Bicyclist Pepper Sprayed…”just wanted to go home!”

WHO DO YOU THINK DID WRONG HERE IN THIS VIDEO?   (that didn’t work for some….so try this):

GMA’s reporter says “You said it! ANOTHER police encounter raising questions right now, and THIS TIME, two very different stories…take a look.”   First of all, what’s he mean by “THIS TIME, two very different stories..?” There are two sides to each story we’ve seen lately.  And “another police encounter” sounds like “another brutal police action,” doesn’t it?

PLEASE watch the video linked above and let me know your thoughts….it’s not long but it’s important you listen to the whole thing.  And I think it’s important we in America get a GRASP on what’s right and what’s wrong…and stop acting like “if cops are involved, it’s THEIR fault!”


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38 Responses to Bicyclist Pepper Sprayed…”just wanted to go home!”

  1. bocopro says:

    Ferguson effect in action. Sharpton mentality: Cops be bad. Obama leadership: “Police acted stupidly.” Moochelle example: “I felt like a visitor on campus [Princeton] . . . as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second.” Holder comment: I see “racial animus” toward both me and President Obama.

    My guess . . . not on the Dean’s list at school and product of a single mother raised to believe the po-lice be out t’ gitcha if you be black.

    Keep this up and NO cop NO where will EVAH interact with ordinary incidents on the street involving blacks. “Protect and Serve” will take on an entirely new meaning: Protect my retirement and Serve my self-protection.


  2. My first thought? Drugs.

    But that might not be it. This young woman has an attitude problem. A big one! Race-baced problem, too: “You can’t touch me or tell me what to do because I’m an AFRICAN AMERICAN I get to do as I please — anytime, anywhere.”

    Just imagine what she’s like in a classroom.


  3. Pepper spray is a toxic substance that in my mind should only be used in self defense to subdue an attacker.
    Pepper spray to get that young girls legs in the police car seems excessive,
    Maybe they should carry chloroform to further subdue handcuffed teenagers,


  4. Mrs Grundy says:

    What video? Link?


  5. Adrienne says:

    She’s lucky the cops didn’t smack her upside her big foul mouth. Horrible kid.


  6. Sparky says:

    Hi Z, I can’t find it at that link. 🙂


  7. Sparky says:

    There … finally found it. I must have hit the wrong link.
    Anyway, it’s her fault, not the cops. These blacks think they can just do anything they wish with no consequences. She was being combative, and she needs to watch her mouth and grow up.


  8. geeez2014 says:


    The funniest thing is the girl just wanted walk away and go home….it sounds like the cops just picked on her. But her bike HIT A CAR and THEN she wanted to go home…. WHAT? YOU HIT A CAR.

    Ed, The only thing I know about chloroform is that it gets placed closely over someone’s mouth and nose, no? Got to get up close, or have they improved it?

    Her account says “They shot me with spray four times” but the video shows ONCE.

    Adrienne…I agree. That kind of language? And nobody thinks anything of it.

    AOW: I think a LOT of the kids in classrooms aren’t far from her in behavior.

    I’m trying to picture my dear husband being abused by ANYBODY and my threatening the abusers with “You better not have shot him or killed him” instead of FREAKING out, crying, and trying to do what I could do STOP the situation, not KEEP SHOOTING FILM!?
    Just sayin’…………
    That girlfriend of the black guy killed as he sat in his car a few months ago, with her and her kid in the back seat?…she was also just watching him bleed to death…..remember? That’s pretty sad stuff….LATER, in the pressers, she was sobbing and so sad he’d died. I’d have been trying to get OUT of the car and get HELP! BEFORE he died!!


  9. Silverfiddle says:

    Get ready for much more of this. The Soros-funded initiative to completely discredit all police officers over the actions of a few is reaping rewards for the fanged monster.

    So, what this engenders is people deciding they can get smart with the cops and resist because cameras and lawyers have changed policing.

    Folks, policing is often not pretty. At some point, it comes down to uncooperative force being met by superior force and subdued. There is no way to make it pretty; it is often brutal.

    This is the dynamic that has been created, and it is a downward spiral. Things were so much easier when the cops could simply knock a mouthy, uncooperative perp in the head with a night stick until they went limp and then stuff them in the car.

    This was a very bad situation: grown up men subduing a 15-year old. What was the alternative? Just let her curse the cops as she rides off? That erodes the authority of police just as much as blatantly racist cops picking on people.

    Our society is going off the rails, and it’s not confined to any one race, it’s everywhere at all strata, races, cultures, geographic areas. Policing won’t fix what’s broken.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, Silverfiddle….I fear you’re exactly right. The article only casually mentions SHE DROVE INTO A CAR and expected to be able to go home….like the COPS are the problem, you are so right.
    No, there WAS no alternative for the cops but to have to subdue her and question her, etc….do the right thing. That’s what they’re trained to do.
    Someone needs to talk about how policing is frequently not pretty, easy, or safe….for the cops OR the perps. And, if the perp cooperates, little will happen that’s unexpected or untoward.

    Years ago, a little girl would do something bad, and the whole neighborhood would have circled the scene and watched the cop do what he was supposed to do “tsk tsk’ing” her terrible behavior and running off to get her mother to intervene, beat the heck out of her, and deal with the cops.
    Today, a group forms and shouts epithets at the cops and cheers the foul-mouthed PUNK on…..the crowd knows her mother’s probably loaded on crack in their basement..

    I wonder how much money this girl will win in her lawsuit..>Mom just got VERY VERY lucky$$$

    MEANWHILE, not TOO far from your point about how bad things are gettting in society…the FBI did another news dump FRIDAY NIGHT (Surprise!)
    Ya, Obama used a fake email address with Hillary……maybe next Friday night, some pretty telling emails might be revealed, that they now know HE wrote?


  11. Baysider says:

    Are you any more protected for causing an accident at 15 than 50? This hits home. You don’t just get up and walk away. That’s what a kid who hit MY car did. And he did a lot of damage. I was a young driver myself and didn’t have the reflexes to marshall the witnesses and go after him. But he should have been cited, same as this youngster.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…exactly…you do NOT just get up and walk away….but she sure tried and now the cops are in trouble? Typical New America. After the ruckus she caused with her screaming,swearing and kicking, and knowing what the public would think if they’d TOUCHED her precious legs to get them into the car, no wonder they tried the only thing left to them…….How many times did they have to warn her?

    When a country has liberals which have set up a world of “no consequences”, this is what happens.


  13. Mal says:

    IT WAS PEPPER SPRAY, FOLKS, NOT BULLETS! GEEEEZ!! Look. She was wrong and the video proves it. End of argument. A bratty kid.


  14. Kid says:

    Another black person who thinks they are above the law. She hit the car, then tried to get away. Resisted arrest to the best of her ability, assaulted the officers. I hope she ends up with fines and some detention time.


  15. Mal, there are many levels of CS Spray.
    They could have tazed her, also, which would also have been an overreaction.

    My chloroform comment was over the top in an attempt to demonstrate the wrongness of subduing a handcuffed teenager with chemicals.

    Or they could have just forced her in to the car. They are grown men.
    I’m not excusing the girl.
    I just think they caused there own problems by CS’ing her IN THE COP CAR.


  16. John M. Berger says:

    Hey, just another reason that I wouldn’t want to be a cop and this is only Hagerstown not Baltimore! I think that I read or heard that the police wanted to talk to her parents (parents?).


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, they might have been over reacting…I think that sweat they had just getting her INTO the car, the 20 minutes before of being kicked, sworn at, scratched and hit by her add to the atmosphere we can’t totally understand…I think the pepper spray is less an issue (at least on my post) than the fact that she really thought she should just leave the scene, and she could swear horribly at the police, and she could kick and hit them. THIS is the new American girl?
    Maybe they shouldn’t have peppered her…I think they should have tazed, too…but I wasn’t there, I wasn’t so TICKED OFF, I wasn’t fearing the cameras were on and the community’s on her side, and am I going to lose my job for having touched her? They’d have probably had the same reaction had they tazed her, by the way.

    JMB…PARENTS? is right…..what kind of people raise a girl like this?

    Kid…she just gave her family their retirement money …watch for it.


  18. Mal says:

    Wouldn’t the tazing be worse, Ed? I mean, they probably didn’t anticipate having a 15 year old to deal with so didn’t have anything milder. Isn’t pepper spray safe, and only temporary?


  19. Baysider says:

    The Daily Beast’s headline was “Cops Pepper Spray Girl Who Fell off Bike.” I’m not making that up!

    Then there’s this gem from the end of a local news story: The teen was later charged with disorderly conduct, assault and possession of marijuana, according to police.” Think there’s a reason she fought like a wildcat?


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…as my post reports: “GMA’s reporter says “You said it! ANOTHER police encounter raising questions right now, and THIS TIME, two very different stories…take a look.””

    THIS TIME, TWO VERY DIFFERENT STORIES? As if they’re ALL that way?
    And your headline is infuriating, too….”Gee she just fell off her bike, why pepper spray the girl,” Right? TYPICAL MEDIA.
    And yes, pot, too……
    Horrible little child with negligent parenting, someone who, with her bike,could have caused REAL trouble like cars crashing to avoid her and people suffering injuries, and SHE’s the poor little victim?

    I WISH someone had the GUTS to say what you and I have all said above….OUT LOUD, IN THE MEDIA. Trump does; ‘let us pray…’

    Mal…I think you might be right about tazing…


  21. geeez2014 says:

    ARE YOU SHOCKED? THE NY TIMES IS ENDORSING HILLARY! SHOCKED! The paper hasn’t endorsed a Republican since Eisenhower 🙂


  22. John M. Berger says:


    GOOD, all the more reason to support Trump!


  23. Kid says:

    Z, sharpton is a shake down artist, Ditto Sharptone..

    Now any lawless black person can be a shakedown artist !
    Simple. Pretend you are above the law when engaged by police, hope to not get killed in the process, Pass Go and collect a big payday. If you are killed then your kin get the big payday. And if I’m a black living in some of the conditions I see out there, death would not be such a bad ‘thing’.


  24. Kid says:

    JMB. I’m voting for the beast because we will be “Stronger Together” moving “Forward”. Lol
    How many people out there actually find depth, context, and optimism in simpleton phrases like that? lol.

    Honestly, if this country vote for that………………


  25. geeez2014 says:

    SO…what does American society DO with so many kids like this awful 15 year old? Can she be fixed enough to get a good job, or marry a good man and raise respectful, good children?

    (ya, right…)


  26. Z,
    I think a LOT of the kids in classrooms aren’t far from her in behavior.

    Sadly, that is correct.


  27. Kid says:

    Z, No, these kids can’t be fixed. And hey, I wonder who told her she doesn’t need to show any respect for the police. Mommy perhaps.

    And geeezix, all you have to do is youtube and the search term is – out of control classrooms. My lunch buddies with several masters degrees each quit teaching over 30 years ago because of this very thing. As an attached point, we have to wonder what sort of people (teachers) stay in such a polluted non-productive environment. Yes, of course there are good teachers all over the place but generally speaking and especially in these out of control classroom schools.


  28. Bob says:

    How do you justify a diagnosis of “possible concussion”? If there was a concussion, say so. Otherwise, tell the medical people to do their job. The girl ran into a car, possibly doing some damage, and the cops were just trying to do their job. The girl apparently went hysterical and got a justifiable squirt of pepper spray when she REFUSED to cooperate and FOUGHT against the police when they had to use some minimal force. She has no one to blame but herself. Maybe we can include her parents in on the blame, too.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I agree …we can blame her parents on the blame……..she is SO out of control immediately.

    If memory serves me, if I’d hit a car with my bicycle at 15, I’d have been shocked at the fall after hitting the car, and then the very THOUGHT that I’d done damage $$ would have made me scared, and then to see COPS THERE? I’d have been practically paralyzed with respectful fear, well behaved, scared, sorry, and thinking WHAT ARE MY FOLKS GOING TO SAY?! This girl? Hit the car, don’t care, think it’s probably funny, see cops, know they’re terrible and she shouldn’t have to respond to them, and try to get away……..screaming and swearing…….our kids today.

    Kid, I know classrooms are SO out of control…….they need seatbelts and TRUE consequences for mouthing off. MY GOSH, imagine doing what kids do NOW in school back then? NO WAY! We had FEAR of our teachers and our folks, …


  30. Anarchy, that’s all this is. That child hasn’t been taught right & wrong. She’s uncivilized. A sociopath. Who would want to be a police officer in today’s America?


  31. Kid says:

    Again, this behavior has been legitimized by 8 years of obama and 2 AG’s. If you’re black and on the other side of legal, there is much you are going to take from that. Then you got the pro sports guys with the hands up crap. Are you going to follow Chris Rocks advice? Heck no.

    Z, Darn right we behaved in school. I got whacked a few times. Once was quite enjoyable but well..
    But we called it getting jacked up. Some teacher would grab you by the shoulders lift you off the floor and jack you against the wall and spew some advice at ya. And you didn’t complain to your folks about it becuase they’d do it again.


  32. Mrs Grundy says:

    Why is this even a story? If this is the worst thing that the police have done recently, we must have it pretty good.


  33. Mal says:

    Amen to that, Mrs. G!


  34. geeez2014 says:

    FW…EXACTLY to all you said!

    Kid, you are one SICK man “once was quite enjoyable” still has me laughing out loud!! Thanks…!
    And YES to all of it…you didn’t tell or it’s coming again! GOD, I wish for those days to be BACK.
    We need Chris Rock to SPEAK OUT, it’s not like he hasn’t enough money yet so he needs to stay politically correct and get more jobs ….right? SPEAK, CHRIS….let THEM hear you, not only the Conservatives who agree with you!

    Mrs. G and Mal…..doesn’t it seem simple to understand? That’s IT? A cop sprayed pepper? On a girl who should have been beaten just for swearing as much and as badly as she was? Come to think of it, that pepper in her mouth should have been SOAP, right?!!!

    These kids are lost…and WE will pay for THEM for the rest of their, and our, lives…forever…and she’ll have kids, too…….pop them out and not mother them, just make more little foul mouthed monsters. BUT, I believe REALLY GOOD PEOPLE could capture the good in that punk jerk kid and turn her around. I really do…….but it has to happen NOW and in DROVES


  35. geeez2014 says:

    A reader from France said this :

    “Why are you all saying the girl hit the car? She was hit by a car and refused a medical treatment.
    If half a dozen of cops are not able to manage a 15-year old girl without handcuff her and spraying pepper at her face several times, well I would say that you have got a serious problem with your police.
    The fact that she behaved badly is maybe not surprising, being black and arrested by white cops she must have thought they would kill her. She is only 15, what do you expect?”

    1. The girl DID hit the car. Read the accounts.
    2. they had to spray her ONCE (see video) because she was fighting and screaming obscenities at them and they could barely get her in the car. They were “not able to manage a 15 yr old girl” because they’re scared to death of what would happen if they treated her as she should have been treated..roughly and quickly.
    3. She’s bought into the BS that cops just want to kill.
    4. She’s a victim because America’s gone soft on disgraceful behavior….what do YOU expect?

    Vouz n’avez pas raison, Monsieur…ou Madame…


  36. geeez2014 says:

    French Friend comes back with this because they apparently get more information in France about US than we do:

    ” The girl DID hit the car. Read the accounts”
    I read the accounts from the attorney Robin Ficker: “This little girl, 5 ft. 105 lbs, was brutalized by Hagerstown police after, she, on her bike, was hit by a car, but refused medical treatment,” the post reads. “They slammed her against a wall, arrested her for refusing treatment, maced her 4 times in the police car while handcuffed, and took her to the police station instead of the hospital!
    On your side you only account what the police said.
    Who am I supposed to believe?
    “they had to spray her ONCE (see video)”
    You must have sight problems, see the video again please.
    “they could barely get her in the car”
    She was peppered through the window when in the car, door closed, so they didn’t have any difficulty getting her in the car.
    “She’s bought into the BS that cops just want to kill”
    From France the impression is that American cops are prone to kill black people before thinking of the consequences, where this impression come from? Think again.
    “She’s a victim because America’s gone soft on disgraceful behavior”
    Really? Are you really thinking that America is so soft as you think? You could maybe ask all the people in jail and take into consideration that more than 50% of the people in jail in the world are American.
    And maybe we do not have the same definition of “disgracefull behavior”; once again this girl is 15-year old and you expect an adult behavior from her; maybe she was ill-educated, but so far she is not a criminal, only just a hysteric little girl.
    “Vouz n’avez pas raison, Monsieur…ou Madame…”
    It is not a question to be right or wrong, but to be balanced and tolerant.

    Z: No , it is not about TOLERANCE, it’s about TRUTH and you’re just wrong about so much of this. Please stop believing the media. I lived in Paris for four years and I know the views on America and they’re biased…Do you read Canard for your information?

    The French impression that Americans are ‘prone to kill blacks before thinking of the consequences” comes from uneducated impressions…. I know for a FACT that the most liberal AMERICAN news is simply translated into French. Ridiculous…that does NOT make for balance or truth. I saw that constantly and wished I could be a French journalist so I could make good money doing nothing but translate….not thinking, not digging into the truth.

    If America was NOT as soft as I know it is, we’d have LESS people in jail…do you understand that? Americans were a proud people of great law and order until liberal political correctness became the law of the land. Children obeyed their parents, obeyed authorities. This little girl who RAN INTO THE CAR would have been ashamed and sorry to have done that and known she must face the authorities IF she had been raised in the America I was raised in. She would not expect to just go home. They found marijuana on her, that would not have happened years ago, either. She’d only have suffered the concussion caused when she hit the car and hit the ground as her bike fell….she wouldn’t have had to be subdued because she was screeching profanities and kicking and screaming.\

    Do you HEAR yourself? You REALLY think all policemen would hurt her, slamming her against a wall because she refused medical treatment.
    I am SO SORRY the French are falling for this ridiculously one-sided view of America.
    POlicemen just bought a bicycle for a Black young man who they knew was walking 2 hours to work and back every day to save money. I could write hundreds of good things our cops do every day on this blog and probably should. If nothing else to make Europe WAKE UP and realize what they hear in their leftwing media is largely untrue. Oh, and keep watching CNN International, too….far more liberal than even OUR CNN.
    Watch news that just gives the news…I wonder if Europeans can even tell the difference; I almost can’t blame them if they cannot, having read their news and seen what they print about America.

    Thanks for coming by…….except it makes me angry and even hurts me that some French are so eager to believe the worst.


  37. Mal says:

    Z, all good statements, but do you think it will simply fall on deaf ears? I hope not, but given the sources of their news that you describe, I doubt they will even consider they are being brain-washed.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    SORRY, you’re wrong ..”No I only refer to the video you are yourself showing, but I remember you affirming that in France there were so-called “no go zones” which proves that even if you spent a couple of years in our country you can easily transform reality into wishfull thinking.”

    There ARE no ‘no go zones’, at least not in Paris, where I lived four years. I never EVER said that. In London, yes…none in Paris, and I don’t like you misquoting me. There are tough parts of Paris, no one would deny that, but “no go”? NO.
    Perhaps you’re not familiar with Paris.

    l will not respond to you on this article again… I’ve moved on and don’t spend time on old posts …


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