So?  I’m publishing this Sunday NIGHT instead of Monday morning so you can LET ‘ER RIP…Can you share your opinions that you might have tonight, after the debate, or Monday morning, please?

My few that I wrote down:

  1.  I hate to hate, but let’s just say I can’t STAND HILLARY.   I see how memorized and robotic she is, even to the raising of the eyebrows, weird smiles;  I saw tonight how contrived she really is.  That’s why she takes days off before debates, in my opinion;  memorizing.
  2. Hillary got ugly and personal on HIM, then he’d answer and then she’d respond with “I want to talk about what I can do for the country…”
  3. She said ‘We’re founded on religious liberty’ as if ANY religion in the past in America has EVER terrorized us and otherwise threatened our way of life and we shouldn’t act accordingly?
  4. Trump was sniffing again, like crazy, the first 10 minutes, then it stopped, so now I know it’s NERVES.
  5. She’s blaming Trump for the Russian hacking?  And we don’t even know for sure it if IS Russia!  And her stupid suggestions that they want Trump?
  7. I felt they were much, much harder on them and I was glad he fought back with as much dignity as I believe he can conjure up.

Who won?   I feel tonight was a tie….though it hurts me to say that because she’s SO dreadful.  She does show a far better grasp of situations around the world and here, but he didn’t do badly, and HE NEVER FLIPPED OUT, which is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE, as he’d say!

Am thrilled to say I just read my friend Rich’s MULLINGS and he’s with me….tonight was a TIE.



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62 Responses to DEBATE NUMBER 2

  1. Kid says:

    I played on line chess and did pretty well, so I’m good !


  2. My say: Trump won this one. Obviously, he did prepare this time.


  3. HE NEVER FLIPPED OUT, which is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE, as he’d say!



  4. geeez2014 says:

    Good job, Kid!

    EVERYBODY: Even I’m amazed at the attacks Megyn Kelly’s making on Trump supporters in after debate interviews…Kelly’s just BITING them on every point they’re trying to make.
    Darn if I missed Megyn’s comments on the 12 year old whose rapist Clinton laughed about getting him off….Did Kelly have a legit correction on that case? I have HEARD the audio on those interviews directly after she won the case for her rapist client and she IS LAUGHING.
    Kelly’s just unrelenting “On the tape, HE is admitting he hit on a married woman”…Man, does she think NO men in his kind of position hit on married women? HE was married, so what’s the point about MARRIED WOMEN? What he said was wrong no matter WHAT the marital status. HONESTLY??? Gad, if Kelly says “Grabbed her by the genitals” one more time…she’s starting to sound like Hannity.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…so you think he WON this one? Well, close, I think. I’d say more a TIE, but that in itself is miraculous! 🙂

    Frank Luntz had a group on and he said to Megyn Kelly after his interviews “Megyn, I thought Trump’s candidacy would be over tonight, but now that I see he swayed this many people, I’d say he’s still IN the race”



  6. geeez2014 says:

    It’s probably Roger Ailes having left, but I have NEVER seen FOX as leftwing as it was tonight…absolutely unreal. Austan GHOULSby was on again, their favorite far leftwinger, and though she told him his time was up, when he got brutal on Trump, Megyn said “Go on Austin..”
    Then she shows Trump and her exchange at that debate when she went thru all the women insults he made when she was the panelist with Bret Baer and brings in Krauthammer, who despises Trump, to ask questions of, as if he’s going to argue FOR TRUMP?

    Ya, FOX is gone…….Ailes left….we have another CNN except for a few Rightwing editorialists like O’Reilly and Hannity…….and good honest newsmen like Baer, Hume, Wallace, etc.
    what we needed right before this election, the support FOX gave , is GONE.


  7. Kid says:

    No doubt there is BIG money involved in this election. And if ‘you’ are tired of Big Money playing you like a violin, then you must go against the grain. That’d be Trump for all of his faults.

    Typical isn’t it? The libtards are Against the big banks and The Rich and Will in the end vote in THEIR Favor.

    Not surprising since they’re so stupee.


  8. Baysider says:

    I appreciate your commenting, because this is one form of theater I cannot stand. Did he push her into a felonious trap? We could only wish.


  9. Kid says:

    Fox was never support for conservatives. If you want to support Conservatives, you publish the Conservative voice, You don’t have a bunch of morons on like Colmes, Williams, O’Reily’s (who say we have to give people like obama a chance) Fair and balanced? It’s a non-thing. Just like Equality is a Non-Thing.
    Imagine people who idolize Evolution believing in Equality. Evolution is diametrically opposed to ‘equality’. Evolution is the Best rise to the top. There is no Equality. The things people believe in today make me wish for the Planet of the APES. They’d be smarter !


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, yes it was…it was all we had….there are terrific Conservative voices on FOX…
    O’Reilly is no liberal, he just tries to appear centrist, which I understand.
    But you’re right…no reason to have Colmes, Goulsby, that Black professor CONSTANTLY on, Richard something….etc etc. They DO have a lot of libs on.
    But, usually, their people are anything BUT Hillary fans….and don’t mind saying so.

    I just WISH there were Conservative channels which do what CNN and MSNBC do, not caring how leftwing the public thinks they are…who don’t worry about having 90% liberals on.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…’felonious trap’ TONIGHT? not even close.
    And ya, it was hard to watch tonight…that VOICE of hers is like nails on a chalkboard…but worse. and it’s so hard to look at her…


  12. geeez2014 says:

    at least Hannity’s on now (can’t stand him) interviewing Kellyanne Conway, so we’ll get an interview WAAAAAAAAAAAY slanted toward Trump.


  13. IMHO, Trump won this debate by ten miles! He had Hillary rocked back on her heels. The 4 Clinton victims in the audience was brilliant. It’s about time the Clintons were made to face the heat for their cruelty and brutality.

    The one thing I wish Trump would go after Hillary for is the practiced line about going after al Baghdadi. We already had that SOB in custody. The Obama Administration turned him over to Iraq’s government, withdrew our troops and they released that psychotic, evil bastard. That is a perfect example of poor judgment. We had him and instead of putting his ass in Gitmo, they let him go!


  14. Trump won. The Frank Luntz group convinced me.
    You were right on point 6. He should have demanded she recuse herself at that point.
    Stunning demonstration of the bias.
    Kelly disgusted me by harping on the bus tape, but then she went hard after Clinton also.
    The difference is that Clinton didn’t apologize for her behavior. Trump did.


  15. Luntz on the Hewitt show today.
    [audio src="" /]


  16. bocopro says:

    In lieu of my standard verbosity, lemme just say this about all that:


  17. bunkerville says:

    The big loser was Megyn Kelly during her after show. She had to spout the same tired worn out statements supposedly of Trump. At one time I liked her. Bye Bye Megyn


  18. John M. Berger says:



  19. I’ve gotten so that I cannot watch Megyn Kelly anymore.


  20. Z,
    I say that Trump the winner because he brought to the fore many of the Clinton scandals which the mainstream media have obfuscated as much as possible.

    We in the blogosphere have been aware of all that information. But many in the general public. Nope.

    Now the information is out there for any undecided voters to face check, consider, etc.


  21. Ed,
    Trump has apologized at least twice. But the mainstream media and even many on Fox keep saying, “He hasn’t apologized.”

    I have all that I can stand with mea culpa (Slick Willie) and culpa patriae apologies (Obama).


  22. Imp says:

    “Raddatz didn’t just interrupt the candidates,” added Gainor. “She decided that she wanted to run for president. So at one point in time during a discussion of Aleppo, where [Donald] Trump answered a question – she didn’t like the answer, so she restated the question, reminding him what Pence had said. He disagreed, and that set in motion six follow-up interruptions from her including to the point where she was genuinely arguing with him why he thought it was a bad idea to get involved, and she apparently thought it was a good idea to get involved. The last time I checked, she doesn’t have “presidential candidate” in front of her name.”

    He’s right…the fix was in and it was 3 to 1.


  23. FB says:

    I think he won. And he put important keywords in the debate so people can google things and see how despicable she is.


  24. bocopro says:

    What I can’t comprehend is that several books have been published listing obscene and profane, even blasphemous, remarks by HRC beginning with her time as FLoArk thru FLotUS and people get all upset when a GOP candidate lapses into locker-room language but will vote for her because of gender loyalty or just “wouldn’t it be cool”ness.

    Now, if you’re offended by profanities, don’t click on the link. But I’d sure like for someone to explain to me why it’s o.k. for her to talk like that but not DJT. I guess it’s possible all those books are simply collections of lies and libel. Can’t believe Trump hasn’t dug up a few old Secret Service guys who were around her in the 90s to verify ’em.

    CAVEAT LECTOR (Reader beware):


  25. Baysider says:

    @Z”that VOICE of hers is like nails on a chalkboard…”
    I heard a strong Hillary supporter saying almost the same thing about Trump, and she admired the ‘quiet way Hillary stays in the background.’ But I agree with YOU!


  26. John M. Berger says:

    Like him or not, Trump holds-up against odds that would sink many. I see this as a positive attribute in an ever increasingly hostile world and an ever increasingly vulnerable United States. Can that be said for the limp-wristed Administration that we have had for, at least, the past nearly 8 years or a continuation thereof?


  27. FB,
    he put important keywords in the debate so people can google things and see how despicable she is.

    Yep. Smart move.


  28. Mal says:

    My take is Trump won BIG time! He did what he needed to do and did it like a pro. Z, I just don’t understand your hate for Hannity. On one hand, we say we want a right wing slant from the media to off set NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc. yet you don’t like the only one FOX has? Why?
    And we have gotten to where we can’t stand watching Megyn anymore, either. She has fallen off the radar.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    FB…I just hope people DO THAT, you’re right…very good to get it all out there.

    TOnight, O’Reilly’s going into the twelve year old victim of Hillary’s rapist client in depth; that is something I HOPE more people see. The cackling young Hillary “I GOT HIM OFF!!” is quite chilling. disgusting.

    FW, it was very undignified for an American presidential debate to have brought those women there, but I agree with you, it IS about time the Clintons come face to face with their victims.
    A friend’s daughter went to Stanford when Chelsea did, this daughter was best friends with Chelsea’s roomate during the lewinsky scandal….the daughter told my friend that Chelsea did nothing but cry for hours a day, for days and days…she’d go into her bedroom and get on the phone with Bill, and cry and cry more. She was utterly HUMILIATED. I can’t imagine how this affected her last night. I hope Hillary appreciated what they’ve put their daughter thru.

    bocopro; MANY people are asking your excellent question; with all the rumors of Hillary’s foul language, hideous treatment of our military (No uniforms could be worn in the White House), screaming, throwing things…why isn’t that ALL OUT THERE? Hint; the MEDIA. But even FOX doesn’t carry these stories, and I suppose they literally cannot be substantiated so they don’t put their reputation on the line.
    Personally? I think it’s time FOX stopped worrying about that and make sure that shrew does NOT WIN…and this would do it…

    Imp; when Raddatz piped in with “Mr. Trump, perhaps we were playing psychological warfare” (I mentioned it in my post in BOLD…#6) was SO INAPPROPRIATE. That once-conservative Jake the Jerk Tapper on CNN stood up for Raddatz with “….who’s an expert on Syria”…well, Mr. Tapper, Trump was specifically saying we shouldn’t have told anybody we were going to bomb MOSUL in 3 weeks, and, at least last time I LOOKED, Mosul is NOT IN SYRIA.

    I’ve stood up for Megyn Kelly for the last year here….last night turned me SO off I’m starting to feel that sour feeling I have for Hannity, Smith, Wolf, Cooper….Hannity, obviously, is very conservative but stupid and self-aggrandizing…
    Last night, I felt Kelly was getting her reels ready to shop her brand around when her contract’s over last year. The sad thing is I doubt she’ll survive if she thinks she can be a Barbara Walters type, which I believe is her goal; she makes many millions of dollars now, and works HARD, plus she’s gone a lot and has a husband she worships and 3 small children. SO, let’s do the math; she can work hard every single day, working into the night, and make a bundle, or she can do six shows a year and make even more……….

    BUT, even I have to admit, she’s equally hard on the Left as she’s been on the Right. The problem is this country has ENOUGH on the air who hate and condemn the Right; at least at FOX we got some fair treatment.
    Not anymore.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, Mal! You and I both could write the typical, expected litany of Hannity ..the laundry list of Benghazi problems, email problems, ON and ON and ON and on….”four dead, no help for Stevens, ” I can’t remember exactly how he’s memorized it, but if I had the time right now, I probably could.
    Gad, at least he FINALLY stopped mimicking Bill Clinton’s accent EVERY time his name came up for TEN YEARS.. “AH did not have sex with that woman!”…He’s so rightwing I could kick him for his inability to EVER be fair …ever.
    And Mr. Z and I were huge fans years ago when he was on with Colmes…….He’s never been the same; just a self-congratulatory “I washed dishes, I built houses..” JERK.
    sorrry…that’s my take 🙂


  31. Imp says:

    Trump…one can apologize for words…..does anyone think Bill Clinton can apologize for rape? We’re talking about words here…not actions. Words can be taken back…actions cannot. While Bill was seducing a star struck, naive 20 year old…..the femi-nazis were saying that it was a “private” affair. Consensual. And how they all swooned over having an opportunity that Bill might park his shoes under their beds. That this wasn’t sex….and define what “is…IS”. That Bill proved he’s like the rest of us…..that he’s man with natural needs and wants…..that his testosterone got the best of him. Poor Bill, right? Do we want him back in the White House again with a second running of a package deal? A disbarred, disgraced, lying, impeached sexual predator…again? Cause that’s what we’re looking at.

    8 years of them in the WH…followed by 8 years of her in the Senate…where she accomplished…nothing. Except for getting a post office renamed and freeing FALN terrorists. She promised 200,000 jobs for upstate NY…there were none. 4 years as Sec of State….a failure there too and American deaths on there hands. 20 years of Klintons…..and we think we need 4 / 8 more?


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Ah, Imp; we all know that….we didn’t want Clinton there anymore, and I TOTALLY get ‘men will be men’, but you just keep appreciating Trump…I just can’t.
    I will support ANYBODY over Hillary…and I think anybody reading this blog realizes that.
    I’m just eternally grateful that, because CA is SO Blue Electorally, I can write in Mike Pence.


  33. Mal says:

    Well. Z, you’re right about Hannity’s constant repeating the same stats. We’d noticed that, too, but its still nice to know there is one of us still out there in the never-never land of media politics.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Warren Buffet has now apparently released his taxes and he’s paid every year since 1944…I guess they had HIM in the sidelines waiting till Trump got on this subject, so HOORAH, Hillary wins again! (bitch)..oops.

    Mal, Hannity’s so self-congratulatory and asks SUCH leading questions that it’s almost impossible to watch him…for me, anyway, but I understand your point.

    Wait for it……this isn’t over.


  35. bocopro says:

    If you ever want to know anything about your ancestry or your relatives or your spouse or things you may have done in the past and since forgotten, don’t waste time and money researching it; just run for high public office and your opponent will do it for you, for free.


  36. Mal says:

    It certainly seems that way, Bocopro.


  37. John M. Berger says:

    “Warren Buffet has now apparently released his taxes and he’s paid every year……………………..”

    I wonder if that suggests that [he] doesn’t utilize [all] of his LEGAL tax-breaks? If so, all I can say is wadda guy! If he does, so what! I’m willing to bet that both of these guys are under the IRS’ radar, like few others, and if either were in any violation(s) [we] would know it. So if no laws are broken this is a moot issue.


  38. Mal says:

    Trump says he pays millions in taxes but doesn’t explain how. This needs to be told. The taxes all his employees pay wouldn’t be collected if he didn’t give them jobs in the first place. Add to that the amount paid not only by his corporations(s) as well as himself personally, but real estate taxes on all his properties, etc. How about various licenses for hotels, liquor, gaming, etc. It has to be huge!


  39. John M. Berger says:

    OK Mal, there you go again with common sense, logic and knowledge. I guess that you wouldn’t make a very good Liberal (LOL) !


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I think an explanation is due…his son said just the other day that his dad pays millions in taxes and how couldn’t he? I don’t care how many write-offs, etc…liquor license fees, imagine?? Real estate, yes…. Saying he’d be happy to release his returns after Hillary releases 33,000 emails was good…..imagine her suggesting that any wedding or yoga class might involved 33 THOUSAND emails?

    JMB….I think your bet is an EXCELLENT ONE…as if the IRS would EVER let them miss a PENNY owed? Excellent thinking, JMB…thanks.

    bocopro…but I wonder if it’s worth it, right?!!


  41. bocopro says:

    I wouldn’t be in national politics for any reason. Ever. And I wouldn’t take the job of governor or PotUS if it were offered on a platinum salver.

    No, lemme take that back. I’d like to be absolute monarch for 72 hours with total, irrevocable authority. Lotta things I’d like to fix by decree. Number one would be to outlaw rap “music.” Second would be same-sex marriage. Domestic contracts, fine; marriage, no!

    Then I’d get to work on entitlements, unions, taxes, immigration, and a few other things. After 72 hours of that, tho, a Pontius Pilate.


  42. Imp says:

    This ad, which has been dubbed as “one of the most amusing” and effective ones of the election cycle, may stick in the minds of voters because they will have initially thought that they were viewing a pro-Clinton ad before the script was flipped on them. And it may convince just enough voters, especially young and minority voters, to not support Clinton in November.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, great ad,,, I just wish I felt sure most people will listen past the first few words!

    bocopro; ENTITLEMENTS…dreadful.
    Here’s my question; obviously, there are far, far fewer decent, degree-appropriate jobs available these days. There are plenty of people who need help….And we all want to help those in desperate need.
    I believe were it not for some welfare, we’d have an FDR “Brother can you spare a dime?” society again. And I HATE THAT, and I find it repugnant that SO MANY are on food stamps, etc etc…and even more repugnant that MANY welfare recipients with that ridiculous credit card our gov’t gives them, are charging expensive vacations WE couldn’t go on..but they’re on OUR DIME.

    SO, sans food stamps, or some other entitlement, how DO we keep children fed, roofs over their heads, etc?

    I believe we could do a LOT of saving by somehow STOPPING the hideous corruption within the welfare system. I once had to show a video at the high school which featured a young black woman with 3 kids and no husband…she had to get on a bus for about an hour to the nearest grocery store and it was tough for her to get the money for that ride.. She lived in some rural area……anyway, it was ALL I COULD DO to STIFLE myself when she was unpacking the pitiful looking groceries she’s ‘bought’ with hands adorned with LONG PORCELAIN EXPENSIVE FINGERNAILS…… Oh, brother, had the class not been 1/3 filled with some of my favorite black students at the school, I’d have definitely said something……..

    But, in general, how do we manage to survive without some help? How can we have a society which can’t even make sure people aren’t taking advantage of the entitlements?



  44. Kid says:

    My plan for reparations:

    We take every black person in the USA who wants reparations, buy them a plot of land in the African country of their choice, build a mansion on it, stock it with food and toys and give them a one way ticket to their new home. At the same time, we will cancel welfare and WIC. We’ll save Trillions, not to mention the absence of a lot of crime.


  45. Imp says:

    They stomped this man…and dragged him out cause he wouldn’t by her lies….


  46. Imp says:



  47. Kid says:

    IMP, libtards get extremely violent when you try to rip their fantasies from their cold dead brains.


  48. Kid says:

    And ‘stronger together’ What the ******* does that mean? Good God, give a libtard a meaningless phrase and they’ll drink from it for a year.


  49. bocopro says:

    Ah, how to control the self-feeding entitlements monster. It’s kinda like accepting the diagnosis that you have stage III whatever and will need radical treatment which will involve dangerous surgery, self-discipline, deprivation, and possible loss of certain functions . . . along with a lot of bleeding and throwing up before you actually get better.

    First, you gotta pull the needles out of the veins and yank off all the band-aids. That entails a radical alienectomy and taut tourniquets on eligibility requirements for welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, and so on. Nobody gets somethin for nothing forever. You are able-bodied and want welfare, you gotta work for it. You got 3 kids already with three absent fathers, you get your tubes cut. You want food stamps, you pass a drug test. You wanna vote, you gotta show foto I.D. You blow up buildings and airplanes and kill innocent people, you die. You don’t like living in this country because of your culture, your religion, your language, your customs, get the hell out.

    Unemployment benefits last for 180 days, then they’re cut by 50% and last for another 30 days, after which they dry up completely. Every two years, Social Security age eligibility goes up by one year. Eventually nobody is eligible for benefits through age alone until 72. You don’t get MediCare or MedicAid unless you can prove you’re an American citizen. Punitive awards on lawsuits are capped at reasonable levels, especially in the medical professions, and court costs for nuisance lawsuits are paid by the plaintiff. State, county, and federal prisoners perform labor for $1/hour, including repair and maintenance on public streets, roads, highways, bridges, storm drains, and public buildings. You don’t like living in this country, get the hell out.

    Stuff like that. Unpopular, I’m sure. But so would be Revolution II: The Sequel.


  50. Imp says:

    @bocopro…..where do I send money to finance your campaign and guaranteed election?


  51. Kid says:

    bocopro, Sounds like a good plan.


  52. Kid says:

    I have to say, How Worthless is Paul Ryan if he can’t defend the Republican Nominee over something he said that most males say at some point in their lives 11 YEARS AGO.

    Are you kidding me?

    How easy would it have been for Ryan to say – People make mistakes, say things that may offend others. Mr Trump has apologized about it twice now. Let’s let this go. We need to keep the democrats out of the white house and out of appointing SC judges. Let’s stack up Mr Trumps off color remarks of 11 years ago against – (list the several serious items in clinton’s closet that do have serious negative meaning for America) Good God.

    How easy would that be?

    If Trump is not at the helm nxt year, I will never vote for another republican. Not that I’ll vote democrat, but they’lllget a 1/2 vote courtesy of my non-participation. Won’t matter regardless. If the beast gets in America ceases to exist if it hasn’t already.


  53. Imp says:

    @Kid…I actually think Ryan thinks he’s taking a “High” road by dissing his party’s nominee? Look…little Munster still thinks he can be potus in 4 years? He’s a coward…as ALL Repukes are these days. Spineless wimps and cowards. If Trump loses….we’ll remember what Ryan did to undermine us. and America.


  54. Kid says:

    IMP, the GOP is ThIS ” far away from being a dead party. I find it fascinating they have no clue.


  55. Kid says:

    Oh, yeah, let me add, if Ryan can’t find a way to defend Trump from this minor altercation, how could he possibly lead the GOP in major fights in Congress !!!!


  56. geeez2014 says:

    I won’t even chime in on Paul Ryan, because I think he has more class and understanding of how the stinkin’ political situation runs than 50, including (or particularly ) tan Trump’s ever dreamed of. Ryan’s always done what he can with this hideous Democratic bunch and their president’s executive orders and threats and I can’t emphasize enough the material I’ve mentioned here for months which nobody’s read… If he loses his seat, we’re even more dead than ever….I’m happy he’s putting his country over this thin skinned lout.
    If I had the guts, I’d tell you what I REALLY mean 🙂

    Bocopro for PRESIDENT, INDEED!!


  57. Kid says:

    Z, Tell me what you really mean !!!


  58. geeez2014 says:

    Kid 🙂

    Hey, today is the 7th anniversary of my husband, Mr. Z’s, passing….I am so touched by emails (thanks, Imp!), phone calls, and I just walked outside on my front porch to find a 4′ gorgeous indoor plant from neighbors across the street who I barely know, really.

    People are SO GOOD and that’s the only reason I mention this….that we have to remember most people ARE GOOD. AND KIND.


  59. Kid says:

    Z, Sorry, gotta put it in print. I can’t imagine a worse thing Ryan could do than bail on Truump over such a petty thing. I know you have a real problem supporting someone like Trump who says such things, but realize the clintons have not only said but Done many things much MUCH worse than this. For Ryan to bail is unacceptable. What will he be able to handle in the course of political business going forward? Doesn’t seem like much at all. Not much at all. IF he is even interestd in opposing the democrat agenda, which I haven’t seen any evidence of.


  60. John M. Berger says:

    KID-ALL THE WAY!!!!!


  61. Kid says:

    Thanks JMB


  62. Mal says:

    Bocopro, the way the needy were fed during the Great Depression in the 1930’s was from the churches. That was much more efficient because they knew who the needy were. Little chance for abuse. It humbled the recipient, too, which encouraged them to become independent ASAP. The cost for running the program today is HUGE, inefficient, and needs to be disbanded.


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