Machado is WRONG…Trump is right…

aliciaThe Miss Universe winner of 1997 won her crown and went from 118 to 160 pounds before her year was up.   My feeling is Mr. Trump deserved to have a Miss Universe winner stay in the shape she was in when selected, having won fame and fortune provided by the pageant.

ALICIA MACHADO, in my opinion, is being used by the leftwing media in their zeal to find any slightest thing to run Trump down.  Someone’s probably paying for her to bring this story to life nearly twenty years later (who cares?).   Here’s the comment from Trump:  “When you win a beauty pageant, people don’t think you’re going to go from 118 to 160 in less than a year, and you really have an obligation to stay in a perfect physical state.”  The leftwing writer of the linked article calls the statement “unbelievable.”   I find it right on the money.

The apparent inference is he was embarrassing her and shaming her when she was heavy, hard to believe when you see the video of her cozying up to his shoulder and smiling hugely every time they’re shot together.  She posed for Playboy, I’m thinking she might want to be ashamed of that?

I believe Trump’s 100% right.   Absolutely.  She made a commitment, she won on her LOOKS, and you don’t jeopardize those looks and embarrass a pageant organization by gaining that much weight while you’re still wearing their crown.   You might say “beauty contests are so cheap and old fashion, mostly based on looks!”  but if she felt like that, she shouldn’t have competed in a BEAUTY CONTEST.

That’s my take.  What’s yours?


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34 Responses to Machado is WRONG…Trump is right…

  1. fredd says:

    Beauty pageants’ days are numbered. Pretty soon, they will go the way of Joe Camel, opening doors for women, and chivalry.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    fredd, even as a woman, I think that’s sad…In my opinion, there isn’t anything wrong with being young and admiring the contestants and daydreaming we’d wear a crown when we grew up;
    And I especially think nothing’s wrong with chivalry, opening doors, etc……..
    Yet, the bathing suits are so skimpy by now I wonder what they’ll be wearing in 10 years!
    Gosh, what woman doesn’t love a compliment on their looks? ANY?


  3. So the choice is between the handling of bimbo eruptions or a guy trying to enforce a contract. Which is the more sexist?


  4. With you 100% Zee. And Fredd, Joe Camel isn’t dead, I’m right here!


  5. bocopro says:

    Well, she DID chunk up a bit much, and she WAS a bit of a burr under the administrative saddle. OTOH, his remarks kinda went over the line, even for an Anti-PC warrior like myself.

    The incident is hauntingly reminiscent of my first encounter with the woman who’s been following me around for over half a century.

    A friend and I were at a party in the deep boondocks in Pangasinan (Philippines) where we were quite confident that none of the younger people spoke Spanish. A teenage girl was serving pansit and caldereta (with goat meat) to guests from a makeshift buffet/bar.

    She was an unfortunately unattractive young woman, and as my friend and I were young arrogant immortals, we made some unkind remarks about her appearance, privately and in Spanish. One of the older women overheard us and told her what we’d been saying. She burst into tears and ran into the house mortified.

    Moments later, another young woman in a peasant blouse with gypsie sleeves and a hoop skirt confronted me, hands on hips, feet planted defiantly, and expertly read me the riot act in at least half a dozen different languages, only two of which I understood: English and Spanish.

    She discussed my condescending attitude, my apparent ancestry, my limited value to mankind, and my probable ultimate destination, finally dismissing me with a toss of her hair by an upward thrust of her chin and an abrupt about face as she glided off majestically into the setting sun.

    I was enraptured. Still am. And she hasn’t lost that skill of hurling dagger-sharp flameballs of lethal invectives at pompous self-possessed boors with deadly accuracy. Even when she misses, they ricochet through the house, singeing the doors and walls, echoing like the remnants of a thermonuclear detonation, frightening small children and animals.

    My first lesson in political correctness regarding remarks comparing young women to barnyard animals. Would that Ivana had similarly tutored DJT.


  6. Kid says:

    Agree, Saw yesterday that Playboy is featuring a girl in a hijab current or next issue.

    Some turn out the lights. And jiggle the handle too please.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    Bocopro: Loved the story!

    The beauty pageant industry is a sexist, stone-cold meat-grinder, right up there with modeling. You’re paid to look perfect–she broke the contract. That doesn’t excuse Trump’s unkind words, but we already knew that about him, didn’t we?

    Regardless of El Donaldo’s mean words, Machado has gone on to write books, star in TV shows (in one reality show she had sex on camera) and build up a successful business. She is rich and famous thanks to winning that beauty pageant.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Trump’s hurtful language is, obviously, horrid, too……of course, we really don’t know what the truth is about 20 year old mutterings… I said, when I’ve seen video or stills, she’s practically hanging on him and has stars in her eyes as they relate in the photos.

    I could say “Trump has to stop calling women names,” but it’s really too late for that. it’s his style, it’s his nasty personality and most of it’s on record…. BUT, we’ve all also heard many women who work, or have worked, for Trump, who say he’s a fabulous boss, promotes MANY women, etc….He needs to start talking that up, or have others do it, not relying on Hillary to define him in that way, or any other way.

    BOTTOM LINE: There’s a contract to continue to look good, the pageant’s about LOOKS whether women like it or not, as one represents the pageant….She didn’t.

    Bocopro; I daresay my dearly departed spouse loved me like you still love yours…it’s magical and you’re very lucky to still have her, and likewise to her!

    Kid, I did hear about the Playboy Hijab…, muslims are going to go nuts with a naked woman wearing muslim headgear! I LIKE THAT!


  9. Kid says:

    She won’t be naked Z. It’s a fashion piece.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    kid…what’s the point of it, then? I’s Playboy. was it just a head shot? Or in normal clothing with a hijab?


  11. Kid says:

    I only saw her head and assumed it would be regular moslem garb. If you didn’t know, Playboy doesn’t do anked any more. Guess they’re doing swimsuits, lingerie, etc now.


  12. Kid says:

    Which is kind of interesting in itself, as I saw a different piece showing moslem women in a fashion show and even though they were covered head to toe, they were criticdized for being too attractive.


  13. Imp says:

    “Unkind….Words”. This cracks me up. Trump is an equal opportunity flamer. I’d say no one would give a damn if he called a guy a fat pig….so what’s the big deal with calling her out as he sees it?

    Chivalry died a long time ago. And women killed it…well some did.


  14. Silverlady says:

    Facts are facts, & she packed it on. Tell the truth & shame the devil, I don’t blame him a bit. ‘Beauty’ contests are a meat market for pedophiles, starting with the infant trade on through the very young children, a la Jon Benet Ramsey. The parents who put their children in these horror shows care nothing about their children, only their own egos, & they are disgusting. They are a disgrace to the word ‘parent’. The little girls are made up to look like teenage streetwalkers doing a bump & grind routine, & think of the awful standards they are taught; to win at all costs. If young women decide to do that on their own when older, then so be it. But they need to know the costs they will pay in the future.


  15. Mal says:

    Last night I heard Trump say after she gained the weight the staff at the pageant wanted to get rid of her but Trump told them to give her a chance to diet and work it off. Then said, so much for gratitude from her! Somehow, I prefer to believe his story because from what I have noticed is he tries to protect the underdog.


  16. bunkerville says:

    How about driving a getaway car at a murder and threatening a judge? How about having a baby with one of the biggest drug lords? Trump was running a contest. Why he didn’t fire her beats me.


  17. Mal says:

    You’ll never hear that from the left, Bunkerville. It doesn’t meet their agenda.


  18. Silverfiddle says:

    Now another beauty queen is coming out to grab her 15 minutes by saying Trump was mean to her, too.

    Bill Clinton has volunteered to get to the bottom of this by personally interviewing each woman in private.


  19. Kid says:

    I read where this chick is a ‘big’ clinton supporter, so of course she is going to bad mouth Trump.


  20. Mal says:

    For the first time in my life I have contributed to a political campaign. Trumps. 3 times! I just got a message he has raised $80 million so far, all from small donors like us. That makes him a lot like Bernie Sanders, who also bragged the average of his donors was something like $27. Trump has promised to double whatever amount is donated until the end of Sept. (tomorrow).


  21. Mal says:

    Correction….make that $90 million. I just went back and checked!


  22. Sparky says:

    “So the choice is between the handling of bimbo eruptions or a guy trying to enforce a contract. Which is the more sexist?” What Ed said. 😉
    Speaking of contracts, that’s another thing that’s very worrying these days. So many people (especially the government) are in a Do What You Want frame of mind that they don’t obey the laws or legal contracts. That’s a sign of a definite decline in society.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    KID!! PLAYBOY ISN’T NAKED ANYMORE? I can’t stand it….some things should never change. I guess I’m old fashioned 🙂 (I know that’s maybe the most perverse paragraph I’ve ever written but I do mean it!)

    Imp! “Flamer” used to mean something else! :0)

    And yes, Chivalry is DEAD AS A DOOR KNOB.

    Silverlady, we’re talking an adult here. Why go into Kid pageants…which are disgusting. I have no problem with adult pageants.

    BUnkerville…shhhhhhsshhh! We don’t want liberals to be disabused of THE TRUTH! 🙂

    Silverfiddle…that’s what Trump should say! Can you imagine if he’d thought of it debate night? “Hillary, maybe you should bring up more and more women who need their day in the sun to complain wrongly about me…I’ll get your husband to interview them, I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to!” Great one, SF

    Sparky, I have had that exact thought…when contracts are not honored (imagine they used to be on a handshake and real men lived up to that handshake …maybe that’s before so many lawyers!?), and the FBI could be trusted and we didn’t have to worry that our very VOTES will be hacked or deleted?



  24. geeez2014 says:

    ugh, APPARENTLY, there IS no weight clause in the contract for Machado…but it IS true they wanted to fire her immediately and Trump said to keep her on and get her on a weight and exercise program.

    But HONESTLY, this is like a great pianist who gets a year of doing concerts and doesn’t practice…right?
    This is like a good artist getting a huge gallery opening for her art and not painting anything for the opening.
    This is like a cook promising to cook for a big event, getting paid, and deciding he doesn’t feel like cooking.
    it’s CRAZY…

    The Clinton people will find MANY more girls saying what a pig Trump is…wait for it.


  25. Kid says:

    Z, In the article it said Playboy realized it cannot compete with the internet. Who is going to buy a magazine or even visit their website when there are 134,657,822 naked women to look at on the internet and more being added by the second, most of them in live action scenes as well for those who are looking for that sort of thing. So they’re trying to rebrand. Personally I think their time is over. Time to turn out the lights and sell the assets asap.

    @Silverlady, so much wisdom there. I’ve always had darkish thoughts in relation to the Ramsey’s whoring up their daughter. I won’t speculate into activities as I have literally nothing to put forth in my defense, it’s just a gut feeling that there was more to it. And I agree it is wrong to put a girl on such a path at such young ages.


  26. Imp says:

    My opponent is a liar and can’t be trusted…


  27. Imp says:

    @Kid..”visit their website when there are 134,657,822 naked women to look at on the internet..”

    Guess we know where you spend all your time to get that probably accurate count? Did you say you work for the government?


  28. Imp says:

    @Z…..”PLAYBOY ISN’T NAKED ANYMORE? I can’t stand it…”

    I happen to have the last stapled issue of Playboy…with Madonna in it…in Black and white too. 1988 I think?


  29. Kid says:

    IMP, A friend told me about this.


  30. Kid says:

    IMP, That vid is kinda funny. 😉 BTW – know any good pron sites?


  31. All the women in Playboy are naked… under their clothes. Even burquas.


  32. Baysider says:

    Agree with you, Z. And bocopro, what a story! Or what a re-telling of it.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    IMP! This made me laugh out loud “Guess we know where you spend all your time to get that probably accurate count? Did you say you work for the government?” VERY funny.

    Poooooor Kid 🙂 Kid, I agree about child beauty contests….


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, pretty good video…I do believe she was THAT SCRIPTED….


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