not saying Mr. Z was on Trump’s level, but his companies were. And he was near the top.


  13. Mrs Grundy says:

    IF he could SAY THOSE THINGS which need to be said in a professional, uplifting and accurate manner, it could help. He hasn’t yet.

    There’s a way of telling fools the extent of their foolishness in an “uplifting” manner without offending or upsetting them? Who knew?


  14. Kid says:

    Clinton: “MY FELLOW AMERICANS ! Donald Trump wants to kill your babies, deny them education and healthcare, put all the African-Americans back in chains, deport anyone who doesn’t have blond hair and blue eyes, give yuuuuuge tax breaks to the filthy rich, infect the ghettos with very painful and deadly diseases, put a stop to Joe Biden’s excellent initiative on curing Cancer, repeal obamacase which has saved the American family $2500 per year and brought co-pays to near Zero $. He wants to destroy every union in America and bomb women and children in China in order to bring back manufacturing jobs to America, where people will be working for 3 doillars a day. He will deport every woman over the weight of 180 pounds and force all the others to walk around Naked! He also wants to put Apple computer out of business and force everyone to use Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones That’s right – no more iPhones, Apple Watches, or Apple TV devices. He is so horrible it makes me want to faint right here! She faints and they carry her off on a stretcher.

    Donald: No, I will do none of that. I have already arranged for every American to have their own Unicorn. That’s right. A multi-colored Unicorn right there in their living room. The government will see to it’s feeding and cleanup needs and Americans won’t have to bother at all with these lovely creatures. And Cats. Cats that do tricks. ANd some of them can even talk. I’ve seen and heard them. Believe me. Believe me. You will all think you’ve died and gone to Heaven when I’m in the White House. And I won’t faint. Ever. Believe me.


  15. Mal says:

    I guess only time will tell what scenario takes place. Till then, all we folks can do is speculate.


  16. Mal says:

    ………………..and of course, PRAY!


  17. edbonderenka says:

    Trump needs to learn one trick and one trick only:
    Do not answer the question asked. Answer with a point you want to make. When pressed to answer the question, repeat the above process.
    Hillary will do this, herself.


  18. Baysider says:

    Right Ed! So right. Hillary’s weakness: pay-to-play, the sale of national interests for personal gain.


  19. Sparky says:

    Sorry my Crystal Ball is in retirement. I couldn’t speculate on how the debate will turn out. But I will say that as long as Trump doesn’t rise to the hate baiting that I’m sure that evil screeching woman and the drive-by media is sure to throw out there, he should do alright. Stick to the subject. Remain calm. Stay the course. And I hope all the good people here will pray and ask Jesus for a good outcome.

    Speaking of which … does anyone else share a love for Tudor History, especially Elizabeth I – 1500s England? In 1542 when the Elizabethan War with Spain when the Spanish Armada was off the English coast during the famous sea battle. Spain was bringing the Spanish Inquisition and certain death for most of the British subjects. Well, the people prayed for deliverance and God in His mercy sent the winds to destroy the Spanish fleets before they reached English harbors. We too can pray as a Nation and ask for deliverance. God answers prayer. If Hillary wins, it will be like unto the Inquisition for our Nation’s Judeo-Christian culture will truly die. If the Demoncrats fail in this attempt to further destroy our Nation, I do believe it may be their undoing. Spain went broke after their attempt. I pray that the Dem’s will be broke too that it may lead them to salvation.

    That’s how I see it. Have a blessed day Z.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Mrs. G…absolutely…and I wrote that in my speech for Trump a few weeks ago.

    Mal…and DRINK 🙂 !! I jokingly told a friend today that there isn’t enough vodka to get me through election night 🙂 HA!!

    Kid, GREAT scenario! VERY good!

    Ed and Baysider….exactly right.

    Sparky, i demand your crystal ball comes out of retirement…and I loved your comment…good one.

    We have to PRAY HARD…….and remember HE’s in charge….Sometimes I just hate His timing 🙂


  21. Mal says:

    VODKA? AAAAARG! We haven’t touched the heavy stuff in years, only beer or wine (unless we’re on a cruise/tropical island, where we will imbibe in a few Mai Tai’s or Navy Grogs!)


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I’m not 88 yet 🙂 And I don’t drink much of it…mostly wine, myself..but I love a martini…actually, I love the green olives 🙂


  23. Kid says:

    I love the manzanilla olives in a bloody mary.


  24. Well said, Sparky. Amen!


  25. Baysider says:

    That’s great, Sparky. I know a fair amount about this period, but I did NOT know there was what sounds like national prayer for deliverance. He is better to us than we are to Him.


  26. Mrs Grundy says:

    I wrote that in my speech for Trump a few weeks ago.

    How many converts to your position from the Left did you get? Ducky? Jersey?


  27. Sparky says:

    Thank you everyone, that was sweet. There are so many good people that follow you Z. I was afraid I might sound over dramatic.
    I read a lot of medieval history, just live, eat and breathe it. The other day, it occurred to me that we who believe in Jesus Christ as our Saviour are more openly under siege than ever before in America history. America has always been the beacon of safety in years past, a haven for the oppressed, especially the Jews. Now all that is good that we fight for and believe in is under attack by the satanic Left. We MUST fight back as our ancestors did so so bravely on ancient shores. Their blood runs in our veins. Their history is our history. Thankfully, I know I’m not alone because so many are earnestly praying and will continue to do so until our last breath. May His will be done. ~:)


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, what’s your take on the CRUSADES and why so MANY Americans are eager to blame the Christians? It’s a tad earlier than your apparently field of expertise, but I’d love to know your feelings on those days……….I have my own thoughts but am not quite as interested as you are in the period.

    I’m nuts about the King Henry Wives thing, however….!! I have to admit, that’s a period I AM VERY interested in…at least that part of it.
    Have you been to England, Sparks?


  29. Kid says:

    To interject so rudely, I will say that the crusades were a defensive measure against the islamic cancer that was executing their conquest of mankind around the world.


  30. Linda says:

    I think Trump will win, IF ‘Hillary’ is the real Hillary. They will probably try to get by with a ‘double’, so he needs to be on his toes.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE…but 90% of Americans will tell you it was nastiness from Christians on Muslims….I swear. You’re absolutely right…

    Linda…You aren’t buying that DOUBLE thing, are you!?


  32. Mal says:

    “90% of Americans will tell you it was nastiness from Christians on Muslims…”…..
    Can you say “a little knowledge can be dangerous?”


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