My notes from start to finish…rough and raw…I wrote as I watched last night:

Lester Holt, right off the bat, was biased “record job growth”…not according to a lot of economists who would not consider part time jobs for PhD’s, etc.,  good jobs.    Other than that, I thought Holt was okay.  Very dignified guy; it wasn’t easy to reign in Trump.

TRUMP;  STOP SCOWLING for ONE minute.  (He didn’t listen to me)  I was surprised none of his handlers told him not to scowl and to please even smile from time to time.  He has an engaging smile he rarely uses and it’s a great unused weapon…

He got Hillary’s goat a few times and her poor little lips pursed.  I like that 🙂  She is utterly ridiculous when she and her minions harp on how Trump’s tax breaks are for his family.  As if someone would actually do that….”ya, I’m going to make it easy for ME”…She’s so entrenched in hate for anybody else with money she says some pretty dumb stuff, don’t you think?

TRUMP SEEMED SMARTER TO ME THAN BEFORE… A good thing.  He was pretty quick and pretty clever.  And lucky he wasn’t really grilled on any international things he wouldn’t have known.

He said something about “minutes living in hell”…. I forget the context now, darn, but it was a GOOD remark.

STOP AND FRISK..very controversial.  Fact Check will see if Holt was right or wrong for saying it had been ruled unconstitutional.  My recollection is that Trump was right.  By morning (I’m writing this Monday night), I’m sure we’ll know.  Unless he was right, then the media will remain mute.  I like when Trump says “profiling bad people is okay”…bravo


I loved when Trump said we’ve been unfair to minorities and lamented what our lib politicians have allowed to happen. Good PR with minority voters.

Trump said inner cities are in trouble and Clinton jumped to how mean he is suggesting there are no good Black families.   That leap of hers was ridiculous and stupid, frankly.  He didn’t mean that AT ALL and you’d have to be in the Clinton family or go to Harvard to think it wasn’t stupid.

I FOUND HILLARY CONTRIVED AND PHONYalmost as if she was on teleprompter. She had done a LOT OF MEMORIZATION for certain subjects…and hand waving, cutting the air like she does.  UGH.


CLINTON ticked me off talking about how too many of Trump’s supporters  “jump to conclusions” with minorities ..etc…implying we’re all racists and bigots.  Again.

Trump didn’t handle the BIRTHER thing great but not too bad…mentioning Patty Doyle and Blumenthal and what they’ve ‘fessed up to was good…not greatly effective but okay.  The whole subject was a little bit tough.  And, of course, Clinton again implied that Trump supporters are racists “they wanted to believe Obama wasn’t born in America.”

It threw me when she just came out and said “Trump has a record of engaging in racist behavior”  Ridiculous…how DARE she?  As if screwing poor Black Democrat voters isn’t racist?

She accused him of not selling to Blacks (or renting..) and he said he never admitted guilt and still got off the federal lawsuit..

TRUMP REALLY REALLY MESSED UP….I BELIEVE THE SCARIEST MOMENT WAS WHEN HE SAID “SOMEBODY WHO’S ON HIS BED WEIGHING 400 POUNDS!’ …COULD COMMIT CYBER ATTACKS.  NOT A GOOD THING…..REALLY NOT GOOD….Did you catch that?  To me, that was one of THE lowest of his moments…and scariest, one the media will run with..legitimately.   He really is so mean and nasty at times.

ONE FINAL THING;  TRUMP DID NOT SUPPORT THE IRAQ WAR.  WHAT HE SAID TO STERN WAS OFFHANDED AND SOMETHING ANYBODY’D SAY….HE ABSOLUTELY WAS AGAINST IT, ALL EVIDENCE POINTS TO THAT.  Holt denied that, which I found wrong, and I was kind of glad Trump stood up for himself….He got a bit rowdy but I can’t blame him and I DO like how he nails the mainstream media.

ANOTHER LOW POINT WAS ‘I HAVE A BETTER TEMPERAMENT’…. Not a good thing to come out and say like that…it sound petulant and childish.  “I have a winning temperament”  …No, Donald, you really don’t.   Clinton got VERY jovial on all of this, her little smile was very sarcastic and …icky.  I believe that was his worse moment.  And she knew it.


SO, THAT’S MY TAKE…my little notes as I watched.  How about YOU?  THOUGHTS?




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32 Responses to The DEBATE

  1. Like Imp said last night, he did not hammer the seever. She talked about cyber security and he did not respond with a hacked personal server.
    She called it a mistake, he should have called it criminal.
    I thought it was a draw.
    I wish he’d of asked, what is racist about questioning the credentials of a president or candidate based on where he was born, like they did McCain?


  2. bocopro says:

    Once again as has become my habit I spent half an hour or so discussing items of local interest to Milady and me, then crashed and burned. While I would greatly appreciate putting HRC’s political career and public life to the ignominious end it so richly deserves, I doubt equally greatly that it’s gonna happen during a “debate.”

    What I’d really like to see is an apoplectic fit brought on by an unrelenting coughing spasm during which her true inner self spews the obscenities for which she is well known amongst sycophants and protection squads.

    As for DJT, contemplating his first hundred days in office I’d have to compare it to being diagnosed with some potentially fatal disease which the docs say we’ll survive but only with a great amount of nausea, angst, and general discomfort.

    Innameantime, I congratulate myself on my very good sense in not wasting time compare-contrasting a professional liar with a professional performer and making a significant payment on the sleep deficit my very ill cattledog has cost me over the past month or so.


  3. Linda says:

    I watched. I didn’t like the sniffling of Mr. Trump, but he said on Fox this morning he didn’t sniffle. Something was wrong with his microphone. Is it just me, or were her eyes ‘wonky’? Her pupils were really dilated! I guess we’ll find out come November who won.


  4. Good debate annotations, Z.

    At one point for a few minutes, HRC looked sad!

    Not angry.


    And tired, maybe even groggy. Lots of slow blinking and a few times lids at nearly half mast.

    Did anyone else notice how carefully she was stepping when she came onto the stage at the beginning?


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    Thank you for the recap. So, I guess they both survive relatively unscathed to fight another day.

    I think Trump gets a boost from this, despite all the Hilary toadies and progressive propagandists in the press screaming how horrible Trump did, hiding behind their ‘fact checks’ and after-debate analysis.

    Regardless if Hillary won on points, Trump wins if people watching could see him as president.

    Also, Trump has one under his belt now, and he’s a quick learner–I hate to jix it by going out on a limb and predicting success for him, but I would not be surprised to see debates 2 and 3 go much better for him.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…sorry, don’t agree. One of these is our future president, seeing them last night wasn’t a waste of time for me.

    Ed, Imp was right…but I believe now that all the ‘get Trump’ stuff’s pretty much out there and the next debate can be less of his being on the defense and more on the offense….that might have been his strategy, tho I doubt one can BE that clever in those stressful situations.

    Linda, If I were HIllary, I’d have said “You want a Kleenex?” I can’t stand sniffers and he was definitely sniffing…for him to say it was the mic is just another big fat LIE and REALLY upsetting to me. ugh

    AOW…Hillary often walks like that….But I didn’t think she seemed particularly ill. I did notice a new hairdo which I believe was done to ‘lift her up’….lots more ‘wave’ and fullness than usual, and believe it or not, I think it effective. Very smart.

    SF…I totally agree. This first big one is DOWN and he responded to : TAXES, BIRTHERS, HIS SUPPORT OF IRAQ (not), NOT PAYING WORKERS, etc etc. THAT stuff doesn’t need to come up again.

    If I were Hillary I’d be VERY nervous about the next debate because, next time, it’s HER TURN. And I believe he’ll bring up THE CLINTON FOUNDATION, BENGHAZI, EMAILS, etc…HARD! tho he’d be well served to save SOME for the 3rd!

    That woman had DEFINITELY memorized key points….it was like she’d hear a KEY WORD like JOBS and immediately, without even having time to THINK (literally), go into her prepared words about JOBS.

    by the way, when he started, at the end, on the “I COULD HAVE BEEN VERY MEAN TO HILLARY AND HER FAMILY….BUT I FELT IT WAS VERY INAPPROPRIATE, BUT SHE’S BEEN VERY MEAN TO ME…” i HELD MY BREATH because I THOUGHT that, because she’d been so hard on him during the debate, he’d changed his mind and was going to SAY the ‘inappropriate things’ he mentioned…BOY, was I relieved he hadn’t. when he said “and your family” we all knew it was BILL’S PHILANDERING>…good thing he left that OUT, inference was enough…and would only have backfired on him.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    CNN just showed Trump’s constant sniffling…and then showed the FOX clip of his saying “No, I didn’t sniffle, it was the mics….I don’t have a cold…no sniffling”. People in America watching that have to be rolling their eyes at him. Do sniffles matter? Of course not! Does it matter he can’t just say “Ya, I had a little allergy stuff going on…” that matters BIG TIME.
    I kept thinking “GET A KLEENEX, stop sniffling!” last night….I hate that he can’t even admit a sniffle. He’s got such hideous character. Darn.

    She’s now saying “My high power women friends hate to be interrupted in the Board Room and Trump’s interrupting really bothered them..”

    I’d forgotten that….he DID do that a lot…but I also think debates do include interruptions…

    SHe did a good job last night, in my opinion…very contrived, very prepared, lots of memorization done, patient, no coughing ….Buzz words worked; RACIST, BIRTHER, etc….

    But he could annihilate her next time. And I hope he does.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Gad….Trump also HAD said that Global Warming was a HOAX perpetrated by the Chinese ..he completely lied by saying “I DID NOT SAY THAT” to Hillary…there’s video of him, and text, saying that…OMG.
    Lie Lie Lie…


  9. FB says:

    I watched a bit and found him unprepared as far as talking points to retaliate against her. I wish he could’ve hired me b/c I had plenty of ideas 🙂

    I also think she got the questions of the debate in advance. She was looking down at cards which means she had cards prepared for each question.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    FB…..He did miss many opportunities; he won’t next time.
    I, too, wondered at her reading notes…but I don’t believe she had the questions, I just believe, like I said above, that she had key words “Jobs,” etc., and was ready to go into what she’d prepared for each word. I’m surprised that nobody’s talking about her obviously reading things during the debate….that was definitely happening.


  11. FB says:

    I think CNN is dishonest enough to give her the questions in advance and meet with her staff to focus on some key questions. The wikileaks emails showed that they coordinate things.


  12. Silverfiddle says:

    Based on how hard the Infotainment Media Complex is banging the Alicia Machado drum, I’d say Trump won.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    FB…I don’t believe that, but it’s possible.

    SF…all but the CNN poll today apparently shows Trump up even up to 5 points…

    She was more polished, but people are sick of polished…he absolutely downright LIED (sniffles, Hoax of CHina and global warming, etc etc.) but he speaks like most people want to hear.

    Oh, and the OUTRAGEOUS CLinton comment that “Trump just doesn’t respect Black families and always insults them” only because he said there are problems in the Inner Cities was AMAZING> and one of her surrogates this morning is repeating that ridiculous remark….
    ALSO, she harped on (and did again this morning on her plane) how Trump wants to reduce taxes so HIS family prospers, and nobody believes anything that ridiculous.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    SHe ALSO kept harping this morning on how NEGATIVE Trump is…how he keeps saying how he wants to make America great, but SHE has ALWAYS thought this country was great. ridiculous…


    The more I hear this morning about Holt, I think I’m wrong and, while he IS dignified and I like his demeanor, he did NOT HAMMER HILLARY even ONCE to my recollection, but constantly badgered Trump with the name-calling of women, the taxes, the birther thing.
    Does anybody remember him slamming Hillary with BENGHAZI, EMAILS, etc? If he did, he let them go, and he did NOT let Trump get away with anything.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Off Topic; Please pray for JOE, a 15 yr old boy who only a miracle can save…he’s at the ICU at UCLA. I have no other details and don’t know him personally but just got a prayer request. He will probably die. Please pray!


  16. Mal says:

    I don’t know why but I didn’t pick up on his sniffing, but my wife did. She also thought Hillary might be on some medication, which might explain what Linda said about her eyes being “wonky” and pupils dilated. ‘Ya think? I believe his saying he refused to attack her family was a smart move, given his propensity to do that. I also believe he will be better prepared for #2 & #3 like Reagan did.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, actually he DID attack her family because everyone watching knew what he meant…so he did that JUST RIGHT.
    Ya, sniffling bugs me and he did it probably 10 times…awful. But, we ALL SNIFF..just ADMIT IT, DONALD! WHY DENY IT? WE SAW IT!! He blamed it on the microphones!? 🙂 What a LIAR.

    And I didn’t notice anything too wonky about Hillary and saw her this morning going up stairs to her plane, and she even lifted her hands off the railing in reaction to something below, as she continued to climb, hands in the air, so she’s not as NON sure footed as people are wanting to make her out to be.

    Pray for the family of NYFD firefighter, father of three, who was just killed fighting a house explosion….a 17 yr veteran…God, be with his family.


  18. Imp says:

    Trumps 5 failures at the debate:

    1. Benghazi. Trump never brought up Clinton’s most damning, and emotive, failure as commander-in-chief. Lester Holt certainly wasn’t going to raise the issue.

    2. Foundation. When Lester Holt went at Trump over his tax returns, Trump talked about Clinton’s deleted emails. But he failed to bring up the Clinton Foundation and its pay-to-play politics, which is the reason Clinton hid her emails in the first place. As a result, when Clinton attacked Trump for possible conflicts of interest — he failed to point out that she mastered the concept, collecting millions in effective bribes as she and her husband collected cash from cronies and foreign governments.

    3. Wall. Where was Trump’s wall, or any hint of the immigration policy that helped him soar to the top of the presidential primary? True, the one time Trump tried to talk about immigration Holt diverted him to a conversation about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. But that is no excuse. Clinton’s amnesty-for-everyone policy is an open goal, especially given the recent spate of terror attacks carried out by Muslim immigrants, some with ties to Islamic extremist groups. Trump failed to take the shot.

    4. FBI. Trump briefly mentioned Clinton’s emails, but what is more important is the cover-up. She is the first presidential nominee of a major party to be investigated by the FBI, and as more information emerges, it is clear the FBI did everything it could to avoid prosecuting her despite the evidence.

    5. Growth. Trump never mentioned economic growth, which is the heart of his own economic policy, and the essence of what Republicans offer to voters, rather than the Democrats’ policies of redistribution. The only times the word “growth” was mentioned was by the moderator — erroneously praising Obama’s record.


  19. Imp says:

    Every time Hillary says:

    1. Russia- Trump says, 20% US uranium sold to Russia via her foundation.
    2. Blacks- Trump says, the raping of Haiti via her foundation.
    3. Sexist- Trump says, she attacked every woman her husband raped or had an affair with.
    4. Security- Trump says, emails deleted and lying to congress and FBI.
    5. Taxes- Trump says, ‘Clinton Cash.’


  20. Mal says:

    Imp nailed it on all the above. Trump (or his people) should get this and digest it for the next debates.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, there is a LOT Trump could have brought up at the next Debate but I just heard that it’s a Townhall ‘debate’, so I’m really REALLY sorry that he’s going to lose that momentum. If he could do a debate today, he’d have ROCKED…..Townhalls are informative but you don’t get the combative thing and so I don’t see how Trump can nail Hillary, which he should have done but, as usual, he bit her bait, something even liberal politicos didn’t think he’d do…he should have learned that lesson BIG TIME in the debate prep. BIG TIME.

    Now all the Homepages and News pages are talking about how he said he didn’t sniffle…what a DUMB thing for him to have done, but GOD FORBID anybody thinks the GREAT TRUMP HAS AN ALLERGY. WHY , oh WHY would he say “I didn’t sniff…it was the microphone noise”? How dumb does he think America is and now the leftwing media’s having a field day with it. AWFUL.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    FB: I don’t believe this but it’s confirming your hypothesis.

    I also watched some tape this morning and both she AND Trump look down….I believe they were also making notes so they’d not forget certain points to address.


  23. FB says:

    I’m not surprised and that was to be expected. Trump should jump on this and refuse the next debates if this happens again. Use that story to show what a liar and cheat she is.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    FB, If he could be 1000% sure it did happen, he’d not only win the debate, he’d win the election.


  25. Sparky says:

    Thank you for watching for us and I like your analysis. Well done. Alas, I did not watch, but did catch snippets. HildaBeast looked doped, in my opinion. And she did mince her steps leading up to the platform. She’s heavily medicated for sure. Trump is Trump. He’s not gonna be a circus performer for anyone. Guess we’ll see in November if we still have a country, or not. Still praying daily for a good outcome.


  26. Adrienne says:

    The “sniffs” are usual for him. I’ve sat through at least 10 rally’s and he tends to take deep breaths through his nose. They both had podium mics and clip on lapel mics. I’m thinking the podium mic was for the theater and the lapel mic was for the TV feed. I think his clip on was so close to his face that it picked up his drawing in of breath. Since this is usual for him, he probably doesn’t even realize he does it. It’s most definitely not a cold, allergy, or blowing snow up his nose. It’s just normal breathing for him. Barky is the coke sniffer.

    I think Newt’s take on the debate afterwards on Hannity was probably spot on. I don’t speak for anyone but myself when I say that I’m so emotionally involved that my judgement is not always the best.


  27. Well, my 35 year old son and 15 year old grandson watched it and were very disappointed in Trump. They thought that Hillary did much better than Trump.
    He listed his points, not that he is for Hillary.
    Some I had to agree with, and I wasn’t going to argue with him, the point is that he watched and came away with that impression.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, as your favorite reporter, I DO MY BEST! And hey, you OWE me for having to look at HER for 90 minutes (Smile!) Keep praying!

    Adrienne..he DOES breathe through his nose, i’d forgotten that, you’re right…but this was more like a cold type of quick inhale like if you didn’t have a Kleenex.!!!
    “BARKY”? I know Johnson’s a pot head, but who’s BARKY!!?

    Ed, ya, it’s important to know there are people who really don’t like his performance…sad impression, isn’t it. I SO hope I heard wrong and the next ‘debate’ isn’t a Townhall because that’ll throw Trump’s “I’m gonna GET her next time” momentum off. thanks.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    ADRIENNNE! I just saw where Howard Dean tweeted “Trump..coke user?”
    Imagine? Trump who never drinks and never smoked is suddenly going to do coke?
    Howard Dean is such a fool


  30. geeez2014 says:

    MY GOSH! Howard Dean’s saying Trump was probably sniffing coke and that’s why he was sniffling…and he’s standing BY IT!


  31. I’d never seen him sniff like that.
    I wonder what they put in his water?


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, he does a weird intake of air all the time when he’s talking…but this sniff thing was clearly an allergy or cold, or some nervous reaction? They think the debate people might have said “Drink water if you get uptight…calm down” Who knows?

    As I’ve said above, who cares if he sniffled but to lie and say it was the microphones? Man, he keeps proving me right about his character; I HATE THAT.


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